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kind of obvious in retrospect

But when looking for some random TV distraction that is not news, because those are so depressing and anxiety inducing, settling on a Thirty Year War documentary might not have been the best choice.
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That went from unfortunately triggering to deliberately unsettling... I see the ratings argument for that, but still.
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Your icon for this post is very much my soul at this moment.

Yeah. The scary thing about history is that it shows us not just where we come from, but where we might go back to next (with the proviso that most everything still happens somewhere, so "we" is a bit variable in that phrase).
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That's a distressingly accurate description of the zeitgeist, yes. History doesn't repeat, but, gods, lets hope it doesn't rhyme. (I'm worried and at times semi-triggered about that, and I'm in Buenos Aires; I can't imagine how it'd feel over there).