Battle of Five Armies 2014

Nov. 1st, 2014 06:00
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Posted by Justin

By Justin Gerard

This is the third post on Beorne and Bolg at the Battle of the Five Armies. We are about 95% Finished!  Still a few odds and ends to tweak but it is getting to a nice stage of pleasant mayhem.

This time, instead of trying to explain how we went from here to here:

I am attaching a GIF to show the stages that the painting goes through.

I like making GIFS. Sometimes when I paint I feel like I am actually going backwards, making the piece worse minute by minute.  Seeing the actual progress of it can be really encouraging.

In the GIF you can see I am working values first before ever really getting into saturated colors.  That is because saturated colors are evil.

They are like petting a cat....

Everyone is purring and having a nice time when suddenly he whips around and tries to bite your hand off.
That is what working with saturated colors is like.

I am still working on some of the fine details, and of course my signature. (Everyone knows that the quality of one's painting is directly proportional to the size and complexity of the signature.)

After it is finished we plan to make prints of it in time to be released alongside sketchbook 2014...
Stay tuned!

For previous posts on this painting check out:

Post #1: Concept work
Post #2: The Tight Drawing

Phedre's Rose

Nov. 1st, 2014 03:10
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Posted by Dan

More than a decade ago John Jude Palencar painted the cover for Jacqueline Carey's newest book 'Kushiel's Dart', and on it, portrayed the iconic tattoo design that would henceforth define the best selling series for years to come.

Jacqueline Carey has asked Allison Hourcade, of RockLove Jewelry, to recreated the tattoo design in the form of a sterling silver necklace.

Ms Carey is donating 100% of proceeds from this signature necklace to the Saugatuck-Douglas District Library, which is raising funds for a new facility.

If you're interested in helping support the fund raiser, and snagging yourself a beautiful work of art in the process, just click the link here:

Elementary 3.01

Nov. 1st, 2014 07:36
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A great season premiere. S2 had been a mixed affair, not least because as opposed to s1, where you had individual cases but also long term developments (from sober companion and client to friends and partners, Joan's decision to change jobs permanently, Sherlock dealing with the Irene matter, to put it unspoilery), in s2 what long term developments there were had to do with Mycroft and that wasn't the best of arcs, Joan except for the last ep as in something of a standstill, and not coincidentally the standout s2 episodes were all either one shots independent from ongoing developments (the Philip Seymour Hofmann inspired one comes to mind, as does the one with Sherlock's old pen pal) or continuing fallouts from the previous season (the one with Moriarty). Wait, I take it back, there was also the Marcus Bell mini arc which WAS good. But you'll notice none of these, except the Moriarty one, had much to do with Joan (and even the Moriarty one only a little - yes, the thing with the portrait was fanfic inspiring fun, but they didn't really interact in this episode). And part of the charm of the show is the equal partnership, so not a few viewers during s2 often asked in frustration "where's the Joan of it?".

Well, looks like the show found a way to address this... )


Nov. 1st, 2014 02:07
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What is with all these trifling, trifling men scoring in Shondaland? So far the only credible hookups on this show have been Connor's.

Halloween night

Oct. 31st, 2014 21:40
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All the Halloween ficlets are done. Thank you to everyone who prompted me! The longer ones were posted or reposted on AO3:

Winternight (MCU, 1200 wds) - Jane and Thor at an Asgardian autumn/day-of-the-dead festival (post-Thor 2).

waited long enough (MCU, 1400 wds) - Natasha-centric timestamp fic for Written in Blood and Bone.

Out of the Cold (MCU, 1600 wds) - My take on the "Steve and Bucky can't get warm after 70 years frozen" fic trope.

Wolf Run (White Collar, 2200 wds) - Another fic in the Peter-and-Diana-are-werewolves universe.

The rest of the (shorter) fics are linked from the original post.

Otherwise, 'tis a quiet night. We're too far out in the country to get trick-or-treaters (though I usually try to have candy on hand just in case, after a decade we've yet to get a single one, and this year I didn't bother). I have a glass of wine, and now I'm gonna work on this month's reward package for the Kismet Patreon backers.

