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Unfortunately the tag filtering on AO3 still doesn't have an easy way to exclude stories with certain tags, but I didn't realize that you can use a - with the "Search Within Results" in the sidebar to narrow things down and not only in the full search. (I almost never use the full AO3 search, I dislike it.)

And even better, you can (in an admittedly somewhat tedious way) exclude wrangled relationship tags by their id, so that you don't exclude text matches in the summary accidentally. This archive news post describes how. I won't use this for casual searches, but it is worth looking up the ids of the few pairings I really loathe to get them excluded in all my searches. And apparently there is an unofficial userscript for this too, so maybe I'll install that... Right now I use a blurb blocker to filter, but it would be more efficient to get the search right rather than hide results.


Jun. 15th, 2013 15:02
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Looking at the Worst Room Tumblr just now (a blog that posts photos of horrible rooms and small "apartments" for rent in NYC at outrageous prices) makes me feel so much better about my place.

Also, of course I knew that fictional depictions of supposedly crappy NYC apartments in tv series and such always make them vastly larger than they would be in reality (perhaps because you couldn't actually fit a professional camera larger than an iPhone, the person operating it, and a person being filmed into an actual crappy NYC apartment from the looks of these photos so you'd probably have to stage them and leave one wall out that you don't see or something), but these are just astoundingly awful. Like, many seem to be either windowless closets rented as bedroom for several hundred dollars or some sort of crawlspaces repurposed for sleeping in, that are too low to stand or even sit.
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A while ago I wished that there was a fanart request community on Dreamwidth, i.e. a place where you could ask for fanart you'd like to see, and which in turn artists could browse for inspiration and ideas, and additionally have the opportunity to make someone happy with a fulfilled request. Like the fanfic kink memes in some fandoms, but with requests in posts, and tagged and thus easier to browse than comment threads. However I was too lazy to create and moderate such a comm myself, so I just described my idea in [community profile] create_my_comm.

And now the fabulous [personal profile] noxie has created [community profile] artondemand. It's still very new, but you should check it out.

Also, I just noticed in my profile that it's my one year anniversary on DW. And I got a comm as a gift. ;)
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I know they have server trouble, but this is annoying. I'm in the middle of reading a multichapter story there, but it takes always five attempts or so to get the thing to respond, and just now it doesn't at all for me. *grumble*

In other news, AO3 has a post asking what features you would like to see in your ideal fanart archive, as they plan to expand from just fiction eventually. There are many ideas already in comments, but if you are a fanartist or like looking at fanart, you should chime in too.
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In case you haven't seen it: [livejournal.com profile] reveria made an awesome looking Supernopoly (Supernatural themed Monopoly game). Just wow.
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Today I came across the website of this really cool artist, Alex CF, who creates fake specimen display cases with horror and fantasy animals and such, in the style you might find in old museums or cabinets of curiosities. The website describes it as "cryptozoological scientific art". Sometimes it is whole sets, with documents, skeletons, preserved specimens, tools and all sorts of stuff and they come with short stories of a sort explaining the fictional background. I especially liked Cthulhu Specimen Box, The Lycanthropy research of Edward Harrell, Severed “Draco Alatus” Head and Infant stillborn Draco Alatus, Expedition to the Plateau - Lost World Exploration Case and Experiments in extra dimensions; The Cheshire cat, but really you should browse the whole site. (Obviously due to the nature of the art the displays are slightly gory.) I only wish the photos of the works were in a higher resolution, because you can't make out all the awesome detail and read the text in the documents on the site.
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I just stumbled upon this via my friendsfriends view: Del Rey now offers some free pdf files of their books, among them the first Temeraire book.
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This probably is already obvious to anyone not me, but: I was browsing the internet archive for books, and found that they archived some vintage mail order catalogs, which have lots of pictures and illustrations and thus are great for easy to find period references for anything from clothes to carriages, farm equipment and kitchen stuff. Not to mention that it is just kind of cool to look at mail order catalogs from 1900, 1907 or 1920. I had no idea that you could find old catalogs online, but there's all kinds of interesting scanned things with pictures available there, like I found some sort of British government guideline for protective clothing worn by female factory workers in 1917, with photos of what they were wearing.

I also found old course books on fashion drawing and costume design, which look kind of helpful for clueless and fashion-challenged people like me to figure out how clothing more complicated than t-shirts actually fits together, because when I look at pictures of older clothes I often can't figure out the pieces, and old photographs aren't the clearest either. I mean, even drawing contemporary clothing is hard.

