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In some fandoms, it's reasonably common for fanfic authors to write text in a language other than English and provide a translation that appears on hover. They do this by putting the text in the title="" attribute of an HTML tag (usually <span>). This works on desktop, but on a touch screen device it gets a little complicated.

Initially I was thinking I could write some CSS in a custom AO3 theme to display the text after the element it's attached to, but it turns out that AO3 doesn't allow you to use the attr() function. So I went back to my old friend, the bookmarklet.

Reveal Title Text Bookmarklet

I also learned how to install bookmarklets on mobile Safari, which will probably greatly improve my fic reading experience in future. No way to install them on my Kobo though, so I guess I'll just have to deal with not being able to read the translations on my e-reader. That or add custom CSS to every AO3 epub I add to my Kobo.
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FANDOM: Toy Story
FIC LINK: the skin horse
AUTHOR LINK: [archiveofourown.org profile] oryx
RATING/WARNING(S): General audiences/No warnings
WIP?/WORD COUNT: Complete/1485 words
MAIN CHARACTERS: Bonnie Anderson, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie

FIC SUMMARY: The death of a toy is in many ways inevitable.

RECCER'S NOTES: Very poignant look at the toys and how time passes for them.
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via http://ift.tt/1WcOTTJ:
… is it standard to comment on a fic with characterization notes you didn’t like and close by saying, however nicely, that you hope the author can “edit to fix” the problems? 

Like, apart from whether you have any idea what my overarching plan for the fic was, or whether you have a point or whether I was going somewhere with the character notes I did hit, is it common that authors will go back and substantially change a posted work? 

I don’t. It’s spelling, grammar, maybe small continuity, but even if I change my mind about something, I really hesitate to alter a published work. 

I feel like that’s a really shocking thing to ask for, in a comment on a 65k WIP that the author has repeatedly assured in chapter notes is actually a completed work that’s just being finally-edited for posting.

Not Much Between His Headphones

May. 6th, 2016 01:00
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Posted by BD

Department Store | MI, USA

(Our policy in regards to returns without receipts is that anything over the value of $25 must have store director approval. They must also have an ID input into the system. Every store shares the same system, so when an ID is put in, we must write why and who approved it, same with if the return was denied. A male customer wearing shades walks up with his son who appears to be about six years old.)

Customer: “Hi, I’d like to return this. I need money for groceries.”

(He hands me a beat up box of wireless headphones. I open the box to make sure that everything’s there.)

Me: “Okay, did you have your receipt?”

Customer: “Nope.”

Me: “Okay. Did you pay with a card?”

Customer: “Uh… no.”

Me: “Okay, let me call the store director for approval.” *on the phone with store director* “Hi, I have a customer here who wants to return some headphones without the receipt. It’s priced at $56.”

Store Director: “Get his ID and put it on a gift card.”

Me: “All right, no problem.” *back to customer* “All right, I just need your ID.”

Customer: “Uh… I left it in the car. I’ll be right back.” *he leaves for a second and finds it’s in his pocket* “Oh, I guess I had it.”

(I start typing in his information and I find out he’s returned several items to different stores. He was denied at the last store he tried to return at. So I reach for the phone to call the store director back to inform her when the customer stops me.)

Customer: “Is there something wrong?”

Me: “I’m not sure yet.” *calls store director* “Hey, so, he’s returned several items in the past and the last time he returned something he was denied by Asset Protection.”

Store Director: “Oh, then decline the return. It was most likely stolen.”

Me: “All right, thank you.” *I turn to the customer* “I’m sorry, but due to what the system has informed us, we cannot process this return.”

Customer: “Why not? You already opened the box. You have to!”

Me: “I’m sorry; I had to open the box to make sure that everything was there. The store director has denied the return.”

Customer: “But, you already opened it! I can’t sell this now!”

(After he left, my coworker and I informed our asset protection department of this customer. Turned out, he was on the surveillance camera for stealing those headphones yesterday.)

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Awww shit I gambled and lost. Figured in a town with this many good Mexican joints I’d be fine at a bar tonight but we’re too close to the strip, bunch of white dudes in sombreros just rolled in and I’m'a have to cut a bitch.

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May. 5th, 2016 19:12
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I got free opera tickets through work, so last night [personal profile] sandrylene and I went to go see the Boston Lyric Opera's production of The Merry Widow.

