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I was perusing DC's June solictations, trying to decide whether I should get Trinity or not -- on one hand I quite like Busiek, and also like stories featuring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, otoh it's another weekly title from DC, so that's a lot of additional comics to buy -- when I got stuck on how Superman's hair looks on that cover: As if he was channeling Wolverine (well, minus the cool claws, but still).
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I've just finished reading Eternals #1-7 (written by Neil Gaiman, pencils by John Romita Jr., inks by Danny Miki) and-- this was just weird. I'm completely unfamiliar with any previous incarnation of these characters which were presumably created by Kirby judging from the credits, but clearly I've been missing a *lot* of weird mythological set-up of the Marvel universe by mostly just following Daredevil and Spider-Man, if this is the set-up of things in their main universe. Really a lot.

I mean, a sleeping God-robot ("Celestial"), reminiscent of Lovecraft, others of that kind who come visit as a horde to eat Deviants (or I guess more correctly "Changing People" in their own nomenclature) who are somehow a previous monster evolution that subjugated humans. And the Celestials put the one to sleep because he protested the Deviant eating, but the vegetarian God-robot isn't really a good guy either, because he now kind of wants to destroy earth and only waits to judge for a bit after he watched a lot of tv and absorbed the internet or something? Meanwhile strange immortal protector things (machines?), i.e. the Eternals have secret cities in Antarctica that nobody noticed? Also now one of them is a Messiah for the Changing People somehow?

It's not that I disliked the story, I was even kind of hooked, but also very obviously missing all kinds of context.

ETA: Rereading my entry, I am making much less sense than the comic about what confused me. Well, the story as I understood it is more or less like this:

cut for more concrete spoilers, and where exactly the story lost me )
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I was browsing the Marvel Previews catalog from this month, and on their backcover they advertise in large letters:
The Logan/Sabretooth relationship revealed!

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This takes the term "Batmobile" way too literally. (the panel is from the sword & sorcery Elseworld "League of Justice")
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Jon Jonzz the "Slim Green Lord of Glam Rock"
teen-angst balladeer Bruce Wayne of the Pennyworths

I have no words.

However the really disturbing images come later when they do Silver age spoofs in the "Hall of Silver Age Elseworlds First Pages", like Robin as Squid Wonder, Gorilla Grodd as Christoph Columbus, or Batman as Adam with the Joker as snake.

(The pages are from the 80 page Elseworlds Giant from 1999 that was never published in the US but some shipped to the UK, apparently it's really hard to get and quite expensive, however I downloaded a copy, and now have to cope with the consequences. The images in my brain. Ack.)

ETA: I fixed the link to teen-angst balladeer Bruce Wayne...


Apr. 15th, 2004 21:55
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Did you ever want to see Dick Grayson in a curly, blond wig? No? Me neither. Not that this stopped the creative team of Flash #142 from doing just that. But the whole next page with Wally and Dick is great friendship stuff (though you'd think Dick knew how to fasten a wig so that it doesn't shift just because of a hug), and I like that Dick is Wally's best man.

Also, Wally & Linda preparing for their wedding: so very cute and adorable!!!

Still. The Wig.
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So my Easter-time Flash binge reading continues, and I found this costumed criminal in Flash #130, The Fashioneer ... No really that's his name, and apparently fashion houses pay him to use his "time power" to "send styles back in time so that designers can get a jump on their competitors." And okay, I find it odd that he wouldn't simply get game scores or lottery numbers for himself, but what I am really wondering is, what kind of fashion house would trust someone dressed like that to pick out the successful styles from the future collections he sees?!?
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Am I the only one who finds it oddly amusing that in Flash's suit the Justice League call-button is located between his belly button and his crotch? (the panel is from Flash #127)
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Who comes up with these kinds of "supervillains"?? Okay, so they're called "Rogues" in Flash comics, but still -- Rainbow Raider?!? (also notice Trickster's fearsome rubber chicken, which I suppose could be some kind of deadly weapon in disguise with Trickster, and yet, it looks very silly nevertheless)

And just when thought that this had to be a low for villain names, I get introduced to one called "Crazy Quilt". WTF?

In case you're wondering, where I came across these... um... colorful characters, I'm reading Underworld Unleashed.
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What is it with DC and this dog collar fetish? You might remember my recent posts with the collared Lex and the one before with the bondage-gear Batman... Well this isn't nearly as extreme (but then it isn't from an Elseworld either), but I still wonder why in the splash page/panel from Flash #169 the Flash wears a collar when he doesn't wear one anywhere in the actual story (though he is tied down in a guillotine at the beginning). This continues the habit from the previous issue where again the splash page/panel shows the Flash in far more elaborate chains, than he wears at any time in the actual story.

I mean, I get that Flash looks pretty in chains and all, no argument here, and yet-- somehow I find this weird.
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You remember how a short while ago I brought to you some Elseworld scans, among them that wacky Batman SM outfit? And thought that couldn't be topped? Well I'm just now reading a Superman Elseworld trade, Superman: The Dark Side (written by John Francis Moore, pencils by Kieron Dwyer, inks by Hilary Barta), and the plot isn't really all that important to these three panel scans. All I have to say is, if you ever wanted to see Lex Luthor naked (well okay he has a loin cloth), gagged and wearing a dog collar, while a huge dominatrix wielding a whip towers over him (you see bloody whip marks too), you should take a look behind this cut tag.
you'd think I was kidding, but I am not )

You know, each time I think that there are certainly things I'd only ever see in fanfiction not in the comic books, I'm proven wrong.
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Recently I commented in [livejournal.com profile] lcsbanana's LJ and shared a couple of pictures from Elseworlds, some wackier than others, and some rather freaky, and I thought I might as well turn it into an entry in my own blog, because some of those images you really shouldn't miss...

