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Posted by Gregory Manchess

--Greg Manchess

This is a quick portrait study of one of the characters from my novel, Above The Timberline.

I suppose this old bear, Grim, has been with me for most of my painting life. It showed up in art school when I found that painting the yellow-white fur of polar bears offered me great insight into painting with white pigment. In different types of light and in different temperatures, white can become the most fascinating of colors.

So perhaps the discovery of the subtle use of white became characterized in something animated that lived in all forms of light. An anthropomorphized color. This time, in a polar bear.

The bears of my story, though, do not talk and certainly do not wear armor. They are dangerous and wild, and yet, a little more than one would expect.

Painting this little portrait was an exercise in capturing character with quick pigment.
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What I have been up to since last I posted:

* Seen Gifted twice (I enjoyed it the second time more than the first, where I was just sort of bemused by the whole thing. Brenna Clarke Gray had a short Twitter thread about it (she liked it and, as a bright academic, felt it touched on things that academia fails to adequately handle/discuss), which in turn spurred a lot of discussion on my Twitter timeline about the ways in which gifted kids are failed in general. My therapist, were I still seeing her, would be so proud. Not sarcasm. She would. It's very earnest, the movie, and really reminded me of a particular 1970s style of intimate drama.

* Tweeting my rage against the machine. Still. A lot. @mohmlet

* Reading non-fiction again. (Horror before that.)

* Hanging on Discord.

* Looking for work. It's been almost five months now.

* Parenting.

* Failing to catch up anywhere and feeling guilty and avoiding things as a result.

Writing, I notice, has failed to make the list again.

Archie Andrews by Nefyria (SFW)

Apr. 26th, 2017 15:52
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Fandom: Riverdale
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Archie
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: digital painting
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: Nefyria on DA
Why this piece is awesome: This is an excellent, strong painting of Archie, looking moody and haunted. I really like the muted colours that fit the mood, and the 'tangled' texture and brush strokes. Click for the full effect. 
Link: Archie Andrews

podcast update, volume 4

Apr. 25th, 2017 20:17
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In the Dark is hosted by Madeleine Baran and investigates the 1989 kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling and the way the case was handled, and mishandled, by local law enforcement. It's a painful and infuriating story told in nine parts, around 40 minutes each, and while it starts off steady enough, I didn't really get into it until about halfway through when all the pieces started coming together, but then I was hooked.

Baran and her team dig into archived records and interview investigators, experts, family members, and victims. It isn't always clear who's talking, and the interviews with Jacob's parents made me uncomfortable at first. I don't know if it's that Baran approached the subject wrong, was too blunt about it, or what, but I didn't like it. That wore off as Baran got past establishing the circumstances of Jacob's disappearance, and I was particularly impressed by Patty Wetterling, finding her to be a thoughtful, reasonable person. As an advocate for child safety, she's more interested in creating policies that prevent these crimes from happening than unfairly punishing those that commit them. In response, Baran goes into an episode-long tangent on the creation of Megan's Law, the sex offender's registry, and the problems with its indiscriminating scope and the restrictions placed on sex offenders after they've served their time and been released from prison. I appreciated the context.

At around the halfway point, the focus shifts to the investigation rather than the details of the crime. Because this story really is about the investigation and the repeated failures of the Stearns County Sheriff's department to properly canvass neighborhoods, interview witnesses, and process crime scenes. It's fascinating to listen to Baran uncover twenty-seven-year-old clues that had been available to the Sheriff's office at the time. If they had just asked the right questions, this case could have been solved a lot sooner, and Baran establishes this as a pattern with this Sheriff's department. It's really some fine investigative reporting, and that's where this podcast distinguishes itself.

