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They can't say they weren't warned.

[personal profile] q99 requested some Fantomah, who's among the best-known creations of cult favourite Fletcher Hanks (writing and drawing as Barclay Flagg). So here we go!

'Fantomah wills it!' )

Spiritual Prepping

Dec. 2nd, 2016 16:29
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I ran across this today: We’re heading into dark times. This is how to be your own light in the Age of Trump with advice like
  • Write down what you value; what standards you hold for yourself and for others. Write about your dreams for the future and your hopes for your children. Write about the struggle of your ancestors and how the hardship they overcame shaped the person you are today.
  • Write your biography, write down your memories. Because if you do not do it now, you may forget.
  • Write a list of things you would never do. Because it is possible that in the next year, you will do them.
  • Write a list of things you would never believe. Because it is possible that in the next year, you will either believe them or be forced to say you believe them.
And I remembered that we have a song for that. Nearly 20 years ago, Leigh Ann Hussey released her album Homebrew, with The Burning Times.

I wish there were a remastered version )
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As you move through difficult, triggering events in the present, bring along all the healing tools you have learned over time.
Withstand Ongoing Trauma

New book response at Curious, Healing. Have you read this? Comments welcome!

I'm working on formatting the ebook version of Presence After Trauma. It should be available by the end of the year. The print version is available from Powell's, Amazon, and directly from me.

Signal app
I installed the free Signal app on my phone, which easily encrypts text messages and phone calls for privacy. You can use it to contact me at my same number. Regular texts and phone calls still work, of course.

Curious, Healing is a blog, and you're welcome to comment there or here about the books. The articles don't have a comment section. You're welcome to comment here or send me email with any thoughts.

If you want the monthly newsletter in your inbox, along with news about my practice, you can subscribe here.
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Sue Smith, Independent Scholar, writes

I am proposing a disability and science fiction panel for the
Centre of Culture and Disability Studies
Liverpool Hope University (UK)
Disability and Disciplines: The International Conference on
Educational, Cultural, and Disability Studies
5-6 July 2017.

The conference is looking for work that is interdisciplinary in nature. For example, I am putting forward a paper proposal that draws upon a range of disciplines that intersect Disability with Cosplay, Feminism, Psychoanalysis and Film Studies in order to examine a particular fan’s response to the female character, Imperator Furiosa, from the recent film, Mad Max: Fury Road (2015).

Similarly, I would be interested in papers that intersect with other disciplines in their examination of disability and science fiction.

Please feel free to get in touch informally in order to discuss suggestions

More on the conference as a whole

Hockey Blades On Sand

Dec. 2nd, 2016 19:51
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Posted by <a href="/users/greyanonym/pseuds/greyanonym" rel="author">greyanonym</a>


AU what takes place during lockout season and where 24 NHL players divided in 2 teams have to survive for 2 months on a desert island and go through both great and terrible things they’ve never experienced.

Words: 2609, Chapters: 1/14, Language: English

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Salt Lake City-based wire artist Kyle Wyatt of Wyre Art created this awesome bun cover that turns long hair into a tidy skull and crossbones.

Visit the Wyre Art Etsy shop to check out more of Wyatt’s wearable art. 


Skull & Crossbones Bun Cover from the WyreArt Etsy shop

Browse more curated hair accessories or Halloween

So Super Awesome is also on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

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The periodic table is awesome all by itself, but Instructables contributor makendo has made it super awesome by turning it into this 3D Periodic Table Lamp

“This instructable documents my efforts to reimagine a 3D periodic table of the elements, using modern making methods. It’s based on the structure of a chiral nanotube, and is made from a 3D printed lattice, laser cut acrylic, a lazy susan bearing, 118 sample vials and a cylindrical lamp.”

Head over to Instructables to learn how this geektastic lamp was made.


[via Neatorama]


Dec. 2nd, 2016 20:20
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I'm deep in ice skating anime hell and I feel fine. I will probably be committing Victor/Yuuri fic sooner than later.

I'm feeling a lot of feelings!!!

[ SECRET POST #3621 ]

Dec. 2nd, 2016 20:17
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⌈ Secret Post #3621 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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Champions #2

Dec. 3rd, 2016 09:06
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"My primary goal was for the doubters: By the end of issue 1, I can make you love Scott Summers." -- Mark Waid

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Sometimes I cook something and I can’t tell if it’s delicious or not.

