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"I was sort of inspired by the way Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye works. If someone had said before that was announced that Marvel was doing a new Hawkeye series you would imagine him fighting villains like a modern day version of his run on Solo Avengers, but instead they gave you this sort of cool urban tale of what Clint does on his days off. And David Aja wouldn’t be who you’d think of as a stereotypical Hawkeye artist, but he’s fantastic and doing a superb job." -- James Robinson

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Not at All to My Surprise

Jan. 25th, 2015 23:00
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I'm John Adams.

Which of the Sons of Liberty are you?

"Abigail Adams" isn't an alternative. Possibly because if they'd put her in, she would have swept all before her with the power of her awesomeness.

Teacup Solidarity

Jan. 25th, 2015 22:31
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Shamrock teacup

Recency English Bone China with Abel the Beastlies and jasmine tea. This was one of my great-grandmother's and probably made in the 1950s.

(I took the picture with my iPad Mini and figured out how to send it to tumblr but not how to get it from there to here. Fortunately, I also figured out how to send it to flickr and I know how flickr works with with LJ/DW ... )

Highbrow Catwoman!

Jan. 25th, 2015 20:56
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Hey, look, a post! A post to tell you about a thing I am enjoying!

The most recent comics (anti-)heroine I have fallen in love with is Catwoman. I heartily recommend her current run (of which there are only four issues so far), which started a new story about Selina Kyle running a Gotham mob family. [personal profile] beccatoria explains the set-up and why you should read it (without spoilers)!

It has a bunch of elements I often love in stories: a morally ambiguous woman in charge, deliberately and carefully choosing which parts of her soul to sell off to keep power, because she can do more with power than without it, but still questioning her own actions. Selina is set more and more in opposition to a young woman, Eiko, from a different mob family who's increasingly disillusioned with Selina and who's taken on the Catwoman role to do the things that she thinks Selina is neglecting (and of course, Selina clashing occasionally with Batman--though rarely, because he's a minor character--who has a very different world view, incompatible with Selina's, which let's be honest, totally makes me ship them). Selina's most trusted lieutenant is another badass lady, Antonia (Selina, when written well, should as a rule trust women more than she will ever trust men). I am basically just loving it all. Only Selina Kyle would choose running a mob as her chosen path of redemption. <3 It's being written by Genevieve Valentine, who it turns out writes very well-reviewed SFF novels and short fiction, which I have now queued up on my Kindle. The art is gorgeous, and in some ways reminds me a lot of early Gotham Central, which can never, ever be a bad thing.

Also, I can, er, provide you with issues, should you require assistance. :) Though it's well-worth buying too!

I am also reading Ed Brubaker's iconic Catwoman run from the early 2000s, which is helpfully collected into three big paperback volumes (starting with "Trail of the Catwoman"), which I am also liking a lot. But I figure it's way more helpful to say "read these four issues of a new run!" rather than "I'm enjoying this 30-issue run from 15 years ago." But if you read the new run and want more Selina Kyle, Brubaker's a good place to start.

Still Alive

Jan. 25th, 2015 21:22
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Yup, still alive. I've been lurking on tumblr mostly. But recently I've been feeling very Fannish. So Fannish that I feel the need to interact... And it still feels weird interact on tumblr that isn't reposting or sharing pics.. So I've been looking for ways to interact with fandom again.

I even went so far to look into going to Escapade. Unfortunately, I also saw that Sam Roberts was playing in Montreal at the same time. And well I haven't been to Montreal in quite sometime. Canada is one of my favorite places and I've missed visiting for a weekend or more. I can't complain though, the reason I haven't been to Canada in a while is because I went to Scotland last spring and London in October for my birthday.

So I been busy traveling. I also got promoted at work which will eventually lead to more money and has already led to less hours. I just wish I wasn't doing my old job and my new job at the same time. But of course it takes forever to fill a state job.

I've also been slowly updating my house with a new deck and home automation. Home automation really intrigues the geek in me. Next up is a new front porch and redoing my living room setup. To help out with that I've been purging my DVDs. Actually I'm purging many things to make my life simpler. Or maybe I've just realized I don't need so much stuff.

Anyways I feel very Fannish which seems odd since I'm mainly still focused on Sherlock. Though I can't wait for more MCU movie and House of Cards.

I want to get more active in fandom. If anyone has any recs for kink memes, prompt communities, or other things that would be great.

Also, where can I see the Eichmann Show?

Letter To Wikimedia Foundation

Jan. 26th, 2015 12:45
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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 12:45:12 +1100
Subject: Problems donating

To Whom It May Concern,

I have, in the past, donated money to support wikipedia.

However, this:

is the last straw.

Until you fix wikipedia's systemic bias against women, you will not get another penny from me. Before you say "we are not responsible" -- you are, because you are *financing* this toxic atmosphere. The buck stops with you.

