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I've been looking at Amazon to pre-order, and it looks for this one there will be a paperback available at around the same time (publishing date June 16) as the expensive hardcover (June 14)? Does anyone know whether this is correct?

With the last couple of volumes I've ended up getting the hardcover because paperbacks were out much later, but having a hardcover is not worth paying more than twice as much for just two days earlier, especially since I've been not as into the series in the later volumes. And hardcover is harder to carry around.

But I've had Amazon advertising wrong dates before when there were multiple US/UK editions available for pre-order, and ended up pre-ordering an edition (based on picking the cheapest), that then didn't come out at that date after all. (Most recently that happened to me with Foxglove Summer, iirc.)
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I just stumbled upon this via my friendsfriends view: Del Rey now offers some free pdf files of their books, among them the first Temeraire book.
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My copy of Victory of Eagles arrived today, and I just fetched it from the package storage. Finally, after waiting forever to see the cliffhanger from the last volume resolved!
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Because some people find the production process interesting, I decided to do a sort of "making of" post. If you'd just like to see the finished fanart, go here.

very image heavy )
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Fandom: Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik
Characters/Pairings: Iskierka
Media used: pencil, fine liner pen with waterproof indian ink, acrylic paint, a bit of white conté chalk
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: The coloring didn't turn out quite like I intended, but it's not that bad considering that it's only the second time I colored anything with acrylic glazes. (gah, this is actually one of those "I'm new to this" apologist author's/artist's notes, isn't it? >.< ) Also for some reason my scanner not only produced a weird stripe artifact that I couldn't get rid of (it is not that intrusive, but still), it also reproduced the colors less bright than in the actual picture. *grumble*
Preview: preview of Iskierka hatching

the image and a detail of the head in a larger size are behind the cut )
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Fandom: Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik
Characters/Pairings: Iskierka
Media used: only pencil so far
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: I seem to be on a dragon kick lately. But I like Iskierka. I hope she looks enough like a baby while still fitting the description that they look just like smaller versions of the big ones. But making the head long and lean like I normally do for dragons to make them look ferocious didn't work for me for a baby dragon. The hatching pose took a ridiculous amount of time to get right. Maybe I'll do a real process post once it is inked and colored, showing excerpts from all the steps that were like tooth pulling, like the dozen thumbnails and head design sketches, and failed attempts. OTOH that would be kind of embarrassing, now it looks like I sat down and just did a pencil drawing as a process step...
Preview: preview of Iskierka hatching, pencils

the pencils are behind the cut )
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Fandom: Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik
Characters/Pairings: Temeraire
Media used: pencil drawing, inked and colored with a Wacom tablet in GIMP
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: This was done for the [livejournal.com profile] yuletart gift exchange for [livejournal.com profile] tylercat. I'd also like to thank [livejournal.com profile] brown_betty for helping me to come up with a motif, when my initial idea didn't work out, and for taking a look at the half-finished stages, spotting problems with the rocks and such.
Preview: preview of Temeraire admiring his jewelry
the image and two high resolution details are behind the cut )

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