It isn't quite as polished or as confident as some of the podcasts I listen to, and Baron at times stumbles a little in her presentation, but it's technically easy to listen to, with enough music and sound effects to set mood, but not so much that it interferes with the story. I say "technically easy" because the subject matter is, of course, not at all easy to listen to. Trigger warnings for child harm and sexual assault. And also just garden-variety scum—all the basic assholes whose apathy allows, or even encourages, the more dangerous assholes to hurt people. At one point Baran speaks to a man who used to be childhood friends with a now admitted murderer and child molester, and this man's complete lack of reaction to this revelation followed by his breezy remembrances of when he and his friend used to sneak around in the dark looking in girls' windows made me feel like I was going to explode. But I wouldn't be me if I listened to a true crime podcast and didn't get pissed off by some irrelevant detail that has nothing to do with the crime in question.

There's going to be a second season by Baran on a different topic, and I'll definitely give that a try when it's out.

I also listened to one and a half episodes of True Crime All the Time, which is hosted by two guys named Mike and is exactly that exciting. Look, if you're going to be reheating true crime for me, you either need to have engaging personalities or awesome research skills. You can't be boring, play clips without identifying the source or speaker, and preface half your statements with "it was said." I mean, you can? It's just that I'm not going to stick around for it.

And, to completely change the subject, I tried My Brother, My Brother and Me, an "advice" show where three brothers "answer" "listener" "questions." I listened to one podcast, which was fine, but not exceptional, and watched the first couple of minutes of a Seeso episode where there's an unfortunate decision regarding a spider and a spiderphobic brother and then I noped on out of there. That's just not the kind of brothers I want to hang with. I might try these guys again, but honestly, I spend enough of my time listening to men talk; if they're not going to be exceptional, I'm not going to bother.


Apr. 25th, 2017 22:56
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So I am 90% in a Yuri On Ice place right now (aided and abetted by [personal profile] kouredios and her daughter), but I'm also still here for the other ice gays in Check, Please!

And we all know I love stories that involve media and spin. Allow me to direct you to the following :

the jack zimmermann interview series (16170 words) by heyfightme
Chapters: 11/11
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Characters: Jack Zimmermann
Additional Tags: Interviews, News Media, Mixed Media, Articles, Magazine articles, how to tag?, it is a mystery, Jack Does Magazine Interviews, Homophobic Language

In the thick of one of the best debut seasons the NHL has ever seen, Providence Falconers rookie and former hockey child prodigy Jack Zimmermann is proving that second chances make all the difference.
We talked to the Falconers’ number one to find out what makes a successful comeback.



a series of revealing interviews in which jack breaks his press silence (with a definite agenda).

NOTE: I am moving my journal over entirely to sometime soon, so please find me there (with the same username) if you are reading me on LJ.

FMK #9: Second Books

Apr. 25th, 2017 19:07
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Note to self, things your circle is v. interested in: Library classification. Canadian art.

So, back on the wagon with FMK! I posted about Growing Up Weightless yesterday and I am very nearly done with Snow Queen. After that Electric Forest should be quick and then I will be caught up! Except the six library books! But we aren't talking about those!

Fewer of you than I thought voted that you change your poll answers after reading the comments! I am apparently in the more easily swayed group. :P

This week's theme is I Read the First One And It Was Good But For Years I Could Never Find The Next One But Then I Did So Here It Is Yay

(In a it's the first one I couldn't find instead of the next one, but close enough.)

How FMK works, short version: I am trying to clear out my unreads. So there is a poll, in which you get to pick F, M, or K. F means I should spend a night of wild passion with the book ASAP, and then decide whether to keep it or not. M means I should continue to commit to a long-term relationship of sharing my bedroom with it. K means it should go away immediately. Anyone can vote, you don't have to actually know anything about the books.

I pick a winner on Friday night (although won't actually close the poll, people can still vote,) and report results/ post the new poll on the following Tuesday, and write a response to the F winner sometime in the next week.

If you want to be extra-helpful, bear in mind that it may have been two decades since I read the first on, and note whether I need to re-read that one first.

Link to long version of explanation (on first poll)

Poll: Adams, Cherryh, Ellis, Gibson, Handeland, ab Hugh, Jones, Kotzwinkle, Lackey, Monette, Snyder, Watt-Evans, White  )

(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2017 16:50
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An update:

The secretary wrote me back yesterday, and apologized profusely. I wrote back and said that misunderstandings happen and that I was glad we had cleared things up.