Kathryn Andersen

daily gratitudes

Jan. 25th, 2015 17:45
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  1. comfy boots for long walks
  2. the nearby coffeeshop where I can pop in for a chai latte, read Ancillary Sword, and kill an hour
  3. delicious leftovers of braised cabbage and sausage
  4. the fact I experience only mild trepidation at the horrible forecast for the next few days
  5. I have books in case I get snowed in

Happy Birthday!

Jan. 25th, 2015 20:22
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Happy belated birthday to all of the following: [personal profile] amireal, [ profile] cynatnite, [ profile] doodlebuggey88, [personal profile] dubhartach, [personal profile] dytabytes, [personal profile] elz, [ profile] faith5by5_1013, [ profile] futuresoon, [personal profile] ilyena_sylph, [ profile] jagwriter78, [personal profile] killing_rose, [personal profile] klia, [personal profile] laurashapiro, [ profile] lizbetann, [personal profile] lorax, [personal profile] marcicat, [personal profile] par_avion, [personal profile] raven, [personal profile] roga, [ profile] roseveare, [ profile] sweptawaybayou, and [ profile] thistlerose!

And happy birthday, [ profile] etherati and [personal profile] violace!

(It hasn't been as long as it looks since my last post. It's just that everyone seems to have been born in January.)

(no subject)

Jan. 25th, 2015 18:50
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So last weekend I zoomed through The Maker's Mask and The Hawkwood War, by Ankaret Wells. It's a fairly frenetic and pretty addictive self-published duology -- one of those that's set in the far future on a cut-off colony planet that's mythologized their leftover bits of science into a sort of magic, so half the fun is trying to reverse-engineer the worldbuilding from what you see into where it might have come from.

The other half the fun is all the complex family politics. The protagonist, Tzenni, is the engineering-focused middle daughter of the Boccamera family; her headstrong tomboy younger sister has been captured by the HORRIBLE KAPELLANS who have been feuding with them for GENERATIONS, and since their older sister and family head is off having a diplomatic baby, Tzenni decides it's her responsibility to rescue the other one.

Then of course, after some initial diplomatic awkwardness when she gets there, it turns out her enemies haven't got any idea where her sister is either.

THE KAPELLANS: Yes, things started to get weird right around when your sister saved the life of our oldest son --
TZENNI: ...that does seem unlike her...
THE KAPELLANS: And then she seems to have disappeared, along with our son, who was about to enter into an arranged marriage that he didn't want --
TZENNI: .......oh. Oh dear. @__@

It took me (and possibly also Tzenni) a few chapters to realize that the sons being referred to in this conversation were two different sons, enmeshed in AT LEAST two different complicated and potentially murderous marriage plots. The Kapellans have a lot of sons. This is also a world in which marriage generally consists of at least three participants, sometimes more, some of whom are often siblings or cousins -- I was never entirely clear on all the social rules surrounding this -- but it does make for some extremely cool and complicated family dynamics!

This is also a world in which there are a number of androgynous intersex people called epicons running around, one of whom is a fashionable, witty, swashbuckling person with a tragic backstory named Innes Liang who rescues Tzenni in the first chapter and goes on to become her bodyguard.

...I did not expect to feel such seething resentment when it turned out that Innes Liang was not Tzenni's love interest, but I did, and I am sad to say that despite my enjoyment of the books that resentment has not entirely dissipated. I mean, her actual love interest is perfectly fine! (Although I am kind of not into the twenty-year age difference.) And in the normal way of things I would be all about Innes and Tzenni's emphatically platonic friendship, but I did not realize how excited I had gotten for the potential of a non-heterosexual romance until it became clear I was not going to get it -- and Innes Liang is otherwise such a heroic-romantic archetype that it's hard for me not to feel a little bit like they were disqualified for romance by being Not Enough Dude.

(I'm using a 'they' pronoun, but for the record, the books shift between 'he,' 'she', and 'it' for the epicons, which is a strategy I'm not really sure about. Also for the record, the other major epicon character in the book is one of the primary villains, an abusive rapist who figures prominently in Innes' tragic backstory and might as well have waltzed out of one of those Mercedes Lackey novels where all the villains are sadistic rapists who take great pains to look like cat-people. Innes Liang is awesome enough as a character that I can just about look past this, but only just, and I really don't love that both prominent epicons in the book are linked by sexual violence.)

That aside, though, I do love Innes, and I love Tzenni, who is not at all a warrior sort of person and prone to getting distracted in the middle of important scenes by wondering about the engineering of the toilet; and I love Tzenni's exasperated relationship with her younger sister, who is much more the kind of YA protagonist who runs around falling in love with suitable people and punching everyone else in the face, and how they don't understand each other at all, and fight over everything in the way only people who've known each other since toddlers can, and are deeply loyal to each other all the same. And I like most of the politics, frenetic and Byzantine as they are, although I think the plotlines and characters could probably have been pared down by about 25%. But it's a very rich world, and a lot of fun!

