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Dear Chocolatier,

I'm thrilled you will be creating a fanwork for me! As I indicated, I'll be equally happy to get either fanart or fanfic for any of them.

In my prompts I tried to give a mix of general and concrete to give you an idea what I like in the fandoms, without being too specific or complicated, so that they work for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm's low commitment nature. But if your ideas for the characters don't go in my prompt directions, they are of course optional, so feel free to take advantage of that and don't stress.

However, if you are looking for inspiration or more guidance and information about my likes and dislikes, I can be even more wordy than my requests (some of this repeats things from my requests).

Likes: happy endings, worldbuilding details both in canon-compliant settings and in AU scenarios (or in simpler pieces hints of a broader world and such details), backstory exploration, competent characters, loyalty, protective feelings, characters trusting each other, exploration of character's fantasy powers (if they have them), slice of life scenes (especially in stories not set in present day I enjoy mundane detail), quiet moments during downtime and domesticity (but I love action-adventure as well); explicit consent in fic (negotiated non-con fantasies are also fine) and awkward, non-perfect sex (though I have an embarrassment squick, so I like the awkwardness be mutual, rather than one character making a fool of themselves); in pornier fic my bullet-proof kinks are mostly variants of power differential scenarios (mostly for the mental D/s dynamic, not so much for fetish trappings, toys and bondage and such), service kink (sexual and non-sexual), and consensual humiliation

Dislikes: character death (of characters I like, anyway), partner betrayal or abuse, infidelity, incest, very dark/bleak scenarios (character suffering and angst are fine, especially if they end well), h/c centered around serious illness (I dislike in particular cancer and brain damage h/c), gratuitous animal harm especially to specific/named animals (I'm okay with characters hunting for food out of necessity or villains sacrificing animals as long as there isn't too much focus on the animal suffering), character bashing and grovelfic, mundane/depowered AUs for fantasy/sf canons, genderswitch AUs (though an AU-take on canon with a character being trans or genderqueer or such is fine, I mean the "always female" type of genderswitch AUs or magical genderswitches that rarely work for me), crossdressing of men in women's clothes or lingerie (unless it is in the context of consensual humiliation), MPreg, cracky AUs that do not take their premise seriously, plots that hinge on misunderstandings/miscommunication that could be easily prevented (I have an embarrassment squick), controlling jealousy (more protective possessiveness is fine, the aspect of jealousy I dislike is the lack of trust), photomanipulations of the type that put heads on different bodies (not sure whether this applies here when the rules say "sketches"), badly done multilingual dialog fragments (gratuitous German in particular b/c it's my native language)

Ratings: I'm very happy with non-explicit fic and with art I usually prefer it, but any rating is fine. I don't mind some violence and gore, especially if it is consistent with the sources in action or battle, unless it gets extreme.

As for additional preferences in my requested fandoms:

Check Please!: My favorite character is Jack, though I definitely love Bitty as well. I'm clueless about hockey (when you say "hockey" here, people talk about field hockey not ice hockey) and as the webcomic itself, not especially interested in too much hockey realism, though I don't mind it if fanworks take a more realistic route. I know more about baking, but am far from an expert. I like the whole Check Please ensemble but as I generally like main characters more than supporting ones, my main pairing is Jack/Bitty.

Kent has grown on me initially through fic, so I included pairings with him as well to give more options, but I realize fandom is split on him. I dislike character bashing/negativity. So if the way Jack treats Kent or vice versa in canon made you really dislike either and we just matched on Jack/Bitty or on Kent/OMC, just omit whomever you dislike and let just Jack/Bitty be happy or Kent find his OMC love after getting lots of therapy or such.

