Black Widow#4

Jul. 23rd, 2016 03:10
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"The approach is actually tonally wildly different. DAREDEVIL was an intensely internal narrative; Matt was telling his own story in first-person-immediate narration, whereas it would be a mistake to get that far into Natasha’s head. She’ll have her secrets from the readers." -- Mark Waid

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opposable thumbs

Jul. 23rd, 2016 10:07
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ice is very nice when you have a minor bike accident. also, sleep has been tremendously beneficial.  alas, because I do not have a Service Lemur (© [personal profile] em_kellesvig) to sit on my arm and assist me, here are the things I have discovered I can’t do w/o two opposable thumbs, since I fractured my left one:

1. put a key on a keyring
2. tie a pony tail
3. open a childproof pill bottle (figured it out eventually)
4. clip PK’s nails (this will shortly become critical)
5. play Abe’s Oddworld

however, if you must fracture or break a fingerbone, I highly recommend breaking your non-dominant distal phalanx. you probably use your dominant thumb for the space bar already, so it won’t affect your typing, and of the list above, my biggest concern is that PK will shred my ninja pajamas before the six weeks are up.

here, have a lemur:

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Sam Wilson - Captain America #11

Jul. 23rd, 2016 03:06
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"Of course many Republicans are good, nice, decent people in their day to day lives. And that's why people struggle with the disconnect. They don't get how such nice, upstanding people, often family, can turn so evil when the subject goes to any minority or different culture. But they do." - Nick Spencer

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Code tour code tour CODE TOUR aaaaaah. A buch of new themes, plus a lot of tidying!

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11 total issues resolved
Contributors: [ profile] cesy, [ profile] hotlevel4, [ profile] kaberett, [ profile] kareila, [ profile] pinterface, [ profile] rshatch, [ profile] zorkian

The Legend of Tarzan

Jul. 23rd, 2016 07:00
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Posted by Elyse

The problem with The Legend of Tarzan is that the Tarzan mythos is a tale so steeped in racism, colonialism, and jingoism, that it’s impossible to adapt for a modern audience without being problematic. The movie tries, it really does, but even if you’re just here for the Adonis belts, there’s still so much WTFery present that I can’t take the movie seriously, at all.

The movie opens after Tarzan aka John Clayton III, Earl of Greystoke (Alexander Skarsgard), has been “civilized” and returned to England where he’s currently living with his wife, Jane (Margot Robbie). Tarzan is approached by George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson), an American emissary, who has concerns that the King of Belgium is enslaving the native people in the African Congo. Williams wants Tarzan to accompany him to the Congo to see if it’s true. They are unknowingly being lured into a trap though, because Christopher Waltz, as his usual creepy bad guy self, is working for the King and needs to trade Tarzan to another bad guy for some diamonds or something.

None of this movie makes sense, not even the parts trying to make sense. There’s this whole King of Belgium needs to exploit the riches of the Congo (diamonds) to pay for 20,000 mercenaries to exploit the riches of the Congo argument that’s nonsensical in a way akin to “step 1. steal underpants. step 2…. step 3. profit!”

All you really need to know is that Tarzan and Jane go back to the African village where she grew up (her father taught English there), Jane is kidnapped by Waltz who is using her to trap Tarzan, and then Tarzan’s shirt falls off.

Tarzan in dim light flexing his arms

The movie tries to address the horrors of colonialism by having Tarzan and Williams not only in a race to save Jane, but to also stop Belgium’s enslavement of the people of Congo. That’s such a sticky, ugly topic though that it’s impossible to do it justice in a movie that’s mostly about Alexander Skarsgard’s washboard abs. Jackson is there to keep Tarzan from falling entirely into being the white savior, but one of the things that was so glaringly awful about the film was that it kept pointing to Belgium as the bad guys while America and England were portrayed as being real concerned that Belgium might be hurting people in their colonization efforts.

Right. America and England did some pretty awful shit to a lot of people (and the movie does mention the Native Americans and Mexicans specifically) so while I believe that they might have had competing economic interests with Belgium, I do not for a second believe that they were concerned about anyone out of the goodness of their hearts.

