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I've watched a couple of episodes of Da Vinci's Inquest now, and the series is really cool. I like the characters, though so far none have truly grabbed me, but I like the way the cases are handled on the show. I like that it's not always a crime leading to a death, that if it is a crime it is often a rather mundane one not bizarre or glamorous, but the show still manages to keep my interest.

I like that just as their cases are more or less normal and they also don't necessarily find the perpetrator within the ep (or ever) or reconstruct what happened with absolute certainty, but rather do what's necessary to have a likely explanation that's enough to close the case. Compared to CSI it's also a nice change that they do have realistic constraints such as budgets etc, so that there isn't always done a whole rigamarole of fancy tests or a full autopsy for every body, and the tests they do take actual time.

I mean, I'm not knowledgeable about either forensic science, bureaucratic constraints of coroner's offices, police organization, or anything like that, so it's not so much that I'm nitpicky about any particular details, as that the CSI angle that depicts crime as a puzzle and the only constraints to solving it in the normal course of events are technical and scientific, makes the whole set-up seem somewhat fake after a while. Not that I don't enjoy those moments on CSI when Grissom does some insect experiment with enormous effort to solve their puzzles.

Unrelated to crime shows, now that I'm seeing increased excitement and lots of people looking forward to the new Superman movie, I'd like to stress for the record that I find it completely unfair that it won't open here until August 17. *grumble*

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