I came across Dill Pickle Soup, somehow, and while I don’t like the actual flavor of pickles, I do like the smell and the flavor of the pickling juice. And it’s basically just a potato soup with a light vinegar base. So I decided I’d make the recipe, and I finally got round to making it.

I left the actual pickles out of the recipe because that seemed like it would make it a bit strong, and I was right. Because the finished product tasted basically like pickle juice with the texture of potato soup. Which is fine because, as indicated, I liked pickle juice. And I also like potato soup.

But it was a bit one-note, so I added some more Old Bay and a bit of garlic powder as well, and that adds complexity, but I still can’t tell if it tastes good or not. It has a flavor! Do I like the flavor? I don’t know! (Should have cooked a bunch of chopped up bacon and used the fat instead of butter, also should have added less pickle juice.) 

Also I made half a recipe because holy crap the Noble Pig recipe makes a VAT of soup, like ten or twelve cups of soup. Half a recipe will still feed me for probably two weeks, if I choose to eat it.

Will I choose to eat it? WHO CAN SAY.

Nessie Ladle likes it, though.

from Tumblr
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Posted by (Velveteen Rabbi)

MaxresdefaultReading this week's Torah portion Toldot, this year, my heart goes out to Esau. 

His father Isaac senses that death is near, so he sends Esau out hunting so he can prepare some game and receive his father's innermost blessing. When he arrives at Isaac's knee, he discovers that Isaac has given that blessing already to Jacob. "Have you not reserved a blessing for me?" asks Esau.

And Isaac replies, "But I have made him master over you: I have given him all his brothers for servants, and sustained him with grain and wine. What, then, can I still do for you, my son?"

Esau says to his father, "Have you but one blessing, Father? Bless me too!" and weeps aloud. The commentator known as the Radak embellishes Esau's words: "can you not even grant me a blessing concerning any aspect of life which you have not given him?"

Isaac blesses him to enjoy the fat of the earth and the dew of heaven above. "By your sword you will live, and you shall serve your brother," Isaac continues, "but when you grow restive you shall break his yoke from your neck."

Isaac is limited by his own zero-sum thinking and his preoccupation with the idea that one of his sons has to come out on top. Having blessed Jacob to rule over his brother, now he seems at a loss for what to say to Esau. 

Jewish tradition invites us to identify with Jacob, who will eventually be renamed Yisrael, One Who Wrestles With God -- the name that inheres in our peoplehood. But I invite us tonight to identify with Esau. Feel what it's like to be the older brother who ought, by all rights, to inherit land, blessing, good fortune. The brother who did all the right things, and now learns that he faces servitude rather than promise. When we inhabit Esau's place, rather than Jacob's, how does Isaac's blessing make us feel?

It's easy to see Isaac's blessing to his older son as a kind of back-handed slap. "You'll live by the sword, and your brother will dominate you until you overthrow him." But I think we can find more in it if we try. 

The first part of Isaac's blessing is the same for both of his sons. Isaac blesses both of his sons with the dew of heaven, which our tradition understands as a symbol of grace. Torah too is compared to dew. Dew is the sustaining abundance that arises even in the desert, and grace is everyone's birthright even when we're in tough spiritual places. We too can receive Isaac's blessing of dew: sustenance and nourishment for our tender places, kindness and wisdom to balm our sorrows and uplift our hearts. 

The next part of Isaac's blessing has to do with living by the sword. The Radak says this is the part of the blessing that is most exclusively Esau's. We can understand it as the blessing of strength and prowess, the ability to defend oneself. At times when we may feel anxious about those who seek power over us -- whether in our families, or our workplaces, or the public sphere -- we can draw strength from Isaac's blessing of skilled and ready self-defense.  

And finally, Isaac's blessing offers the certainty that the day will come when Esau will serve no longer. His future may contain servitude to his brother, but that servitude will not last forever. This may be the most important part of Isaac's blessing, because it contains the seeds of hope. At times when we feel subjugated or mistreated, we can draw strength from Isaac's blessing that things will get better. Isaac's blessing reminds Esau (and us) that the tight places in life are temporary and will pass.

