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So my last entry linking to my [community profile] chocolateboxcomm gift is getting a ridiculous amount of anon (and thus screened) spam bot comments in Japanese. Just that entry. I dutifully deleted and reported 28 since I posted, but it's been getting really annoying, so I disabled all comments to it now. I honestly don't get how the targeting of these spam bots works.

ETA: And now the bots apparently switched to this one. If this continues I will have to disable anon comments. Already have turned on captcha for anon, but apparently that is useless.

ETA2: I had to disable anon comments, after getting another flood of spam comments. Sorry to potential anon commenters, but they seem fairly rare anyway.
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I haven't yet looked into the potentially helpful python script that [personal profile] odditycollector linked in the comments to my last post, but I did start the backup export option Tumblr provides yesterday. Only it seems to still be "processing" now.

Mind, I do not have many Tumblr posts, just 81. For comparison I have over 2500 posts here. So I am not a heavy Tumblr user. And yet, the site seems to be unable to export even this few. (My long defunct side Tumblr [tumblr.com profile] jamesmcavoywithsloths in its run actually got to 600 posts, which still isn't that many, and Tumblr is "processing" that as well.)

Is their backup just broken right now, because everybody is trying to use it?
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So I got a mail from Flickr informing me that they have been acquired by "SmugMug", whatever that is, and that if I don't want my account data transferred I ought to delete the account by May 25.

Now, I don't remember to ever having signed up for Flickr, but I used to have a Yahoo Account, because of the YahooGroups merger back in the day, and at some point Yahoo acquired Flickr, so who knows what I got auto signed up for. So I tried to login with the e-mail that they sent the notification about my supposed account to, only then the login tells me that they don't know that email address.

So obviously I can't try to login or do a password recovery to see that Flickr account they informed me I have. I actually still have the password for my old YahooID written down, but apparently they don't ask for YahooIDs anymore. I mean, they can't have it both ways, mailing me and then claim they don't know that email.

ETA: Apparently they prompted for an email, but in reality wanted my YahooID in that field. So now I could delete the Flickr account that I never signed up for in the first place.
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Why is there an annoying, pixelated, pooping horse on my Tumblr dashboard? It is not even April 1st yet. How can I make it go away? Why is Tumblr doing these things?
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Why is there a stupid confetti animation disrupting my dashboard? I guess it is because it's Tumblr's tenth anniversary?

I suppose it is totally in the site's spirit to make themselves even more unusable as celebration.
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Last night I dreamed about being hassled by Donald Trump. WTF. I think I participated in some game show? I need to watch less US election coverage if my dreams get invaded.
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You should not send spammy emails that claim that the account's tweets got lots of attention (and then explain how to promote them more or something) to accounts that have never posted even a single tweet.

After first glancing at the mail I wondered whether this meant that my twitter, which I don't actively use, had been hacked (it hasn't), and somebody had actually tweeted from it, or something, and now they wanted to inform me about unusual account activity.

This applies in particular since, afaik, I had already unchecked all seven checkboxes for receiving emails about Twitter updates, including the one about new features and services. So they should not have sent me spammy emails in the first place. Though maybe they added a new one, I was opted in by default and only unchecked the latest, seventh(!) fine-grained twitter product "information" box with my unsubscribe click.
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I've just seen US-style processed "cheese" in a spray can sold for the first time in a supermarket here. Granted it was part of some special display dedicated to American foods and not their normal range of products but still.

The most bizarre thing was that it apparently was produced by a Wisconsin company that calls itself "Old Fashioned Foods Inc." which is just-- though maybe it's meant to be ironic.

ETA: Also now that I'm thinking about spray can cheese (and calling that an "old fashioned" food), I don't think I've ever read a fic where Steve Rogers when adjusting to the future/present isn't going the Farmer's Market route, but instead (or additionally) is totally thrilled with all the modern convenience food developments, because "scientific"/"hygienic"/"modern" food is awesome to him. I mean, I think he is of the generation that initially brought us the stuff like TV dinners and spray can cheese and food technology in general in the post war period, that only then in the backlash got its current bad reputation, because now "natural" is fetishized as the best and healthiest food.
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Tumblr forcibly logged me out, and refuses to let me log in via a webbrowser unless I change my password. Though it doesn't seem to have any problem to let me log into my account via the Android app.