Nouveau Rogue by HanieMohd [sfw]

Oct. 31st, 2014 23:24
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Fandom: Marvel Comics [X-Men]
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Rogue
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: digital
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] HanieMohd
Why this piece is awesome: The artist has lots of work in a series that is sorta superheroine art nouveau crossed with fashion illustration. This flowy example caught my eye tonight.

Link: Nouveau Rogue
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Posted by Charley Parker

Isle of the Dead, Arnold Bocklin, five versions plus etching by Max Klinger
Isle of the Dead, Arnold Böcklin

Today is Halloween, or Hallow’een, short for “All Hallows’ Evening” — the evening before a day dedicated to remembrance of the dead (and marked by costumery and other activities meant to mock death itself).

With the theme of the dead in mind, here is one of five different versions of a famous painting by Swiss Symbolist Arnold Böcklin, each titled Isle of the Dead (“Die Toteninsel” in German), and differentiated in their titles by the museum or gallery in which they currently hang.

The version shown here, now in the Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin (and at one time owned by Adolf Hitler), was the third version painted, and the most famous — partly due do an etching based on it by Max Klinger (images above, bottom), and widely reproduced versions of lower quality.

The link I’ve given for the painting is to the Google Art Project zoomable image. There is a high resolution downloadable file of that image on Wikimedia Commons, along with images of the other versions of the painting (images above, bottom, above Klinger’s etching). The fourth version was destroyed in WW II, and only a black and white photo remains.

Isle of the Dead was extraordinarily popular and influential, inspiring numerous artists, including other Symbolists, the Surrealists and subsequent generations of fantasy painters.

There is an entry on the five paintings on Wikipedia, and another about them on In the latter article, John Coulthart explores some of the pop culture references to the painting, including the notion that it was the inspiration for the views of the approach to Skull Island in the original King Kong.

See also my post on Arnold Böcklin.

This happens to me every year.

Oct. 31st, 2014 16:16
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I get my Yuletide assignment.

I dive back into [canon redacted].

I get ridiculously excited.

(Possibly I start typing a first draft as fast as my fingers can carry me.)

And then I want to talk about it all the time, because I have remembered how much I love [fandom redacted], and how incredibly cool [fandom redacted] is, and all of the things I want to say about [fandom redacted], and of course I can't say any of those things at all.


I expect this will happen once I get a song in mind for my Festivid, too...


Oct. 31st, 2014 19:54
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Very early morning on the river Spree…

Sehr früher morgen auf der Spree…

5.9 x 5.9 inch / Oil on MDF board / 15cm x 15cm / Öl auf MDF Bord

If you would like to purchase this daily painting, please send your bid by email. Startprice 150 Euro. End of sale November 1st, 2014 at 6.00 pm (local time Berlin Germany). Terms of Sale and Right of Withdrawal.

Wenn Sie dieses Tagesbild erwerben möchten, senden Sie bitte Ihr Gebot per email . Mindestpreis 150 Euro. Ende des Verkaufs gegen Höchstgebot am 1. November 2014 um 18 Uhr. Beachten Sie bitte die Informationen zu den Verkaufsbedingungen sowie die Widerrufsbelehrung.

© Edward B. Gordon, all rights reserved.

all i hear is your heart

Oct. 31st, 2014 15:43
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Tonight, [personal profile] innie_darling and I are going to see Neil Gaiman at NYPL. It seems fitting.

I'm sure I've mentioned that I'm not a big Halloween person, partly because it's my mother's birthday, so I never really got to do much fun stuff - there was always dinner with the fam or cake etc. and the few years I skipped, my dad got really passive-aggressive about it (my mother, surprisingly, never did). I miss my mother. She would have been 79 today.


