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Another Check Please! Kent/OMC story, this one from a long-term boyfriend's POV:

Bite My Tongue (2509 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kent "Parse" Parson/Original Male Character(s), Eric "Bitty" Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Characters: Kent "Parse" Parson, Original Male Character(s), Jack Zimmermann, Alicia Zimmermann, Bob Zimmermann
Additional Tags: Meeting the Parents, First Impressions, Introspection

It wasn't that Angelo disliked the Zimmermanns. He wanted to like them. Honestly. Kent really liked them.

But Angelo was never quite sure what to think of them.

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I got a Check Please! PWP about a Kent/OMC Grindr hook-up with a hopeful and sweet ending.

(As a side note, I had no idea you could do emojii titles on AO3.)

👀 (1032 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kent "Parse" Parson/Original Male Character(s)
Characters: Kent "Parse" Parson, Original Male Character(s)
Additional Tags: Hook-Up, Dirty Talk, Beginnings

k: hey hows it going?
T👀: hey man
T👀: not bad, u?
k: horny lol
k: u want head?
T👀: got any pics?

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Just now I read that according to a review of multiple studies the insects populations are collapsing even faster than the (already bad) expectations were before, which will collapse all ecosystems and our food supply fast (even faster than climate change).

And since it's been 2017 since I did the last version of this poll...
Poll #21348 why ratcreature should only look at pictures of fluffy baby animals, 2019 ed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 17

Which inescapable disaster/crisis/calamity do you think is most likely to lead to your demise?

View Answers

I'll die in the ecological collapse caused by the ongoing insect extinction
2 (11.8%)

the climate change catastrophe will kill me through a grand disaster
2 (11.8%)

climate change will kill me slowly through failing crops and the like
5 (29.4%)

climate change will kill me fast but in a boring way through some horrible heat wave or such
5 (29.4%)

I'll die because thanks to the global water crisis I won't be able to afford clean drinking water
3 (17.6%)

the next high mortality rate pandemic will come for sure, possibly via climate change mosquitoes or ticks before they're all extinct
3 (17.6%)

no pandemics needed, I'll die of some treatable condition, not able to afford medicine, thanks to the health system crisis/collapse
9 (52.9%)

I'll die in a riot/civil unrest brought on by an ongoing global economic crisis/collapse in general
3 (17.6%)

I'll die in a riot/civil unrest brought on by the economic crisis/collapse following Brexit in particular
1 (5.9%)

I'll die in a riot/civil unrest brought on by some rampaging "alt-right"/neo-fascist mob that felt slighted on the internet
1 (5.9%)

I won't die from any of the above disasters directly, but while fleeing from it
0 (0.0%)

nuclear armageddon! started intentionally by horrible politicians
1 (5.9%)

nuclear armageddon! but brought on by pure stupidity, like someone misinterpreting some screen and/or pushing the wrong button
1 (5.9%)

terrorism! I'll be blown up by some shadowy terrorist organization
0 (0.0%)

terrorism! some deranged mob will lynch me as "terrorist"
0 (0.0%)

terrorism! but it's my government who will dispose of me as "terrorist"
0 (0.0%)

my government's malicious policies will kill me without them bothering to label me as "terrorist"
4 (23.5%)

crime! I'll end up as a victim in a crime statistic
0 (0.0%)

crime! but as a victim of the "tough on crime" policies, like tazered to death or shot by police and the like
0 (0.0%)

a meteorite will kill me in a huge extinction level event, but at least I have the consolation that everyone else will be dead along with me
0 (0.0%)

killer robots will get me
0 (0.0%)

killer robots will get me, but it will be an accident (less Terminator, more self-driving cars gone wrong)
1 (5.9%)

killer robots will get me, and somehow a Facebook algorithm will be at fault
1 (5.9%)

killer robots will get me, but it will be Amazon's algoritm that did it
0 (0.0%)

I will be killed by a Google algorithm smart enough to make it look like it's not killer robots
0 (0.0%)

I'll get killed by the zombie apocalypse
0 (0.0%)

I'll get killed by the zombie army I raised to protect myself, falling victim to dramatic irony
1 (5.9%)

and so on and so forth... (civilian nuclear disaster! genetically modified crops! micro-plastics!...)
0 (0.0%)

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So the good news is that I actually managed to finish a sketch for my recipient before the deadline tomorrow. I even managed to get my finicky scanner to work (after the simpler phone photo attempt just produced a somewhat garbage result). So now I even have a file.