The Merry Widow is a very fluffy, very light operetta that takes place at the embassy of a make-believe tiny European country in 1905, where the ambassador is panicking because the country's richest widow is thinking she might want to marry again, and if she marries a foreigner and takes all her money out of the bank it will cause national financial collapse. Therefore everyone is very determined to hook widow Hanna up with drunken playboy Count Danilo, who happens to be her ex. Meanwhile, in the B-plot a French officer attempts to seduce the ambassador's wife, who is having none of it, and would therefore like to marry him off to the widow ASAP to get him out of her hair. Waltzing and hijinks ensue!

Boston Lyric Opera has made a couple of interesting decisions in their production of this opera. The first is that it is completely multilingual -- they've sort of picked and chosen from among the various translations, so the libretto is all in English, and the songs are in whatever language they feel like the character in question might plausibly be speaking at that time.

...conveniently their interpretation of Hanna is an American former showgirl, so a SIGNIFICANT CHUNK of her songs are in English, but they do get a fair bit French and German in there as well, which is kind of a cool approach!

The second is that they have changed the plot so that the entire story takes place in 1914, rather than 1905. As a result:

- a frequent gag is the ambassador's conviction that the greatest danger lies in the threat of attack from perfidious Monaco
- an even more frequent gag is the appearance of Kivowitz the attache (a show-stealing character invented for this production) with some telegraph of vital importance regarding a.) Belgium's fears about invasion b.) the development of tanks and machine guns c.) Archduke Franz Ferdinand's travel plans d.) submarines etc.
- to which the inevitable response is 'lol what's a tank? anyway we have IMPORTANT, SERIOUS things to worry about, SOMEONE LOCK THE WIDOW AND THE COUNT IN A CLOSET TOGETHER IMMEDIATELY'
- while Kivowitz, constantly in the background, is visibly hating his life more with every moment that passes

It's actually very funny, in a black kind of way that highlights the fact that the world in which this operetta takes place is Short-Lived And Doomed.

(The updated libretto is overall genuinely funny -- as I said on Twitter, my favorite was the guy who yelled "Don't get between them! IT'S A TRAP!" as the entire cast stares at Danilo and Hanna finally making out.)

It's not until act 3 that things start to get kind of sledgehammery, for ex.:

- an extremely bizarre flash-forward to Franz Ferdinand's death in the middle of a comic song titled "Quite Parisien"
- a lengthy speech by the French officer in which he declares that he is going off to join the army, then despairingly tries to convince the diplomat's wife to run away with him and leave Europe because everyone here is dancing and ignoring the fact that the world is going to end in terrible war!!
- a subsequent lengthy speech from Kivowitz at the end of the play, complaining about how everyone here is dancing and ignoring the fact that the world is going to end in terrible war!!
- a bit where most of the cast come out dressed in WWI military uniforms, looking vaguely shellshocked, and wistfully waltz with the empty air as the curtain drops, which would actually have been really effective for me in a Cabaret sort of way if we had not just had two lengthy speeches already about how the world is going to end in terrible war!!

I mean I get what they were trying to do but I personally would have toned it down maybe a little, is what I am saying.

That said, it was overall a really fun production and I had an excellent time! (Also, don't worry about Kivowitz, he runs off with Hanna and Danilo to be their bouncer in the bar they are going to start in America in order to get away from the terrible war.)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There are many ways to help; I will be making a detailed post of links telling where and how.

I have made a $100 donation to the Canadian Red Cross. Note: Justin Trudeau has announced that whatever amount you can donate to the Canadian Red Cross, the Government of Canada will make a matching donation.
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via http://ift.tt/1TqrYx2:
International aviation snow symposium: I.e the conference where y'all other feeble airports learn how to clear y'all’s runways from the experts. I worked at Buffalo-Niagara Int'l Airport for a few years and we had a lot of weather delays but it was never the plows’ fault. Awesome souvenir glass at the bar. So many local beers here. (at The Century Grill)

The Sauce Of Your Confusion

May. 5th, 2016 23:00
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Posted by BD

Restaurant | USA

(Unfortunately, I am the stupid customer in this story while dining with my family.)

Waitress: “May I take your order?”

