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Is there some sort of big current wank/kerfuffle going on right now that I've been totally oblivious to? Somehow I never notice these things even if I'm in a fandom at the time they are happening.

I've seen vague references while browsing my network reading list, but as is usual for me I couldn't connect it to anything. They could maybe be referring to the YOI wank that was even featured in this week's OTW newsletter. (A wank I incidentally also missed happening on Tumblr, but then I'm not into YOI though it appears on my dash from time to time because I'm into Check Please! and there is overlap in fans.)

But I'm not sure. I always miss these things.
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Going to your bookmarks on AO3, that you tagged with "To Read" for later, only to see a blank "This has been deleted, sorry!" placeholder in your list. :(
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...to find a new WIP update notification in your mail and then, when you go to read it, AO3 is down.
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I just clicked a kudo button twice on AO3 by accident because my tablet was lagging, and it resulted in two kudos with my name showing up in the list, rather than one kudo and an error.

But it seems this was just a glitch because of my wonky clicking. At least when I tried leaving kudos again on a WIP I follow that didn't work. Too bad, I wouldn't mind being able to leave more than one, especially with long chaptered stories.


Aug. 20th, 2016 18:38
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I unwittingly caused a life and death drama in my fridge's vegetable drawer: I just found a giant, dead caterpillar (well about four centimeters long) in the bowl of plums I had also stored in the drawer. It definitely wasn't in the plums when I put them there, considering that I transfered them to said bowl from a bag and it was too big to have been inside any of the plums without doing obvious damage (and not the type of critter you commonly find in plums either). I think it must have come hidden in the cauliflower I also stored in the drawer (though that wasn't sitting directly next to the plums), somehow tried to desperately escape the cold or something, and then expired in my plums.

Well, I guess it's good to know that despite not being organic or anything, my cauliflower was wildlife supporting. I kind of feel bad for it, trying to escape and then slowly dying of cold. It was still unpleasant when I found that thing as I just wanted to grab some plums to snack on, though.
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Thanks to [personal profile] goss' invite I'm now namesquatting at Imzy, a new platform that is sort of like reddit but with some setup changes that are supposed to discourage trolling. I'm not sure how similar the interface is because I never got a reddit account and rarely even read threads there, but apparently it was created by some ex-reddit guy.

Also on Imzy there is some inbuilt system that makes it possible to pay/tip for posters'/moderators' content, which is intended to eventually finance the thing by Imzy getting some cut of those transactions, instead of having advertising? But I'm not really clear on that.

It doesn't seem very large yet, e.g. when during the sign-up process I searched for communities based on my interests there wasn't even one for pet rats yet and not many fandom ones either, but maybe it'll take off.

Anyway, now in turn I have five invites, so if you want one to check out that site, comment with your email. (Or if you don't want to give your email in public, comment and then PM me the address through DW or such -- I didn't set comments to screened because then you can't see whether five others have commented already.)
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I really hope summer will get a bit drier as it goes on. However, I'd be happy if it stayed on the cool side, because anything above 25°C makes me miserable. Though actually according to a weather press notice I just read, it turns out the average June temperature has been almost two degrees above the long term average here, but I guess it didn't feel like it because it's been much wetter than usual (135l per sqm instead of 70l per sqm).

Anyway, I feel like indulging the time honored tradition of weather griping, so have a poll:

Poll #17550 summer weather griping
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 27

In which ways does your summer's weather suck thus far?

View Answers

it's too hot
10 (37.0%)

it's too cold
6 (22.2%)

it's too dry
7 (25.9%)

it's too rainy
10 (37.0%)

summer is failing in some other way
2 (7.4%)

summer weather here has been great actually
2 (7.4%)

it's not summer where I am
1 (3.7%)

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It's been awhile since I last did this. Unfortunately the news haven't gotten any better. Still with ticky boxes for everybody who can't decide what to be most anxious about.

Poll #17523 why ratcreature should only look at pictures of fluffy baby animals, 2016 ed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 7

Which inescapable disaster/crisis/calamity do you think is most likely to lead to your demise?