...but I'm still kind of bitter about the gender-destabilizing romance that I feel I deserved and I did not get. >:(


Jan. 25th, 2015 19:03
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My brain is still convinced that Massachusetts is west of New York state. I did a double-take when I saw a map of the incoming blizzard that's currently up at Which is probably why I flunked the 13 colonies (?) quiz in AP U.S. History the first time I took it. (We all did so poorly the teacher gave us a retake, in an unusual act of mercy.)

I have circled in lime green where my brain thinks Massachusetts is. NO I DON'T KNOW WHY.

(screencap of 1/25/2015 around 7:10 p.m.)

If I ever went to war, I would hire someone with a sense of direction to run it, and retire to do something useful, like inventorying boots.

Not coincidentally, I also have a flipped version of the map of Rokugan in my head, as if east and west were switched up. This made trying to read the account of how the Unicorn Clan returned through the Shadowlands completely incomprehensible until I actually flipped to the map.

Sometimes I think I must have dyslexia. :(

Anyway, y'all, stay warm.
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Last week was just a zoo, y'all, but maybe this one won't be quite as bonkers. Going back to the rest of the December posting meme topics, this next one is:

How did I first happen upon fandom life and do I remember my first impression of it? (for [ profile] verdande_mi)

okay, I... think I have to blame the fandom stuff on [ profile] rogoblue. Not the part about being fannish, mind. That I did all on my own, watching Han Solo blast Darth Vader into deep space in the summer of 1977, when I was 14, and then going and finding the sci-fi magazines that were out there back in the day so I could find out as much as I could about the movie and the characters. I already was hopelessly addicted to the X-Men, too, but I could just go read the next issue there. So I had the part where something was taking up residence in my brain, but no greater group to share it with, at least not until ro somehow got her hands on 'zines, actual paper, stapled-together, mailed-through-the-post-office 'zines, full of fic and artwork, and voila: a lifetime hobby was born.

And then I was working in software when the internet blew up (oh, people, I remember Mosaic like it was yesterday) so I had reliably fast internet (though, god, how slow was it, really?) and could follow along as got started, and tracked all the details and rumors from New Zealand and the LOTR movies as they were filming. gossamer started archiving thousands of XF fics and the Bronze kept me fit for public interaction (because 30-something mothers were not supposed to be dying to talk about Tuesday's episode of Buffy, but how could I not, especially through the second half of the second season. I could at least to online and read and post and gasp and squee and get it out of my system so I could at least carry on normal conversations in public.)

LOTR rpf led me to lj and popslash, and then the Winchesters moved into my brain and I started writing more and longer fic, which made me super-happy when AO3 came around, because wow, so much easier than coding HTML by hand (and I don't want to talk about the posting interface at, because that thing was a horror, though I hear it's gotten better now.)

I don't really remember what I thought originally, except that it was something along the lines of omg, MY PEOPLE, which I still feel every year when DragonCon gets going and I'm drifting along with the fannish energy. Plus, my icon. :D

...and y'know, so it goes: 'zines to yahoo groups and assorted posting boards to livejournal and twitter and tumblr and whatever comes next, because I don't think the fandom thing is going anywhere.

[BJD] Kel Cheris

Jan. 25th, 2015 18:40
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Kel Cheris

Based on character art by [personal profile] telophase, which I commissioned for my character.

Costume by Sewing Box Designs.

BJD in question is an Elfdoll Wysteria.
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Title: Missing Scenes
Author: Settiai
Rated: PG
Word Count: 1000 words
Characters: Frodo Baggins (with hints of past Bilbo/Thorin)
Notes: Also posted on the AO3. Based on a prompt by [ profile] amberstarfight. Set during Return of the King, after the Scouring of the Shire but before the Grey Havens.
Summary: Frodo stumbled across the small box full of papers on one of his bad days.

Fic. )

Sunday evening post

Jan. 25th, 2015 17:59
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How the fuck did it get to be 6 o'clock already?

Oh, right. I have had an AWESOME DAY, that's how.

Everything went swimmingly today--bellies were (over)stuffed with food, there was plentiful tea, and we watched two Renner movies which were...both great to watch? But one of them was TERRIBLE and yet the kind of terrible that is AWESOME, and the other was just pretty much awesome except for the end (which wasn't a surprise to me since I'd seen that one before). Basically, many more people need to see both of them, so we have more people to talk about them with, and also so there can be fic. They both really need fic.