Me: “Yes! May I please have the grouper fish sandwich? But instead of tartar sauce, may I have broccoli?”

Waitress: *pauses* “I’m sorry, what was that last part?”

Me: “Can I substitute the tartar sauce for broccoli with my sandwich?”

Waitress: “You… uh… did you want the broccoli, like, on the sandwich?”

Me: “What? No. I just want broccoli instead of the tartar sauce.”

Waitress: *clearly confused* “Um… well…”

Sister: *laughing* “[My Name], are you confusing tartar sauce with coleslaw?”

Me: *turning a deep shade of red* “Oh, my God… What did I say?”

Waitress: “I thought I was the one going crazy!”

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Hulk #3

May. 5th, 2016 17:47
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Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Ed McGuinness
Inker: Dexter Vines
Colorist: Jason Keith

More fun with the Red Hulk.

Read More... )

Current state of TV (for me)

May. 5th, 2016 17:44
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Shows I'm watching, since I'm apparently no longer capable of commenting on all of them regularly:


12 Monkeys
The Catch*
Jane the Virgin*
Madam Secretary*
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (very sporadic rewatch)
Wynonna Earp


Another Oh Hae Young/Oh Hae Young Again
The Flower in Prison
Goodbye Mr. Black*


The Musketeers (season 3)

*I'm pretty sure all these will be over/on hiatus by the end of May.
**On hold until Goodbye Mr. Black is over. Lee Won-Jong is in both series, and it's a bit weird for me when I try to watch 2 shows with the same actor in them, even if the characters and appearance in the shows are completely different.
***I'm definitely not going to bother with finishing Indian Summers unless I hear something amazing about the final episodes (which isn't likely, since I haven't looked at the tags or read anything about it since the admittedly-recent breakup) and have little desire to watch the last episode of Grantchester, since I haven't cared a lot for this season, and haven't cared for its treatment of women in particular.


As far as shows that are starting soon: Homes Fires has almost finished its second season in the UK, so I should get to watch it soon. Killjoys and Dark Matter return in July, and most of the shows not ending in May will be over or almost over by then. Mirror of the Witch starts soon on the kdrama from, but I might wait to read feedback before watching any of it. I haven't even looked at the upcoming anime list yet. I know Grace and Frankie is back soon, but I'm not sure when. Netflix will inform me 50 or 60 times when it drops, so I'm not worried there. Like Home Fires, I'll probably watch all of it in a day or two anyway, so it's not like it's something that will actually be added to my TV schedule.

I'm considering checking out Extant and/or Black Sails, along with a few Chinese wuxia and fantasy dramas, since my list of shows I'm watching is deceptively long and about to effectively go away (nothing but The Flower in Prison and syfy shows will be left by July, unless I've started Mirror of the Witch by then, or Oh Hae Young Again gets an extension). Anyone care to weigh in on those two shows, or make other recommendations?
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via http://ift.tt/1TqjHZZ:

okay butthis tree is next to a guard rail on top of mt floyen in Bergenit is overlooking an incredible panorama of the fjordand why would you post just this picture with no source or caption? now i’m going to have to find the picture I took here. because the setting and context for this is AMAZING.

ok here you go. from july of last year. come the fuck on. like– the setting is WHY THIS IS AMAZING. 

i get how the sign is not that prominent here but to hang that up somebody went over the guardrail of this insane mountain that looks down over the most majestic fucking view you’ve ever seen. This is Bergen, Norway, the country’s second-largest city, founded in the Dark Ages at the northernmost reach of the Hanseatic League. You can see the old medieval harbor. It’s fucking amazing.

And there’s this tree up on this mountain– you take a funicular up, and there are old WWII gun emplacements you can’t see anymore, and there are tourist shops and a cafe, and you get this view and it’s amazing. And apropos of nothing, off the side of the Nature Trail, there’s this tree with a sign in English nailed to it and no further information. Like, okay!

I just feel, I dunno, like cropping all that out and setting it to black and white and putting it on an unsourced ~aesthetic~ blog is insulting the witch! And like, don’t! Insult! the witch! C’mon guys.
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In my previous post, the First of the Fallen told a very unpriestly priest something that made him lose his faith and become a mad serial killer. Twenty-five years later, he restored the priest's sanity (but not his faith) and arranged things so he'd meet his now grown up would-be victim, John Constantine, one last time. Why? To serve as a warning for Constantine that the Devil was coming for him and that, just before he died and went to Hell, he'd hear the Devil's confession too. And now that time has come.

