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Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
• PHOTO: Dan Radcliffe in the first official promotion picture as Grand Theft Auto creator Sam Houser in the BBC movie Game Changer.
• INTERVIEW "Grand Gestures" with Dan Radcliffe in Edge magazine.

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• This year's Bring Back the Porn • This year's Bring Back the Porn [bbtp_challenge]bbtp_challenge is open!. is open!.
• OTW Fannews: Staying vigilant: concerning the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP on fannish activities.
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link rot sucks so much

Sep. 1st, 2015 00:22
ratcreature: Woe! RatCreature feels emo. (woe!)
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For the first time in some years I checked my rec pages to see how many links don't work any more (trying to gauge how horrible it would be if I decided to update again -- answer: very horrible), and so many stories have moved or worse vanished. A few of the vanished ones can still be found through, but many seem gone entirely. Depressing.

OTOH thanks to the import of 852 Prospect to AO3, I didn't just come across many moved URLs, but also rediscovered some authors whom I really liked in TS in the late 90s, then lost track of, only to see that they are actually still writing fanfic and posting new stuff to AO3.

point of origin

Aug. 31st, 2015 13:56
runpunkrun: sg-1 standing close together in uniform off-world (we're number one)
[personal profile] runpunkrun
Stargate fans! Look what I found:

This tiny silver plated charm is actually an uppercase Greek letter lambda, but what Beadaholique doesn't know is that it also looks like the symbol of origin for Earth, and that's why I bought it. Because I'm a huge nerd and needed to put that on a necklace, pronto.

The charm comes with its own jump ring already attached, so even if you don't know anything about jewelry making, you can just slide the whole thing onto a finished chain and—shazam—you've got yourself a necklace with your home address.
marinarusalka: (comics: crap)
[personal profile] marinarusalka
I swear, talking to property agencies in Monterey is like the real-life equivalent of being in Monty Python's cheese shop sketch. Only instead of a total lack of cheese, it's a total lack of apartments.

Or maybe it's like being Xander in that BtVS episode where he goes, "Buffy, you've been to Hell, do they have one-bedrooms?"

I need an apartment, dammit! Why does everything have to be so hard?

Im Urwald

Aug. 31st, 2015 19:00
[syndicated profile] edwardbgordon_feed
I can´t really claim that I have been to any exotic or far away places in my life yet but when I drove by this place today with my boat, I thourght I was lost in a jungle .....

Ich kann nicht behaupten dass ich in meinem Leben bisher ferne exotische Länder besucht hätte, aber heute, bei meiner Fahrt mit meinem Boot, dachte ich, ich hätte mich im Dschungel verirrt ....

5.9 x 5.9 inch / Oil on MDF board / 15cm x 15cm / Öl auf MDF Bord

If you would like to purchase this daily painting, please send your bid by email. Startprice 150 Euro. End of sale September 1st, 2015 at 6.00 pm (local time Berlin Germany). Terms of Sale and Right of Withdrawal.

Wenn Sie dieses Tagesbild erwerben möchten, senden Sie bitte Ihr Gebot per email . Mindestpreis 150 Euro. Ende des Verkaufs gegen Höchstgebot am 1. September 2015 um 18 Uhr. Beachten Sie bitte die Informationen zu den Verkaufsbedingungen sowie die Widerrufsbelehrung.

© Edward B. Gordon, all rights reserved.
bluemeridian: Chloe from Smallville, with coffee and a sideways look. (Default)
[personal profile] bluemeridian
I actually watched the a television episode on live TV, all by myself. *beams* I did realize it's a good thing I haven't been trying to watch Hannibal live all along though as our old TV has gotten so bad about dark scenes that much of the episode was hard to see and the last five minutes were essentially almost all black - the show is dark but it's not that dark. Fortunately, I love a good spoiler and I'd already devoured what'd shown up via the Canadian broadcast, so I knew what was going on besides just the dialogue. The television's days are numbered, though, and I don't just mean because you have to operate it with a pencil if you lose the remote and the converter box (it's doesn't do digital signals on its own) is going to go once and for all at some point.

Wrath of the Lamb Spoilers All the Way Down )
musesfool: a baseball and bat on the grass (the crack of ash on horsehide)
[personal profile] musesfool
Boss2 is out today because he's going to the US Open, so it seems like a good time for these links:

Serena Williams's Moment, Forever, which is not only paean to her greatness that quotes Christopher Logue's All Day Permanent Red, but also includes links to this Times Magazine piece and this New York magazine profile. Greatest of all time, indeed.