But the  thing that bothered me the most though–and really pushed this review into F territory– was that Tarzan presumably saw other humans before meeting Jane. In the movie, Jane meets Tarzan while in the jungle playing hide-and-go-seek with some kids. Now I’m assuming they are relatively near the village since I don’t think the group was stupid enough to wander so deeply in the jungle as to be in completely uncharted territory. We know the people of the village Jane lived in refer to Tarzan as “the ghost in the trees.” We also know that certain tribes hunt the gorillas of Tarzan’s troop because

Click for spoilers!
he kills ones of them.
So the movie presents us with context that Tarzan has, at least in the periphery, seen other human beings.

The reason this is so bothersome is that Tarzan doesn’t have an existential crisis until he meets Jane, the first white woman he’s ever seen. Yeah. Let me rephrase more bluntly: Tarzan does not realize he is a human being until he meets another white person. One henchman in the movie even makes a snide comment to Tarzan about how he must have been stunned to see Jane, “after all the negresses.” Whether by editing error, oversight, or intention, that’s such a troubling statement regarding racial identity, otherness and basic humanity that it blew the movie for me it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it even during scenes with a plethora of washboard abs and action that were supposed to be fun.

So even all of that aside, even if I’m here just to see this movie in its pop culture/historical context, or possibly though the female gaze, it’s still super fucked up.

Part of the appeal of Tarzan has always been that 1. he has a reason for wearing basically no clothes and 2. he’s been raised outside of society and has no sexual inhibitions, so he’d be this completely unrestrained, feral lover like no other.

Tarzan sniffing Jane's hair in a suitably intense way

The movie hints at these two points. The sexual chemistry between Skarsgard and Robbie is intense. Skarsgard is obligingly half naked through most of the movie, but then it turns into an action movie where Tarzan and Jane are separated. So if you want to see a movie about a dude swinging through trees, talking to animals and beating up bad guys, that’s fine. There’s plenty of that. If you are there for the Tarzan/Jane dynamic, it’s only there for about a third of the movie.

And I still had questions, namely:

  1. How the fuck did Tarzan’s mom and dad build that giant house in a tree? Okay, assuming the wood and tools were salvaged from the shipwreck and they weren’t out there cutting down trees and making boards, how the fuck did they get it up there? It took two grown men hours of swearing just to get our elliptical up the stairs and into the office.

A silhouette of the Tarzan treehouse high above the clouds and fog, the top of the tree against the sky

2. Why does Tarzan even have crazy washboard abs? Carrie pointed out that gorillas spend a lot of time sitting around eating plants, and you know that Tarzan had to have a really protein-heavy diet to account for that musculature. The movie tries to explain this as his troop not being normal gorillas but some kind of super violent bro-rillas (I stole that from a friend, Sabra Nicole, on Twitter) so I guess they do a lot of cross-fit?

3. At one point Tarzan fights his gorilla brother and doesn’t immediately die. He fights a 400 pound gorilla and lives. Even if the gorilla was holding back IT’S A 400 POUND GORILLA.

4. Tarzan has no facial hair. He’s living in the wilderness, with no access to a razor, and he is completely smooth-faced. Unless he possesses a genetic anomaly where he grows hair EVERYWHERE EXCEPT HIS FACE dude would have a beard, no question.

Also, if you’re going to see this movie purely for the sexual allure of Tarzan, be warned that there’s not much sex and it’s pretty tame. Most of the movie is just Jane being a badass, Tarzan chasing after the bad guys, and CGI animals. The whole premise of Tarzan trades heavily on the sex quotient, and that’s not even present.

The Legend of Tarzan definitely isn’t worth the price of admission, and maybe not even the price of rental. If you have to see it, I’d recommend waiting for the library to get a copy or it to air on cable.

The Legend of Tarzan is in theaters now and you can find tickets (US) at Fandango and Moviefone.

