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Behind a cut for those who don't want even this much...

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In general, yes I had quibbles and problems but mostly I'd say it was a fitting and appropriately-epic send-off.

(Watching people sprint to and from the bathroom mid-movie was hilarious. We were all suffering....)

Timey-Wimey indeed

Apr. 26th, 2019 09:53
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Disclaimer: So I couldn't resist checking out some other reactions after all, and prompty ran into heated debates. Before beating a hasty retread, however, my mind was set in motion regarding some key points dealing with time travel. Which it probably shouldn't, given any given time travel plot in any franchise usually does not bear close examination, but hey. Sometimes my inner fan can't resist. I'm not saying my interpretation is the One True One or more valid than your interpretation, just that it's mine, and also a factor as to why I liked the movie. Also, spoilers for Avengers: Endgame ensue, of course.

Let's do the time warp again )

We're in the endgame now

Apr. 25th, 2019 23:56
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Have seen Avengers: Endgame. If anyone wants to chitchat about it, come find me in comments! (Unless all you have to say is ragey or pissy. I can handle some criticisms, nitpicks, or issues but if all you've got is complaints, right now my life is so stressful and miserable that I border on suicidally depressed and I don't need it. There'll probably be plenty of people who hate it, so you might be better if you seek them out, because I didn't.)

Portrait Society Conference 2019

Apr. 26th, 2019 06:00
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Posted by Howard Lyon

It is that time of year again! I love the Portrait Society Conference. It’s a great event with lots of demonstrations and high caliber talks mixed with a great selection of vendors with whom you can chat and learn more about their products.
I had a cool opportunity to model for three artists tonight as part of the kick-off event. It’s called the Face Off. This year 18 artists painted from 6 models. I know…

PEDTM: Day 25

Apr. 25th, 2019 19:54
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Woke up feeling as though I had ground my teeth all night long, so I took a naproxen and drank a mug of hot tea right away. Poor Webster woke up with a headache -- I could tell the minute he turned his head, as if it were fragile. He ended up having to take all the meds, poor fella.

And just as I was leaving for Mother's, I broke a vase. Hit the tile floor in the kitchen and absolutely shattered into the tiniest fragments. I swept and Swiffered and then Webster swept; tomorrow I'll mop.

But I got to Mother's safely though I found her upset -- no memory of where she was, as usual, although that normally doesn't happen till the afternoon or evening. I had brought back her clean clothes, including her favorite robe which I call her peony robe. It's blue with large peony flowers printed on it. She had no memory of it all all, even though she's had it for years and years. She cried, of course, and I hugged her a lot.

My sister called which kind of helped? Except Mother misses her so much she started crying again. Poor thing. When she cries, I just hug her and we tell her we love her, but how much help is that, really?

Anyway, eventually she calmed down and off we went for a mani-pedi. She really loves the pedicures -- we have the Princess Treatment, which includes a sugar scrub and warm stone massage. Oh my god, it feels so good. So her toes and fingers are all painted a bright red, one of the few colors she can still see, and she was very cheered. Then we went to a favorite Mexican restaurant and that turned out to be a really good idea. She ate almost all of her green corn tamale and her beer. God, the food was good; I ate more than I normally do for lunch.

By the time we got home she was in a pretty good mood, thank heavens, and I was able to leave her without any tears. I'm so glad my sister will be here in early June.

On the way home, the social worker from palliative care called. I told her what's been happening and we're going to meet again but away from Mother, so she doesn't have to hear what we say.

And then I was home. Webster was up but feeling a bit fragile. I barbecued chicken, with mashed potatoes, gravy, and a salad for him (since I was still full from lunch) and then went to the gym and worked out. He seems to be a bit better, so the meds are finally working, and I think a good meal often helps.

Tomorrow our handyman will be over in the morning; we have a long list of little things for him to do that I'm kind of excited about. Stuff like hanging a plant in the entryway, putting up an address plate above the doorbell, hanging a clock in the music room . . . And other than my early morning swim, that is the only thing we have planned all day. YAY.

