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I like AO3 as much as the next fan...

...but it does not currently "archive" fanart (or anything besides text-based fanworks). You can embed and list other fanworks there in an index, but they are *not* preserved.

I want to headdesk every time I see some Tumblr post advising people to back up their "fanworks" to AO3 in the current round of freakouts over Tumblr's corporate overlords and their possible agendas, that pretends as if everything worked like fanfic.

I have fanart on AO3 that will be broken image links if Tumblr goes down, because I embedded some from Tumblr when my own website was particularly glitchy.
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[personal profile] larissabernstein 2016-07-31 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
One day in the hopefully not too distant future we will see a hosting option on the AO3 for vids, art, podfics etc. instead a mere embed. I believe in this fervently!

Till then, there's at least Critical Commons or Viddertube as a safe haven for vids, Soundcloud for podfics, and Dropbox for artwork. Fanart is the most difficult to embed imho, as image hosting sites tend to delete images after a while (months or years). Hosting your art on your own Dropbox is the safest option so far.
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[personal profile] astridv 2016-08-27 08:44 pm (UTC)(link)
yeah, mine is stored on lj, same thing. sometimes a link just goes defunct without reason.
hey, i just noticed you can now share posts on dw, interesting. are you okay with that, just in case? i gotten used to it.
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>sends emails to people with a link to that entry.

Oh. That seems pretty pointless...

I had the same happen to me, that's actually the reason I joined tumblr... I figured if my stuff is on there, it should be posted by me so at least I get the feedback. Seemed to have worked, too.

Recently I've had someone take one of my fanarts, remove the color digitally, color it in grey and post it on twitter, yelling "I drew this!!!" and tagging the actor in question. I had to blink a couple times when it crossed my dash.

Then of course when I called her out she first tried to attack me for calling her a plagiarist, instead of saying sorry.

And now there's someone in aos fandom who so obviously runs photos through the polar edges filter and sometimes overlays them with pencil and yells "I drew this!!!" and tags all the actors. And people actually fall for it. Someone carefully tried to call her on it but she just had a mini hissifit as expected.