We all have times when we feel like Esau. Cheated and mistreated, in tight straits through no fault of our own. We all know what it's like to be dealt a hand of cards that is not the one we had hoped for. To receive something that may not feel like a blessing: a bad diagnosis, or a door that closes, or a relationship that ends. In those moments we may feel like Esau, who came to his father seeking a sweet blessing and received a bitter one instead.

But even bitter blessings have the capacity to open us up to abundance. And developing the skill of learning to find the abundance concealed within the disappointment, the silver lining concealed within the raincloud, the gifts concealed within the blessing of the thing we didn't ask for and didn't want, can serve us well when times are hard -- and even more so when times are sweet.

My prayer for each of us is this: When the rains don't come, may there be dew, sustenance that nourishes even when our surroundings are spiritually dried-up. When we are in tight straits, may adversity help us hone our strength and our skills.

And when others act as though they have power over us, may we take comfort in the knowledge that our calling is to serve not those who claim dominance, but rather the Source of All. May we take comfort in knowing that we were not put on this earth to be diminished, but to be nourished and to grow until we can break the shackles of injustice. May we take comfort in knowing that even (or especially) when the night seems dark, we can have faith in the coming of the dawn.

May Isaac's blessing for Esau this year impel us to awareness of our inner resources and our gifts. May our tradition nourish us like the dew. And may we release ourselves into the highest forms of service, and in so doing find faith in our own becoming.



Dec. 2nd, 2016 22:44
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in my new life in croydon, which of the following is true?

a) the cinema is less than 5 minutes walk away
b) we actually have a television
c) we have apple tv
d) all of the above

answer - d) all of the above! truly a great time to be alive... if you like watching things. i used to think apple tv was probably a bit of a waste of money, and perhaps it is, but it was a gift to erin's sister from someone else, so pretty near free to me. the fact that it easily mirrors either your iphone or your macbook (assuming, of course, that by the time you buy apple tv you are that sort of terrible yuppie)(i didn't buy apple tv, but the rest is true), is a major selling point in itself. anything you can watch or play on the computer is now playable bigger and louder - as someone who has primarily streamed stuff on a laptop until now... often barely able to hear what's being said... this is vv good.

here are some movies that i watched recently using these modern conveniences. i have seen others in the past month (finding dory, trainwreck, the last holiday, the second half of 'straight outta compton', etc), but assume i have nothing to say about them.

fantastic beasts and where to find them
it's harry potter! but it's not...

the highs of 2016's HP play are greater than the highs of 2016's film, unfortunately, although the film does have fewer lows. it's just a bit bland. although it's not actually an adaptation of the book 'fantastic beasts', bizarrely it does sort of feel that way, with most of the run-time dedicated to wacky animals doing weird things while eddie redmayne (entertainingly unable to make eye-contact, and rather attractive too) runs after them. it's as though someone asked 'how do you make a film out of a textbook?'

character wise it's a bit slight generally - redmayne creates his character fairly well by being awkward, and of course - by being british amongst a lot of americans (and colin farrell pretending to be an american). queenie is quite fun, and everyone else is sort of a non-entity.

which means the film has neither strong plot, nor strong characters. bit of a disappointment, really, though overall it's pleasant, if forgettable.

spoilers )

bridge of spies
i really like mark rylance, and i watched this largely because he was in it and everyone said he was very good in this oscar-winning role. in fact - he's been better. he pretty much just plays it diffident and northern. i guess americans don't know what this is like. fortunately, the movie is actually about tom hanks - who is a lawyer who gets co-opted into first defending a soviet spy (rylance) and then negotitating with soviets/germans for the release of a UK prisoner. he starts off mean and quickly undergoes a redemption that sees him struggling against adversity to rescue additional prisoners, and trying to look after rylance. this is my jam! spielberg knows how i like it. unlikely hero saves lots of people he has no business to save, and/or people saying 'if you want X, you have to go through me'. these are bullet-proof kinks.

so, i enjoyed this movie.