I secretly delighted in her apology, proving I am not actually the bigger person.
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Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
Tom Felton Proposes Future ‘Flash’ Story Arcs at Silicon Valley Comic Con.
Summer “Potter” Events: Are You Ready to Relive the Magic?
Can Tom Felton Tap Dance? Plus Other Highlights from Silicon Valley Comic Con.
The Third UK “Harry Potter” Illustrator: Giles Greenfield.
Emma Watson on Facing Fear by Putting Work Out and Navigating Social Media.
Bonnie Wright premieres short 'Phone Calls', talks work on first feature-length movie.
Emma Watson discusses 'The Circle' in livechat, new Interview magazine feature.

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
Watch ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Composer James Howard Newton at Work.

[community profile] hp_podfic_fest posted Future Fest (regarding this year's dates for the fest).
[community profile] hp_crossgenfest announced Prompting is Open!
[profile] crack_broom posted Mid-month Stats.
[community profile] lupin_snape posted Moving Primary Activity to Dreamwidth.
[community profile] lupin_snape posted Moonlight Madness.
[profile] hd_storyroom posted H/D Storyroom MOntly Recs Signups.
[community profile] hp_darkarts reminds you HP Horror Fest starts posting Tomorrow.

Hot Rec:
The Fear Is Just An Illusion by anon at [community profile] dracotops_harry (Harry/Draco, NC-17, 37,8K)
Summary: Voldemort is dead but the war is far from over. Draco, once again, is torn between protecting his family and doing what is right. Secret meetings, conflicting loyalties, and grey morals bring Harry and him together but it’s also what could threaten to tear them apart.

The Things That I Desire by anon at [community profile] dracotops_harry (Harry/Draco, NC-17, 9,7K)
Summary: Harry's a free man now, and he's determined to get what he's been wanting for years. Even if he has to pay for it.

Fandom Recs:
[personal profile] mywitch recced one Sirius/Severus fic.
[personal profile] themightyflynn recced one Percy/Neville fic.

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[community profile] daily_snitch is looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Newt Scamander.

Community Spotlight:
[community profile] hphet: This is a community for Harry Potter het. Post fanfic, discuss your favourite pairing, or just connect with another HP fan. [community profile] hphet will host their first HP Het Mini Fest year!

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

Welcome to Night Vale

Apr. 25th, 2017 15:41
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Sunday night I saw “All Hail,” the latest Welcome to Night Vale live show, at the Pantages Theatre in downtown Minneapolis. I enjoyed it very much, though I still like “The Librarian” the best of the live shows.

My usual Night Vale buddy is out of town, so I took my husband, who has never listened to the podcast. He had fun, though he refused to do any of the audience interaction stuff, embodying as he does the stereotype of an undemonstrative Scandinavian. But he said he enjoyed the Lovecraftian horror aspects of the show and also found it very funny.

Erin McKeown was the musical guest. She played an opening set of about five or six songs. I adore her voice; it’s like drinking raspberry lemonade on a hot day. She had a confident presence and endearing stage patter, and got the audience to sing the chorus on one song and clap along to some of the others. I’d go see her again (and may, in fact, since she’s coming back to Minneapolis later this year). When I looked her up I was not surprised to find she’s toured with the Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco; she has a similar vibe.

We were just three rows back from the stage, which meant I could see the performer’s facial expressions—really cool! Cecil wore a fabulous white jacket with fringes all over it that I covet. I don’t have a lot to say about the plot of the show—plot’s not really the point of Night Vale, is it?—but I did appreciate how they brought the message home in the climax. Though I think I might have been more emotionally moved if I hadn’t brought my husband; I kept wondering if he was enjoying himself and worrying that he was bored. It’s more fun to go to these things when you’re both fans, I think.

I took a few photos of the performers, and they all showed up as glowy, featureless forms. Thematically appropriate! All hail the glow cloud!

Glowy Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale

I bought the poster, which is beautiful. It’s going on my wall along with the poster from “The Librarian,” which I saw at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago, back when I’d first started listening. I wonder how long they can keep this momentum going?