I just want to imagine everyone happy at the end, and Jack and Bitty be friends at least, and Jack and Kent open to reconciling. I am open to Eric, Jack and Kent in any combination that achieves that. So if you pick Eric/Kent, and set it in the canon timeline I'd like at least the implication that both Jack and Bitty are now okay with their breakup without dissing Jack excessively, ditto if you do Jack/Kent, not set pre-Bitty but after, unless you go for a poly take (which wasn't in the tag set, but I'd be fine with). Any partner betrayal or infidelity is a hard DNW for me (see my dislikes), no matter how well written or whether eventually a happy ending after a reconciliation follows.

Venom (Movie 2018): I loved that this movie is a mix of romcom and monster movie, and I'd love a fanwork exploring Venom's alienness, the symbiote learning about humans, and them being kind of hilarious together.

I do have an embarrassment squick though, so certain scenarios are tricky. FWIW, the movie itself did not squick me at any point, despite Eddie briefly ending up in a lobster tank and such. That had a reason and didn't make me feel ashamed for the character. It's more things like plots that hinge on misunderstandings/ miscommunication that could be easily prevented that make me cringe. I really enjoyed Dan's emotional maturity in the movie.

I like Venom feeling protective and possessive of Eddie, but controlling jealousy is a DNW for me. The aspect of jealousy I dislike is the lack of trust. I don't want Venom to be creepy in an abusive way.

As for the pairings, I like Eddie/Venom/Anne/Dan in any combination (whether OTP, OT3 or OT4), as long as it is consensual (I'm fine with characters having non-con fantasies.), and Venom primarily shares a body with Eddie.

If you want to include Venom hunting, I'd like any animal harm to be minimized (i.e. the animal being unnamed, rather than an animal character and the death quick) and human cannibalism be glossed over like in the movie rather than explored in gore-loving detail. Basically I'm okay with canon-levels of either. However feel free to dial up the tentacle porn as much as you like.

Lord of the Rings: My favorite LOTR character is Aragorn by far, followed by Gandalf, and in general I'm more interested in the men, elves and wizards than the hobbits in LOTR. LOTR is however one of the fandoms where my preferences stick mostly close to canon, so I'm not into AUs displacing the characters from Middle Earth, because the setting is very much essential for me in LOTR. Dystopian AUs set in Middle Earth or other canon divergences can work for me, but can be tricky.

For Aragorn & Halbarad I'd love something pre-LOTR showing their friendship while they toiling against the darkness, enduring hardship or such. I really like Dunedain competency porn, basically.

Also I have a huge loyalty kink. This also works very well for a gen version of my service kink, with Halbarad in service of his (future) king and Aragorn in service to his people and the fight against Sauron (I have ambivalent feelings about idealized, fictional feudalism feeling so attractive to me, but basically I resigned myself that I like fantasies that run counter to my politics, and I am not really into seeing Aragorn deconstructed.)

For Aragorn/Arwen I'd love to see something with Aragorn as King with Arwen by his side, like some every day scene or such, but anything set earlier with them still pining would be fine as well. I'd prefer the focus however not to be on their eventual deaths or dying.

Rivers of London: I really like the RoL world and that it feels vibrant and larger than what we have seen so far in the books. (I have read all of those, but not the comics.) With the books being from Peter's POV, I'd love to see Thomas' POV, whether of something in canon, speculative exploration of his further backstory, or just a slice of life at the Folly.

I'm generally pretty open to RoL pairings but more interested in gen, so I picked Peter & Thomas and Peter & Abigail, because any bits of magical instruction whether with Peter and Thomas or Peter and Abigail would also be awesome to get more of.

Farscape: My favorite is John Crichton, but I love Aeryn as well, especially her alien perspective on John, just like John is a "fish out of water" on Moya. I'm very much into John/Aeryn as my OTP, though I can see other pairings as possibility, so if you want to go the gen route it's fine.

The series got very dark in places and if you have a good idea for that I'm okay with it, but I like the funny and quirky moments of the series just as much as the angst and torture, so when it comes to motif suggestion I'm going with something like a "slice of life" scene for any with Moya's crew.

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