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Flowers and fruit, still life by Jean-Baptiste Robie<br />
Flowers and fruit, Jean-Baptiste Robie

A stunning tour de force of subtle color, texture, light and dark by the Belgian still life painter.

On Google Art Project, high-resolution downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Art Gallery of New South Wales and measures roughly 64×54 inches (164x137cm).

As is often the case, the museum’s reproduction and that on the Google Art Project don’t quite agree. The Google image seems too warm and saturated; the museum’s version looks crisp but cold in comparison, particularly in the color of the metal.

Having never see one of Robie’s originals, I’ve taken a best guess here and color corrected my copy of the Google file to somewhere in-between.

Painting from Taxidermy

Sep. 21st, 2014 10:37
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Posted by James Gurney

At the SKB Foundation Workshop in Dubois, Wyoming, most of the painting practice involves landscape painting outdoors, or wildlife painting from photographs indoors. 

I thought it would also be a helpful exercise for everyone to paint real, three dimensional animals from observation, but living models weren't available on short notice.

So we arranged to borrow a fine specimen of coyote, a pronghorn antelope, and a wolf from local taxidermy artist Lynn Stewart, who very generously brought them over to the art center.

This was my view of a running white wolf. I liked the pose, but I imagined it backlit against the bold fall colors of the quaking aspens, with sagebrush in the foreground, as I remembered the setting from a horseback ride in the morning.

Here's the two hour gouache demo I did  with that idea in mind.

It would have been even better to do a location study separately outdoors and combine it with the taxidermy study, properly lit -- or to take the taxidermy outside into a natural setting. The idea is to put away the camera and see if there's a way to do a wildlife study as much as possible from life and imagination.

On the other side of the room, John Seerey-Lester did this magnificent acrylic study of the same wolf. He chose to set it within a snowy winter backdrop. 

That's John and his wife Suzie (pink hat) in the right foreground of the photo below. They are featured in the current issue of International Artist magazine, not only for their wildlife art, but also for their landscapes and nostalgia scenes.

It was a marvelous experience for all of us to paint together with a combine imagination and observation.
John and Suzie Seerey-Lester's website
Stewart Taxidermy, Dubois, Wyoming
SKB Foundation Workshop

Sunday morning

Sep. 21st, 2014 10:23
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We're entering the busiest time of my year, and I'm trying everything I know in the self-care department. Yesterday afternoon after I got home from a few hours of being "on," I put Mr. Kid down for a nap and I napped too.

This morning I just couldn't rouse myself when Mr. Kid came upstairs around 7 (which is probably one part exhaustion and one part overnight cold meds, which often leave me flattened in the morning) so Y got up with him and I stayed in bed until almost 8, which is untold luxury. They're out running errands now and I'm walking on the treadmill. Trying to find the right balance between aiming for my usual step count these days (I know it helps me stay grounded), and cutting myself slack when I don't manage those steps because I'm on my feet all day in other ways.

But I got to read part of the latest Saveur over breakfast fried rice; and I made a pot of coffee; and this afternoon I get to spend some time in the beautiful outdoors; and these are all fine things indeed. Tonight I think we're going to watch a few more eps of Orphan Black -- I think we're up to episode seven of the first season, and it continues to be just fantastic.

One step at a time; one day at a time. I'm incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do, even though this month of the year tends to steamroller me a little bit. :-) I will just have to trust that it's okay if I'm fannishly boring for a little while, and don't have any scintillating meta or fic to post.

How are y'all?

breathlessly, links

Sep. 21st, 2014 09:56
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Briefly: am in the gorgeous Southern Tyrolia alps with the APs, must use the finally arrived sunshine, off to hike now, hence will be able to watch the latest Doctor Who not earlier than this late afternoon. However, have two links to posts I loved reading:

Doctor Who:

LISTEN meta on last week's DW episode which puts it excellently in a larger Whovian context.

Scriptwriter and Director of Breaking Bad's OZYMANDIAS look back a year later.

(Which reminds me I was here in the Southern Tyrolian alps, too, when BB ended. Tempus fugit indeed. Also, the article mentions Rian Johnson is set to direct the Star Wars sequel after the next one, if I understand it correctly, which, um, does that mean I have to watch it? I am that oddity, more invested in the prequels than in the classic trilogy anyway and really not interested in what happened next. Then again: Rian Johnson did some fantastic work on Breaking Bad and I'm glad he'll get a cinematic break. Presumably he won't use lense flares, either. Hm.)
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Slim pickings today, but:

1. Pancakes for breakfast! I cannot remember the last time I ate a pancake. Probably at least 3-4 years. These were good.