Admittedly I haven't changed my password in a while, but still this is obnoxious behavior, in particular since they did not bother to sent me an email or such to explain or alert me to anything.
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Sometimes people are leaving odd comments on AO3. Like this one by inky-pen on my Furry and Animals drawbles collection on AO3. It just says "Can u draw a mixture of a snake and squirrel. Please."

It is somewhat strange to get a comment that doesn't actually say anything about having liked the art that is there, and just asks for a new drawing. And since inky-pen didn't comment from an AO3 account, I don't even know who they are. I did however draw them a Frankenstein snake-squirrel mix, though I'm not sure whether you even get email comment notifications without an AO3 account, so maybe they'll never know.

for inky-pen )
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I was making myself some banana-oatmeal pancakes for breakfast when a tiny fruitfly decided to commit suicide by flinging itself into the hot butter. So I had to fish a tiny fried insect out of my pan. I guess it was lucky it didn't try to land on the then still soft topside of my pancakes.
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The Tumblr app has notifications, usually only "So-and-so liked your photo", but sometimes the notification starts differently but then I can't find out what it wanted me to inform about, because when I tap on the notification, it only opens my dash, and when I go on to check account activity nothing shows there either.

I just clicked on a Tumblr notification on my tablet that had popped up without really reading the excerpt, except noting that it wasn't the standard like/reblog thing, but now I have no idea what it was, because there is nothing new in the inbox or the account activity of either of my two Tumblrs, and of course the notification goes away once you tapped it. Argh.
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Does Pinterest somehow add boards to what you follow when you're not looking via some algorithm or something like that? Whenever I've been away from the site for a while and then check back there somehow are a ton of pins on my dash from boards and people I don't remember following (at least I'm fairly sure about that, though they often vaguely overlap with previous interests).

And is there a way to turn this behavior off?
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Tumblr has created a way to not show a Tumblr via the web URL but only on the dashboard to followers. But as I understand it, the behavior is that anyone can follow you if they know your name unless you explicitly block them. So content is not actually private as such, because if I for example came across one of these error pages following at a web URL, I could follow the name in the URL and then see the content on my dash, at least unless/until I got blocked.

Only I probably couldn't find any specific content because I'd have to scroll back through my dashboard to see it, since the URLs don't work anymore for anyone, logged in or not, including the owner even, based on the reblog comments?! So if you hide your Tumblr, how could you find or see your old posts if neither archive nor tag links work any longer?

And how does this behave with reblogging? The post says the social functions all work as before, including reblog, does that mean if your followers, who may not even realize you disabled URLs as there is no symbol on the posts like on LJ/DW, can still reblog and it would show on theirs with a proper URL (and be visible to all including search engines if they set their Tumblr for maximal exposure?) or only reblog through the dashboard feeds to their followers but not the public Tumblr?

This implementation of (faux-)privacy doesn't sound like a recipe for wanky misunderstandings and disaster at all... /sarcasm
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Getty Images, which apparently own the copyright to the penguin photograph that is used in the Socially Awkward Penguin Meme, threatened to sue a German blogger for reblogging a couple of meme images. The blogger decided to pay the fine of about 785€ they were offered, rather than risking a court decision on whether this infringed on Getty Images' copyright. German copyright does not have "fair use" like it exists in the US though there are other provisions (for citations and parody for example), so apparently it's not clear how it would have gone in court. However, the blogger didn't follow the gag order Getty Images wanted to be followed (I guess it's bad for the business model if people are forewarned what they might risk) and posted about it. I haven't found any English news articles but here's a link to a German one.

WTF, nearly 800€ for reblogging a penguin meme...

Eta: Some English language news now have picked this up, so you can read about the case here in English.


