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RatCreature ([personal profile] ratcreature) wrote2010-09-11 01:34 am

drawbles for the character roulette meme

This didn't really work so well. I didn't realize people would still stick with this question format that asks complicated things. Anyway, I did my best.

01. James T. Kirk
02. Teyla Emmagan
03. Temeraire
04. John Sheppard
05. Toph Bei Fong
06. Spock
07. Aeryn Sun
08. Bruce Wayne
09. Harry Dresden
10. Nyota Uhura
11. Dick Grayson
12. Katara
13. Yoda
14. Barbara Gordon
15. Merlin

(I replaced the numbers with the characters when I c&p'ed the prompts here for better readability.)

"John Sheppard, Spock, Nyota Uhura, and Dick Grayson are on a road trip! Who drives? Who navigates? Who picks the music? Who gets carsick?"

drawble for musesfool

"Temeraire, Harry Dresden, Bruce Wayne and Katara are playing doubles tennis. Who partners with whom? Which pair wins? Who has the most stylish tennis outfit?"

drawble for marinarusalka

"James T. Kirk, Teyla Emmagan and Merlin are in SPAAAAACE. How's that working out for them? Who's in charge? Who's the stoic sidekick?"

drawble for petra

"Aeryn Sun and Nyota Uhura are eating dinner. Is the food good? Is the kitchen a disaster? Are they more interested in making cow eyes at each other?"

drawble for reginagiraffe

"Temeraire, Aeryn Sun, Dick Grayson and Yoda have been infected with erotic spores. Who realizes what's happening? Who figures out the cure? Who fails to realize they've been cured?"

drawble for tazlet

"Who would win if Toph and Barbara Gordon engaged in a pie-eating contest?"

drawble for argosy

"Katara and Teyla are somewhere cold and have to huddle together to keep warm."

drawble for less_star

"Teyla, Yoda, and Barbara Gordon are stranded on a deserted island. Who is the first to suggest cannibalism?"

drawble for odditycollector

"John Sheppard and Nyota Uhura, Halloween, paired costumes. What do they go as?"

drawble for yahtzee63

"Temeraire and Aeryn go on a shopping spree. What store do they go to?"

drawble for minnow1212

"Spock and Teyla engage in an epic thumb war battle, who cheats first?"

drawble for trewestriandta

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