Note: some gore (of the blood-coughing-up sort).

'And I've been falling ever since' )

Barking Mad

May. 5th, 2016 21:00
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Posted by BD

Museum | VA, USA

(I work in the back offices of a museum. While this area is technically not off limits to the public, I seldom see anyone other than coworkers because this section of the building only contains offices and classrooms. A jingling sound comes from hallway, followed by “yip! yip!”)

Me: *to myself* “What on earth was that?”

(An elderly woman carrying a small dog on a leash suddenly peers into my office.)

Woman: “Where can I mail this?”

Me: *staring at shock at the dog inside a museum* “I’m sorry, what?”

Woman: “This. Where can I mail this?” *waves a stamped envelope at me*

Me: “Um, at a post office?”

Woman: “Where’s that?”

Me: *still eyeing the dog* “Outside somewhere? This is an art museum.”

(With a “Humph!” the woman put the dog down and walked indignantly away. I still have no idea how she got that dog in there or why she thought she could mail a letter!)

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Thought of the Day

May. 5th, 2016 14:29
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What we need:

more kindness, more history, more context, more empathy, more listening skills, more good faith
less blame, less assumptions, less zero sum conclusions, less bridge-burning, less finger pointing
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I Am A: Neutral Good Human Wizard/Rogue (3rd/3rd Level)

Ability Scores:

Neutral Good A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order. However, neutral good can be a dangerous alignment when it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable.
Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.
Primary Class:
Wizards are arcane spellcasters who depend on intensive study to create their magic. To wizards, magic is not a talent but a difficult, rewarding art. When they are prepared for battle, wizards can use their spells to devastating effect. When caught by surprise, they are vulnerable. The wizard's strength is her spells, everything else is secondary. She learns new spells as she experiments and grows in experience, and she can also learn them from other wizards. In addition, over time a wizard learns to manipulate her spells so they go farther, work better, or are improved in some other way. A wizard can call a familiar- a small, magical, animal companion that serves her. With a high Intelligence, wizards are capable of casting very high levels of spells.
Secondary Class:
Rogues have little in common with each other. While some - maybe even the majority - are stealthy thieves, many serve as scouts, spies, investigators, diplomats, and simple thugs. Rogues are versatile, adaptable, and skilled at getting what others don't want them to get. While not equal to a fighter in combat, a rogue knows how to hit where it hurts, and a sneak attack can dish out a lot of damage. Rogues also seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to avoiding danger. Experienced rogues develop nearly magical powers and skills as they master the arts of stealth, evasion, and sneak attacks. In addition, while not capable of casting spells on their own, a rogue can sometimes 'fake it' well enough to cast spells from scrolls, activate wands, and use just about any other magic item.
Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus (e-mail)
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I recently found an interesting video essay on Superman that I thought the community would like. The author normally does videos on art films and film theory, but he has a sideshow where he discusses pop culture icons in intellectual contexts. It's not that we can't believe a man can fly. We can't even believe a man can know it's wrong to kill. )


May. 5th, 2016 15:03
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HahaHA, I have FOUND you, flow! Trying to hide from me, were you. I will have none of that.

...this stupid thing's going to get even longer, isn't it?

(no subject)

May. 5th, 2016 15:50
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1. I got the jooooooob, I got the jooooooooooooooob, no one has EVER been so happy to be hired as a night shift deli worker in the fancymart as I am now. I'm more or less committed (because money, and also I have very few immediate coworkers and most of them have kids, soooo) to working out my last couple scheduled days in the bus mines, but I don't have to go back after Sunday, wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

2. So. I have been doing some consideration, and I had a tarot reading that was slightly waffle-y and general but also vaguely helpful, and the thing is: I am deliberately not going to be posting or semi-publicly sharing any writing projects until at least the end of August.

You could get in touch privately if you really wanted to, but I make no promises: I am doing an experiment in just straight-up cutting out external validation, and I want to see what happens.

Also, this way I can't beat myself up for not posting anything, because I'm not supposed to be posting anything. BEHOLD MY NINJA POWERS.

3. ... I have the urge to eat something completely ridiculous for dinner. There may be pâté involved.