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Because I was sad, L. invited me out for a drink after work (me, texting L upon entering the place and finding four long-haired bearded guys clustered around the end of the bar while Lynyrd Skynyrd played on the jukebox: "well, this certainly is a bar!" I didn't mean to be snobbish - it was absolutely my kind of hole in the wall place and it had $4 drafts for happy hour - but it was just so hilariously...not what I was expecting in the East Village.) and convinced me to attend a one-person show at The One Festival with her (mainly because it was only 45 minutes long and the subways were a mess).

However, upon getting to the theater, we discovered that there were two shows and the one we were there to see was the second one, so we saw two one-person shows.

The first, "Redemption," was a kind of Social Justice 101 on prison, the likes of which felt very earnest and well-intended but didn't really add anything new to that conversation. I mean, we're talking basically an afterschool special level of nuance. With one guy monologuing intensely at an audience of like 15 people for 45 minutes.

The second show, "What Would Cathy Do?", was about an actress (OR WAS SHE?) who went a little too method and got hooked on heroin. It was funny in a grim way, though again, not particularly new or revelatory, but the actress - Skye Wansey - was spectacular. So at the end, when we had to vote for one show or the other, we both voted for her.

Then we had a rather surreal taxi ride home, where the cab driver twice drove past my block and got huffy when I was like, no, I said 82nd, not 80th and 2nd! I mean, it is possible I messed it up once, and I will take the blame for that, but when he drove past my corner the first time, I paid close attention to make sure I was saying the right thing to direct him correctly on the second attempt, and he STILL drove past the corner again, and then got huffy when I was like, "Just let me out here!" so I could walk two blocks back to the street I actually live on. L. continued on in the cab and made it home without mishap.

Ah me. Still I was exhausted when I got home, which was probably a step up from being sad, and I had a nice time otherwise, so I'll take it.


Today's poem:

by León Salvatierra
(Translated by Javier O. Huerta)

I'm going to say what love signifies
My grandfather said it was the desire of  the I for another I
And since then I began to search for you

My father said the number of  love was seven
Because creation lasted seven days
Seven days making love to its seven nights

I looked for you in each seven that ciphered my life
And I found you slipping away to other numbers

One confuses oneself with one's other self
When two bodies intertwine in bed, three loves
have been in my life, four it will be when you have left
five days that I cannot stand you, six kisses in La Paz Centro
seven years of not finding you, love, show me
from one to a thousand your nights

What is your philosophy of love
you ask me in bed: and I respond
It's not a flower but maybe it is a number. Here, I gift it to you
Hide it between your legs. At the count of two
Make sure that it does not fall: One
Open Sesame. Two
Loves have stepped into your kingdom.


Better Call Saul 3.03.

Apr. 25th, 2017 19:02
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In which there are consequences.

Read more... )

Rain, Rain, And Also More Rain

Apr. 25th, 2017 12:41
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Five inches in forty-eight hours, by the home weather station in the garden. (I love this thing SO MUCH. I cannot even tell you how much I love it.)

The rivers are all flooding, of course, but I'm on high ground, so it's just soggy. The thing of interest to me is how my growbag + water reservoir systems are holding up. All of them are as saturated as it is possible to be now and the tubs of water are overflowing. So far, they've done fine staying consistently moist during sunny days--now we see if they drown in the rain!

So far, most of them are holding up apparently fine. One bag, which is too shallow for the tub it's in, is definitely waterlogged (but that's one out of over a dozen, so not too shabby!) The two big chiapas-inspired growbag + barrel tubs are hard to tell, because the rain also pummeled a bunch of stuff flat, so I can't tell if the tomato starts are dying from drowning or just hammered down by hard rain. The peppers in the same tubs are okay. I guess we'll know in a day or two.