(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2019 17:13
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Back from the doctor's office (again) and she's extended and upped my steroid dosage, and told me to get some Robitussin DM to help with my cough. She said my lungs are inflamed and we need to stop the feedback loop of coughing and asthmatic symptoms from as many directions as we can. Sounds good to me! (And I went to Target and got the Robitussin, and tripped over some 70% off Cadbury's creme eggs while I was there, which sounds medicinally necessary to me.)

Today was my first day back at work since the ER visit and I took it slow. I did not go to my actual office, since that's up six flights of stairs in a building without an elevator, but stayed in easily accessible buildings. I did maybe a half day in all, and that was plenty. My word, I'm still tired out.

I spoiled myself for Steve's storyline in Endgame, just so that I would know if I could handle seeing it or not. I can handle it. So now I just need to stop coughing long enough to be able to go and not be a pain in anyone else's behind.
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Reliable sources, aka the kind commenters on [personal profile] giandujakiss's post asking the question (no spoilers), inform me that there is no mid- or end-credits scene in Endgame, for which my bladder is preemptively grateful. At 3 hours long, it's going to be a struggle. Ah, the joys of middle-age and perimenopause.

Last night, I had a lovely dinner with [personal profile] innie_darling and [personal profile] tenaciousmetoo and also had a really delicious cocktail - I don't remember what it was called but it had Stoli blueberry (who knew that was even a thing?), some kind of grapefruit (pamplemousse!) liqueur, some kind of blood orange liqueur, lime juice and honey on the rocks. It was also a bright purpley blue (or bluish purple), which makes it even better (though it did not, sadly, turn my tongue a cute purpley blue, but you can't have everything). *g*

Work keeps interrupting, so here's today's poem:


We regretted the way to joy had been a labyrinth
of our making, where from interiors we'd made our way
further inside toward endings we could recognize
and turn back from. We'd invented the pocket labyrinth,
we trained our dogs to bark when we said speak,
we offered one another jewelry. But when the geckos
came inside for moths who'd found our lamps,
the joy we felt was magical, a violence of gentleness
apart from us that might revisit any night. Rare animals
are pink; small moths like these had changed to dust
while dying in the past. So it was terror kept awake in joy
that we began to feel rummaged by: there were
photographs of grandparents as youths,
there were fetishes: a fox, white in the face
where the stone was white, a bird made from a shell,
and a mole was carved from clearest quartz to magnify
the uselessness of sight. We could be struck dumb
by a small box made entirely of cloves and thread,
or by the relicarios where saints had been preserved
in two-inch portraits that were assemblages of feathers;
there were evenings the sky was lavender
and we were lost, there were dreams that recurred,
there was the same love you have now, and we were lost.

--Kathleen Pierce


(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2019 11:02
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And yesterday I got distracted by Roswell (and apparently I need to make a pimping post, which is now ON THE LIST), so two poems today.

Those Places
By Kay Ryan

They are not
imaginary but
accessible only

Seasonal, shall
we say, in the way
of the exquisite
high parts of

having visited
you cannot wish
more easily.

by E. E. Cummings

love is more thicker than forget
more thinner than recall
more seldom than a wave is wet
more frequent than to fail

it is most mad and moonly
and less it shall unbe
than all the sea which only
is deeper than the sea

love is less always than to win
less never than alive
less bigger than the least begin
less littler than forgive

it is most sane and sunly
and more it cannot die
than all the sky which only
is higher than the sky
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[personal profile] mific posting in [community profile] fanart_recs
Fandom: due South
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Ray Kowalski/Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio
Content Notes/Warnings: No AO3 warnings apply. They're in bed, so implied nakedness but we only see their upper halves.
Medium: digital art
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: MissHammer on AO3
Why this piece is awesome: I love this threesome, and I really love how peaceful and relaxed they all are in this artwork, and the tender way they're holding each other and holding hands. 
Link: Sleeping Lovers
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Posted by James Gurney

Ettore Tito's paintings celebrated the daily life of the Italian people, often showing them in rich color and dynamic action.