And for a little eye candy, Rafael Nadal's amazing Tommy Hilfiger commercial. Oh my. (potentially NSFW)

In baseball news, I don't care about the Blue Jays, but the opening paragraphs of this article are pretty amazing:
For an entertainment venture, baseball really isn't all that escapist. Baseball is an ordeal. The players spend most of a given game needing to pay strict attention on every single pitch, but only have to react a couple of times per game. The sport requires constant mental focus, the overwhelming majority of which is wasted. And even when a player gets involved, he has relatively little control over what results from his actions. Bloopers turn into triples, while scalded line drives can turn into double plays.

Consider the two great axioms about hitting, both of which are true: "Even the best hitters fail two-thirds of the time" and "The difference between an average hitter and a great hitter is two hits a month." This is a game for nihilists, and it's played six days a week.

It's an endeavor that requires unceasing effort every day, but in which most of that effort goes to waste, and the bit that doesn't is set adrift in a sea of uncontrollable and often inexplicable factors, ending in failure most of the time. That sounds like real life to me, and this inexorable, beautiful conveyor belt of failure appeals to me the way the novels of Richard Ford and Graham Greene do. Baseball is like having your soul crushed slowly by a steamroller made of platinum and diamonds. (The sunshine and the smell of fresh-cut grass are nice, too.)

You'd think that something so relentlessly awful wouldn't be worth such a great investment of time and emotional capital. But it's precisely because baseball is so torturous when it's bad that it can be so intoxicating when it's good.
There's a reason (well, many reasons) my Mets tag on tumblr is #the existential futility of being a mets fan. (sadly, it's too long to be a DW tag.)

And here's one non-sports link that I keep forgetting to mention: Born to Run and the Decline of the American Dream: Bruce Springsteen's breakout album embodied the lost '70s—the tense, political, working-class rejection of an increasingly unequal society.


Jervis McEntee Exhibitions

Aug. 31st, 2015 09:05
[syndicated profile] gurneyjourney_feed

Posted by James Gurney

Jervis McEntee, The Woods of Asshockan, Catskills (1871), St. Johnsbury Athenaeum
Jervis McEntee (1828-1891), was a painter of the Hudson River School who has been largely overlooked until now. His work is being featured in two different museum exhibitions this fall, one in Kingston, and the other in New Paltz, New York.

The first exhibition is called "Jervis McEntee: Kingston’s Artist of the Hudson River School" and it's at the Friends of Historic Kingston gallery.

The Kingston exhibit is a small show, but it has a variety of attractions, including easel paintings, location studies in oil, pencil sketches, photographs, letters, and other documentary material, all of which puts McEntee in a historical context.

McEntee began studying with Frederic Church in 1850, and learned from him a love of painting faithful small studies of forest scenes, sunsets, and trees. They traveled together on painting junkets to Mexico and other locations throughout their lives. 

The son of an engineer who helped develop the bustling D&H barge canal that terminated in Kingston, McEntee himself avoided industrial subjects, and gravitated instead to the bucolic scenes that were fast receding in 19th century America. 

His circle of friends included notable writers, actors, architects. Among his artist friends were not only Frederic Church, but also Sanford Gifford, John F. Weir, and Worthington Whittredge. 

McEntee and his wife occupied one of the legendary Tenth Street Studios in New York, a fertile meeting ground for artists and illustrators in late 19th century America. 

In addition to his paintings, McEntee contributed a detailed daily journal of his observations about nature, art, and daily life. His journal was recently digitized by the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian, and is available free online. 

He was frequently depressed as his fortunes ebbed. The journal makes for fascinating reading, because he had the same problems with galleries that contemporary painters do. On January 4, 1883, he wrote: "Beginning to be worried with money anxieties. They don't send my money for my picture sold in Brooklyn nor reply to my inquiries. I can't stand being asked for money when I have none."
Jervis McEntee, View Facing the Catskills, 1863, oil, Private Collection
The second exhibition just opened at the Samuel Dorsky Museum on the campus of the State University in New Paltz.

Jervis McEntee, Autumn Reverie, 1880, oil on canvas, David and Laura Grey Collection
It's a larger exhibition with more finished paintings, borrowed from the Metropolitan Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, and many other public and private collections.

