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RatCreature ([personal profile] ratcreature) wrote2018-05-26 07:13 pm
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I went to watch Solo last night...

I enjoyed this more than expected. It didn't do anything surprising or push things like Rogue One, but it was an entertaining action adventure story, and I appreciated that at least they didn't fridge Qi'ra as I had feared might happen when she and Han got separated at first on Coreilla.

Otherwise as often with SW the droid was the best part for me, and I hope not just her navigation capabilities will live on in the Millenium Falcon.

The most nonsensical for me was the depiction of the Imperial Army (infantry? but not Stormtroopers) conducting a kind of WWI trench warfare, only in a more disorganized and/or incompetent fashion? I wasn't even sure whether this was supposed to be comical or not.