View Answers

the next high mortality rate pandemic will come for sure, possibly via climate change mosquitoes
3 (42.9%)

no pandemics needed, I'll die of some treatable condition, not able to afford medicine, thanks to the health system crisis/collapse
1 (14.3%)

I'll die in a riot/civil unrest brought on by the ongoing global economic crisis/collapse in general
1 (14.3%)

I'll die in a riot/civil unrest brought on by the economic crisis/collapse following the Brexit in particular
1 (14.3%)

I'll die in a riot/civil unrest brought on by rampaging football fans
1 (14.3%)

the climate change catastrophe will kill me through a grand disaster
2 (28.6%)

climate change will kill me slowly through failing crops and the like
3 (42.9%)

climate change will kill me fast but in a boring way through some horrible heat wave or such
3 (42.9%)

I'll die because thanks to the global water crisis I won't be able to afford clean drinking water
0 (0.0%)

I'll die in some armed conflict brought on by the above (or other) ecological disasters
1 (14.3%)

I'll die in some armed conflict brought on by pure stupidity, like someone misinterpreting some screen and/or pushing the wrong button
1 (14.3%)

terrorism! I'll be blown up by some shadowy terrorist organization
0 (0.0%)

terrorism! but it's my government who will dispose of me as "terrorist"
0 (0.0%)

terrorism! some deranged mob will lynch me as "terrorist"
0 (0.0%)

crime! I'll end up as a victim in a crime statistic
1 (14.3%)

crime! but as a victim of the "tough on crime" policies, like tazered to death or shot by police and the like
0 (0.0%)

a meteorite will kill me in a huge extinction level event, but at least I have the consolation that everyone else will be dead along with me
2 (28.6%)

killer robots will get me
0 (0.0%)

killer robots will get me, but it will be an accident (less Terminator, more self-driving cars gone wrong)
2 (28.6%)

I'll get killed by the zombie apocalypse
0 (0.0%)

I'll get killed by the zombie army I raised to protect myself, falling victim to dramatic irony
1 (14.3%)

and so and so forth... (nuclear disaster! war! genetically modified crops! (lack of) bees!...)
1 (14.3%)

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I was making myself some banana-oatmeal pancakes for breakfast when a tiny fruitfly decided to commit suicide by flinging itself into the hot butter. So I had to fish a tiny fried insect out of my pan. I guess it was lucky it didn't try to land on the then still soft topside of my pancakes.
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So how many tries does it typically take to get the knack of this technique? After consulting online instructions I just tried it for the first time, and the result was not encouraging. I mean, it was edible and had the characteristics of poached egg in that the yolk was warm but still runny and the egg white was cooked, so not a total fail, but I didn't manage to make the egg white adhere to the egg yolk, and instead had to fish out most of it in bits from the water.
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We got lucky with the weather and so far it's clear after all (the forecasts were unsure about fog). And I can conveniently see it directly from my bedroom window that's in the right direction. It's very pretty with the red cast to it. And considering that I am constantly waking up due to my stupid cold, the cough and the clogged nose anyway, the sleep disruption to watch isn't even much worse than it would have been otherwise.


Sep. 5th, 2015 13:06
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Checking links can also be hazardous (or at least leave you in need of brain bleach). I just clicked on a story link, the fanfic site has vanished, but now there is a site with porn videos titled "granny fucking video" featuring delightful content such as "dog fucks grandma" videos. At least they weren't autoplay. Yikes.

It adds motivation to also update my xover rec page (which unfortunately right now inadvertently links to this crap), though. On the upside, the story in question is still online elsewhere.
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So werewoves in fiction generally are good at regeneration, also they tend to grow canines when they shift. Do you think when an adult human gets bitten and transforms into a werewolf form for the first time they regrow any missing/crowned teeth?

I mean that has to be a common issue, because most adult humans have at least have a crown or two by their thirties, often earlier, yet I can't remember ever seeing a scene in werewolf fiction where the newly made werewolf has to spit out their now obsolete dental implants...
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There is a bright yellow light in the sky! I haven't seen it in a while. The morning was overcast and the forecast said it was to stay like that all day, but right now the sky is blue and there is a visible sun. Granted it will go down in an hour because it is December and sunset is at four in the afternoon currently, but still. I think I'll head out briefly, just to take advantage for a quick walk around the block or something. I hadn't planned venturing outside today, but there is light, so...
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So I was buying some mouthwash, and saw the weirdest ad line on a nearby toothpaste I've encountered yet.

In the prominent byline place near the brand name, where normally you'd see claims like "recommended by dentists" or such it advertised with "compatible with homeopathy". Just what? And it wasn't a toothpaste of the organic/all natural/no mineral-oil derived ingredients kinds or some other niche product either.


Jun. 11th, 2014 20:12
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One of the downsides of warm weather is how fast you end up with swarms of fruit flies. I do bring down my garbage far more frequently in summer, i.e. way before a full garbage bag accumulates, and they are still a nuisance. Just now I noticed two in my garbage can, which meant I had to take it out again already -- obviously once I spot even one, I get rid of any organic garbage fast, because otherwise who knows how many of them there would be hatched soon after.