We close on Dogskull Patch next week. I am trying not to think about it for fear of jinxing everything and becoming a whimpering wreck.
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Title: Dynamics
Artist: sastmk
Medium(s): Digital drawing
Rating: T
Character(s) and/or pairing(s): McKay/Sheppard
Warning(s): Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, blood

Link to art: on AO3 | on Tumblr


Title: The Dynamics of Us
Author: [personal profile] selenic76
Beta: [personal profile] melagan
Pairing(s): John/Rodney, background Lorne/Radek
Characters: John, Rodney, Lorne, Radek, Carson, Elizabeth
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~14700
Warnings/Tags: none of the usual, light angst / Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, bonding, established relationship, episode related: 2x08 'Conversion'
Disclaimer: Don't own or profit from them

Summary: John was a Beta, always had been. Until he suddenly wasn't anymore.

Link to fic: on AO3 | on my DW

Gumball machines in a laundromat

Apr. 25th, 2017 11:18
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Posted by James Gurney

Heres a page from my sketchbook yesterday—some gumball machines in a San Diego laundromat.

I showed the owner a few pages from my sketchbook and she loaned me a stool to sit on. Her daughter is a budding artist and she watched with great interest and then did a drawing of her own. 

I'm using casein as a base layer and then finishing up with Royal Talens gouache, which I'm trying out for the first time. The gouache is very rich in pigment saturation with very interesting thixotropic working properties due to the dextrin binder. More on that in future posts. 

(link to video on Facebook) I'm at the Plein Air Convention and Expo in San Diego. Very inspiring to be among over a thousand outdoor painters.

(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2017 10:42
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Why There Are No More Miracles
by Hal Sirowitz

God would perform miracles in the old days,
Father said, but nowadays if he set a bush
on fire, like he did for Moses, the fire department
would rush to put it out. The newspapers
would send our photographers. There’d be
an investigation. A reward would be given
to help find the arsonist. Some innocent person
would get blamed. God has enough people
believing in him. Why does He need
all that commotion for the sake of a few more?

"Why There Are No More Miracles" by Hal Sirowitz from Father Said. © Soft Skull Press, 2004.

Spectrum 24 Award Winners

Apr. 25th, 2017 06:00
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Posted by Muddy Colors

Photo © JJ Torres

This past weekend was Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. Aside from being an amazing convention full of demos, panels, artists and friends, the real highlight of the weekend was the Spectrum 24 Awards Ceremony. Held at the beautiful Folly theatre, we were treated to an evening of stand-up comedy, live dancing, and some amazingly heartfelt speeches.

In addition to the book awards, Kristine and Colin Poole awarded their Spectrum Rising Star Award, and we got a sneak peak into J. Anthony Kosar's process of creating this year's Spectrum Award, which is a jaw dropping work of art.


Alessandra Pisano


Silver Award: Greg Ruth, "Daredevil"

Gold Award: Bayard Wu, "Hunting"


Silver Award: Edward Kinsella III, "Danneee"

Gold Award: Brom, "Lamia"


Silver Award: Dave McKean, "Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash"

Gold Award: Jeremy Wilson, "Chimera Brigade #5"


Silver Award: Iain McCaig, "Minion 5"

Gold Award: Sean Murray, "Court of the Dead: Voxxingard"


Silver Award: Akihito, "Nephila"

Gold Award: Jesse Thompson, "Dress-Up Frog Legs"


Silver Award: Galen Dara, "Seven Salt Tears"

Gold Award: Tim O'Brien, "Beyonce 'Lemonade'"


Silver Award: Ed Binkley, "William Finds Some Flowers and a Giant"

Gold Award: Bill Carman, "Ms. Hatter and a Smile"


Silver Award: Jeffrey Alan Love, "Orange Skies"

Gold Award: Karla "Oritz" Ortiz, "The Death I Bring"


Bill Sienkiewicz

MCU AU Fest placeholder letter

Apr. 24th, 2017 22:44
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My AU Fest letter will go here when I finish it. This is a placeholder so I can finish doing my signup. :D

Yuri on Ice comm

Apr. 25th, 2017 00:22
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[community profile] yurionicefans  is a thing! It makes me feel slightly guilty that I haven't finished posting all my YOI recs.

Basically I read 2 weeks worth of fic back in February and then got derailed from reading more in March so I have all these recs from that time period and haven't read much more than that. I've also lost track of a bunch of WIPs that I need to catch up on. Someday, right?