2. Facetime session while I was waiting in the ferry line, which involved my folks on their smartphone and my bro and his adorable happy kid on Dad's laptop, with much silly switching of camera angles and giggling.

3. I am home, and Dave Brubeck's on the stereo.

beinArt Collective returns

Sep. 21st, 2014 02:30
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Posted by Charley Parker

beinArt Collective: Naoto Hattori, Mike Worrall, Peter Gric, Dan May, Dino Valls, Ernst Fuchs, Sandra Yagi, Scott Musgrove, Travis Louie, Greg Simkins, Lucy Hardie, Maura Holden, David M. Bowers, Alex Grey, Jon Beinart

Founded in 2002 by Jon Beinart as the “beinArt Australian Surreal Art Collective” and expanded internationally in 2006 as the “beinAart International Surreal Art Collective”, the beinArt Collective has long been a web destination, publisher and sponsor of group exhibitions for artists working in the areas of strange, surreal, fantastic, psychedelic, visionary and outsider art.

Aficionados of these genres have found the website, and its reserve of artist galleries, missing for a time now, while founder Jon Beinart endeavored to bring the site up to date, reduce the strain of upkeep on the multiple galleries and generally bring the site into line with the modern web, streamlined and functioning more as a lighthouse than a repository.

The good news is that the beinArt Collective site is now back from the shadows; and, given its nature, has of course, brought the shadows back with it.

The new beinart.org website functions as a blog and a listing of the most prominent artists from the collective’s formerly over-extended list, now linking directly to their own blogs and websites instead of trying to maintain local files.

There is a cornucopia of the weird, wild, wooly and often wonderful to be found among the links and articles — but, as when turning over leaves in a strange forest, I must warn the uninitiated that you never know what you will find lurking on the forest floor. Much of the work here delves deliberately into the disconcerting edges of the strange, and some may find it not to their liking.

Others, however, will delight in the assortment of the imaginative, bizarre and often beautifully realized work that abounds.

[Note: the sites linked, and the beinArt site itself, contain an assortment of work that can be considered NSFW, for a variety of reasons. I will also issue a Timesink Warning.]

(Images above: Naoto Hattori, Mike Worrall, Peter Gric, Dan May, Dino Valls, Ernst Fuchs, Sandra Yagi, Scott Musgrove, Travis Louie, Greg Simkins, Lucy Hardie, Maura Holden, David M. Bowers, Alex Grey, Jon Beinart)

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Happy Birthday, Hermione! ♥

Actors and Movies:
• Evanna Lynch promotes Voices of Children in Emergencies as UNICEF Ambassador.
• Evanna Lynch starring in Irish film 'My Name is Emily. First photos from set.
• Emma Watson promotes HeForShe Gender Equality Campaign at UN Headquarters.
• VIDEO: Emma Watson participated in a panel discussion for the United Nations' Women organisation in Uruguay.
• VIDEO: Emma Watson to receive Britannia Award British Artist of the Year.
• PHOTOS: Daniel Radcliffe attended Amsterdam premiere of 'What If' and Paris premiere of 'Horns'.

The Draboodle Autumn Challenge runs from September 20 to November 10 at hpsapphicappealhpsapphicappeal.
The DirtyWrong Comment Fest runs from now to October 12 at hp_het_taboohp_het_taboo.
Prompting is now open for the severus_festseverus_fest 2015.
minerva_festminerva_fest is asking participants who have not yet submitted their entries to check in.
hp_sexstarshp_sexstars is asking participants to check in with the mods.

hp_diversityhp_diversity is looking for more recs for Diversity Awareness Month.
hp_podfic_festhp_podfic_fest posted the Masterlist and Cover Art Gallery.
The Masterlist of the dm_asp_festdm_asp_fest has been posted.
hd_familyfesthd_familyfest announced the second H/D Family Fest 2015. Prompting starts October 15.
hp_creatureshp_creatures is looking for betas for the Creatures Halloween Fest.
• The HP Sapphic Appeal Fest has been cancelled. :(

harryronreunionharryronreunion is a community for Harry/Ron shippers joining hp_reunionhp_reunion, which will take place during the first two weeks in November.