Sep. 5th, 2015 13:06
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Checking links can also be hazardous (or at least leave you in need of brain bleach). I just clicked on a story link, the fanfic site has vanished, but now there is a site with porn videos titled "granny fucking video" featuring delightful content such as "dog fucks grandma" videos. At least they weren't autoplay. Yikes.

It adds motivation to also update my xover rec page (which unfortunately right now inadvertently links to this crap), though. On the upside, the story in question is still online elsewhere.
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So apparently the Amazon Kindle app on Android infrequently will notify you about some sale or other. So when I actually clicked on the notice to get to the app (and then hopefully be able to turn off the annoying advertising notifications somewhere), I got not to a display of deals that were supposedly of interest to me, but to an empty page that said it could not find any results for that search. WTF? How can they fail this much at their advertising, that they got me to click on it, and then don't show me anything?

Also there doesn't seem to be any option to turn their sales notifications off, I just see an option for the download notifications (no matter that the Amazon help center claims there was an option for Kindle deals notification in the same place), which I'd actually like to keep on. Or does that turn off both? Or do I have to turn off its permission for notifications in the Android settings?
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So I was buying some mouthwash, and saw the weirdest ad line on a nearby toothpaste I've encountered yet.

In the prominent byline place near the brand name, where normally you'd see claims like "recommended by dentists" or such it advertised with "compatible with homeopathy". Just what? And it wasn't a toothpaste of the organic/all natural/no mineral-oil derived ingredients kinds or some other niche product either.


Mar. 8th, 2014 22:30
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I just took down a poster and in the sticky tape on the back of the thing were three larvae or maggots or something developing as I peeled the tape areas off. Upon taking it down fully I also found a huge dead moth squeezed behind it (the poster wasn't entirely snug to the wall throughout, so it's not as if you saw a moth bulge on the visible side). So maybe the other critters were the moth's offspring. Alternatively two different vermin populations are interested in the backside of posters as habitat.

I find this actually somewhat grosser than finding insects colonizing my foodstuff as opportunity. You anticipate your food to be attractive and watch out for that, but tape being attractive seems entirely random. I guess anything is edible to someone.


Jun. 15th, 2013 15:02
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Looking at the Worst Room Tumblr just now (a blog that posts photos of horrible rooms and small "apartments" for rent in NYC at outrageous prices) makes me feel so much better about my place.

Also, of course I knew that fictional depictions of supposedly crappy NYC apartments in tv series and such always make them vastly larger than they would be in reality (perhaps because you couldn't actually fit a professional camera larger than an iPhone, the person operating it, and a person being filmed into an actual crappy NYC apartment from the looks of these photos so you'd probably have to stage them and leave one wall out that you don't see or something), but these are just astoundingly awful. Like, many seem to be either windowless closets rented as bedroom for several hundred dollars or some sort of crawlspaces repurposed for sleeping in, that are too low to stand or even sit.


Jan. 23rd, 2013 19:29
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I can't believe they're selling chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies already. They really need to invent some sweets geared towards carnival or something, so that there is at least some buffer between the Christmas items deco and the Easter stuff in supermarkets.
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The no-dialog thing in the first half of CSI:NY felt really gimmicky. It made the story more tedious, IMO, with the even longer than usual montages to emotional music, and they didn't even stick with it for a whole episode.
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I just reloaded my Tumblr dashboard and they moved all the things around without warning. It's quite disorienting.


Aug. 16th, 2012 22:24
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What happened to the AO3? It doesn't load for me, instead some "parked domain" page with sponsored advertising shows for me. Argh. I really need to learn to save stories I'm in the middle of reading, rather than just have FF remember the URLs in its tabs.
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Last night in my dream appeared a cauliflower tree, i.e. a tree producing cauliflower like fruit, even though I am well aware of how cauliflower looks when it grows, that it is a variant of cabbage, and thus grows on the ground. I might be alienated from food production, but not by *that* much. (Despite being a city dweller, I don't believe in lilac cows that are the direct chocolate producers either.)
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I'm starting to think my new rats aren't particularly fearful of the outside, but just really phlegmatic for their age. I keep the cage open for hours on end every evening and they don't venture out. I set them outside and they run back inside again (mostly to sleep some more). And I don't hear them tearing around the cage at all hours like maniacs, scuffling and making a racket either. I'd worry that something was wrong with them, but their appetite is good, their fur is glossy, and they are growing as you expect. And they react quickly enough to the treat noise. They just seem lazy. I mean, not that I can't relate, but seriously. They don't even use half their cage regularly, content to hang out in just the upper part.