I still adore this show.


One reason I got derailed from YOI was on the same trip, I was reading the Raven Cycle books, so I got sucked into fic for that (there's so not enough fic for the Raven Cycle) and was obsessively refreshing that fandom's fic pages. I still intend to do a book review of the last two books which I quite enjoyed, but well. I don't know if that's going to happen at this point.

I wish there were more fic to wallow in.


Watching Black Sails last week sent me into all the available fic over the weekend, and I rediscovered that I still have a fundamental difference with what I want to read and what people want to write about. I'm not into Flint/Silver so much, and instead want all the Silver/Madi without it, and also Billy Bones doesn't meet his dastardly end because I kind of have a Tom Hopper thing. I will however read all the James/Thomas and James/Thomas/Miranda and everything with Thomas meeting Silver because that is amazing, so thank you fandom for delivering. I feel like I ought to make a couple recs posts for this to. Maybe I'll make May a reccing month.

I think... I'm going to rewatch the whole series. This show is so good and right now it's the one eating my brain.


I kind of have all these little fic ideas for all three of these fandoms... but I'm pretty sure zero to none will get written. I'm so bad at impulsive short fic, she says, eyeing her Scrivner projects full of fragment from a dozen fandoms.

Canon gets me every time.

Apr. 24th, 2017 22:00
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I'm like halfway done with my Stargate Reverse Bang fic (due in a week, omg I am so panicking), and I just realized I have a MAJOR CANON PROBLEM.  There was no time when a) Teal'c had a prim'ta, b) the SGC had reliable access to their own interstellar ships, and c) Daniel Jackson was on the team.  And for the plot to work as it is designed, I sort of need all three?  Like, Daniel and Teal'c are stranded for a while (longer than Teal'c would reasonably have tretonin supplies for) and the SGC needs to be able to come find them.

I suppose I could set it in, like, season 5 and have the SGC get ahold of Bra'tac?  He is more reliable than the Tok'ra, at any rate.

This is what I get for trying to write a story for a show I once knew encyclopedically but haven't watched in a while.

Whoa, Monday

Apr. 24th, 2017 19:36
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What a busy day -- I'm pooped. And tomorrow will be bigger.

But first, happy birthday Lebannen! I don't think she's on LJ anymore, so I'll just throw my good wishes out into the world.

So many people not on LJ anymore, nor on DW that I know of. Makes me quite sad.

Anyway, today. Big remodel day and tomorrow it will be even bigger. It's both good and bad news that the timeline is getting tighter -- good because it'll be done quicker, but bad because of the tension. We've never done anything like this before so each step is new and sometimes a shocker. And tomorrow I spend with Mother so poor Webster will have to handle any questions by himself.

Which reminds me of a new-to-me online gratitude site, Gratefulness. It's designed to use on your phone but I hate trying to type on my phone so I changed the settings to email. Every night at 6 I receive an email asking me what am I grateful for? I hit reply and write something like: That Webster is handling so much of the remodeling despite the tension, or That Mother still remembers me. That's all. But it's a like a little meditation when the email comes, to sit for a few minutes and think about what I'm grateful for. It's all private, though you can share individual posts, anonymously, if you choose.

Oh, I have some links I want to share!

Found via Tumblr, "A Nasty Name for a Nasty Thing": A History of Cunt, which asks the question Why is the word "cunt" so forbidden? Lots of NSFW images of vulvas, in case that's a concern. But, here is what we do know; it is the oldest word for female genitals in the English language (possibly the oldest in Europe).

Via Ryan Holiday's reading list email, an old review of a biography of John Stewart Mill by Adam Gopnik, Right Again: The passions of John Stuart Mill. I though I knew who Mill was, of course, but actually I didn't. He's fascinating and wonderful and I kind of fell in love with him. When Mill said that his rights were worthless unless everyone else had them, too, he really meant it.

I think I found this via, and the two podcasts are really worth listening to. Part 1, The Russian Passenger, and Part 2, Beware All. A mystery about somebody's Uber account being used in Russia, and how, and why it should scare us.