However, the exchange is supposed to be anon initially, but of course the AO3 does not support fanart, and unlike the fanart-only anon exchanges I have participated in, [community profile] chocolateboxcomm does not come with mod-provided temporary hosting. Normally I upload to my website, but of course my domain that would be visible in the URL is "ratcreature.net" so that would destroy the anonymity, ditto for dreamwidth image hosting.

I thought I could just upload it to Google photos temporarily, and set it to sharable, and eventually delete that and upload it to my website with a sig once the anon phase ends, but the share link that Google gives me doesn't get me the image, but some Google page showing it, that also shows my username.

So now I need to figure out, how I can anon host my image, so that it is embeddable but I can also easily delete it afterwards (because obviously I don't want the no-signature version out there permanently). And I also don't really want to have to create yet another account somewhere.
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I quite liked the previous Roswell series from now twenty years ago, and I'm wondering whether I'd enjoy this one. Has anyone watched this?

(Also, yikes, how has it been twenty years?!)
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I'm thrilled you will be creating a fanwork for me! As I indicated, I'll be equally happy to get either fanart or fanfic for any of them.

In my prompts I tried to give a mix of general and concrete to give you an idea what I like in the fandoms, without being too specific or complicated, so that they work for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm's low commitment nature. But if your ideas for the characters don't go in my prompt directions, they are of course optional, so feel free to take advantage of that and don't stress.

However, if you are looking for inspiration or more guidance and information about my likes and dislikes, I can be even more wordy than my requests (some of this repeats things from my requests).

Likes )
Dislikes )
Ratings )

As for additional preferences in my requested fandoms:

Check Please! )

Venom (Movie 2018) )

Lord of the Rings )

Rivers of London )

Farscape )
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Mine currently responds to even slightly suspenseful moments in fiction, even ones that I know will be okay, like in romance, with a strong urge to abort and avoid in favor of weird displacement activities, like playing a some game or making a cup of tea or scrolling through Tumblr.

I already read soothing, fluffy things, what more does it want? These phases are very annoying, and disruptive for immersive reading.
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Unfortunately I didn't get to see any sun today, even though theoretically there still might have been almost seven and a half hours of sunlight. If it hadn't been overcast, gloomy and raining all day, that is.

But from now on things slowly are looking up again in this hemisphere. :D And I did treat myself to some tasty apple-caramel-spice cake from my favorite bakery.
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Just unzipping the archive, and the extra zip archive within the archive broke the image references, but I could fix that by manually moving the media folder into the post folder. So what I had heard from others that Tumblr's native backup still refers to the online site was not true for me. (maybe they tweaked it?)

Moving the media folder however did not fix the display for reblogged posts, though the images also seem to have been downloaded. Generally I do not use my Tumblr to reblog things, but I had reblogged my own art that was first posted to [tumblr.com profile] yuletart. Backups of those posts just display a link to the original post. The same is kind of true for backups of posts where I uploaded my art to Tumblr but also included a source link with the image to the corresponding DW post so people could see higher resolution details or such stuff. Only in that case the link isn't even shown, because it has no link text, it's just visible in the source code.

It doesn't save notes for posts, but did downloaded messages, so that is nice.
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I haven't yet looked into the potentially helpful python script that [personal profile] odditycollector linked in the comments to my last post, but I did start the backup export option Tumblr provides yesterday. Only it seems to still be "processing" now.

Mind, I do not have many Tumblr posts, just 81. For comparison I have over 2500 posts here. So I am not a heavy Tumblr user. And yet, the site seems to be unable to export even this few. (My long defunct side Tumblr [tumblr.com profile] jamesmcavoywithsloths in its run actually got to 600 posts, which still isn't that many, and Tumblr is "processing" that as well.)