Kingston Exhibition: "Jervis McEntee: Kingston’s Artist of the Hudson River School" is at the Friends of Historic Kingston gallery at 63 Main St. in Kingston and will run through October. The museum is only open Fridays and Saturdays from 11 am to 4 pm through Oct. 31, 2015. There will be "Noontime Conversations" by noted artists and art historians held on Fridays during the month of September.
The catalog of the Kingston show is called Jervis McEntee: Kingston's Artist of the Hudson River School. It's 62 pages, softcover, with contributions by Lowell Thing and William B. Rhoads. The exhibit was coordinated by the Friends' executive director Jane Kellar.

New Paltz Exhibition: The New Paltz exhibition is called "Jervis McEntee: Painter-Poet of the Hudson River School" It will be on view at the Samuel Dorsky Museum in New Paltz through December 13.
The New Paltz show catalog is titled Jervis Mcentee: Painter-Poet of the Hudson River School. This 130-page monograph presents new scholarship by exhibition curator Lee A. Vedder along with contributions by Kerry Dean Carso, a scholar of the historic Hudson Valley and professor at SUNY New Paltz; and American studies professor David Schuyler, the leading historian on McEntee.
Jervis McEntee on Wikipedia

Fan Art on Tumblr?

Aug. 31st, 2015 09:00
goss: (Art - crayons (by tresca))
[personal profile] goss
This morning I woke up to some lovely comments by [ profile] kitty_fic on a couple of my Teen Wolf fanart works, which totally put a smile on my face. :)

They inquired whether I was on Tumblr, as they would like the option of reblogging my fan art as well.

Even though I do indeed have a Tumblr accout, I mostly use it to peruse my dashboard and keep up with the latest in fandom. I don't really make original posts of my own, and I haven't re-blogged in a long time, because apparently you're not supposed to add anything to posts, which is weird to me. So I mostly just press the Like button on cool stuff and that's it.

So why don't I post my art work on Tumblr?

I think it's because for me it's never been a popularity thing. I don't want exposure and numbers. At the root of it, what I want out of fandom is love, encouragement and inspiration. I can't get any of that with an XXXXXX number of Likes/Reblogs. I don't need that particular kind of validation. I've had unshakable certainty of my artistic capabilities since I was three-years-old and took up a crayon (and wowed all the pre-schoolers with my awesome flower drawing. lol).

I share my art on my journal because what I want is the individual bit of feedback, even if it's just "nice work" or "pretty" or "love the colours". I would much rather that little one-on-one, than the faceless numbers. So that's why I'm still here. Your feedback and communication makes all the difference. :)


Aug. 31st, 2015 08:20
giandujakiss: (fandom)
[personal profile] giandujakiss
So after [personal profile] rivkat kept insisting I watch this show, and after seeing a critical mass of enthusiasm build up around tumblr/dreamwidth/lj, and after [personal profile] lithiumdoll posted her Killyjoys recruiter vid, I finally watched the first episode.

Okay, they've got me.
giandujakiss: (Default)
[personal profile] giandujakiss
Very brief thoughts from someone who has no familiarity with the original series -

Read more )

Inspiration: Metalmorphosis

Aug. 31st, 2015 03:56
[syndicated profile] muddycolors_feed

Posted by Dan

This public sculpture by David Černý is entitled 'Metalmorphosis', and depicts the likeness of author Franz Kafka.

The piece is more than 30 feet tall, weighs 39 tons and is composed of 42 independently moving layers which are controlled via the internet.

This particular version is located in Prague. But there are alternate versions, including one in Charlotte, North Carolina.

mific: (palette)
[personal profile] mific posting in [community profile] fanart_recs
Fandom: Orange is the new black
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Alex Vause
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: traditional art - drawing
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: Petitehoneybee on DA
Why this piece is awesome: Ending this month of OITNB with a great drawing of the gorgeous Alex. Love the detail in her hair and tattoo, and the texture of the shirt. An excellent likeness as well (I always comment about that as I'm crap at likenesses!)  Enlarge for all the details. 
Link: Alex Vause

spnfic: the game of god, 3/16

Aug. 31st, 2015 00:38
seperis: (Default)
[personal profile] seperis
Title: The Game of God, 3/16
Author: Seperis
Series: Down to Agincourt, Book 4
Codes: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Summary: You can't win a war for humanity by sacrificing all of your own.
Author Notes: Thanks to nrrrdygrrrl and scynneh for beta services, with advice from Tkodami and MollyC.
Story summary from a comment by Infie.
Thanks to [ profile] bratfarrar for the series name and summary from her sonnet Harry Takes the Field.
Spoilers: Seasons 5, 6, and 7

AO3 Links for Down to Agincourt:
Series: Down to Agincourt
Book 1: Map of the World
Book 2: It's the Stars That Lie
Book 3: A Thousand Lights in Space

AO3 Links for The Game of God:
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Killjoys vid rec!