No idea how I bumped into this but it led to a lot of googling and an interesting discussion with Webster: Some fairy tales may be 6000 years old: [T]he successful fairy tales may persist because they're "minimally counterintuitive narratives." That means they all contain some cognitively dissonant elements -- like fantastic creatures or magic -- but are mostly easy to comprehend.

Fic: The Time Zapper (by mific)

Apr. 25th, 2017 12:38
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Title: The Time Zapper (on the AO3)
Author: [personal profile] mific
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Category: Gen
Rating: G
Length: ~5200 words
Warnings: no AO3 warnings apply
"Relax, Rodney," Sheppard said. "It's gonna be the TRD. Actually, in the report it's the McKay-Zelenka Temporal Retrieval Device."
Rodney shot him an angry glance. "Not now O'Neill's heard you call it the Time Zapper, it's not."

Heavy sigh

Apr. 24th, 2017 16:10
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Back in January, during the Snowflake Challenge, I mentioned that one of the things I've avoided doing for a couple years now was taking a dead hard drive with all the Media Cannibals vid remasters and digital copies in to a data recovery service, because I couldn't really handle the cost and still do any of the things I wanted to do, like take a vacation. And I floated the idea of crowdfunding it, but it makes me squirmy, asking people for financial help when so many are in serious need. An anonymous benefactor contacted me and offered to pay for the whole thing as long as the vids would make their way online, and I was really humbled and grateful, so I finally took it in to a data recovery service because of their generosity.

It turned out the service said they could have the manufacturer repair the thing that went bad inside the drive without sending it to one of those clean facilities, so they sent it off to the drive manufacturer and it was a simple repair (that took, inexplicably, 2 months of back and forthing with the local company I worked with and driving those guys crazy because they'd ping them at, like, three a.m.), and I got it back today. I haven't hooked it up yet, but I plan to soon, and pull everything off that drive.

Unfortunately…in the meantime, I must have said something that pissed my anonymous benefactor off, or done something, because they recently unfriended me (uncircled? what do we call it on DW?) and haven't responded to the private email I sent about the update. I could contact them again, but I feel kind of uncomfortable about it, I feel like they've made it clear they don't necessarily want to deal with me anymore, although they've been cordial to me when I've commented in their journal or others' journals. (Look, there's a reason Lit's My Own Worst Enemy is my theme song.)

And I also did the commission of the art I posted the other day, which, while not very much money at all, makes me feel even weirder about crowdfund help for the cost of the hard drive repair. So I'm really feeling…stupid and embarrassed about all of this, but hey, the drive's here, yay. I figured I'd at least just float my PayPal address out here, I guess, and if anyone feels like throwing a few bucks my way toward the $300 and change the drive cost to repair, I'll embarrassedly offer you my profuse thanks and also start trying to figure a way to get the vids digitized and hosted somewhere so that people can access them once again. My PP address is gwynethr at gmail dot com, and note that r on the end of gwynethr --you'd be amazed how many times people have left that out and things vanish into the ether (or someone else's email inbox). I guess if it's sent as a gift there's no fee? I'm not sure, really, I've never done this before.

ETA: You guys are so generous and thoughtful, seriously, but I really mean it when I say A COUPLE BUCKS. I know things are hard for a lot of people right now and a big chunk of change is not required, I don't want anyone to use funds they could put to something else more necessary!

FMK: Growing Up Weightless

Apr. 24th, 2017 18:30
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I went to the March for Science yesterday! It didn't have as many people as the Women's March but then what would? It still took a solid two hours to get everyone funnelled down Constitution Avenue.

Also if you are ever at the Capitol end of Constitution with a few minutes to kill, go look at The Spirit of Haida Gwaii outside the Canadian Embassy; it's in a nice quiet corner and I found more to see in that one sculpture than in the entire National Gallery sculpture garden.

...also if you are ever on the Mall and need wifi, find an idling coach bus to loiter near.

I brought Growing Up Weightless by John M. Ford to read on the metro, and I don't have a huge amount to say because basically it was everything I wanted for a book about coming of age in the Moon colony )

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