Hot weather Instafilk

Jul. 23rd, 2016 03:20
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(Ttto Teddy Bears' Picnic)

I haven't been out of the house all day,
the weather is far too hot.
I've stayed at home in the house all day,
although I would rather not.
But temperatures of 90 and more
And RealFeel of 104*
Convince me that I'd better stay home and chi-ill.

* Celsius translation:
But temperatures above 32
With 40 how it's feeling to you

I haven't come up with a witty or even a sh**** title for this yet.
"Ttto" is a standard filk abbreviation for "to the tune of".

Daily Happiness

Jul. 23rd, 2016 00:12
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1. I actually got off work only an hour and a half late!

2. The heat's supposed to peak today and it should be cooling off next week, which is nice! I really hope the humidity goes down as predicted as well.

3. I've got a few days of sleeping in coming up!

4. I have sweet kitties. :D

(no subject)

Jul. 23rd, 2016 00:54
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Argh AnimeIowa is less than a week away and I still have so much left to do argh argh argh!

Okay, Socchan, just calm down and assess. Here, make yourself a list, you know that helps.

* Finish a second Discord (currently about 60% done? Head/body/tail and left foreleg are done, head/body/tail are sewn together, still need to make the other three legs, the wings, the horns, and sew all of those on, and then the hair; due at AI at some point)
* Make some food type things for a thing
* E-mail a bunch of people a bunch of things
* Print out copies of the current/updated Accessibility Policy for the Info Desk
* Print out also: The ingredients list for the food in the Consweet, the Quiet Room rules and key checkout sheet
* Make different food type things for the same thing
* Pack up stuff to sell
* Pack up display stuff
* Pack for stay at hotel
* Crochet more things to sell???
* Make more magic potions to sell???

Well, we'll see if I have time for those last two things. On the plus side, I have at least two "crochet in the same room as other people" opportunities in the next two days, so that should help me knock out more of Discord, if not the whole thing. And I might even have more time to make more Blue Rays!

Okay, assessment done. I might be able to do this.

(no subject)

Jul. 23rd, 2016 01:41
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stg i just bout had an orgasm when jon stewart took the desk on the late show - come baaaaaack, jon, i need you in my life, you are my only one, light of my life, desire of my loins, hope of my heart

huggn on stephen is a good thing too. and whatever yall were doing with the under-the-desk gags, that can stay

i miss them so much

The only bright spot of my week

Jul. 23rd, 2016 00:52
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Shadow's not exactly as I imagined him, but Ian McShane is perfect as Mr. Wednesday. American Gods is coming to my TV screen soon!

P.S. Signups for [community profile] genex close tomorrow! Remind me to finish my letter and leave prompts for all my Maria Hill requests.

Unsorted late night linkspam

Jul. 23rd, 2016 01:47
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Linkspam continues to be all my brain feels up for. Oh, brain. (To the few new people I've added fairly recently: I swear sometimes I post other things.)

"We just saw Nintendo's NES Classic in person and it is glorious".

"Speculative Fiction in Translation: 15 Works to Watch Out For in 2016". []

"Two white women launch ‘White Nonsense Roundup’ to unburden people of color (VIDEO)".

"Changing the Way We Talk About Autism in Martial Arts". [Sarah Kurchak on Fightland]

"Ask Polly: How Do I Dump My Crappy Best Friend?"

"Ask Polly: How Do I Live in a World Gone Mad?" "But we don’t have much time on this planet, and we have to make the most with the time we have. There will always be trouble in the world. As long as you’re vocal and you’re unafraid to speak out against injustice, that’s a start. You can only be wide awake if you’re also getting enough sleep at night. Remembering that good things are still happening out there, supporting and loving the people around you, living in the moment: These things are even more important when the world looks extra bleak."

"Librarians Respond On Twitter To The Idea That They Shouldn't Have Opinions" "The Black Lives Matter movement has brought racial policing and police brutality to the forefront of the national conversation. And, like anything that touches on race in America, it has also ignited fervent debate about the message behind the saying 'black lives matter.' In a series of tweets, Storytime Underground, a collective of youth librarians, laid out a powerful argument for supporting the movement. While recounting the role of libraries in political issues over the decades, they explained why they should not remain neutral about this issue. The resulting tweetstorm was incredibly badass."

