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I wonder whether it's intentional that Google now only shows me gross prostitution adjacent ads about "meeting women" in Gmail, because I keep my preferences to not wanting personalized ads from it. It feels somehow vindictive anyway. Also getting the gross ads persistently is probably a good way to get people to accept the creepy ads instead.
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So the good news is that I actually managed to finish a sketch for my recipient before the deadline tomorrow. I even managed to get my finicky scanner to work (after the simpler phone photo attempt just produced a somewhat garbage result). So now I even have a file.

However, the exchange is supposed to be anon initially, but of course the AO3 does not support fanart, and unlike the fanart-only anon exchanges I have participated in, [community profile] chocolateboxcomm does not come with mod-provided temporary hosting. Normally I upload to my website, but of course my domain that would be visible in the URL is "ratcreature.net" so that would destroy the anonymity, ditto for dreamwidth image hosting.

I thought I could just upload it to Google photos temporarily, and set it to sharable, and eventually delete that and upload it to my website with a sig once the anon phase ends, but the share link that Google gives me doesn't get me the image, but some Google page showing it, that also shows my username.

So now I need to figure out, how I can anon host my image, so that it is embeddable but I can also easily delete it afterwards (because obviously I don't want the no-signature version out there permanently). And I also don't really want to have to create yet another account somewhere.
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Mine currently responds to even slightly suspenseful moments in fiction, even ones that I know will be okay, like in romance, with a strong urge to abort and avoid in favor of weird displacement activities, like playing a some game or making a cup of tea or scrolling through Tumblr.

I already read soothing, fluffy things, what more does it want? These phases are very annoying, and disruptive for immersive reading.
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For example I really like the "fish out of water" trope in stories, but I also have a pronounced embarrassment squick. Unfortunately far too often the former is peppered with the latter. So I end up being lured into reading stories and then have to put them down frequently because I just can't deal. That doesn't make for an immersive reading experience. I wish I could just bring myself to power through the squicky bits rather than taking breaks.


Nov. 7th, 2016 15:22
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I should not have read while walking. I stumbled over some uneven pavement and fell down. I didn't hurt myself too badly, mostly my hands, one wrist and both my knees are scaped up, but my ebook reader was destroyed. :((( Also my trousers, but I mostly feel the loss of my ereader.

I mean, I feel lucky that I didn't break my right wrist -- I awkwardly landed on that since that hand was holding the ereader and scraped its outside, but I guess the device absorbed quite a bit of force (it actually bent and partly shattered). Or damaged my new glasses which were far more expensive than my ereader.

But still. I really liked that ereader, and it wasn't that old either.

ETA: a picture of the casualty. )
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August shouldn't be a month in which you have to huddle under a blanket for warmth, not in the Northern hemisphere and far out from the Arctic anyway. And yet here I am. Under a blanket.

I've resorted to wearing thermal underwear as sleepwear too (rather than just a t-shirt as I usually do in summer), because two nights ago I woke up cold and shivering.

Thanks to my regular weather complaints here I realize it actually is not that unusual (I complained about even colder temperatures in August 2011) but I'm still grumpy.

I'd like some nice temperatures with pleasant highs in the upper mid-20s, balmy nights and some sun. Weather should be tradeable, like I'm sure that say Portugal would be happy right now to take our excess rain and give some five to ten degrees in warmth, then we could have pleasant temperatures in the mid-20s and not be soggy, and they could get some rain against their horrific fires and not have a heat wave anymore.
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I seem to be unable to actually stick with reading anything right now, whether fanfic or pro. This is really frustrating, for my reading to be so frazzled rather than feeling immersive and relaxing.

I need need to find something that really hooks me. Unfortunately I don't even know what exactly I am looking for. Several of the things I started and then stopped reading were things I usually enjoy. Have you read anything recently that you couldn't put down?
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The Tumblr app has notifications, usually only "So-and-so liked your photo", but sometimes the notification starts differently but then I can't find out what it wanted me to inform about, because when I tap on the notification, it only opens my dash, and when I go on to check account activity nothing shows there either.