I did a recs update:

[personal profile] unfitforsociety has been updated for October 2014 with 20 recs in 6 fandoms:

* 15 Avengers
* 2 Crossovers
* 1 Arrow, 1 Legend of Korra, and 1 Harry Potter

Not a whole lot - I am way behind on fic-reading. I just haven't had much energy for anything lately.


Elementary: Enough Nemesis to Go Around
spoilers )


Jared Muralt

Oct. 31st, 2014 18:53
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Posted by Charley Parker

Jared Muralt, pen and ink and watercolor illustration, comics
Swiss illustrator and comics artist Jared Muralt works in a pen and ink style that combines line and hatching with bits of lightly applied stipple. Many of his illustrations are colored, either with watercolor or digital color.

You can see his work as within the milieu of French and Belgian comics art styles, particularly those of Moebius and Bilal. Muralt’s use of color is restrained, always allowing the nature of the ink lines to define the look of the finished piece.

In addition to the galleries on his website, you can find his work on Behance, where the individual pieces are often supplemented with photos of the drawing in progress.

Muralt says he gets much of his inspiration for his illustrations from his sketchbooks, where he records day to day observations, along with flights of fancy. There are selections from his sketchbooks on both his website and Behance portfolio.

Something Familiar

Oct. 31st, 2014 11:43
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Posted by Peter de Sève

I wanted to do this idea for a New Yorker cover for years and never got around to it until now.  As it happens, my "Hip Hops" piece (from the previous post) was accepted as the cover of the Food Issue which unfortunately was scheduled to appear the only week this one could have run. In other words, I bumped my own cover.
Timing is--

ng     .

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logo with the words 'Boys in Chains' and 'the slave!fic archive'

Open Doors will be importing the Boys in Chains archive to #AO3-if you contributed fanworks to it, here's info you'll need.


Oct. 31st, 2014 12:50
kass: Twelve and Clara hold hands (hands)
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I just read a gorgeous piece of Who fic -- Twelve/Clara, with implied Danny/Clara. It does lovely things with both of their voices and with the tensions of Clara's current situation, and the missing last word at the very end of the story totally got me. Good stuff, if this is the kind of thing that you like.

Fairy Tales (2967 words) by nonelvis
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005), Doctor Who & Related Fandoms, Doctor Who
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Twelfth Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald, Clara Oswin Oswald/Danny Pink
Characters: Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswin Oswald
Additional Tags: Infidelity, Swearing

Fairy tales, like Maisie said: the stories where the right people fall for the wrong ones.

Banquet by Sayael (NSFW)

Oct. 31st, 2014 16:02
dancing_serpent: (Hannibal - Will - night sweats)
[personal profile] dancing_serpent posting in [community profile] fanart_recs
Fandom: Hannibal
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham
Content Notes/Warnings: violence, gore
Medium: digital drawing
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] Sayael

Why this piece is awesome: This is strangely captivating. I love all the opulence and detail in the table decorations, and I love their expressive faces.

Link: Banquet by Sayael

Unverhofft kommt selten

Oct. 31st, 2014 06:01
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You guys, the passport including visa arrived in the mail today, so I re-booked my flight to SFO for Sunday!

I will continue to sort out for my father and my mother as many things as I can manage in the time allotted -- the essentials are already taken care of -- but by Jove, I am so glad I can return to the New World: my new world.

Night Creatures

Oct. 31st, 2014 08:11
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Posted by James Gurney

Here's a gouache painting I did over 30 years ago when I was putting together a portfolio of science fiction samples. It has never been published before.

I imagine encountering these night creatures in a dark bar. I accidentally offend them by asking an innocent question about their feeding tentacles. I apologize, and they return to their drinks, the veins on their temples throbbing for a while.

That's my little treat for you on Halloween!

Pride (film review)

Oct. 31st, 2014 10:27
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On the road again, so I won't get to see the new Elementary until this evening, in all likelihood. However, yesterday I did get to make an excursion to the cinema. A film that was released in Britain a while ago has just been released over here as well: Pride, starring a collection of familiar and not so familiar British character actors, set in the 1980s, and revolving around the irresistable union of London based gay activists and striking Welsh miners.