the BFG
this also had mark rylance in it, obviously, and that was also why i watched this movie. again - diffident and northern, but a more interesting version of it - and it's very important that he's very likeable in this role, which he is. big sad eyes. this movie's casting genius (apart from finding a child who can act) though is penelope wilton (harriet jones, prime minister) as the queen. i love penelope wilton, and i wasn't aware she was in it, although i obviously know the story of the BFG and i was trying to work out as the movie closed in on the queen section which older british actress it would be. and it was penelope wilton! apart from her being generally awesome, this is a great bit of casting because you truly do believe that she would do what was right, and tackle the terrible children-eating giants to save the country, ordering generals to drink frobscottle, and adopting a young orphan. she is very kind, and also very badass. vv good.

also - the stuff with sophie and the BFG taking their leave of each other is very moving (because spielberg - he knows. he knows how to make you feel things).

i enjoyed this movie too.

in bruges
a movie that has been on my 'to watch' list for a while, on account of it being funny and also dark. erin described the 10 minutes that she watched before going to sleep (it was that good, huh?) as making her uncomfortable in the same way that 'kiss kiss bang bang' makes her uncomfortable. i LOVE 'kiss kiss bang bang', it is literally one of my favourite films of all time. 'in bruges' isn't as good, or doesn't work as well for me perhaps, let's say, because it isn't sure whether it's a drama or a comedy (whereas KKBB knows its a comedy) and because it's a bit afraid of being likeable, whereas KKBB has an apologetically happy ending because it likes the characters and wants them to be happy 'in bruges' ... doesn't. any of it.

what it does have is the concept of gangsters really liking medieval architecture (or not in farrel's case), which is endlessly amusing to me, and saying really awkward things to peter dinkledge. really enjoyed all three of the central performances (farrell, gleeson, and fiennes - all three in harry potter movies now), and i also really enjoyed the whole build up to the ending. everything came together really nicely, and i like that sort of planning.

i also like the kind of dialogue that sounds like really it's from a play - and obviously loads of people have rightly identified that this is what this sounds like. PLUS... bruges looks really pretty. i WOULD like to visit it.

overall - definitely recommend this movie too. although i recommend KKBB more.
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I keep failing to post. I don't want to talk about US politics, but I don't want to ignore US politics and pretend everything's okay, and... ugh.

This Mira Jordan column made me cry: Here's What I'm Telling My Brown Son About Trump's America

And this poem: Revenge

And now, a Kdrama. I've just finished Witch's Romance, and it was adorable! It's definitely going in my faves. Sixteen episodes of a cranky 39yo workaholic and her earnestly sweet, gorgeous 25yo love interest. It has very little plot: sometimes they're heading towards capital-D Drama, and then it gets undercut or takes an abrupt comic turn. I think the main couple have, like, one fight in the whole show, and multiple meet-cutes (can you technically have more than one meet-cute? somehow they manage to!). But there's enough going on to give it momentum; it's just that if it were fanfic, it would be firmly in the "fluff" category. Also, the supporting ensemble is great.

A few pics )

Sadly, I don't have the arms to screencap the rest of the cast right now, but other things I liked include:

- Ji Yeon's relationship with her mother is wonderful.
- Dong Ha shares an apartment with his best friend, and they have a great, teasing friendship.
- Nearly everyone likes everyone and wants the best for them, Ji Yeon's colleagues notwithstanding.
- People are mostly very good at communicating. (There is a little bit of problematic nice-guy-ism happening in one corner, but it turns out all right.)
- Epic levels of cute.
- The gender reversals -- she is the obnoxious one, for once.
- Noona romances (older woman, younger man) often seem to be about the woman deciding to be playful and not settle down just yet. See also The Woman Who Wants to Marry. ♥
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The San Francisco Chronicle does some good old-fashioned shoeleather reporting. 

Over the last decade, filings to the Internal Revenue Service reveal the nonprofit [Helpers Community Inc. — known until 2015 as Helpers of the Mentally Retarded] has done little charitable work while amassing millions of dollars in assets and donations and generously compensating [Joy] Bianchi, whose work includes attending red-carpet galas from Beverly Hills to Manhattan where she appears alongside celebrities such as Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katy Perry.
Helpers’ mission statement defines its “most pressing and important goal” as supporting quality residential care for the developmentally disabled. But in the past 13 years, the charity has given nothing to residential programs. And for a six-year period from 2003 to 2008, Helpers gave nothing at all to any charitable cause, according to financial records.
Bianchi, meanwhile, has been paid far above the norm for directors of charities. With base compensation of $193,828 in 2015, Bianchi earned roughly $100,000 more than the CEOs of about two dozen similarly sized San Francisco human service nonprofits tracked by Charity Navigator, a leading national watchdog group. Bianchi earned an additional $29,074 in retirement and other deferred compensation that year.
What did Helpers do, back when it did anything?  I am not making this up.

