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Sadly Wonder Woman has not yet opened here

So I watched Alien Covenant. I liked that much less than Prometheus. Maybe because it was more of an Alien film in that it was pretty much just the Alien parasites picking off a crew in gory ways. I actually have never watched the first Alien, because both times I tried to watch it on tv I fell asleep. So I'm not very much into the franchise itself.

Anyway, annoyingly in this one the protagonists were just too stupid to live. And I never really connected with them either. Okay, so they find this alluringly habitable planet (that is years of travel closer but not the one they set out to colonize) from which a human radio signal originates but no trace of the humans.

Incidentally, the reason why they are woken up too early, that a "neutrino burst" damaged them does not make a lot of sense either? I mean, neutrinos are the particles that are really hard to detect because without a charge and very very little mass they don't really interact with other matter much? So how would neutrinos, even a lot of them, even damage anything? But okay.

Then they send people onto that planet seemingly without sending an unmanned probe taking samples first, then they don't wear any hazard gear either but just expose themselves to the planet, then they don't even try to quarantine sick people at the first symptoms to cut their losses but expose themselves to blood and erupting parasites. In Prometheus the crew at least made an effort.

Then they just trust the creepy android that admittedly seemed to help them against the monsters and he looks like their own android, but then he literally leads them into his lair over piles of thousands of corpses, and still they let themselves be separated and picked off like the worst horror film cliche.

I sort of enjoyed Fassbender as genocidal android, though I'm not actually happy that David eventually killed Shaw. That was not what I imagined as Prometheus aftermath.
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All of this is what I thought about this movie too. Like *all* of this.