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Spider-Man: Homecoming

I watched Spider-Man: Homecoming this afternoon, and it was a lot of fun.

I've seen comments pointing out that it has the YA inherent genre fault that the adults characterization suffers because they need to be oblivious, absent or neglectful for the teenage hero to be heroic, but I wasn't too bothered.

I mean, for example I could totally see how MCU Tony Stark would go totally overkill with the suit and then install only safety and tracking features that an enterprising teenager with his geeky best friend can disable via their laptop. Generally safety considerations don't seem to rank very high for him.

And Happy was enormously stressed by the move and the volume of Peter's previous messaging to get attention probably worked against him when it counted most. Especially since it looked like Tony dumped the whole liaison and monitoring role on Happy without Happy actually wanting to do that.

Though Tony is truly rather awful as superhero mentor, though I'm not sure it even deserves that label. He's no Batman, that's for sure.

Anyway, I liked this version of the Vulture as villain a lot. He was scary, but not over the top, I could buy how he got to this point. The scene with him and Peter in the car was really intense.

The Captain America spots were hilarious. Especially the one that was shown in detention. I wonder how much Steve's cooperation in making those was him actively trolling, because even if whoever had the idea for those was totally misguided by Captain America's propaganda image, Steve had to know even prior to the events of Civil War that him as poster boy for following authority would crash and burn spectacularly sooner or later. Though I suppose he would genuinely support promoting stuff like healthy exercise for kids.
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I haven't seen it yet- am looking forward to it. And a spidey ratcreature, yay!
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Tony was actually quite believable as wanting to be a mentor, but not actually being good at it.

Peter and Ned were such teen-age boys; the writing was really on point there. I liked that they avoid a lot of the cringe-comedy moments that would have been low-hanging fruit. The movie was genuinely funny without triggering my embarrassment squick.

And yes, the Vulture was a great villain for Peter -- connected to Peter's neighborhood and while dangerous as hell, not the kind of international threat the Avengers deal with. Also, the suit looked amazing -- the VTOL rotors and the claw feet so he could actually carry stuff.
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"And I agree that Tony wasn't OOC. He clearly liked the abstract idea of mentoring a young superhero much better (and the opportunity to build new gadgets for a different set of powers, clearly he likes developing equipment a *lot*) than the sustained effort it would have taken to make it work. It seemed to me that he can connect in short intervals, but was not willing or able to change his life substantially to make room for a teenager."

Totally. He's like your uncle who will show up, take you while underage to the strip club, impart some dubious life lessons, and then stick you with the cab fare home.