General Interest:
• Issue #17 (2014) of Transformative Works and Cultures has been published.
• Organisation of Transformative Works FANNEWS: Knowing the Audience.

Hot Art:
Opening Negotiations by raitalaraitala (Draco/Albus Severus, NC-17)
play me like you play your guitar by thiliathilia (Draco/Albus Severus, NC-17)

Hot Rec:
Building Bridges While They Burn by lumosed_quilllumosed_quill (Draco/Albus Severus, NC-17)

rs_gamesrs_games posted a Wishing Wall for participants and everybody else to join in on sending others good wishes, thoughts, and messages.

Challenge #407 is up at wizard_icontestwizard_icontest. Create and submit your icons!

Schedule of Upcoming Events from September 21 - 27 at potterfestspotterfests
Media References to Fanfic, for the week ending September 13, 2014.
• The SS/HP Prophet for September 14 through 20.

Send your fandom news to Daily Snitch!

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I don't know why I'm bothering to write, I really don't, but I can't seem to help myself. This is just another entry into the Steve and Bucky pining for each other and thinking the other doesn't want them sweepstakes.

Every Picture Tells a Story (5153 words) by gwyneth rhys
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Miscommunication, Pining, Pornographic Materials, Internalized Homophobia, Angst and Porn, Pre-Serum Steve Rogers

Bucky worked the bag a while longer before collapsing on the floor, chest heaving, lips glistening as he licked them. This was provocation, Steve was certain. If he couldn’t get Steve to admit to his perversion, then Bucky would find a way to tease it out of him.

Die blaue Zugbrücke

Sep. 20th, 2014 19:26
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A small drawbridge in Groß Köris, with only 1,5 meters of passage height, no problem for the St. Germain, we just glided through, and were bl…..dy relieved to have made it.

Die kleine Zugbrücke in Groß Köris mit einer Durchfahrtshöhe von nur 1,5 Metern, kein Problem für die St. Germain, sie glitt darunter durch wie ein Schwan …

5.9 x 5.9 inch / Oil on MDF board / 15cm x 15cm / Öl auf MDF Bord

If you would like to purchase this daily painting, please send your bid by email. Startprice 150 Euro. End of sale September 21th, 2014 at 6.00 pm (local time Berlin Germany). Terms of Sale and Right of Withdrawal.

Wenn Sie dieses Tagesbild erwerben möchten, senden Sie bitte Ihr Gebot per email . Mindestpreis 150 Euro. Ende des Verkaufs gegen Höchstgebot am 21. September 2014 um 18 Uhr. Beachten Sie bitte die Informationen zu den Verkaufsbedingungen sowie die Widerrufsbelehrung.

© Edward B. Gordon, all rights reserved.

OTW Fannews: Fandom Business

Sep. 20th, 2014 11:29
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Banner by Robyn of the post title with $ signs as S's laid over a photo of world currency

Public Knowledge holds a contest for remixers, Australia backs down & data on TV fans: http://bit.ly/1ykl2Nu

sweet potato recipes?

Sep. 20th, 2014 15:41
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I've never had sweet potatoes (they're somewhat exotic here), but today my supermarket had some on offer so I got a couple.

Do you have any favorite recipes highlighting their taste that would be good to try them?

(no subject)

Sep. 20th, 2014 14:54
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I just got an entire basket of yellow boletus (the arguably tastiest mushroom you can find in these parts) for 5 Euro that have to be cooked today. I already have dinner plans but I didn't even care because, 5 Euro! Off to look up recipes. Looks like we'll have an appetizer of boletus. (I just had a little piece uncooked, even that was delicious.)

She Becomes: Part 2

Sep. 20th, 2014 06:00
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Posted by Dan

-By Tim Bruckner

he Tree Paint Master: Her color scheme and the setting pretty much determined the pallet for the tree. The paint work on the tree had to compliment the stylization of the leaf sections. I chose muted purples with yellow-orange highlights to give the tree a kind of painterly quality. The more I worked the tree the more I realized that the leaf sections, as I’d imagined them, wasn’t going to work. They needed something. They were cast as flat pieces heated into various bends and curves. But they were still flat and I needed a way to indicate layers without having to add layers.