I also found this old book on pen drawing with lots of examples for different crosshatching and other b/w inking techniques for illustrations, which I have only skimmed so far, but it looks interesting.
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As stupid as some of the motifs chosen are (often still somewhat funny though), I find the underlying hoax that Czech artist played hilarious. I think that definitely makes it count as performance art that works, and makes a statement about the EU. Far better than if it had taken itself seriously and really been some kind of pompous assembly of 27 artists from different countries, rather than invented personae.
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It's the cover of the current issue of the Italian politics magazine Internazionale covering the US election. Though I guess Obama/McCain slashers (and if there are any? kind of disturbing btw) would get a kick out of this. I don't actually speak Italian, so I have no idea why they have a cover illustration with an Obama/McCain kiss, I just saw this on an image blog.
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I hadn't known about Deletionpedia, a site that via a bot archives all the articles that get deleted from Wikipedia as not relevant or encyclopedic enough and such. I'm thrilled this exists, because frequently fan stuff and lists get deleted from Wikipedia for being irrelevant, trivia, or "original research" and they don't always get transferred to a fan wiki. I mean, I can understand why you wouldn't want lists of minor Star Wars bounty hunters or The Simpson chalkboard gags, or the timeline of the Stargate universe in an encyclopedia, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to look such things up. So if your favorite "irrelevant" article vanished from Wikipedia you can actually find it again easily.
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First, some art comm linkage (even though I suspect most interested people will already know of these):

[livejournal.com profile] yuletart, a multi-fandom art exchange, has started with the nomination process for this year's fandoms. For the next couple of days only the participants from last year can suggest fandoms for this year, but soon it'll open up to new participants. Since I suggested fandoms I guess that'll mean I'm going to do a holiday exchange again this year. Meep.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] paintedspires recently got an overhaul and reopened as an SGA flash art community. The first challenge has been posted, and you should all join or at least watch.

In less happy news rat health update )
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While I'm among the few people who didn't care for that Discovery channel video (you know the 'I Love the World -- Boom De Ah Dah' one?), I thought the xkcd comic referencing it was neat -- however this video reenacting the xkcd version as live action video is just completely adorkable. A prime example for derivative works making the original so much more enjoyable.


Jun. 6th, 2008 15:00
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I don't often link to random stuff I've come across, but this dragon sand sculpture is very impressive. Here's a photo from another angle where you can see the baby dragon the big one is cradling.
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I follow Dark Roasted Blend, because it often has cool photos and links, however yesterday it featured parasites, which is kind of gross, but okay, so I read about a bunch of parasites.

And this is apparently old news, only I still did not know of this cat parasite, toxoplasma gondii, that also uses humans as intermediate hosts, and is known to change behavior in rats and mice (making them loose their fear of cats, so that they get eaten by the final host the parasite needs). It's apparently still speculative whether the toxoplasmosis disease caused by this also affects behavior in humans, though some scientists apparently claim to have observed correlations showing this, but still. The prevalence of humans with antibodies to this parasite, i.e. they either were infected or still are, is really high, actually over fifty percent where I live (more widely spread than in the US where it's a bit over twenty percent according to what i read), it is kind creepy. I mean, it's more likely than not that I was or still am carrying parasites that potentially can make cysts in your brain to change brain chemistry... Maybe the Goa'uld are less science fiction like than I though. Eeep.
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This simple online game is really quite addictive. Also I never manage to clear the board of blocks past level five. I have no idea how people are getting high scores like that.
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Because I'm still sick and feverish and break out into shivers as soon as I leave my multiple blankets, and can only sleep so many hours a day even when sick, I've been amusing myself with online games.

So far I've played the BBC mystery games Death in Sakkara and The Seven Noble Kinsmen, Grow Island (I'm pretty sure I've played all earlier grow versions as well previously), Escape from Octilien, DayMare Town and a few other escape games I found linked from jayisgames.com, like the Submachine series.

I'm looking for more entertaining games, that work under Linux (i.e. most Flash games will be fine, Shockwave otoh won't work), aren't too hard or frustrating and don't require mouse dexterity or being fast with clicking and such (I'm using my laptop with a touchpad while in bed shivering so having to navigate some arrow quickly while clicking on things is pretty much out). Do you have any recs?
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After a few people commented on how disturbing Superman!Kermit was, I'd like to point out that even though I was unaware of it when I first drew him, TPTB have cast Kermit and Piggy in these roles long before me, as this image from the the 1982 Miss Piggy Calendar shows. And for the record, IMO Kermit as Batman Frogman (as seen here from the 1997 Muppet Parody Calendar: The Sequel) is far more terrifying.

The observation you make in comic fandom that TPTB will always have produced weirder stuff than you could ever come up with and will have done it first apparently holds true for Muppets as well. :)
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Once again I'm checking the links of my recs page, and to my dismay it appears that T.O.T.O. aka The Obi-Wan Torture Oasis (formerly at http://members.tripod.com/~SlashGirls/toto/) has vanished. Which sucks, because IIRC the version of Silent Faction by analise and Kirby Crow there was formatted much more nicely, i.e. with graphics and such , than the one at masterapprentice.org I've managed to find. Also, I really like that site.

Well, at least the story is still archived somewhere. *hearts all central archives*
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[livejournal.com profile] glockgal posted some drawbles and there's one combining Supernatural + Muppets and it's just the best thing I have seen all day.
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With each update of my recs page I run a link checker as part of the validation, using the W3C online tools. However a good number of sites, both archives and LJs, have robot exclusion rules, so I can't readily see whether the stories in question are really still there with the W3C link checker. Initially it wasn't a huge bother to check them manually, but by now it's over sixty links. Do any of you who maintain largish recs pages or other link collections have a good strategy for this or an autochecker tool working with a website that's not excluded as a robot?

