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RatCreature ([personal profile] ratcreature) wrote2016-10-28 11:54 pm
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Doctor Strange

My expectations were kind of low, because most of what I heard about it in advance were the casting issues and such, and also Benedict Cumberbatch is a bit hit and miss for me, but I actually had a lot of fun watching this one. Then again I, heretically, enjoyed Antman too. Though I'm not feeling particularly fannish about either.

I liked that the movie was about as accessible and straight forward as you can get within the MCU, so the plot about the dark dimensional monster and its disciples hoping for immortality via universe eating (or something) made more or less sense on its own even if it connected with the Infinity Stone artifacts, and we got a plain origin story/hero's journey for Strange too. And the movie had some really good lines that made me laugh too.

It did not really make like Doctor Strange, probably because genius asshole character with exceptional talent (in multiple fields no less) is not my favorite type of hero, and though he apologized a little to Christine and maybe gained some insight, he still remains the kind of character I'd have to imagine in grovel fic before I could see his love interest taking him back, but I didn't loathe him either.

And I liked the way they adapted Mordo into the MCU. I mean, he starts out as a sort of black sidekick role in the hero's journey plot, but at least he doesn't die (though I guess the death slot was already filled with the dead mentor), and has his own somewhat complicated relationship with their mentor outside of Strange, and even with the second post credit scene, thus far Mordo does not actually become a "villain" either, but follows a kind of stricter moral code than Doctor Strange does. That has some cool potential.

The special effects were certainly different than the usual CGI battle destruction and kind of trippy, but I have to admit that I found them tedious after a while. Clearly some special effects design team was far fonder of surrealistically folding buildings than I am.

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