I just clicked on a Tumblr notification on my tablet that had popped up without really reading the excerpt, except noting that it wasn't the standard like/reblog thing, but now I have no idea what it was, because there is nothing new in the inbox or the account activity of either of my two Tumblrs, and of course the notification goes away once you tapped it. Argh.
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For the first time in some years I checked my rec pages to see how many links don't work any more (trying to gauge how horrible it would be if I decided to update again -- answer: very horrible), and so many stories have moved or worse vanished. A few of the vanished ones can still be found through archive.org, but many seem gone entirely. Depressing.

OTOH thanks to the import of 852 Prospect to AO3, I didn't just come across many moved URLs, but also rediscovered some authors whom I really liked in TS in the late 90s, then lost track of, only to see that they are actually still writing fanfic and posting new stuff to AO3.
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The recent trouble Pinboard is having (victim of DDOS attacks, I think based on its twitter?) is disrupting my fandom engagement, i.e. fic browsing and bookmarking, quite a bit. General web surfing too, because I use its private bookmark feature for most of my other bookmarking (recipes, art tutorials, whatever) too. People who target websites like that suck.

This also reminded me that once the site is stable again, I really ought to export my bookmarks. It's been a long time since I backed them up last.
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I ought to be working on my [community profile] yuletart gift, but despite having set aside time to start on it on several days the last two weeks (including today and yesterday), I'm still no further than having an idea and having looked for some references (not even specific stuff for poses or such yet, more of the general inspirational, thematic and character kind -- read: I wasted a lot of time clicking in pretty pictures on the internet...). And the artist check-in period starts tomorrow and into the week, so I need to have some tangible progress soon even though the final deadline isn't until the 8th. :/

And just now I tried to unsuccessfully doodle my avatar in Iron Man armor once again instead of drawing what I need to. I've been wanting some Avengers icons for a while now, but the nose and ears and the armor don't work well together. I guess trying to draw anything is a step in the right direction of sorts, even if I picked the longtime hopeless doodle.
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So I bought Iron Man 3 on DVD today, and at first my computer didn't want to play it at all, then after some reading of online how-tos I found that sometimes disabling the menus makes the DVD work with linux players. And it did become playable but jumps in places so that a bit repeats and the stuff immediately after is missing. Now I don't know whether my DVD is defective or whether it just won't work on my computer but would on a DVD player. I actually reactivated my DVD player to see, but it turns out that it got broken somehow since I last used it (it wouldn't play that DVD nor another one I tried). I guess before I return the DVD to exchange for another I'll have to check it in someone else's working DVD player, whether it glitches there too. And now I have spend 14€ on a DVD, wasted two hours on fiddling with various techonology, and still don't get to rewatch Iron Man 3. Things like this make illegal downloads so attractive... >:(
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Why do I need a blanket to huddle under at the end of June? We had a couple of warm days a while ago, but then it got colder again. It's not that I want extreme heat, but lows of 9°C and highs of 14°C are not the temperature range you think of for "summer". Why can't we have a nice 22°-25°?
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My laptop won't boot anymore. It just makes some noises and then shuts down again. :(

I did have the foresight to buy a four year extended warranty when I got it, which is useful, since it is just after the two year usual one (quite suspicious that), so I ought to get it repaired on that. But of course I was less than scrupulous about backing up all my stuff (my last full backup is some weeks old), and my creaky, old desktop is not as nice to use, and of course you can't take a desktop to use it from the comfort of your bed covered by a warm blanket either. And who knows how long the repair will take.

So I'm likely to be around less online with this inconvenience. :(

ETA: Maybe it's not quite dead? Just before bringing it to the store I tried one last time to boot it, just to be sure not to embarrass myself (I've had that happen in the past that in the store a computer suddenly changed its mind about being broken), and this time, unlike the last four or five times I tried to turn it on, the laptop booted normally, pretending it hadn't played dead brick for the last few hours. Obviously right now I'm scrambling to do the backing up I'd neglected, to get all my data.