Is their backup just broken right now, because everybody is trying to use it?
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...is there some tool that let's you download all the Tumblr posts you liked? I've been good about downloading fanfic as I go along, but fanart much less so. I don't reblog with my Tumblr, but my likes are visible.
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So I watched Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald yesterday, and though I continue to like Newt, I mostly felt confused, and the story such as it was never really grabbed me. I think they maybe should not have spread out the plot over quite as many movies (and yet they somehow still fail to explain what happens).

I'm not sure whether that confusion was because I hadn't rewatched the first part since I watched it in cinema, or whether it was because I have gaps in my recall of the Dumbledore/Grindelwald backstory from the books, or the Harry Potter movies did some different set up (I've never watched those), or what but...

cut for spoilers )
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Recently I saw a webcomic on Tumblr (I don't think it originated there though), that was a couple of panels, all the same size iirc, where the protagonist wakes up having to do a "thing" today and goes through their day being reminded by others and reminding themselves to "Do the thing!" in increasingly dramatic fashion (one panel even had skywriting), with last panel showing them lying in bed at night realizing "I haven't done the thing."

I wanted to link someone to it, but now I can find it. Does anyone know the comic I'm talking about?
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Is there a way to unsubscribe from the repeated AO3 fundraising E-Mails?

I get that they need money to run, but frankly mailing me more than once on top of the persistent banner that won't stay away after clicking it closed, is not making me more likely to donate to them.
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After seeing the ads hyping this everywhere, now that it's available on free tv here, I decided to give Babylon Berlin a try. I watched the first four episodes so far, and have to say that I like it less than I expected.

Historical crime fiction is a genre I normally enjoy, but I also want to like the protagonist(s), and the first episodes didn't make me connect to any of the major characters.

I'll probably finish watching to see the case resolve, though, because it is not bad, and quite pretty to watch.
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In its mobile app (so no xkit) Tumblr keeps showing me stuff I haven't subscribed to, even though I unchecked all the options for it to mess with my dash (the "best first" as well as the option to show what others liked to me). And that wouldn't be that horrible now and then, but it keeps showing me the same things again and again, even after clicking the same thing away as uninteresting half a dozen time.

Just now I resorted to blocking an account just to (hopefully) make Tumblr stop showing it to me again and again, even though the user didn't do anything to me nor was the post upsetting, I just didn't want to see it, especially not more than once. I'm not sure that Tumblr is really doing these blogs a favor by "promoting" them like that.
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I watched Ant-Man and the Wasp and I had a really good time, and not just because it was a few precious hours in a climate controlled environment. (As much of world we are having a heat wave here, and yesterday it was over 33°C, about ten degrees hotter than normal July temperatures. Today there has been a brief respite as in the afternoon with some thunderstorms temperatures fell to 20°C, but the forecast for tomorrow is much higher again, and Monday it's forecast as back to 33°C and staying hot as far as the forecast goes.)

Anyway, to get back from the weather whining, cut for spoilers )
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But when looking for some random TV distraction that is not news, because those are so depressing and anxiety inducing, settling on a Thirty Year War documentary might not have been the best choice.
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The Upload by [personal profile] seekingferret is awesome. I love vids that tell a narrative story with a plot, rather than "just" an emotional one, especially AU ones like this. The summary is "John Connor uploads into a metal body and sends herself back in time to protect Sarah Connor. This does not always go as expected." and the creator has really interesting additional thoughts about the vid and the creative process in the post too (also, heed the imagery warnings).


May. 26th, 2018 19:13
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I went to watch Solo last night...

cut for some spoilers )
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So I got a mail from Flickr informing me that they have been acquired by "SmugMug", whatever that is, and that if I don't want my account data transferred I ought to delete the account by May 25.

Now, I don't remember to ever having signed up for Flickr, but I used to have a Yahoo Account, because of the YahooGroups merger back in the day, and at some point Yahoo acquired Flickr, so who knows what I got auto signed up for. So I tried to login with the e-mail that they sent the notification about my supposed account to, only then the login tells me that they don't know that email address.

So obviously I can't try to login or do a password recovery to see that Flickr account they informed me I have. I actually still have the password for my old YahooID written down, but apparently they don't ask for YahooIDs anymore. I mean, they can't have it both ways, mailing me and then claim they don't know that email.