"A Guide to More Pizza Styles of America: What we missed". [Lucky Peach]

"'I Thought I Was Stupid': The Hidden Struggle for Women with ADHD".

"Millions of Women Are Injured During Childbirth. Why Aren't Doctors Diagnosing Them?"

"My Mother Taught Me That Sometimes The Only Way Forward Is Walking Away". [The Establishment]

"Interview with Former Takararisienne Ako Dachs". [Okazu]

"Let’s Talk About Disability, Periods, and Alternative Menstrual Products".

"This guy used over 80,000 old photographs to create a Google Street View map of New York City in the 1800s".

"Go Inside New York’s Nearly Secret Botanical Library".

"Can You Tell the Difference Between Accommodation and Accessibility?"

"What Happened to the Ice Bucket Challenge? Derided at the time as “slacktivism,” the social-media campaign has had surprisingly long-lasting benefits".

A signal-boost post about a tiny, portable AC unit.

"Rippled Portals of Color Created with Spray Paint by HOXXOH".

"From Iran to India: The journey and evolution of biriyani". [BBC]

I quite liked this recent xkcd on the evolution of inflected languages/English.
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They were separated by the forcefield that the Zodiac'd thrown over Manhattan.

The teenage Tony Stark opened a temporary hole in the barrier, spending the last power in his life-preserving chestplate to do so. Some innocent people inside got out, and all the Avengers outside got in.

Tony was saved from death, thanks to Hank Pym; the forcefield was saved from death, thanks to that.

Quicksilver went looking for the base in Manhattan the Zodiac almost certainly had to have; he found it.

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Stranger Things: Season 1

Jul. 22nd, 2016 23:04
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Ok, it's time for me to attempt to articulate why Stranger Things got me to watch the entire first season in 1 sitting and has had me wanting to squeal out loud for the last week.

Stranger Things is the latest Netflix Original to drop. It's a gothic horror series set in a small town in 1983 feature scrappy teenaged monster hunters, evil government scientists and conspiracies, an androgynous psychic kid, teenaged douches and preadolescent bullies, shortwave radio and walkie talkies providing communications to other dimensions, people in other dimensions using lightbulbs to communicate with our world, and D&D loving kids who like to ride their bikes all over town, and a missing child. Winona Ryder was heavily put forth as a lead character, and with good season. Her name alone makes you think of 80s and 90s pop culture hits, and this is her first major role in years. She more than lives up to the hype, but while she plays one of the major characters and is one of the two most central adult characters (the other being David Harbour's sheriff Hopper) but the main focus of the series skews more to wards the teen and preteen characters.

The thing about Stranger Things that makes me love it is that it's a nostalgia show that isn't actually nostalgic. By which I mean, most nostalgia shows and movies are very aware of the nostalgia and are looking back on the nostalgic period, and the narrative itself has some awareness of the fact that it's looking back at a previous time period. Stranger Things doesn't do that. Instead of looking back on the 80s and drawing from them, it completely immerses itself in the 80s. It uses similar camera angles to 80s movies, the credits are 80s credits, everyone sacrifices their heads to poofs and mops, plaid and jackets are everywhere, and the soundtrack isn't "inspired by" the 80s or simply using 80s songs, it actually IS an 80s soundtrack. The only way it could possibly be more 80s than it already is would be if they were to reveal that it secretly IS an 80s show that has been amazingly remastered. Kids able to ride their bikes home at night without supervision? NORMAL. "BECAUSE COMMUNISM" to explain things? YEAH WE KNOW. Tabletop D&D games that have an entire basement devoted to them? WHAT KID DOESN'T HAVE IT? Having to go to a store to get things printed off? HOW ELSE WOULD YOU GET THEM IF YOU AREN'T RICH? Off the top of my head, the only real nod to an awareness that the show isn't taking place in the time it's set in is that some technology that is now obsolete or has changed so much that it's unrecognizable in its form from 30 years ago gets explained, but it gets explained to people who would have a logical reason not to be familiar with it. It's nostalgic because it crams every trope and reference to 80s (and sometimes 90s) horror, scifi and kid adventure movie in that it can, but it approaches it as "that's what people like to watch these days" not "these are what the oldies that were popular then" were like.