Bianchi volunteered for Helpers as a teen in the 1950s, eventually joining the organization in the 1960s just as it opened its first residential care home. For roughly 40 years, money raised by the organization helped fund its group homes, which boasted lush drapery, crystal chandeliers and needlepoint-covered chairs. Helpers cared for a total of 33 residents, offering them craft-making workshops and lessons in etiquette and fine dining.


Dec. 2nd, 2016 22:30
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I am so in love with this film I haven't stopped smiling since walking out of the theater. <3

All of it: the story, the characters, the music, the voice acting, the backgrounds...

I cried before it even started, just listening to the opening song and the ocean - TulouTagaloa

Hearing Lin-Manuel Miranda's songs and Chris Jackson's voice - a nice bonus, but just part of the brilliant whole.

There's so much in this film: Moana's wanderlust and bravery, the fact that she is loved and accepted by her family (she has two parents - and a grandma!) and village, the fact that she can still be more. The skills she displays (climbing! swimming!) and masters (sailing) without a single word ever being said about how she can't do it because she's a girl... This goes one step further than that, and just normalizes a girl as cheif-to-be and adventurer.

And it's beautiful. Heartbreakingly beautiful, because now I'm longing for the ocean more than ever...

Considering how pretty blown away and full of fizzy joy and tears of feels my adult self is, I cannot even IMAGINE what this movie would've done to my little kid self. I can't wait for my niece and nephew to experience it, and I'm so glad for all the girls that have this in their lives now.

Oh, I am so bad at analyzing the things I love these days! But Opetaia Foa'i and Lin-Manuel Miranda had BETTER get that Oscar for We Know The Way, that's all I'm saying.

This is my life

Dec. 2nd, 2016 17:15
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"Well, A Person Who Thinks He Has Walls Is Infinitely More Interesting Than One Who Does."*

-:- -:- -:- -:-

Two weeks ago, I finally got around to seeing a lawyer to deal with the house. I called and left a message, he called back, and we made an appointment.

I had gotten his name from the AFSCME website (that's the union I belong to, and union members get a discount). His address was listed as being on Alabama Street.

I saw that he had his own website, so I thought I'd check it out—I like to get my information from as close to the source as possible. On his website, his address was listed as being on Market Street.

So the day of the appointment, I drove downtown, parked, and walked over to the address on Market. I went to sign in and found someone had spilled coffee all over the sign-in sheet. I found this by sticking my hand in it. They'd also spilled it all over the lobby and there was a trail of it going to one of the elevators. Right about then someone who apparently worked there showed up, noticed the coffee, and went to get it cleaned up. I went upstairs and washed my hands in the ladies' room.

It was an interesting building. Built in 1955 (according to the cornerstone), it had been renovated and decorated with non-fuctioning clocks. I've never seen so many clocks with the wrong time on them. It was, as I say, interesting.

I waited until ten—my appointment time—nervous because there was no-one to check-in with and I couldn't figure out where his office was. I played out the worst-case scenario: I didn't get to see the lawyer today and had to come back. Oh, no! The world would come to an end. Or, I'd just have to come back at a different time. Anyway, at ten I called and left a message saying who I was, what time it was, and where I was, and that if either the time or place were wrong, I'd really appreciate him calling me back.

In a few minutes he called back. Right time, wrong place. He'd moved to an office on—you guessed it—Market. I told him I'd gotten the address from his own website, and he was quite embarrassed. He asked if I'd like to meet him at the City Market—a block away from where I was—and get some food. I thought that sounded good, so that's what we did.

We talked about the whole thing—which is really just probate vs no probate, depending on the value of the estate. His wife is in real estate and said the house looked to be between forty and sixty thousand dollars; fifty is the cut-off for not having to go through probate, and he said that with me being an only child (meaning nobody contesting my inheritance), we could squeeze by with the house being worth under fifty. I told him that the house was built just after WWII and the plumbing and electric has never been updated, and he laughed. "Definitely under fifty then," he said.

