ratcreature: RatCreature at the drawing board. (drawing)
RatCreature ([personal profile] ratcreature) wrote2017-01-06 03:11 am

finished drawbles

"Cookie Monster + recipe + works-in-progress" for [personal profile] goss

Cookie Monster + recipe + works-in-progress for goss

"Jeeves + sporks" for [personal profile] quiara

Jeeves + sporks for quiara

"Ratcreature as a Furling from SG-1? Possibly meeting Teal'c" for [personal profile] fignewton (I went with "Furling" as a small person in furry costume, because I don't think we ever see the "real" Furlings, just the Wormhole X-Treme! version, so my avatar is supposed to wear a bad furry suit -- kind of weird because it is already technically furry, but cosplaying a different furry, I guess)

Ratcreature as a Furling from SG-1? Possibly meeting Teal'c for fignewton

"Rivers of London (Toby & Nightingale)" for [personal profile] dhw

Rivers of London (Toby & Nightingale) for dhw

"Tok'ra + writing fanfic" for [personal profile] roeskva

Tokra + writing fanfic for roeskva

"Agent Carter + bouldering" for [personal profile] sixbeforelunch

Agent Carter + bouldering for sixbeforelunch

"Farscape + travel" for [personal profile] forestgreen, i.e. snapshots from 1812's Grand European Tour...

Farscape + travel for forestgreen, or snapshots from 1812's Grand European Tour...

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