(Spoilers past this point, largely for the pilot, and things very heavily implied in the pilot)

cut for length and spoilers )

YMMV with all of that. If you like 80s stuff, gothic horror, small town mysteries or Adventurous Kids and Teens, then you'll probably like the show. I don't know if Netflix has made any announcement yet for a second season, but it has an open ending that both wraps things up in a way I found satisfying, and gives strong hints about what the second season will be about, if there is one.
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I'm going to keep posting these for a while, though probably not on any actual schedule. Anyway, parts 7 and 8 are now up on AO3. They both have some edits from the beta drafts on my journal -- part 7 more so than part 8.

The Transient and the Eternal: Time - Jibril in heaven, watching Alexiel's executions. Off-screen murder, torture, and rape. (1,275 words)

The Transient and the Eternal: Hugs - Setsuna introduces Kira to Sara. (625 words)

General warnings for Angel Sanctuary apply: namely, that the canon is built of WTF and incest (and very pretty art), so please proceed with caution. :)
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Posted in full at: at July 23, 2016 at 01:20PM

I just think Jessica Jones and Kara Danvers should be friends.

Tags:and dreamwidth, jessica jones, supergirl
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First, an enthusiastic rec for Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Fine to Medium Hair. I've spent the past decade or more getting my eyebrows and my upper lip waxed fairly regularly. In the past few months, though, my skin has gotten so dry that waxing my upper lip has been more trouble than it's worth, creating irritation that lasts for much longer than it should. So I tried using this depilatory cream and am extremely pleased. In six minutes, my lip was hair free without an ounce of discomfort. (Of course, I then had to stop myself from slathering my whole face in it because, as I reminded myself, even Eva Green has tiny little baby hairs on her forehead and she is the most beautiful woman in the world.)

On to perfume! I did a little stats work today and discovered that I have tested 77 BPAL, 17 Chanel, 8 Guerlain, 3 Dior, and 12 assorted scents to date. I'm no Luca Turin, but that seems an impressive number of trials to me.

Three BPAL reviews )

(no subject)

Jul. 22nd, 2016 21:13
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I'm sorry I just really fucking hate wikileaks
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I started a new prescription yesterday; can definitely confirm drowsiness, high blood pressure and loss of appetite, but apparently this should pass by the beginning of next week? I am super out of practice being in demand all day for a work week. I am grateful for the money, but dang, I have other things to get done.

Donald Trump is literally the Shit Demon from Dogma, and Jon Stewart came back and oh my god, it was such a balm for my soul, please watch that, you will feel at least a little bit better.

Benjamin January fannish news

Jul. 22nd, 2016 15:14
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My goodness, for such a tiny fandom, there's been a lot going on the last few weeks! Let me see if I can link everything, because I don't want anyone to miss out.

Vita Dum Superest by withinadream. 9k, gen, mature.
YES IT IS THE ZOMBIE AU THAT I HAVE BEEN WANTING EVER SINCE I FIRST READ THE BOOKS. :D But it's not just a zombie AU, or rather, it's not simply about violence and being eaten. It's actually a very effective look at the changes to New Orleans society in the wake of such an event:
January wished he could feel some sense of accomplishment. [...] How could he live in a world where the dead walked the streets and young women were forced to kill their own brothers?

The same way you lived in a world where men sold their half-brothers. And in any case, there was no way to leave. Even if he could, he wasn’t sure he would want to. Of course he would have preferred to return to the city as he’d left it, but given the choice between dying a slow death of grief in Paris and risking his life to spend the rest of his days with family and friends in New Orleans, he was beginning to think that this was the better option by far. Those you loved could be taken from you at any time—at least New Orleans was honest about its dangers. And when he thought about his sisters, and his newfound friends, and even his mother, corpse-ridden streets seemed a pleasant alternative compared to a too-empty bedroom across the Atlantic. He could learn to live here, where life and love flourished among the dead.