He outlined what he was going to do and I gave him a check for a thousand dollars, but I should be getting money back. It's all really easy.

I'm really glad to be getting this taken care of, but I'm particularly glad that I was able to handle the whole wrong-place thing so calmly. It was a little adventure. I got to see a cool building.

*Lillian Carlson

December Daily: Books

Dec. 2nd, 2016 15:54
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Another day of making up my own question: A few excellent books I read this year.

  • Atul Gawande, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters In the End. A moving and fascinating study of old age, part journalism and part essay. The spouse lost his mother this year, and his father is in an assisted-living apartment now instead of in his own house in California, so this felt very relevant -- but of course it's always relevant. I'd recommend it to everyone.

  • Daryl Gregory, Raising Stony Mayhall. Don't expect me to recommend a zombie book ever again, because generally it's a field in which I have zero interest. But one way to get my attention is to write the book from the POV of the zombie.

  • Elisabeth Tova Bailey, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating. Get this one on paper rather than in an e-book so you can enjoy the drawings. The author was bedridden with a mysterious illness, and someone brought her a snail. She didn't have the energy to do anything else, so she watched the snail. It's a great book.

  • Gail Carson Levine, Ella Enchanted. Everyone already knows what this one is about, but it was a good sharp look at a fairy tale trope.

    Go here to add your own question.

    The questions thus far are under here. )

New Books and ARCs, 12/2/16

Dec. 2nd, 2016 21:48
[syndicated profile] scalziwhatever_feed

Posted by John Scalzi

Whoa. It’s December, folks. How did that happen?

(Yes, I know. Go to November and keep heading on through.)

Here’s this week’s new books and ARCs. Anything here look tempting to you? Tell everyone in the comments!

I can has light!

Dec. 2nd, 2016 16:35
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Landlord Dude arrived at 10am, looked at the light, said words to the general effect of 'yeah, that's about what I expected,' opened the fixture with great struggle (it is not quite properly aligned, somehow), extracted one bulb for comparison shopping purposes, drove off to the local specialty lighting store (yes, there is such a thing), came back and installed the newly purchased replacement bulbs, and closed up the fixture with more struggle.

Meanwhile I raked four bags of leaves from the back yard and driveway, which he duly loaded into his truck and took home to mulch his garden.

Success all around, I'd say. :)
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As always, here is the link to the current ficathon. Come make and fill prompts! The more people who play, the more fun for everyone (and the more chance you'll find fandoms that interest you). :D


5. ) For [ profile] silvr_dagger: Any, any, siren song, written 11/30/16

madly, deeply (150 words)

Foggy wonders, sometimes, if he was born with wax in his metaphorical ears, something that keeps him from hearing the siren songs that rule his best friends' lives: justice, vengeance, unvarnished truth, a million other shades of poison. He doesn't feel it's a flaw -- anyone who claims to welcome the disasters and heartache that Matt and Karen's respective obsessions lead them into is both crazy and lying -- but now and then he looks at his normal ambitions and modestly comfortable life and wonders if he's missing some kind of high (personal, social, whatever) along with the obvious lows, because his friends have made it abundantly clear that some vital spark in their hearts will wither and die unless they're free to dive headfirst into the treacherous waters they love.

He just wishes he could teach them to find joy on the steady shore (in safety, with him) instead.


6. ) For [ profile] deceivepolyps: great (misfire prompt), written 11/30/16

on the internet, nobody can do your emotional labor for you (200 words)

"Jaaaaaade," Dave drawled as he leaned against the back of the sofa, draping his arms over Jade's shoulders and resting his chin on her head, "I demand clarification of your response to my dinner invitation extravaganza; what do you mean by just writing 'great' without any context; don't you know you're not supposed to leave your words naked; they need punctuation and emojis to create the illusion of tone save me from having to do hard emotional interpretation labor; I'm no good at emotional labor, Jade, have pity."

"Nobody's good at emotional labor when they start out, but I learned how to interpret your writing without punctuation and emojis," Jade said cheerfully, a faint green light beginning to limn her form in warning of imminent teleportation; "Suck it up and deal, mister, or Karkat and I will go on our own private dinner date extravaganza while you loll around in abject despair over your inability to take words at face value."