"They're hated by Thatcher, the tabloids and the coppers", argues Mark in the opening sequence about the miners. "Sound familiar? The only problem we've got and they don't is Mary Whitehouse, and that's just a matter of time."

Some of his fellow gays point out they got beaten up by miners and have no intention of supporting them now, but Mark manages to get a small group together, with the unwieldy name of Lesbians And Gays Support The Miners ("it's not a skiffle group!"), after some failed attempts finds a Welsh mining town where there's a union man, Dai, who's actually grateful for the support, and from then the story gets rolling. It's an ensemble tale all around, with both the gay and the Welsh characters (and yes, there are gay Welshmen, too) having their own stories. There's the expected culture clash comedy, but the film never laughs at, only with both sets of characters.

Sidenote: also Dominic West as the oldest of the London based gays, flamboyant Jonathan, has the time of his life winning the Welsh over with a disco dancing number that would make John Travolta pale with envy. Seriously, even someone in the cinema I was in applauded!

Gender-wise, there's balance, too, and also age and look wise, because since this is a British film, the female characters don't have all to be in the 20-40 thin and pretty range - in fact, there's only one major female character who fits that description, Faye Masye as Steph ("I'm the L in Lesbians and Gays Suppert the Miners"). Imelda Staunton rocks as the Welsh matriarch Hefina, Jessica Gunning ditto as Sian (who'll turn out to be inspired by these events to get her degree and go into politics), and a fabulous old actress (I think called Julie Barclay, but I may have read the credits wrong) all get as much screentime as the men. Oh, and while there is no big romance in the film - there a few established couples, some exes and some casual hook-ups, but the relationships given the most narrative weight are the friendships that develop - , there's equal opportunity snogging - m/m, f/f, m/f, all there.

Two actors cast against (recent) type deliver great subtle performances: Bill Nighy as Cliff, shy Welsh schoolmaster (if you've only seen Nighy in flashy extrovert roles, which is the case with me, this is especially striking), and Andrew Scott as bookstore owner Gethin, Jonathan's partner, who is originally from Wales and had no intention of going back at first. Andrew Scott's most prominent role to date being the incredible grating and annoying (to me) Jim Moriarty in Sherlock, it was amazing to see the contrast here, because Gethin is another low key character, and when he talks to Hefina on the phone for the first time and she identifies his accent, there is such a lot Scott does with his facial expression and voice intonation alone.

It's what usually gets referred to as a feel good movie, but not a dishonest one that pretends all goes well; after all, the audience knows going in the miners won't win against Thatcher. There are bigots who don't see the light among the Welsh. And since this is a story set in the mid 80s with mainly LGTB characters, three guesses which fear is hovering around the edges and encroaching more and more around several characters' lives. But friendship and two way solidarity still wins out, and quick googling tells me that the movie is actually pretty fact based, which makes it even better.

Best early 80s gag: "There are no gay artists on this label" says a reception woman when Mark is trying to organize a solidarity concert... and then the camera reveals a poster of label artist Elton John.

Shortest instantly recognizable cameo: Russell Tovey as Mark's ex.

Most obvious cliché still put to endearing use: The Welsh breaking into song. ("Breads and Roses". ) Because of course they do. Seriously though, that scene rivals with Jonathan's dance number as "why isn't this a musical already?", in a good way.

In conclusion: go and watch!

Learning to Juggle

Oct. 31st, 2014 03:00
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Posted by Howard Lyon

-By Howard Lyon

For the last few years, I have been branching out in both subject and market.  I have continued to illustrate, painting for Magic: the Gathering and other clients in the fantasy/sci-fi market but have also started to do some religious work and am also preparing work for galleries.  It has been a challenge.  This article isn't about religious painting or fantasy illustration, but about working and promoting yourself in two very different genres.

Initially, I kept my religious work and illustration work on two different sites, but this last year I launched a new site where they sit side by side.  I still have separate stores and blogs, but it is hard to miss.