Rarely have I been more grateful for my reluctance to throw anything away. Tucked inside an old portfolio sleeve were several sheets of ancient Pantone/Letraset Color/Tint Overlay film. I spent a long afternoon cutting out individual leaves and applied them on the cast leaf sections creating a sense( I hope) of leaf over leaf patterns. When I had them secured in place and had finished the paint work on the tree, I gave the whole thing several coats of Lusterless Flat varnish and then went back in and painted each leaf section with a coat of semi-gloss/matte finish to bring out a little leaf sheen.

With the tree and SHE finished I needed a base. Something solid. Something with some weight. I asked my friend Master Carpenter, Doug Hougdahl to build me a base form. I made a mold of the wood base, cast it in resin and then ground out a space for the wiring from the bottom of the three to the back side of the base, giving me enough room to splice and seal the wires together. SHE was done.

Taking pix of the completed piece was at best a compromise and I’m just not a good enough a photographer to have made it work the way I wanted. In a darkened room, the cast leaf patterns over her body work pretty damn well. To photograph it to get that effect lost a lot of what the piece is. I shot each image three times and combined the images with lessening opacity to arrive at a compromise.

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via [personal profile] yhlee, I read this article:
For my birthday a few months ago, my buddy Matt gave me Justice League: Axis of Villains, a superhero board game by DC Comics and game maker Wonder Forge. “It say ages 8 and up,” he tells me, “but I read the rules. Cassie’s smart. She can handle it if you play together.”

We’re old, so we don’t really get gifts for each other anymore, but we do buy stuff for the kids. A really thoughtful gift, it was a way to connect with my kid via something we both love, and simultaneously teach her gaming, math, and strategy. Hours of quality time with my kid. Geek dads FTW.

But then I looked at the box. There were plenty of DC heroes and villains depicted, but they were all male.

A decade ago, I might not have noticed. Or noticed, thought it was lame, shrugged, and moved on. But I look for these things now, because I have a little girl and I want her to feel included.

“Are there any girl characters?” I asked.

Matt had a flash of concern cross his face. He has two daughters himself, and understood immediately. He tilted his head to take a closer look at the box.

“They must,” he said at last. “It’s the friggin’ Justice League. They’ve got to have Wonder Woman, at least.”
As it turns out, no, they didn't have girl characters. And the daughter was excited about the game and heartbroken when she saw there weren't any girls, and didn't want to play anymore.

This particular story ends happily, sort of - the dad goes online and finds that some other person was annoyed by the game and created a really beautiful set of alternative female characters, so he downloads those and the daughter is happy and they have fun playing.

But leaving aside everything else, what really angers me is thinking about the boys. Because I will bet you ten thousand million dollars that no parent of a boy goes out of their way to download girl characters for their son to play, or even see - so maybe girls, via their parents' extra efforts, learn that they can be superheroes too. But boys? Boys keep learning that heroism is just for boys.

Amazing Progress

Sep. 20th, 2014 04:23
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Posted by James Gurney

I was really touched and impressed by a letter I received a couple days ago from blog reader Edward Morris, who was kind enough to allow me to share it with you. He says:
Edward Morris, before and after

"I discovered you a few years ago while reading an article in an art magazine about the color of the sky that you penned. I wound up buying your book Color and Light. When I started reading your blog two years ago, I discovered sketching. I tracked down your book you coauthored many years ago and learned that sketching is really more than just sketching!"
 "Since then, I have found that the more I sketch, the better my paintings get. But, I also found that my volume of finished paintings also went way up...go figure. Thought you might like to see a "before" 2012 sketch compared to the sketches I do now. For the past 6 months, I usually work from sketches now for my studio work which seems to be more painterly and artistic to me. All of this is due to your blog and books. I recently branched out into color as well for my sketches."
"I look forward to my daily dose of you everyday to see what's on your mind. Thanks again, Ed."

i came to get hurt

Sep. 20th, 2014 01:32
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i have had a bottle of sauv blanc and a couple of glasses of processco prosecco (for toasts) at L's birthday party and I am at that liminal stage where I feel no pain but can't yet go to sleep. party was fun. new people were interesting and seemed to like me (I don't believe people like me, but L says they do and empirical evidence shows they don't mind hanging out with me again so I don't know. Maybe?) and they liked the mini cheesecakes and the anecdotes about my grandfather's homemade wine.