Aug. 30th, 2015 20:05
killabeez: (Default)
[personal profile] killabeez
Heyyy, my fannish friends. (Especially fans of Firefly, Farscape, Lost Girl, and/or OT3s...) You should watch this vid, and maybe think about watching this show. :D It is a little slow to gain momentum (aren't most shows??) but it turned AWESOMESAUCE by the last few eps of S1. (And honestly, for my money, before that. But if you enjoy it at all, stick it out for the full run!)

ETA: p.s. please give the vidder feedback! :D

Been Better by [personal profile] lithiumdoll
Fandom: Killjoys
Artist: Kyla La Grange

Fan Art (Teen Wolf - Derek)

Aug. 30th, 2015 19:08
goss: (Ramayan - Alex Ross)
[personal profile] goss
So I might have been mainlining Dominion lately. Got warrior angels on the mind. :D

I gave Derek gladiator armour and watercolour wings. He is so not impressed. Hee. *squishes him*

OTW Fannews: Staying Vigilant

Aug. 30th, 2015 15:59
otw_staff: Elise, OTW Communications Staffer (Elise OTW Communications Staffer)
[personal profile] otw_staff posting in [community profile] otw_news
Text backgound overlayed with a Batman Mask alongside the article title OTW Fannews: Staying Vigilant

The TPP could be a very negative treaty for fans, but it’s not the only worrisome copyright development out there:

Robert Hope

Aug. 30th, 2015 22:21
[syndicated profile] linesandcolors_feed

Posted by Charley Parker

Robert Hope. 19th century Scottish painter
Scottish painter Robert Hope was active in the late 19th end early 20th centuries. He studied at the Edinburgh School of Design and in Paris at the Académie Julian.

Beyond that, I can find little information and only a few sources of images.

Hope created painterly landscapes and compositions of young women in clothes of silk, satin and other interestingly textured materials, sometimes combining the two in outdoor subjects of young women working or at leisure.

His figures are often fluid and graceful, and his paint handling seems in keeping with some of the most interesting portraitists of the time — which makes the limited availability of larger images frustrating. The largest I’ve found are the zoomable images on Bonham’s (linked below).

life, tv, dragoncon

Aug. 30th, 2015 12:29
shrift: batman: crime fighters never sleep (crime fighters never sleep)
[personal profile] shrift
It's funny how not loathing your job means you have energy to do things like read books and watch TV more complicated than a half-hour comedy. In related news, I watched ten episodes of Sense8 this weekend because [personal profile] nestra wanted me check out the show, and I'll watch the last two later today. (Sun, you are my favorite. MY EMOTIONS.) And I think I finally have enough attention span to read things like The Martian!

Also, new team keeps expressing happiness that I've joined, which is nice.

I'm at the point in the moving process where I have most of what I need, so now I have to get rid of boxes and packing paper. I still want to buy a few more pieces of furniture (bigger dresser and a console table to store my trade paperbacks) and I have art that I need to put on the walls, but I'm getting to the point where I wouldn't be embarrassed if my mother came to visit. I'm still adjusting to things like not having A/C when San Francisco has been unusually hot, having a garbage disposal and a building that provides adequate recycling bins, and cooking on an electric stove. Also hills. UGH, hills. At least they're giving me a cardio workout?

I'm off to DragonCon on Wednesday with my usual suspects. Because my spoons have been maxed out by moving and changing jobs, my plan this year is to maybe go to some panels, maybe watch some US Open tennis (SERENA), have a lot of drinks, and try not to stress out about anything, even the giant crowds. This too shall pass.

Alte Oder

Aug. 30th, 2015 18:58
[syndicated profile] edwardbgordon_feed
Early morning at the Old Oder, a different river, a different mood…

Früh morgens an der Alten Oder, ein ganz anderer Fluss mit einer ganz anderen Stimmung…

5.9 x 5.9 inch / Oil on MDF board / 15cm x 15cm / Öl auf MDF Bord

Sold / Verkauft

© Edward B. Gordon, all rights reserved.