That seems enough to avoid true infestations with swarms in my kitchen *knocks on wood* but they are still annoying. And of course the garbage bins downstairs are popular breeding grounds, so you often have small clouds of fruit flies emerging when you open these. :P

I know you can do easy traps with soap/vinegar in water to attract them and do population control, and I'd probably entrap some before I notice any flying around (I mean as soon as you notice a pest it's a safe bet that there are more you didn't see), but frankly the idea of bowls with floating dead insects standing around in my kitchen as preventative measure is also gross.
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...about how I spent my time recently that my major accomplishment has been to get to a 4096 tile (screen with the tile as my trophy *g*) in that addictive 2048 game. (You can play on after you won and I got to 2048 a few times now but to 4096 only once so far.)


Mar. 8th, 2014 22:30
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I just took down a poster and in the sticky tape on the back of the thing were three larvae or maggots or something developing as I peeled the tape areas off. Upon taking it down fully I also found a huge dead moth squeezed behind it (the poster wasn't entirely snug to the wall throughout, so it's not as if you saw a moth bulge on the visible side). So maybe the other critters were the moth's offspring. Alternatively two different vermin populations are interested in the backside of posters as habitat.

I find this actually somewhat grosser than finding insects colonizing my foodstuff as opportunity. You anticipate your food to be attractive and watch out for that, but tape being attractive seems entirely random. I guess anything is edible to someone.
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There should be a word for being unproductive specifically by spending time fiddling around with various tools, schemes, apps etc. intended to improve productivity or organization. It is the same phenomenon that has me enjoy tv shows or blog posts with cleaning, renovating or DIY tips as method to avoid doing any such thing. I suspect it is a common procrastination method.

It's almost like meta-procrastination, because you are procrastinating through things that are supposed to help you be productive.
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Discovering that the unopened bag of mung beans in my storage drawer was crawling with tiny black beetles when I wanted to use some. On the bright side, as far as I could see in my quick check of the rest of the drawer they hadn't yet managed to gnaw through the plastic and infested the rest of my food stores. I guess it can always happen that some egg or beetle slips through in the processing and the bag had been in my drawer for two months or so, so they had time to multiply, but still, gross!

Since I only noticed after I opened the bag, I also had to rewrap the thing in a new plastic bag I could tie closed before throwing it away to lessen the likelihood of beetles venturing outside the trash bag before I can take it out. I still think I'm going to take that thrash bag out even though it is not yet full to get rid of the crawling cohort that turned my kilo of mung beans into their habitat. Obviously the beetles have been there for quite some time, and not in the trash even, so it's kind of irrational to feel so grossed out now, but vermin always feels worse once you become aware, I guess.


Jun. 15th, 2013 15:02
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Looking at the Worst Room Tumblr just now (a blog that posts photos of horrible rooms and small "apartments" for rent in NYC at outrageous prices) makes me feel so much better about my place.

Also, of course I knew that fictional depictions of supposedly crappy NYC apartments in tv series and such always make them vastly larger than they would be in reality (perhaps because you couldn't actually fit a professional camera larger than an iPhone, the person operating it, and a person being filmed into an actual crappy NYC apartment from the looks of these photos so you'd probably have to stage them and leave one wall out that you don't see or something), but these are just astoundingly awful. Like, many seem to be either windowless closets rented as bedroom for several hundred dollars or some sort of crawlspaces repurposed for sleeping in, that are too low to stand or even sit.
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I enjoy looking at DIY and home-improvement tips, also I find tv shows with that sort of thing (like home makeovers with cleaning and renovating tips and such) fun to watch in the right mood, but somehow that never translates into realizing any such projects.

It's like I'm house proud in a theoretical way, in that I'm interested in knowing cleaning, renovating and decoration techniques, and even sometimes envision their application to my home, but in practice I haven't even bothered for example to replace the bare light bulbs hanging from my ceilings with proper lamps in over fifteen years now (except in my kitchen and bathroom, where I found properly placed lighting important for practical reasons).

So now I'm wondering how many among the audience of that genre are like me, and (almost) never actually apply any of the gazillion DIY tips they collect on their Pinterest board or such. hence a poll:

Poll #13657 house proud?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 23

What describes your approach to improving/maintaining your living space best?