Some days I am relieved to have my hands in multiple markets.  I enjoy the creative variation as well as the opportunity to diversify financially.  I have broadened my market and opened up new opportunities that might not have ever been presented otherwise.

Ashcloud Phoenix - Magic: the Gathering
Then at other times I worry that I am diluting my "brand", softening the impact I could potentially make in either market.  There is only so much time in a day and the fact is, I am doing half as much illustration work and I could do twice as much gallery/fine art if that were my sole focus.

The truth is, I have never been happier.  I have come to the point that I don't sweat what might be for what is (most days).  As long as I am improving, working hard and smart, I find this work to be increasingly gratifying.

Feed My Sheep - 11 x 14 oil on panel
I have often heard the advice to pick something and go after it 100%.  I can't disagree with that but what if you have a drive to do comics and gallery work or children's book illustration and horror?  I can only speak to my own experiences so that if you are considering engaging in what might be seemingly divorced markets you might do so with a little less trepidation.

Here are the benefits/insights I have found:
  • When I switch from one kind of work to the other, I come back each time with a renewed and increased energy.
  • My audience has doubled over the last few years.  Google Analytics has given me good insight into how my audience has changed and what they come to my site for.  On and average day traffic is nearly a 50/50 split between my religious work and fantasy work.  
  • Producing work consistently for a market is key to keeping it moving forward.  Regular releases help to keep your audience engaged even when there is less work coming out.
  • The two markets I have been producing work for have offsetting seasons.  I focus a little more on promoting my illustration in the spring and summer and my religious work in the fall and winter.  If you should work in a couple markets, that might be something to consider.

Master the Way - Magic: the Gathering

Here are some challenges:
  • I sometimes feel that I have to sacrifice one opportunity for another.  That being said, when I was solely doing contract work, I felt that way all the time.  
  • Some customers have expressed concern or disdain at my spectrum of work, from both sides.  I suppose there is a further risk of not being taken seriously by some as long as I have a foot in both markets.  
  • There is an added measure of stress.  I can't pin it down exactly, but there are more things to juggle.  Even if I did the exact same amount of work, with two markets to feed and grow it is more hectic.
  • I keep more inventory on hand as far as prints go, so that I can ship quickly.  This requires ongoing investment that is greater than when I was fulfilling one audience.
  • My social media relationship... "it's complicated."  Building your social media presence takes time and regular effort.  If you want to keep your social media separate, it can take a lot more time.

King of Kings - 36" x 48" oil on linen
If you are currently working happily in one field, but want to dip your toes in another area of work I offer this advice.  Be patient.  Connect with artists working in that market and ask for advice with shows and marketing.  Schedule time each week to do research/promotion and stick to it.  Accept that this is a compromise.  Prepare to work a little harder at first.  Enjoy every day you get to work as an artists, whatever it is you paint/draw/sculpt/create.

I can't say that I will always split my time between these two fields.  The road I think I am on seems to change as I traverse it.  Check back with me in 50 years and I will let you know how things worked out.

For fun, here is a time-lapse of my Feed My Sheep piece.

And to balance that out, some gifs showing the progression of a couple Magic cards.
Master the Way
Warden of the Eye
Thanks for giving this post a read.  I would love to read your thoughts and experience in the comments!
Howard Lyon
Website Twitter Instagram
Happy Halloween!
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Joanne K. Rowling:
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Tom Felton discusses his upcoming 'Meet the Fanatics' doc to chronicle die-hard fans
Daniel Radcliffe Answers Fan Questions on Reddit
Daniel Radcliffe talks his personal Horcrux, fave Harry Potter scene to film, more
Harry Potter's Katie Leung chosen as one of 2014 BAFTA's Breakthrough Brits
Emma Watson in cover feature for Elle UK's December feminism issue
Daniel Radcliffe attends 'Horns' NYC premiere, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Daniel Radcliffe performs Blackalicious' 'Alphabet Aerobics' on Jimmy Fallon
Emma Watson attends, honoured at 2014 BAFTA Britannia Awards