Recs, recs, recs!

Aug. 30th, 2015 19:39
selenak: (Equations by Such_Heights)
[personal profile] selenak
I was on the road the entire day, but some delightful fanworks were awaiting:

Doctor Who:

Pompeii: fantastic vid about Clara and Twelve. This last season clicked for me in a way no other Moffat season has done, and the relationship between the Twelfth Doctor and Clara is a big part way, along with Clara (present day Clara) coming into focus for me and gong from generic Companion to highly individual unmistakable CLARA. This vid captures a lot about Clara and the Doctor, and why I'm looking forward to the new season starting in a few weeks!

Once upon a Time/Once upon a Time in Wonderland:

The White Queen's Quest: what really happened with Will and Ana post -Wonderland and during the fourth season of OuaT. The way Will was (not) used and there was zilch explanation about Ana, when their story had been my favourite storyline of the spin-offs one season, wasn't my only issue with s4 of OuaT, not by far. But it's one fanfiction can fix, and this is a great example.

(BTW, I've aquired the third season of OuaT on dvd and am looking forward to a rewatch. Because I still love the first three seasons, and am curious to find out whether the third season, which during broadcast I thought was best and should have been the conclusion, still feels that way going back.)

Black Sails:

The Sundering Sea: novel-length, amazing fanfiction which can't be described in an unspoilerly for season 2 way, since it's set afterwards. Spoiler cut. )
musesfool: kristen bell (put your lips together and blow)
[personal profile] musesfool
I attempted quiche again this morning, which much neater results. I used a recipe that makes a lot less filling, first of all (caramelized onion quiche), and I didn't break the crust (much - the bottom required a little repairing halfway through the pre-baking). It tastes fantastic. Lunch will be good this week! (pic)

Meanwhile, I think the reason the lemon sour cream pie doesn't use a graham cracker crust is that it doesn't hold up under the filling. Whoops. Tasty, but not neatly sliceable.

In between, I had to call Time Warner because my internet was out again, but it eventually came back, so I will probably cancel the appointment they made for me on Friday afternoon.

And I also did the August recs update:

[personal profile] unfitforsociety has been updated for August 2015 with 20 recs in 7 fandoms:

* 9 Avengers
* 1 Daredevil, 1 Avengers/Narnia crossover
* 3 Harry Potter
* 2 Check, Please!
* 1 The 100, 1 Arrow, 1 Big Hero 6, and 1 Raven Cycle

Read, love, comment!


Also, I see the Sunday Six is making a comeback, so here's a bit from the VMars/MCU crossover that I wrote last night:
Veronica looks at the pictures on the file cabinet--Weevil and his wife on their wedding day, Weevil and his wife and daughter at her christening, Weevil and a couple of guys in coveralls raising the gate on the garage.

Veronica doesn't have any pictures documenting the years she spent at SHIELD. SHIELD agents tended to be camera-shy, even after a few rounds during happy hour, and she'd never become close with any of them. She hadn't had a team; she'd worked regularly with some analysts but that was mostly over conference calls and email. She'd been sociable, not friendly, and she thinks most of them were the same. No use getting too close to someone who might disappear on the next mission. Maybe there'd been people having barbecues and softball games, but Veronica hadn't known any of them. She's glad in a way, because it would have meant even more loss and betrayal, and she's not sure she could have taken it if it was personal.

So I think I'm like 3/4 of the way done with this, though last night I realized I was missing one character who definitely needs to cameo. (I may have texted [ profile] angelgazing in all caps: "CLIFF!")

otw_staff: thatwasjustadream, OTW Communications Staffer (thatwasjustadream OTW Communications Sta)
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four rows of a dozen emojis per line depicting various emotions along with items related to consuming and creating media with the words talking fandom in the center
I'm sure we've all had this experience: You're reading a work of fan fiction and enjoying the heck out of it. Then.... boom; a sudden loss of characterization.

Read more... )
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[personal profile] killabeez
3.12 They Also Serve
Original air date: February 6, 1995
Director: Paolo Barzman
Writer: Lawrence Shore


Synopsis: Watcher Rita Luce is using Watcher intel to help Immortal Michael Christian catch other Immortals when they are helpless so he can take their heads, and Duncan is next on her list.

Please share your thoughts and reactions in comments. The master post for all discussion posts is here.

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