Speaking of, while I was at KH's for the party, dad and Dom callled - Aunt Joan died today. My dad's oldest(? I think? Maybe Aunt Betty was oldest? But i think Aunt Joan) sister. She was 97? 98? Something like that. Oldest of grandpa's first wife's kids. only daddy and aunt lucia left - grandma's kids (my actual grandma = third wife, though hopefully he divorced the second wife from Philly. Big family scandal long after the fact.) Long full life. Always looked fantastic, one of my favorite people, wonderful lady, always had time for us and always helped my dad out with grandma and aunt jean in those final, terrible years. I hadn't seen her in a couple of years, though, since she was very fragile post-95.

poor L. Her birthday now just makes me think of people dying. ugh. wine helps though. definitely recommend wine, even if i am a philistine who won't drink red (unless doctored to become sangria or mulled wine) because it smells/tastes like musty basement. i also don't like chardonnay, so not all white wines are pleasing to me. but sauv blanc = two thumbs way up. mmmm....good...

i don't even know. i should probably go to bed.


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Remember when I had the time to write up rec posts? I do. Vaguely, but I definitely remember. Sadly, this is still not that post, but I'm slowly sliding into rec withdrawal, so they'll happen again at some point soon. -ish.

Two food based allergic reactions in two weeks, ugh. I don't know what set it off Thursday, not specifically; we went out to eat the night before, but it's a place we've eaten at multiple times before, none of it was new food, and nothing should have been a problem in and of itself. Either something has changed or it was a cross-contamination issue. It wasn't terrible; the biggest annoyance was losing most of the day to feeling as if there was something sitting on my chest and to crappy, flu-like symptoms. This meant huddling in various layers and under a blanket on the couch while feeling guilty that nothing was getting done. Plus, it was a running day, but that was entirely out of the question, so that just made me grumpy (-ier). It was better as of yesterday evening, which was good, but I realized today that minor stomach aches have actually been happening quite a bit, so something has gone sideways in addition to the more significant episodes that get my attention by being harder to ignore. Just thinking back didn't provide much in the way of commonalities (possibly sweet/rich type foods, but high fat in and of itself doesn't seem to be the issue), so: tracking that in addition to calories. We'll see where it goes.

In the meantime, ginger tea and a preference for savory recipes with cinnamon. Recently discovered: Slow Cooker Chicken Rice Casserole. I remove the skin from the chicken before eating, because ew (which is always the case with me, regardless of the recipe), but leave it on for cooking/reheating for moisture and flavor. On that note, and being full well aware of the vast differences in tastes, allergies/sensitivities, and cultural influences represented by the group I'm speaking to, if anyone has any recipes that might be of interest, feel free to mention them.
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1. In addition to the nice dining set, we also got a bedroom set on Craigslist. After almost four months of living out of boxes (and before that, four years with one tiny closet and two tiny drawers to my name), this morning, I was able to put my underwear and socks away! In a dresser!

2. [livejournal.com profile] amand_r posted a SOON announcement in [livejournal.com profile] hlh_shortcuts. eeee.

3. Hubby just left for Costco to get something to cook on the grill tonight.
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Posted by sydney

Thank you so much for all the kind words about the book! It’s good to be back! And there is as of yet no angry mob of Organist diehards gathered neath my window!

In gratitude, I know if there’s one aching need in your lives that’s unfulfilled right now, it’s..



I’m not 100% sure why I drew those, unless it’s to go with the Lovelace and Babbage paper theatre sets I’ve been doodling.

Dynamic Duo by jovaline [sfw]

Sep. 19th, 2014 15:34
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Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe [Captain America]
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanov
Content Notes/Warnings: n/a
Medium: digital
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [tumblr.com profile] jovaline
Why this piece is awesome: Colourful, playful rendition of the Romanogers broship.

Link: Dynamic Duo
dirty_diana: Hawkeye and Black Widow in Avengers film (clintasha)
[personal profile] dirty_diana posting in [community profile] fanart_recs
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe [Captain America]
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers
Content Notes/Warnings: small amount of blood [scraped knee injury]
Medium: digital
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [twitter.com profile] noonrema
Why this piece is awesome: I'm not sure what's up with the rain theme in the Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers fandom, but this moody piece of them sharing an umbrella is the sweetest one I've seen.

Link: I am with you until the end of the line.

Am Schulzensee

Sep. 19th, 2014 18:20
[syndicated profile] edwardbgordon_feed

5.9 x 5.9 inch / Oil on MDF board / 15cm x 15cm / Öl auf MDF Bord

The daily painting is no longer available.
Das Tagesbild ist nicht mehr erhältlich.