(I was standing next to the deli cold case earlier for new-job-scheduling-related reasons, okay, and I told you this was a fancymart, and now all I can think about is pâté de campagne and garlic pickles and crusty bread. And Pellegrino lemon. And clementines, which I already have. Either I have been possessed by the spirit of Heathers [which might explain what was going on with my hair today] or I'm just really sick of eating fast-food crap because it's convenient. Either way I am going to be THAT PERSON buying all that stuff on an EBT card. Which is actually kind of awesome? Anyway, I'm celebrating, and better to eat it now than when my fiancée the vegetarian is here to make sad faces at me.)

4. I have a sad, and this is not really the context to go into detail about it, but I do. End vaguewidthing.

5. Conversations about stuff happened yesterday! That was good. I could do more of that. Especially after I put my pants back on and go out and buy ridiculous food.

Gin-uanally Confusing

May. 5th, 2016 19:00
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Posted by BD

Restaurant | Cleveland, OH, USA

Customer: “I would like a martini, please.”

Me: “Sure, how would you like it?”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “What kind of martini?”

Customer: “…”

Me: “Gin or vodka?”

Customer: “Gin. Oh! And no vermouth.”

Me: “Okay, so, just chilled gin in a martini glass?”

Customer: “No, not chilled!”

Me: “You just want warm gin in a martini glass?”

Customer: “No! I just want it in a small glass.”

Me: “So… you’re asking me for a shot of gin?”

Customer: “Yes…”

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Trying To Tip You Over The Edge

May. 5th, 2016 17:00
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Posted by BD

Spa | NJ, USA

(I work at a popular spa, and we frequently get customers in to buy gift cards.)

Me: “Hi! Welcome to [Spa]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Hi, yes, I want to buy a gift card for a prenatal massage. I have a $10 off coupon.”

Me: “Sure, no problem. So you now you just owe $64 instead of $74 since you gave me your coupon.”

Customer: “Okay, can I add tip onto there, too?”

Me: “Sure, no problem. How much could I put on here for you?”

Customer: “Better make it $20.”

(I ring her out, and charge her $64 for the gift card and another $20 for the pre-paid tip so now she owes a total of $84.)

Me: “Okay, great. Your total is $84. How would you like to pay for that?”

Customer: “Wait, why am I being charged $84? You just said the massage is only $64.”

Me: “Yes, but you added $20 on for tip, so that equals $84.”

Customer: “But the massage is $64.”

Me: “Yes. You added $20 for tip. All together that is $84.”

Customer: “But I gave you a coupon.”

Me: “Yes… which brought down the pre-natal massage total down to $64 instead of $74. You then added tip.”

Customer: “Okay, thanks.”

(She leaves. About ten minutes later, I see her walking back into my store:)

Customer: “Excuse me, I just bought this gift card for a pre-natal massage and I was charged $84 instead of $64, why?”

Me: “Yes… you added $20 tip.”

Customer: “But why was I charged $84?”

Me: “…You were charged $64 for the massage on the gift card, and then you added $20 onto the gift card as a pre-paid tip.”

Customer: “Okay, thanks.”

(She leaves again. About 20 minutes later, we get a call at the spa.)

Me: “Hello, this is [My Name] at [Spa]. How may I help you?”

Same Customer: “Hi, I just bought a gift card from you guys and I bought it for $64. I just looked at my receipt and it says I was charged $84. Why?”

Me: *sighs*

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Comics on your nails

May. 5th, 2016 16:11
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I haven't been posting overly much about Jamberry stuff lately, largely because it's had to take a backseat as I finish my last diss edits and the semester. BUT they just launched a #throwbackthursday summer event where they bring back an old design for a few days, every Thursday in the summer months. AND the first one looks like this:
050516_TBT_Popstar ThrowbackThursday-2016_SMS_050416_Wk1-PopStar

So, you know, I thought some of you might like to know about that. :D

It's a popular design, and they are saying "while supplies last," so if you think you want some order now. I've reserved a few for myself, but one of those is already spoken for (and not by me!)

They'd also mix really well with one of the Mother's Day sets (that you don't need to be or have a mother to buy!) Just sayin' :D

Oh, gosh, my head hurts today.

May. 2nd, 2016 15:35
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Ugh. I just want it to stop already.

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