There is a rather freaky Elseworld comic from 1998 called "Batman: I, Joker" (written and illustrated by Bob Hall), about a future Gotham ruled by a Batman cult, in which we see CultLeader!Batman fight a weird bondage gear Batman (and anybody who thought the regular Batman outfit couldn't possible get any more fetish-like is proven wrong). In case you're interested in some context, and some more disturbing pictures: The cult ruling Gotham has a ritual once a year where others can challenge The Batman (who is thought of as a god) to become the next one, and to win that right to fight, first they have to bring down one of the supervillains who are resurrected and let loose in the city for that ritual. Actually they are not so much resurrected, as that they take normal people, erase their memories, disfigure them and implant them with wrong memories of the supervillain they are to represent. You can see this exposition with the cult in action on the pages 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. The weird Batman in that SM outfit is a challenger who managed to kill the Riddler, and actually in that story the guy they chose to play the Joker happens to have been a member of some underground guerrilla, and managed to beat the false memories and challenge the Batman, and it ends with Joker (well someone who had his mind wiped, Joker's personality implanted, and been given the face of Joker) as the next Batman though he's a good guy and determined to end the cult in what I guess counts as a wacky (and somewhat disturbing) happy ending.

I also pointed out some of the cliche and/or genre Elseworlds (because I love Elsewords, just like I love AUs, so I read them quite a lot, though honestly those below are not my favorites, just evidence that there is probably nothing these poor characters didn't have to go through):
- Cave!Batman (from Legends of the Dark Knight #35, and okay, that is actually, in the story, supposed to be a Viking!Batman, but does that look like a viking to you?!)
- Pirate!Batman (from Batman Chronicles #11)
- Vampire!Batman (there's a series, but this image is from Batman: Bloodstorm)
- Batman as a were-bat because of some gypsy curse (also from Batman Chronicles #11)
- Batman in the wild west (cover of Batman: The Blue, the Grey, and the Bat)
- as King Arthur's knight (cover of Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table #1)
- Samurai Batman and Robin in medieval Japan (from Robin Annual #3) which by the way ends with Robin comitting ritual suicide, because he broke his word to Batman and avenged his death when he swore he would not.
- Batman as Egyptian Bat-God (which I haven't read because it sounded like a bad SG-1 x-over)
- Bruce Wayne as gay artist in the 1930s in Berlin (from Batman Chronicles #11, which features an amazing amount of bad writing for just one comic). Personally, I think neither the pink house coat nor the lipstick (well it *looks* like lipstick anyway) suits him, though it makes sense in a weird way, that in this universe Robin is female, just like in the regular comics with the heterosexual (officially anyway) Batman Robin is a boy...

Finally, not (quite) an Elseworld but a really good (and creepy) story, Mask by Bryan Talbot in LotDK #39/40, where Bruce Wayne is in a mental hospital, and only imagines running around as "Batman" in his fantasy world, in reality his costume is a ridiculous outfit made from junk and he's institutionalized. Of course in the end it turns out a supervillain plot after all, but that really isn't the point of the story. I mean it could've been an Elseworld if it hadn't turned out to be a supervillain scheme.
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Somehow I found this scene from this story (Nightwing and Robin: Partners, written by Doug Moench, art by Bob McLeod) in Showcase '93 #12 really amusing, thus I'm sharing scans of two pages. Nightwing and Robin are hassled by two cops, who hate "flashy ginks" and "skintight spraypainted showoffs" and are angry that "our Halloween party boys had a little fun here on the docks"...

The two pages these quotes are from, so that you can see the homophobic superherophobic cops for yourself:

Read more... )


Dec. 30th, 2003 00:02
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Some things just have to be shared, like this cover scan from the promotion give-away "Superman meets the Quik Bunny" (the comic is from 1987). Somehow I find the combination disturbing.

the image... )
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I knew of course about super pets, but I had no idea that there was a Legion of Super-Pets, consisting of Krypto, Streaky the Super-Cat, Comet the Super-Horse, Beppo the Super-Monkey (who had been used by Jor-El for rocket testing)and Proty II, a weird something that seems to be able to change its shape and looks kind of like the cross between a goat, a blop and one of those Enterprise aliens with antennae. (I've just seen a picture with a caption so I'm not sure exactly who/what Proty II is.)

If you want to look at Krypto, Streaky, Comet, Beppo and Proty II, here's a picture of them taken from the DC Who's Who Vol. 13:

Legion of Super-Pets image )
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I got The Batman Chronicles #11, an issue with three Elseworlds stories. The best of the three (which isn't saying much) was for me the third, "Curse of the Cat-Woman" written by Kieron Dwyer, art by Lee Loughridge. However, the main point of this entry is that I found entertainment value in the art of the first two, though I didn't like the stories. The first one by Paul Pope puts Batman into Berlin 1938, and it suffers both from lack of research as well as from a weak story, but -- Bruce Wayne looks really, really gay as a Cubist artist wearing some pink house coat with a fluffy collar. In the second one (which isn't really a comic, more one illustration each page with text), "The Bride of Leatherwing" by Chuck Dixon and Quique Alcatena, we get a swashbuckling version of Batman, like what would Batman look like as a pirate. This also looks very, very odd.

For your enjoyment I put scans of both behind the cut-tag... )

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