The terrible and awesome movie was Monkey Love. )

We were originally going to watch some of The Unusuals after that, but I declared that I couldn't deal with anything else that had surreal elements and a prominent diner setting (most of Monkey Love takes place in a diner), and [ profile] bloodredrache and [ profile] belle_abroad agreed this was for the best, so we watched Neo Ned.

EVERYONE needs to see Neo Ned. No, seriously. EVERYONE. )

Anyway. So after that, Rachel and Demi helped me hang my Michael Walsh inks of Clint and Phil, and then they left because it was nearly 5:30.

IN CONCLUSION: AWESOME FUCKING DAY. And go watch Neo Ned. And maybe Monkey Love. But definitely Neo Ned.

(do I really have to go back to work tomorrow?)

Arisia 2015

Jan. 25th, 2015 19:22
lannamichaels: "(but I digress)" written in black text on textured background (off-topic)
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So, a week late...

Arisia was a mixed bag for me this year. While it was clear there was space for me as a probably-ace lesbian with gender problems, it was less clear if there was space for me as a fic writer. Con write-up )


Jan. 25th, 2015 14:28
sakana17: oh sang sik and jang geu rae on roof (misaeng-ohsangsik-janggeurae)
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I finished watching the K-drama Misaeng [미생] (a.k.a. Incomplete Life) and... started watching it again! It's that good.

Summary here. It's available with English subtitles on Viki. Viki also has an app for mobile devices. These are free but with ads, and the ads are rather brutally shoved in about every 10 minutes or so and range from 15 seconds to over 20 minutes(!). You can skip all but the shortest ads after 5 seconds. Viki also has ad-free access for $3.99/month with a week-long free trial.

Why I loved it:
* Found family
* Unlikely friendships
* Value of being different / different competencies outside the expected
* Being your own person
* Not predictable
* Sorta spoilery )

* The characters:
Manager Oh! ♥ ♥ ♥ HIS LOVE FOR GEU RAE IS SO PURE! Like, I don't slash them because it's too May/December for me, but if people did I would totally get why because THEY ARE SO IN LOVE. In terms of the show, it's sort of a father-figure relationship but not quite. It's more mentor and crazy uncle than father, to me, but whatever it is, it's ♥! Oh Sang Sik is just a great character, anyway. Someone on Tumblr tagged him as "Papa Bear" and that is so true.

Jang Geu Rae! ♥ ♥ ♥ He tries *so hard*. In everything. He won't give up and he doesn't see the things he can do because he's so focused on what he lacks. The series is basically showing him coming out of his shell and "entering life." And it's never easy, but he keeps going even when he wants to give up. Awww, bae. That being said, he is not only a woobie. He has a tangy side, too, which I looooooved seeing and, tbh, wish we saw a little more of it.

Ahn Yeong Yi: Awesome, competent, and realistically not perfect. Do not be fooled by how her character is introduced. I think the show was playing with us, saying, "You think it's going to be this kind of office show, huh?" And it is not.

Jang Baek Gi: For me, the hardest character to get to know, but I think that's the point. He's the one who, on the surface, has all the right qualifications and worked hard to get everything he expects to get. And then things don't go as expected. It is great to watch him adjusting and finally learning from the experiences.

Han Seok Yool: His character is one sign of a good show for me: He is introduced in such a way that I couldn't stand him. And then the character developed and I found out more and by the end, I loved him.

Kim Dong Sik: Geu Rae's immediate superior and how can you not love the guy? He's so loyal, but expresses his misgivings. On the surface, he seems like a generic ordinary joe but there's more to him.

Front row, l-r: Han Seok Yool, Jang Baek Gi, Jang Geu Rae, Ahn Yeong Yi.
Back row, l-r: Kim Dong Sik, Oh Sang Sik.

The caveats:
* There is some embarrassment squicky stuff, most of it in episode 1, but it gets better, honestly. The "fish out of water" aspect becomes the "different competencies" aspect. Geu Rae is not like the other newbie employees and never will be, and the show raises the question, "Why is that so bad?" There are also some scenes of workplace bullying, not just of Geu Rae.
* A few scenes of heavy drinking and extreme drunkenness. Of a frequency and intensity I haven't seen on American TV in a long time, fwiw. Also some scenes of smoking cigarettes.
* Depiction of South Korean corporate culture as traditional, hierarchical, paternal, and sexist. I have no reason to think this isn't accurate. The sexism was the hardest to watch, but the big thing for me was how the show presents it. For me, it's like Agent Carter: the show portrays realistic sexism but also makes it clear that this is not good or fair, it's actually something very awful and toxic.

Despite the caveats, I truly love this show. All I can say is, things don't go the way I thought they would -- on both the small scale and the larger scale -- and almost every character gets some background that puts them in a new light.

Geu Rae, Seok Yool, and Baek Gi after working hard:

And the complete picture is even better... )

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