I mean something like the bookmark editors in webbrowsers that go through links and then show you the broken ones, only something that would check based on a website. I assume html editors or website tools might have such a function, but I code my page simply in Emacs with the help of html and php editing modes for highlighting and such, and I have never needed any specialized programs. I tried one html editor that was bundled with my distro and had been installed automatically as part of the standard set-up (Quanta?), but it all seemed rather more complicated than I wanted to get into for just checking a bunch of links, i.e. I couldn't get the link checker function to work properly with my file at first try. I have no idea whether that was because of the file not being plain html but php mixed with html or something else, but I decided I'd really prefer something simpler.

So how do you check your links?
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Seeing how committing to do fanart for [livejournal.com profile] comica_obscura actually led to me drawing something (and within a reasonable amount of time too), I've been thinking that maybe some kind of pressure might challenge me and increase my artwork output. Well, pressure beyond having a digital post-it note on my desktop reminding me how much of a slacker I am with a list of fanart ideas I had but haven't drawn yet, which is what I have been doing so far. Not that the "commitment => pressure => results" progression works all that consistently or well for me in RL, but I guess it's worth a try.

Anyway, I thought I might post the list with fanart I've considered drawing in a poll, then you can vote on which one you would most like to see become reality, and I'll do my best to actually make that happen. Part of why these haven't become actual pictures so far is that I have considered the ideas and then realized that they would take some significant effort because most require to draw several people and/or a reasonably complex background, upon which I then kind of went "meep!" internally and proceeded to open some browser window with fanfic. Um well, I have no work ethic, but I'm sure I'd actually feel great if I managed to finish one of these.

[Poll #730932]

Along the lines of less complicated fanart I could challenge myself with I considered doing this meme-ish thing I've seen somewhere where you ask people for a character and an emotion and then draw that. Which would fit with my intent to practice drawing emotions more. So if you are interested in me trying that, you could make such suggestions and I'd try drawing them to the best of my ability. That is as long as I know the character and it is not a fandom with actors, meaning basically either DC characters I'm familiar with or who at least are better known (e.g. Arsenal is "better known", Dogwelder not so much), HP characters, or the handful of Marvel characters I know (mostly those regularly appearing in Spider-Man and Daredevil).

Totally unrelated to any fanart stuff, I'm really feeling down that according to that USA Today article Everwood wasn't renewed. It took a bit of joy out of hearing about Supernatural's renewal, even though Everwood's cancellation wasn't unexpected. On top of that so far I've been unable to find a torrent for this week's Everwood ep, which sucks. *sigh*

And if you are like me and have missed the Brokeback Mountain in 30 seconds and re-enacted by bunnies version, you should take a look. It's not quite as good as my favorite bunny-fied movies, IMO, but still fun.
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I haven't updated my recs in a long time, however the task to convert the rec folder in my bookmarks to actual recs is getting more and more daunting as time goes on. Since I'm actually somewhat attached to my AU recs page despite all of that, I decided that manageable baby steps are the only way to go, so for now I have fixed the broken links in the existing recs -- at least those a link checking utility showed (linkrot sucks!) -- and added a tiny number of new recs, seven in total, three Batverse, two HP, and two SW. Seven down and not quite ten times as many to go... Well, at least it's a little bit of progress.

I also signed up for a fandom challenge for the very first time. I committed to draw Harry as a platypus animagus for Nimori's Animagus Challenge. When I saw a platypus on the list I just couldn't resist, because while these don't look that vicious they actually have venom and according to the wikipedia: "The male platypus has venomous ankle spurs, used in vicious territorial battles and fights over mates. The poison is not normally lethal to humans but produces excruciating pain and swelling that lasts for several months. The pain is so excruciating that the victim is rendered almost helpless." So while it looks silly it still would be a useful form for him to fight Voldemort and the Death Eaters with what sounds like Cruciatus venom. Besides, since apparently that venom also is only produced during the mating season , the opportunities for crackfic scenarios for Platypus!Harry would be endless too: I mean, obviously it's vital that his animagus form has its best weapon available, and since humans at least don't have fixed mating seasons Harry could have to have sex for The Cause... BTW, last time I looked platypus was still open to claim for fic. *g*

I also found this cool explanation in [livejournal.com profile] lj_style how one can turn the simple tag list into a tag cloud with different font sizes depending on how frequently a tag is used. I tried this so now the view of my tags displays as a cloud, not a list. (works only for paid LJs)

Finally, I looked at a ton of Batgirl interpretations because of the recent Batgirl meme. (There's a list in this entry. It's over three hundred by now.)
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Does anybody know what happened to the Robin resource site extremerobin.com? Did it move? Vanish? It was a cool site, and I visited it not that long ago. The only trace I could find was an old version still around at its former geocities address. It always makes me sad when good resource sites vanish.
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Obviously 6 a.m. in the morning after a night of no sleep is not a time to be able to follow websites on DC's Hypertime, even less so essays on why/how Hypertime is very different from the pre-Crisis Multiverse concept. Still the Hypertime site looks really interesting, and I'm definitely going to check these essays out when my brain is less addled.

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