Well, maybe they'll grow up into lap rats who hold still for petting and cuddling. I mean, when I took Silas outside today, sat down on the floor near the cage ramp, and petted him while he sat on me, he just kept sitting for quite a while before he decided to bother running back up into the cage. But I did not equip the room with a ferret climbing tree, two tree branches, a box for digging, tunnels etc. just to trip over rat stuff. This is really odd.
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I think I just got spammed through a poll on LJ? I mean, an openID account that links to some tattoo-related domain replied to one of my polls. I didn't click on the URL, but the poll was very old and asked which icon to draw next, and I have already drawn almost all of them, including the one the responder just picked. So as a genuine poll response it makes no sense. Does this come up as spam vector for others? And can you delete or report it?
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Like almost everyone else I loathe LJ's new comment pages. I've always disliked the customized comment pages and preferred the site style, but I now had to turn the customization on in self-defense, because those are slightly less awful. For many years now I had used "Smooth Sailing" as layout but the custom comment pages there are worse than the "Minimalist" style ones, so I switched my layout and then spend almost two hours trying to get my basic requirements customized again. It should not be this hard to get the icons to display on the left of an entry. I'm still trying to figure out how to make that serif font go away that goes with that layout in some places.

Anyway, in wake of this mess I decided to turn on these crossposting footers linking to DW, to encourage people who so far follow me on LJ to comment elsewhere. I used to find them vaguely obnoxious, because I figured people who wanted to follow and comment on DW would just read there in the first place, but that was before LJ's continuous attempts to make their site unusable had reached quite this level. I'm still considering whether I should just turn comments there off entirely.
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So, I couldn't resist giving the new Animal Man series a chance, because I love the character, and the story may have potential, or at least the opening doesn't seem worse than average, but yikes, that art is seriously bad. (I preordered just based on series title, if I had seen page samples I might not have spent money on this.)

It completely lacks details and textures in the background that would create atmosphere, or even just normal looking rooms and environments. Seriously, it's like empty squares, boxes and tiles, and the artist couldn't be bothered to put in any effort, but not in a deliberate minimalist way, but just because they couldn't think to put something else on a nightstand besides a square clock, or give texture to a windowsill that would make a square look like an actual window and so on. (ETA: I don't necessarily expect excessive detail rendering, considering that there time/effort constraints on a comic production schedule, but there are ways to make panels *look* decent and alive through blacks and dynamic lines and hinting at detail and texture, just look at for example Ditko's art in old Spider-Man comics.)

Then the layout is atrocious with panels being given odd shapes for no good reason, same for some perspective choices. And the artist can't really draw humans well either. All their hair just looks odd, and okay, hair is difficult, but they get paid for this after all. Then there are sometimes odd scribbles on the faces, like in one scene taking place at a hospital I thought Animal Man contracted a weird infectious disease and those were skin sores, but he didn't. I have no idea what that texture on his face was supposed to be.

I honestly have trouble believing that they paid someone for this.
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How do I make the super annoying confetti background on my Tumblr dashboard stop? Can I turn this off? I could live with their 10 billionth post announcement on top, but not the moving color spots all over the screen. Otherwise I need to figure out how to stop this moving background (actually not just a simple background, it moves all over their buttons too) from displaying through my Firefox somehow. Why are they doing this to their users?!?

ETA: I figured out that this stops if you don't just reload the dashboard, but leave (like going to your Tumblr) and then come back. Then the announcement and the horrible confetti goes away.

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