Born in southern Italy, the son of a sea captain, he worked his way toward the English and French-speaking art markets, where the money was, and where new ideas of art were in the air.

Ettore Tito, Le mondine in Polesine, 1885
In this scene, he carefully manages the light, as a cloud shadow passes over the foreground. The shoes of the waders are lined up on the bank. The wind blows the skirts of the central figure, and she holds her hat from blowing off. Note the lady with the red hat mostly overlapped by the standing figure.

When his work was exhibited at the Pan-Pacific Exhibition in San Francisco, he was awarded the top prize in Italian painting, and there was a popular exhibition of 18 of his paintings in Los Angeles. 

He had versatile skills and produced work in a range of categories, including portraits. 

Ettore Tito, Raggi di Sole (Rays of Sun) 1892

Ettore Tito, Pagine d'amore (Pages of Love)
According to the Studio magazine from 1905, "In Paris he even found himself looked on as chic, and the fashionable painter of the day. He used to come to London almost annually; he worked for the “Graphic” and also for the American magazine “Scribner's.”

He produced a series of risqué illustrations of proverbs with a contemporary flair. This one says "Aide-toi, le ciel t'aidera" (Heaven helps those who help themselves). 

Ettore Tito, Amore e le Parche (Love and the Fates), 1909
In his later career he was inspired by 18th century Venetian painting to paint symbolic and allegorial subjects.

Ettore Tito on Wikipedia (1851—1941)
Art Contrarian Ettore Tito
Another blog post on Ettore Tito
Book on Ettore Tito (old book in Italian)

Lost in Space Manifesto

Apr. 25th, 2019 12:09
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It's been a year since I marathoned the 2018 Lost in Space, which I loved. I just checked to see whether it was canceled or got a second season, and to my delight, the later is the case, though we won't get it until July, it seems. Which is as good a reason to rave some m ore about the new Lost in Space as any, and about why you should watch it, too, especially if you are on the look out for a new canon featuring not one or two, but an entire ensemble female main characters, estranged families findng each other again, cross species friendships, people being really competent at what they do, and last but certainly not least, an m/f long term relationship between partners that's not about getting together but how to live together.

So, what's the premise of the first season?: Robinson family plus supporting cast crashlands on dangerous planet, has to fix each other along with circumstances in order to survive. There are flashbacks and mysteries to be solved as well. Basically: Lost. In Space.

Do I need to know the original Lost in Space tv show, or the 1990s movie?

No, you don't.

When you say the main cast is mostly female, you mean...?

Maureen Robinson, genius physicist and engineer (my favourite!), Judy Robinson, her oldest daughter, a doctor, Penny, her second kid and the quippy middle child, and Dr. Smith (not her real name), con woman extraordinaire, main antagonist and very occasional ally. The male rmain characters are John Robinson (the only non-genius of the family, Maureen's estranged husband, a pilot) and their son Will (youngest kid). Of not defined gender, though Will calls them a he: the (alien) Robot.

Numbers don't mean the women actually get the meaty narrative stuff. Pop culture osmosis told me the original show was all about Will, the Robot and (male) Dr. Smith. Isn't this the case here?

No. Will and the Robot are an important part of the show, but Dr. Smith's main relationship with a Robinson turns out to be with Maureen. Who is the head of the family, and the one who pushes storylines forward - going into space was her idea, she figures out what's wrong with the planet (Maureen doing science is one of my favourite things about the show, and the icon displays one of the more visually spectacular examples, when she uses a balloon to go up in the air and check her theory about said planet), she figures out what really happened in the seemingly natural catastrophe that is making Earth increasingly inhabitable, and so forth.Judy and Penny are getting as much screen time and development as Will, get to save the day more often, and together they present different stages of growing up - Judy is a young adult who gets the "idealism clashes with reality" type of tales, Penny is a teenager and thus sometimes relates to Judy and sometimes to Will as a peer, and he rin-between-ness also means she's the one most likely to draw others out, and Will is a child with all the wonder, generosity but also unintentional self centeredness that can entail.