ETA: Apparently they prompted for an email, but in reality wanted my YahooID in that field. So now I could delete the Flickr account that I never signed up for in the first place.
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I've noticed several times references in fiction about people airing out their house once it got warmer that made it sound as if Americans don't open their windows in winter to let fresh air in. Like as if they don't air their house if it's freezing outside.

Is that true? Is it a central air conditioning thing where you don't really need windows to get fresh air, and shouldn't disrupt climate control or something like that? Because otherwise I can't imagine not to open my windows at least twice a day for a little while. Admittedly it's rarely extremely cold here, but this winter we had days when the daytime high was below -10°C and I still aired out my place briefly.

Here you are even required to do so in rental agreements because otherwise you get problems with moisture buildup and such.
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Is there a way to block the gross porn bots on Tumblr, that sometimes follow you, without having to visit their page? You can usually already tell from their icons when you're notified so I really don't need to see a full screen of their stuff. Except that is the only place I know how to get Tumblr to display the blocking option, especially in its mobile app but I think this applies also to the desktop version. That site's interface is such a burning trash fire...
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So that mishap where you are not attentive enough before trying to use a fairly expensive fruit and it turns out not to have fully ripened yet, and thus your fruit isn't the tasty anticipated treat, but just hard and gross and full of disappointment. Which is sadder, ending up with an unripe mango or an unripe avocado?

Poll #19481 Unripe fruit
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 20

Which is sadder?

View Answers

an unripe avocado
9 (45.0%)

an unripe mango
9 (45.0%)

a third fruit is even worse an I'll comment with it
2 (10.0%)

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For some reason I can't see my default icon fully any more, but just see a top stripe of it. At first I thought it was a cache problem of my browser but neither reloading nor even looking at it with another device fixes the problem. Is this just a weird glitch for me or is it mangled for everyone and I should bring it to support? Do you see my whole icon with this post?
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I wanted to get my tickets for Black Panther, but apparently right now the cinema where I can watch it in the original version is only selling for opening day here, i.e. Thursday, not for the Friday when I have time to watch it. I asked why they weren't, because for Thor Ragnarök and Spider-Man they were selling post opening day tickets two weeks in advance (and for Star Wars even longer), and they said that it depends on how much the opening screenings are sought after.

So I guess people are less eager for Black Panther? Or they're like me and just can't on Thursdays.
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I am looking for that cartoon that illustrates the illusion of adulthood by showing a woman at several ages in the panels, but the aged front is a cardboard cutout prop that the girl holds up in front of her, while remaining the same inside. I think it might have been from Stone Soup? Or at least a style that was somewhat similar. Does anyone know which cartoon I mean? It's driving me crazy that I can't find it.
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I made a baby penguin amigurumi from the same book I used for the dog earlier. It is this one on the authors website.

This being my second one, I had an easier time with the basics, but I accidentally bought the black cotton yarn a thickness of 0.5 mm less than the gray and the white, so it would not fit together when I worked according to the pattern and I had to adjust it by trial and error to make the black fit over the white, and it still doesn't look quite right. (I feel really disgruntled at the yarn store, because these were on shelf area all next to each other, seemingly all different colors of the same type of cotton yarn for crocheting, only the black not really it turned out! Next time I'll know to read the fine print *grumble*)

I am not sure I understood the instruction for the feet and the schematic picture that supposedly illustrated it further was wholly incomprehensible to me. I assume it was some sort of crocheting notation, but the book never explained how to read that, even though the intro chapter even explains all basic stitches, like how you make a single crochet stitch (if you're curious, it looks like this). In the end I managed something that looked vaguely feet like, and I left it at that. I also did not use two types of gray and I didn't have a wire brush to comb the surface fluffy and frizzly, but IMO my penguin still looks cute.

pictures of my result )
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Of course it will be months still until there's a decent amount of daylight again, but it's getting better now. (in this hemisphere at least)

Though some clear skies would be much appreciated too. I mean, the theoretical 7 hours and 28 minutes daylight possible here today are meager, but not that awful if you actually got to see the sun. It's the perpetual overcast gloom that always drags me down in winter. Forecast for today says there's almost no chance to see the sun at all.

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