View Answers

I pay others to make sure my home is nice (cleaners, decorators etc.) but don't enjoy spending time and effort on it myself. I rather occupy myself with other things.
3 (13.0%)

I enjoy home improvement/maintenance in a theoretical way (collecting bookmarks with tips, watching DIY shows etc.) but not so much the practice of realizing any such projects outside of fantasy.
10 (43.5%)

I regularly do projects to improve/maintain my home, and enjoy media and online tips as actual inspiration and for help.
2 (8.7%)

I like the practice of improving/maintaining my home myself, but have no interest in engaging in this through media or online tips to find inspiration.
0 (0.0%)

I'm not into home improvement/maintenance beyond the bare necessities, and don't seek out media in that genre either.
8 (34.8%)

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When I had some dental work not too long ago (still awaiting the bill for my copayment for the new crown :( ), I noticed once again that my dentist does not use "dental dams". In fact despite having had fillings (both amalgam back in the day and composite fillings once they became available), root canals, and surgery for root tip resections with two dentists and two different dental surgeons (granted not a large sample), I've never experienced anyone using a dental dam for anything.

In fact though I have seen pictures of them online, I can't quite imagine them how they would work in practice. I read that they are supposed to keep the work area clean and dry, especially for the composite fillings, but my dentist does that with cotton wads and suction, and I've never had a composite filling fall out or anything like that, and while once or twice I've had a fixed tooth rot again, many of my composite fillings are by now lasting longer than the "average" lifetime they are said to have, so I don't think my dentist's work is particularly shoddy (though I do sometimes wonder about his approach to hygiene, because while he does wear gloves for drilling and such, he doesn't always for just checking, even though his hand is in my mouth then too).

Anyway, I have been wondering how common the use of dental dams in dental work really is, hence this poll.

Poll #13275 dental dams?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 30

Have you had dentists use dental dams while working on your teeth?

View Answers

5 (16.7%)

8 (26.7%)

17 (56.7%)

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I had almost forgotten that skies come in colors other than gray, dark gray and oppressively dark gray. I can even see the sun!


Jan. 23rd, 2013 19:29
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I can't believe they're selling chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies already. They really need to invent some sweets geared towards carnival or something, so that there is at least some buffer between the Christmas items deco and the Easter stuff in supermarkets.
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I watched a bit of a nature documentary about spotted hyena sex, the difficulties they have with copulation due to the female pseudopenis (it looked quite hilarious to watch the male trying to get the position right) and problems they have giving birth, when apparently their pseudopenis tears and they are left with a large wound of which many hyenas die. Anyway, my first thought after watching that was why I've never encountered any MPreg with damaging painful birth through penises. After all it seems to happen like that when females have penises.
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I totally forgot to post a thank you note for the anon DW fairy who gave me some points a couple of days ago. I only now renewed my account and realized that I hadn't posted a thank you. Well, better late than never. So thank you.

(The latest news of LJs upcoming "improvement" projects make me happier than ever that DW exists as alternative. Infinite scroll and site style for all flists, seriously LJ?)


Sep. 7th, 2012 19:32
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The interactive Google doodle today is kind of adorable. The crying redshirt letter in the beaming scene was a nice touch. I am a bit baffled though why they decided to comemorate Star Trek's 46th birthday. It seems an odd anniversary to pick.
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I'm currently reading Pino Cacucci's novelization of Jules Bonnot's life, and now of course I'm imagining Charles and Erik as turn of the century anarchist mutant activists, with Erik an illegalist, obviously, really bitter from an impoverished background and impatient for change, and Charles some rich bourgeois idealist, financing the anarchists (like Alfred Fromentin), but against violent action and the individual redistribution of property through crime.
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I wanted to take a quick shower before bed, because it was actually quite hot today and I feel sticky, but unfortunately my shower was already occupied by two spiders of different types. One of the kind that had young a while back in my toilet (most of whom seem to have shed their skin and then died or vanished, at least one day I found some husks in the net) and which seemed to retreat from another spider, which is about the same largish (for here) size, but sturdier with thicker legs and actually looks kind of scary, because it has fairly large mouthparts and is striped and stuff. I took a photo to share, and hope the spider will have used the time it takes to post this to move from the floor of my shower, because otherwise I will have to bother to catch it and throw it out somewhere to not drown the thing.

a spider )

Also, is anyone else having a problem with LJ's Scrapbook? The upload link is just not working for me right now, even though I still have space and have javascript enabled and everything. I had to upload the spider photo to my own webspace.

ETA: I had to catch and evict it to the outside after all. It didn't seem to be able to climb smooth surfaces to get out of the shower tub, at least when I caught it, it kept sliding down the side when it tried to flee. So it was quite unsuited to life in a bathroom anyway.

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