Let me guess. All these female characters are vey attractive and presented in various stages of undress a lot.

Yes to the former - it's still US tv -, no to the later. They all wear practical clothing appropriate to their situation (which is either crashed on a very dangerous planet or in space, meaning space suits and survival gear, respectively). This includes our villainess, who also at no point tries to seduce anyone by using her sexual wiles. (Her method of survival and advancement is more getting into people's heads and mess with same. )

I'm burned out by female characters first built up and then raped, or at least sexually menaced, or even getting killed. Does any of this happen here?

In a word: No. Again, this goes for all the female characters, heroines, villainess, minor supporting cast.

So far, so good, but I'm also primarily a shipper, not a gen person like you. What's the romantic potential?

In terms of "likely to be on screen or already on screen canon", Judy has some UST with smuggler-with-a-heart-of-gold Don West, and Penny has a brief teenage romance with a fellow survivor. But the main m/f ship of the show is John/Maureen, who start out estranged for reasons gradually revealed but re-connect emotionally in the course of the show. It's basically an "exes still carrying a torch get back together again" trope done right. Note: this does not happen in a Parent Trap way. The kids, who do their own reconnecting with John, leave their parents' relationship well enough alone.Also: John is played by Toby "Captain Flint" Stephens which was my original reason for tuning into the show last year.

In terms of "not likely to be screen canon but definitely great for fanfiction": Maureen and Dr. Smith have some serious foe yay going in the last few episodes of the season after Dr. Smith has been unmasked. Tropes canonically used are " enemies forced to work together" , "grudging respect", "outsmarting each other at different points" as well as "imprisoning each other and escaping another at different points".

I can't help but notice that the canon ships or likely ships are all het,while the subtext one is slash.

True. But Penny's first teenage fling (where btw she took the initiative, much like her Mom) is over, so who knows, she might acquire a girlfriendi in s2. Also: arguably the true heartrendering romance of the first season was the (asexual, don't worry) one between a boy and his robot (think E.T. with Elliot and E.T. for the type of story this was), so who knows what Will is going to be, orientation wise, once he grows up.

Okay. Is this a sci fi show where everyone in the future is a white American?

No. The Robinsons and Dr. Smith are, with the exception of Judy who is Maureen's kid from an earlier relationship (pleasingly, there is no difference John makes between his biological children and her) and placed by a black actress. But virtually the entire rest of the colonists who crashlandwith the Robinsons aren't. The ones we get to know best are a Japanese family (Maureen's scientific bff is the dad) and an Indian-or-Pakistani/British family (i.e. accent British, ethnicity of Southasian origin) (the leader of the community, Victor, and his son, Penny's temporary romance, belong to it), plus there's Angela, the survivor most traumatized by the original catastrophe at the start of the pilot, who is black and US American.

Now we've established there are no fridged (and/or raped) women: any other potential triggers I should know about?

Well, the first season puts our heroes through just about any surviving-in-dangerous-natural-situations suspense you can think of. The first three episodes, for example, milk the "crashed on a glacier with the ice engulfing them" scenario for what it's worth,and once they've left that behind, the joys of tremors, swamps and alien equivalents to dinosaurs await. I should add that the show doesn't forget adding moments of beauty and wonder among all the threatening environment, but what I'm trying to get at: if you, for example, are claustrophobic, what happens to Judy in the first two eps is probably going to resonate. Otoh, since someone asked in a comment to my original post on this show - there are no dead pets, don't worry. This includes the chicken.

You may love the estranged/dysfunctional familiies getting back together again trope, but I, for one, am fed up with jerks being forgiven just because they're related. Especially when the show doesn't sell me on these people not being better off far away from each other. What do you have to say to that?

