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Star Trek Beyond

I had fun watching, and liked it a lot more than the last one.

The plot didn't really make sense though. I mean, the action part was okay, though I sometimes had trouble following who was where and such, but I didn't understand how the backstory of the crew of the USS Franklin and that planet in the nebula worked at all.

I mean, the USS Franklin crashed on that planet, and in that last log entry we see Edison say only three of his crew are left? And then they presumably use that alien technology, which did what exactly? It transformed them into lifeforce sucking aliens? And where did all the other people in his attack force come from? Those swarms were made of a huge number of ships. Were they the captured crew of other ships he lured in and they transformed? Why are they all following him? Are they mind controlled? Biotechnology androids the planet made, and only his second in command an actual person? (And that one could be remaining from his old crew.) I can sort of see that you could fill in some narrative that ties all this together, but it must have been cut out of the movie.

The character bits were much more enjoyable. Do you think that pendant we see McCoy wear in that party scene at the end came from Spock? That he gave him tracking jewelry like Uhura? They didn't look exactly the same, but it seemed kind of implied after Bones earlier snark about Spock giving his girlfriend a tracker, and saying he was glad Spock didn't appreciate him like that, and of course then we had the awkward h/c confessions that he does value him, and then we are shown McCoy with a pendant too... And now I sort of want Spock/Uhura/McCoy fic.
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I'm still not sure if I'll go watch it, but your review makes it much more likely.
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There were only three actual bad guys on the planet: Krall, the other guy whose name I can't remember, and the woman who lured them there. These actually match up with the three images that the admiral had on display during her last conversation with Kirk. Krall also says the ancient technology they found was the life-transfer technology and a bunch of mining drones, which presumably are what the rest of his army are.
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Yeah, the woman only faked collaboration - "Do you believe every sob story you hear?" She must look different because she absorbed life from other aliens, maybe even deliberately to make the infiltration easier. I think they did make it a little too subtle.