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vid recs?

I don't watch a lot of vids, and as a result I never even know how to effectively look for some in the instances when I want to watch some new ones.

I'm in the mood for visually fast paced vids, not necessarily action vids, though I do like those a lot, however generally I'm not that fond of vids meant for dancing or vids to dance music. Also, while I enjoy humor as much as anyone, the vids I love most are more on the drama or even angsty side of things, with a bit of pathos even. Just right now not slow pathos, but fast.

Compared to fic I really lack the analytic skill and vocabulary to describe what I'm looking for... :( But an example for the kind of vid I mean would be [livejournal.com profile] barkley's Numb3rs vid Reach For the Sky.

Have you watched any vids like that recently? (Or not so recently, I really watch very few.) The fandoms I'd most appreciate for this would be MCU, Star Wars, Star Trek, XMFC, Pacific Rim or even Check Please, since I recently learned from [personal profile] dine's rec of this cool, if short vid by helorific that fans vid in that fandom as well.
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Okay, in MCU I want to rec Hey Ho by Thuvia ptarth, Freedom Ride by ? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh5sSmxWNdE), Bad Romance by Mithorien, um... Innerbrat's U.S. https://vimeo.com/125828115, Problem, by talitha78 (look for the remaster)

Some of these are probably old enough you've seen them, but hopefully one or two?
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Apparently I misspelled her name, which is why you can't find it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5Dc9Fuh_yJ8

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Medium-fast-paced vids are my favorite, and a lot of the ones I make are like that. :D I realize that self-reccing is a bit déclassé, but perhaps Landsailor (Star Wars), Shut Up and Dance (Agent Carter), or Long Live (Flash) might be the kind of thing you're looking for?


Counting Stars (MCU) by such_heights
Raise Your Glass (Avengers) by such_heights
Welcome to New York (Agent Carter) by shiny_jenni
Orange Crush (Captain America) by gwyn
When You Were Young (Captain America) by violace
How Far We've Come (Captain America) by kaydeefalls
Let It Rock (Iron Man) by MisterAnderson
Signature Move (Iron Man) by nel_ani
All These Things That I've Done (Avengers) by yunuen
Problem (Guardians of the Galaxy) by aislynn
Trouble (Thor) by aislynn
Call Me Maybe (Iron Man) by such_heights
Shut Up and Dance (Star Wars TFA cam footage) by such_heights

If at least some of these are the sort of things you're after, I may be back with more later - I've been happily poking around in my vid folder. :D
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Here are some that may fit he bill.

I Lived by flummery (MCU, Steve/Peggy, starts slow but picks up)
Holding out for a(nother) hero by china_shop (MCU, Sam Wilson)
Comeback by LittleRedCap (MCU, Avengers 1)
Glad You Came by greensilver and sisabet (MCU, Avengers 1)

It's Now or Never by mizzykittysquees (Star Trek AOS, Kirk/Spock)
Hero by ChelseaHolmsian (Star Trek AOS, Ensemble)
Believe by jinskii (Star Trek AOS, fast)
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