© Edward B. Gordon, all rights reserved.

(no subject)

Sep. 19th, 2014 12:12
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TNG rewatch:

"Lower Decks"

Aw, "Lower Decks." Thank god. "Sub Rosa" was pretty rough. Taurik is one of those hilarious bitchy Vulcans. I wonder if some percentage of Vulcans secretly think that this whole no emotions thing is fine, except if the emotions are irritation, disdain, or thinly veiled contempt.

I also wonder what the inspiration was for this episode. It's a nice mix, and it does a nice job, with Picard especially, of making the higher-ranked officers these inscrutable ciphers to the junior officers. It's not that the show doesn't explore the command structure, but it's one thing when Picard asserts his authority over Riker, and something else entirely to see Picard dressing-down an ensign. I would not want Patrick Stewart yelling at me, is what I'm saying.

And it also shows the burden of command. For introducing four new(ish) characters, this episode is very efficient. And poignant.

nobody knows me, nobody cares

Sep. 19th, 2014 13:39
musesfool: parasol by angelgazing (don't rain on my parade)
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It's been a rough week. I keep starting posts and then deleting them for being too whiny/boring/needy/etc. Let's just say that the confluence of a screw up at work (ugh, I've never gotten the timing wrong before, though I've cut it close), and the anniversary of my mother's death, plus the landlord bullshit (which got straightened out, at least. I think it did, anyway. I guess we'll see when they debit my rent on 10/1) and also being slammed at work with more stuff than usual has left me drained and brain-fried.

I've still been reading, even if I haven't posted or commented. *clings*

I baked mini cheesecakes last night for L's birthday party tonight, so I have that to look forward to. And on Monday, my nephew is supposed to be on the UMass sports radio show - that is why he went there, because he wants to be a sports journalist - so if you have access to WMAU on Monday at 4:30, you should give a listen. We're all very excited for him.

I just need to get through next Wednesday, and then things should cool off for a brief while - I'm taking a six-day weekend around Columbus Day, and my bosses will be out over the various Jewish holidays in the next couple of weeks, so I should be able to get back on an even keel. I hope. And the new TV season starts, which should engage some of my attention. I'm so excited for Arrow and The Flash and the Good Wife! And Korra! October needs to get here already.

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Spotlight on Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Update: recent committee work & their role in preparing information for the upcoming #OTW Board retreat: http://bit.ly/1AVbFjg


Sep. 19th, 2014 12:41
kass: orange aspen leaves, "zen fen" (aspen zen fen)
[personal profile] kass
Whoops, I fell down on that "daily posting" thing. Well, I had the feeling that might happen this month. *wry grin*

Let's see, a handful of gratitudes for today:

1. Went to the outlets yesterday with [personal profile] squirrelhaven and picked up several shirts on sale which will greatly enhance my work (and home) wardrobe this fall.

2. A colleague who was at the office for a meeting volunteered to go and pick up Chinese food for lunch. \o/

3. My to-do lists are vast but I think I'm managing to stay on top of them, go me.

4. The new shoes I ordered (these) arrived and they fit. I am hereby all set until the deep snow sets in.

5. The marigolds outside my place of employment are amazing -- the most vivid orange I have ever seen, and blooming in wild profusion.
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Posted by Charley Parker

The Mast-tree Grove, Ivan Shishkin
The Mast-tree Grove, Ivan Shishkin

One of my favorites by the great Russian landscape painter, “Mast-tree Grove”, means a stand of trees suitable for making the masts of large sailing ships.

I have to stand back in awe at the way he has handled a subject that could be reduced to sameness in the hands of a lesser painter. As you scan across the painting, Shishkin treats you to a dozen different sets of foreground to background relationships.

The entire, complex scene reads clearly and simply at any distance, thanks to his deft control of his compositional elements and lighting effects. An absolutely masterful example of the use of value in landscape painting.

The original is in the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, which does not really have any of their collection online; just a tiny reproduction of the painting on this highlights page.

The Google Art Project has an inexplicably terrible, color-shifted image here (zoomable no less). How that got past anyone, even an algorithm, I don’t know.

The best online image I’ve found of this well known work is on the Elsewhere blog (which, incidentally, is an excellent art blog, for which I will issue a Timesink Warning).

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