This is somewhat structured as an AU of A Free Man of Color, the first book in the series, but characters from throughout the series make appearances, each having adapted in one way or another to the reality of zombies. And in addition to all that, it's also a casefic! I'm always tremendously impressed by people who can write actual mystery cases into their fic; it is not at all one of my skills. Anyway, it's a fantastic fic, I've been eagerly awaiting my chance to read it for months, and everyone should check it out.

Eromenos by ophelia_interrupted. 13k, Hannibal/OMC, explicit. Backstory about Hannibal's first relationship as a teenager. This canon is so detailed and full of interesting people that I could never get tired of imagining backstory for all of them. It's especially nice to read it for Hannibal, since we know so little of his early years. Plus it's a second longfic! :D How wonderful to have two such meaty pieces to get into. A very sweet story with an angsty ending.

Who Sins Drunk (gen, 5k, teen) and its sequel A Midsummer Night's Passion (Ben/Rose/Hannibal, 3k, explicit). In an attempt to get sober (this is set roughly around the time of Dead Water), Hannibal asks Ben to cane him. And then there is a lot of hurt/comfort sex. I am not at all surprised that this particular kink has shown up in this particular fandom; I am only surprised that it took this long. And this is a wonderful take on it! I have to recommend it even if you're not particularly into canings.

On a totally different note, but still relevant to Benjamin January, over on tumblr I've been making book aesthetic posts for the series. It's a thing that I'd seen other people doing – basically you take a set of photographs of objects, landscape, people, etc and use them represent a piece of book, or sometimes a poem or play or other piece of non-visual media. Most of the creative work I do is written, but occasionally I find a lot of pleasure in stretching my visual muscles. Though the hardest part of making them, to me, is restraining the urge to write long explanations for why I chose each particular image.

Here are links to the ones I've done so far:
A Free Man of Color
Fever Season
Graveyard Dust
Sold Down the River
Die Upon a Kiss

Anything I've missed?

I need a vacation

Jul. 22nd, 2016 16:35
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A vacation that's just for fun, sightseeing, and relaxation, not tied to an event (such as a con, wedding, or reunion) or someone else's travel plans or visiting family or a staycation. A vacation with a completely open itinerary. I'm trying to remember the last time I did that, and I literally can't. Going back through my travel tag, I think it was when T and I went to New York in 2011. Five years. Wow.

I don't know when, or to where, or with whom. I can't really think about it until after WorldCon, anyway, but I want to put the thought out there, for myself as much as anything.

State of me (offline life stuff)

Jul. 23rd, 2016 11:18
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I spent what felt like 85-90% of last week doing Korean homework (with breaks for Kdrama watching -- I made my way through the entirety of Flower Boy Ramen Shop, despite the high-school-aged super-rich primary love interest being obnoxious from start to finish; this is not a rec!), and now I have a cold, so I'm interspersing homework and twitter with coughing.

Also, my arms are sore, so I'm trying to take it easy online, while at the same time compulsively reading endless articles about the terrifying state of US politics/race relations.

There's only one more Korean class, and we're going to a Korean restaurant (한국식당) to practise talking and ordering (and not blow our noses at the table, because it's rude!), so I don't know how much actual teaching/learning there'll be. (I do need to be able to confidently and clearly say, "I can't eat onion or cabbage" before we go -- I think it's "양파나 배추 못먹어요.") And then I guess my life will return to pre-Korean-lesson business-as-usual? I'm not sure. There are a lot of language-learning resources online, but none of them compare to having an actual person to teach and correct mistakes and answer questions (though the Talk to Me in Korean website/podcast is pretty excellent). And it's not like I have a reason to keep learning other than it's fun...

Plus, there's that pre-series WC AU I've been meaning to get started on, once I have the time...

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