"Great," Dave said into the minor rush of air that accompanied her departure, "real smooth, genius; you oughta borrow Jane's fedora for that move," and resigned himself to Karkat's inevitable laughter when Jade pulled the story out over dessert.


7. ) For [ profile] recessivejean: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Cimorene (& anyone), unnecessarily complicated walk in the woods, written 11/30/16

a real magic (225 words)

"Mendanbar, I don't mean to interrupt, but the forest does know I'm only a member of the royal family by marriage, and therefore unable to handle big problems by waving my hands and wishing very hard, right?"

Mendanbar glanced briefly up from the accounts he was reviewing (under orders from Cimorene, which he had protested mostly for show; he was perfectly well aware they were important, and anyway reviewing accounts someone else had drawn up was much less frustrating than trying to create them himself), smiled, returned to his papers... and then looked back properly at the train of princesses, knights, talking animals, and various other complications that had somehow found his wife on what was meant to be a short walk to see the spiral dance of levitating boulders that an artistically inclined witch had spelled into place two hundred years ago, and had then followed her back to the castle (incidentally tramping mud all through the corridors; Willin was going to pitch a fit).

"I think the forest may be throwing problems at you because it knows you have the common sense to solve them instead of waving your hands and wishing them away," Mendanbar said, wryly, as he rose to help sort out the inevitable chaos, "but I'll have a word with the sword tomorrow and we'll see if that helps."


8. ) For [ profile] celeste9: MCU, Clint/Natasha/Laura, whatever works, written 11/30/16

just as long as we're together (225 words)

"I am so sorry, Nat," Laura said as she stared at the charred ruins of the turkey; "I wanted to give you a perfect introduction to American holiday traditions, but apparently I should have spent more time bugging my mom in the kitchen than bugging my dad in the garage when I was a kid, since apparently cooking is not nearly as close to engineering as baking is."

Clint dropped a cheer-up kiss on her forehead and heaved the useless, smoking avian corpse into the sink; "The pie's still fine," he said, "and there's always takeout Chinese, which is actually more traditional in my family than any fancy home-cooked meal."

Natasha's kiss landed on Laura's nose, then slid teasingly down just to the corner of her mouth before Nat pulled back with a smile and said, "I've eaten turkey -- my trainers were very thorough about cultural details -- and while I appreciate the effort, I have to say I'd prefer egg rolls."

Laura sighed and let her husband and lover pull her toward the basket of takeout menus that sat in mocking splendor at the end of her kitchen counter; probably this disaster had always been inevitable, and if nothing else she'd have a funny story to tell someday (in carefully redacted form), but in the meantime, she had an argument over appropriate spice levels to mediate.


Note: Yes, I know that one is four sentences. Shush.


9. ) For [ profile] mermaids_feet: Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton/Any, Bachelor AU, written 12/1/16

would smell as sweet (125 words)

"I'm not supposed to warn you, Alex, but I care too much to make you be gracious extemporaneously," Angelica murmured into Alexander's ear, the wild curls of her hair disguising the movement of her lips from the ever-present cameras; "I'm going to give John Church my last rose tonight instead of you -- and don't try to change my mind, because I have something so much better in store for you."

For once wordless, Alexander could only hope she correctly interpreted the code of his eyelashes as he blinked away his disappointment and confusion.

He shouldn't have worried; they were in sync as always, though equally as always, Angelica managed to surprise him when she said, between another series of kisses, "Let me tell you about my sister Eliza."


Note: The Bachelorette is functionally the same idea, right...? :)


10. ) For [ profile] silvr_dagger: Any, any, sunlight and shadow, written 12/2/16

under a bushel (125 words)

Eliza would say she's spent her life in shadows, effortless outshined by first Angelica and then Alexander as they stride forth in the strength of their convictions. They try to convince her otherwise, tell her again and again that she's the sun itself that brings light into their worlds and lets them flourish unafraid, but the sun, she thinks, should be bold and free and effortlessly visible in the world, not happily veiled and distracted by the curtains and concerns of her domestic life.

When they die, first Alexander and then Angelica, Eliza clothes herself in black, but instead of dousing her light she throws open all her windows and doors and begins to shine for the world as she always shone in their eyes.


Eventually I will get these up on AO3.

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