That I empathize. There have been several instances in recent tv years where the balance between dysfunction and closeness/fondness for me hasn't worked, where I either didn't believe the people in question had ever been close in the first place, or that they should be, given how they were characterized. But with the Robinsons, I love that even at the start, at their most estranged, there's still mutual respect (very important to me when I want to root for reconciliation - do the characters respect or belittle each other?). And John, whose fault the original estrangement mostly is, really is shown working for winning Maureen and the kids back. He doesn't take it for granted he has a claim there. And he accepts Maureen's lead throughout the show. That this is a show whose main relationships are between family members who does entirely without that overused trope, the Mean Dad (tm), is another part of the attracton for me. (Not just in terms of John Robinson. Mr. Wattanabe, the Japanese scientist friends with Maureen, has two adult daughters he's getting along very well with. And community leader Victor might be somewhat harsh with our heroes at times - he and Judy have an pragmatism vs idealism/ good of many vs individual life fight at one point, for example - , but not with his son (Penny's fling). There isn't a Mean Dad (tm) around in s1.

Okay, I'll give it a shot. Where do I find this show? On Netflix, though given it's now a year old, there should be dvds as well.

How to “Leave Room” for Type

Apr. 25th, 2019 05:00
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Posted by Lauren Panepinto

Hello everyone! This month I’m shooting down a myth many illustrators have about illustrating bookcovers, especially artists who are trying to break into publishing work: The idea that you need to leave “empty space” for type. Does type need to fit on a bookcover? Absolutely. But your illustration still has to work as a composition without any type on it. Why? because a strong composition under the type still affects the viewer more strongly than…

(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2019 20:46
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Going to avoid the usual fannish outlets for a few days to spare myself the Endgame spoilers--most people are good, but there are always one or two people who think they're way cleverer than they actually are with their "cryptic" commentary. See you next week!

PEDTM: Day 24

Apr. 24th, 2019 17:58
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Let's see. Up early for a lovely swim, and a chat with a fellow swimmer I haven't seen in a while. Home and showered and then putzed around the house for a bit. We ran some errands, including a big grocery shop, and then came home to fix lunch.

We decided to write up a very short explanation of what we learned from Medicare yesterday and gave it to the billing person when we went in for our annual physicals this afternoon. She met with me afterwards, with the office manager there -- I guess she was afraid I would attack her?? -- and blah blah blah my god, she went on and on. Bottom line: she is going to resubmit the claim yet again but with some other form, which she wouldn't explain to me, and kept warning me to stay in contact. Stay in contact? WTF have I been doing? But whatevs, you know? I think she has a problem and it isn't my problem so who cares.

I have to have a mammogram and a "dexo hip and spine" x-ray, which looks for osteoporosis, and some blood work, but my EKG was good and everything else looks fine. Webster has to have a chest x-ray (because he used to smoke, my bad boy), but his EKG was good, too. So that's pretty much done for another year.

We had dinner shortly after we got home and had just settled down for the evening when Mother called. It was the usual: where was she? Why was she there? Were we coming to get her? Where would she sleep tonight? The nurse stayed with her through the call and could hear my answers, so would confirm them: Yes, this is your room; yes, you live here; yes, this is all your stuff. I asked if she had had her Jack Daniels and when she asked the nurse, she said: of course! Webster pointed out how much she perked up at the idea of a shot of Jack. We both talked to her and I think cheered her up. Golly, this sundowning is pretty upsetting stuff.

My sister has purchased her tickets for another visit. Her wife wanted to wait but I kind of insisted; I really think she needs to be here sooner than later for Mother's sake. I talked to Mother's money guy and he heartily agreed that I should use Mother's money to pay for this trip, so I think that helps a lot. I don't think my sister-in-law really understands how poorly Mother is doing, so maybe this time we can help her understand. But I also think she is deep in denial, and who can blame her? I want to be in denial myself. At least they'll be here in early June.

I fixed myself another Cosmopolitan (Smitten Kitchen's recipe) and it's surprising how much that helps. I guess I take after Mother.