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Paint It Red by anonymous at [info]hd_fan_fair (Harry/Draco; NC-17; 5k) Summary: Draco's a graffiti artist with a bone to pick. Harry's the P.I. tasked with catching him. Or, apparently, stalking him all over town, asking a lot of questions, and showing surprising artistic talent.
Just Pick the Right One (or: Harry Potter Needs to Get a Job) by anonymous at [info]hd_fan_fair (Harry/Draco; NC-17; 9900) Summary: From the moment he left the Aurors, Harry had been making an increased nuisance of himself with his new found free time. So his friends, instead of killing him and feeding him to the Manticores (plan A), decide to ask the help of a professional.

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    Oct. 31st, 2014 00:17
    caiusmajor: Transformers G1: Megatron's cannon (Megatron cannon)
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    So. Basically. The thing is.

    I want to write, but I don't have a lot of time and to be perfectly honest all I want to write is ridiculous porn. And also I want to interact and I feel like that is something of value I can provide to certain segments of the internet population.

    So. Give me prompts. Porny fic prompts. WE WILL SEE IF I CAN GET THEM WRITTEN.

    ...probably tomorrow because the ambien should be knocking me out any minute now. Or I guess I might write you fic in my sleep. WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS.
    [syndicated profile] linesandcolors_feed

    Posted by Charley Parker

    Colley Whisson YouTube demo videos
    Well known Auatralian painter Colley Whisson, who I wrote about in 2011, has for some time been posting short demo videos of his painting process on YouTube.

    These are quite short, roughly 3-4 minutes, and each briefly cover the process of a particular small painting.

    The videos are not professionally produced, and the audio, in particular, suffers a bit on some of them. They also vary somewhat in format; those labeled “Speed Paint” are time lapse of the painting start to finish, with music and no commentary. The rest are slower, with fades between stages of the process, and voice over commentary by Whisson on his process.

    They are a bit more rushed than one might like, and missing any glimpse of color mixing, though Whisson does often mention which base colors he is using. For whatever limitations they may have, however, I found them interesting, and instructional.

    I think those interested in oil painting technique will find them of value — particularly in their strongest aspect, which is close-ups of Whisson using his brushes in various ways to achieve different effects in creating his wonderfully painterly and textural surfaces.

    There are about 20 videos as of this writing; most are landscapes but there are also still life, animals and figures.

    Whisson’s website lists a book, only available in Australia, and a sold-out DVD of other, slightly longer videos. There is mention of work in progress on a long form demonstration DVD, but I don’t know its status.

    [Note: the images above are not linked or embedded videos, just screen captures from several different videos. Please follow the YouTube link provided below.]

    monanotlisa: Melinda May during martial arts practice (melinda may - shield aos)
    [personal profile] monanotlisa
    1. AoS

    So let's face it, I'm totally in love with Agents of SHIELD spoiler )

    2. Sleepy Hollow

    I still adore Abbie and Ichabod, but I wish the writers focused more on the things that made Season One so great: the Mills Sisters; this show's man-out-of-time; the sense of place we got for Sleepy Hollow.

    Then again -- shallowness alert -- everybody in the young generation remains amazingly attractive. A+ casting. (Didn't hurt that other night Lyndie Greenwood favorited my fawning Jenny Mills tweet. Aw, yeah.)

    3. The Good Wife

    My favorite show, even though the last two episodes weren't favorites. To be this strong and sharp, this funny and dark, this innovative in the sixth season? Kudos to the Kings. Nomen set omen.

    If only they give casting spoiler only ).

    Best Laid Plans

    Oct. 30th, 2014 15:32
    monanotlisa: olivia dunham looking to the side, collar half-open, soft yet strong (olivia soft - fringe)
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    I'll take Originality in Subject Lines for 100, Alex.

    Let's do the Real Life update first, shall we? We shall. Cut to spare the innocent, and the rest as well. )

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