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Guardians of the Galaxy 2

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 today, and overall it was fun, though it did hit my embarrassment squick a couple of times. And as in the first part, Marvel's space mythology and setting is confusing.

Also it's not like I especially needed another daddy issues story. It's not that I dislike them as such, but more variety for the heroes' issues would be nice.

BTW, has this opened in the US this week too? I haven't seen any posts about it.
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I think it opens May 5th here in the U.S.
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I wouldn't have even known, if I hadn't spotted a few people saying they would have to hide from spoilers for a certain period of time.

(I don't watch the extended universe of films that Marvel does, since it's just so many films. I just know of particular films being loved by many.)
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I hadn't realised this had opened this week.

Worth watching, or more of a 'wait for the DVD' film?
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Good to know! I really enjoyed the first one (but haven't really participated in the fandom side of it, either), so I was hoping the second would be equally entertaining.

TBH, when it comes to Marvel movies, I mostly just want a good, not too serious romp with some witty dialogue (and perhaps the occasional bout of feels). So if it fills that, I'm good! =D
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GotG Vol 2

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I mostly just want a good, not too serious romp with some witty dialogue (and perhaps the occasional bout of feels). So if it fills that, I'm good! =D

Everyone's mileage will vary (and at this point you may well have already seen it), but my take?

I would say that it delivers on all of that. It's more Feels than the first movie if we're comparing them directly - I'd say the character development is a little more in-depth for Nebula and Star Lord in particular, as well as a couple of others, and there are Feels to be had there because all of them grew up in screwed up environments- but it's still "fun" overall? I mean, it's still got a lot of that Boisterous Hijinks Set to Fun Vintage Music thing going on, crazy fun action sequences, one-liner jokes, and baby!Groot being in a toddler mentality (because, well, he's literally come back as a toddler) provides quite a bit of amusement.

Ratcreature's not wrong about it being very into Daddy Issues lol. I think literally every father figure we see in this series (and there are several) is kinda screwed up, absent, or both. But...you know what? I feel like it did quite well with those arcs. Enough that instead of being annoyed at "UGH, more DADDY ISSUES", I thought it worked for the story they were telling and the theme(s) they were building up, and was even quite moved by it in places. It's not like some stories where it feels forced or just poorly-done, you know? It feels natural for the characters and where they currently are and need to go.

Especially since it progressed several characters' narratives - particularly Peter with needing to mature past his childhood insecurities, and Nebula, with needing to confront her past trauma and work through her complicated relationship with Gamora. Because like, that was one of the complaints about the first movie - that their relationship seemed unnecessarily and confusingly strained for people raised as "sisters" - but this movie completely explains that dynamic, and makes you really understand why Nebula's been acting the way she has. Sympathetically, I feel.

I'd say it's more "serious" than the first one, so you know, some people do still prefer the first one because it's lighter? But I frankly found it a worthy sequel, just a little different in approach and mood balance. It literally made me cry at the end, while giving me lots of laughs throughout (and definitely stay for the credits stinger, it's pretty funny). I thought it was a good film, and would recommend it. :)