Here's something cheering: a short video about the JunoCam, the camera onboard a spacecraft orbiting Jupiter. I found it heartwarming and beautiful.
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The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 1: The Apocalypse Suite, written by Gerard Way, art by Gabriel Bá, and colors by Dave Stewart.

Cheerfully nuts, but controlled—mostly. Seven extraordinary infants are adopted by an eccentric scientist and trained to fight...crime? Robots? Threats from outer space? Super villains? Alien super villains? Robots? It's not super clear, but you get the gist. This world also has hyper-intelligent chimpanzees and a moon base, so it's got some science fiction elements to it while still having a retro feel, and I like the resultant mood, a kind of nostalgic futurism. The art does a lot of fun stuff with this in the background.

I love the character design, especially that of 1 and 5. The proportions of Spaceboy's Martian ape body are very pleasing to me. That huge chest and the tiny legs and head. I can't get enough of it. The art has an old school feel, reminiscent of Dave Gibbons's work in Watchmen—again with the background details—though Stewart's colors are much more rich and layered. The storytelling reminds me of Alan Moore, too, though with more of an early Promethea feel.

I'm interested in what this is doing (especially Séance—more of him please) and where it's going, except, under all the flash and primates, it's just another comic book filled with white dudes. The Indian manservant (very Wes Anderson and not in a good way) isn't even named in the text and if he speaks at all, it's to provide directions. And then there are the women. All three of them. Because women only make up 30% of the population, right? This is why you have to manufacture your own out of dress forms and wheels. Then Vanya, who isn't given near enough motivation to destroy the world, by the way, spends most of the book naked. She's introduced to us naked (as a baby) then again (as an adult) while wearing a thong and sitting with her legs spread. We see so much of her ass. Especially later when she's redesigned to be naked all the time. If you're going to be like that, where's the male nudity? Also there's a bigger question about the kind of violence done against the female characters in this book and how it compares to the injuries sustained by the men.

Still I did enjoy this and want to know more. I'll be reading the next volume.

Contains: blood, dead bodies, exploding heads, violence, dub-con body mod, dub-con kiss, mind control.
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Syfywire just pulled the article they put up a few hours ago, "Queerness and Death in the Magicians" and deleted the tweet that announced it. That's super not at all questionable and really normal.

Here is a tweet with screenshots of the article: Queerness and Death in the Magicians. It also looks like a PDF is up at the discord:

Note: this will definitely help settle the drama, by the way. That'll work.

ETA (7:30 PM CST): so that thread was deleted and so was my RT of it. Here's another one:

ETA (7:59 PM CST): Full article now available on tumblr:

(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2019 16:21
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Roswell got renewed! I can exhale.

In completely unrelated news, who's looking for a new show to watch?

I am unspoiled for Endgame

Apr. 24th, 2019 16:13
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And wish to remain so!

But just to double check - as I understand it, there are no post- or mid-credits scenes. Which I think is a wise choice given the movie's runtime of something like 3 hours.

Does anyone have any different information? Because otherwise, I'm just gonna leave when credits roll. To go to the bathroom, probably. And I don't plan to return.

Wednesday Reading Meme

Apr. 24th, 2019 15:41
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What I Just Finished Reading

Dessa Lux, Omega Required: Look, I know I said I wasn't gonna read anything because I had to write but Lysimache was getting her hair dyed and that meant I had two hours to kill (and that was after I'd gotten my hair cut) and I couldn't write so it had to be reading something that I knew was going to be easy to follow and fun. I skipped all the sex scenes because I was sitting in the middle of a Supercuts and felt kind of awkward reading smut in giant letters on an iPad, but anyway it was very sweet and if you like Dira's fic you will enjoy this arranged-marriage werewolf A/B/O novel. The h/c was very satisfying. Modern setting. One of 'em's a doctor.

What I'm Reading Now

Comics Wednesday!

Avengers #18, Avengers Edge of Infinity #1, Doctor Strange #13, Ironheart #5 )

What I'm Reading Next

Probably nothing. So much fic to write.

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