The logs I looked at, do not show anything for the time around 2am last night when I turned it off and the boot now. Obviously right now I'm highly suspicious of the laptop. Once all my data is copied, I'll risk turning it off and see whether it'll start again. I hope it'll remain non-dead *crosses fingers*, to spare myself the repair hassle, though even if it does, my trust in it is severely shaken.

ETA2: I finished the backup, and the laptop turns on again after I turn it off. So for now I'll hold off from bringing it for repair, as obviously I can't reproduce its total failure, which is both good (because I have a functioning laptop) and bad (because it feels more unreliable than the usual computer having failed me for no reason I can discern). I guess I just have to be very diligent about backups and hope for the best.
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Like many people I collect some pieces of fanworks as chapters of a single work, to avoid horrible, horrible clutter on my works page. In my case it is drawbles and doodles, but others do it with written snippets. That is of course due to the lack of a Scraps feature like dA has, where you can separate less polished stuff from the rest, which I bemoaned here before. Unfortunately you can't mark chapters as gifts to someone to let them get a notification either.

And before anyone points to the series feature, I already collect drawbles in a twenty part series, with the works being divided by fandoms, and some of these have over 40 chapters. If I made each picture a "work" these would totally swamp the art I want people to notice in any fandom.

I have just doodled something that originally I wanted to post for the Secret Mutant Madness, but didn't get around to before Christmas, even though I liked my idea for the prompt. So now I just wanted to post it anyway, and alert the prompter. But I can't do that and put it with the other Marvel sketches.

So now I have a dilemma, in that I can either mess up my whole organization by posting a sketch as a work, or I can't let the prompter know.
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I suck so much at coloring hair. I need to draw more bald people. Or they could all wear hats. Better yet, paper bags. That would take care of a whole lot of other difficulties too. Sylvester Jr. would be the ideal subject...
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Sometimes I hate it a lot that Tumblr has no comment options (in most cases). So often I want to react briefly to some fun post or another, but I just don't do the reblog thing with my own Tumblr -- not that you can really follow and enjoy reactions easily then either. Occasionally the propensity of fandom to use things in ways they weren't meant to be used (and have no features for) has annoying downsides.
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So, LJ migrated my Scrapbook, which is a good thing, because apparently the old system had already corrupted ten of my pictures so they couldn't migrate them now, when I myself had only noticed two that had been messed up while I happened to look at old posts. However I would have liked the migration report a little more informative when listing the damaged ones, because if you haven't titled your pictures, the report doesn't even give you the folder. Or, you know, if LJ's Scrapbook hadn't corrupted my pictures in the first place, but I've learned not to set my expectations too high when it comes to LJ.

The thing is, when the old Scrapbook was still around and destroyed one of my pictures, I could usually still see the preview picture that had been created, and of course the folder and the position the picture was in. I asked support whether they might be able to give me that information at least about the pictures they corrupted, but the reply, while prompt, wasn't helpful. They could just tell me that they passed this on to the migration team as suggestion, so that maybe the log could become more informative for others who aren't migrated yet.

Thanks to the DW search function I have at least found posts for about half of the images when they were embedded or linked, and could reconstruct what they had been, and restore those. But I'm still at a loss what some of the other pictures were. Well, hopefully the new system won't eat any more of my stuff from now on.
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...but not yet. Meanwhile my rats still won't come out to play. This rather sucks, not least because with them in the cage all the time I have much less contact with them, than if they were running outside where I sit, reading fanfic, watching tv, wasting my time on the internet, etc. I mean, I do go up the cage of course to pet them, and bribe them with treats and such, but I'm not standing next to a cage door for hours on end. I'm used to my rats just coming up to me throughout the evening whenever they want. Of course right now these don't.

If I had wanted to feel snubbed by my pets I would have gotten a cat. :(
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Seriously, neither of the two supermarkets nearest to me had any plain white sugar when I tried to buy some this week. Last year before they raised the sugar price there were signs in the supermarkets that they wouldn't sell more than five kilo to a customer, because some people were apparently hoarding sugar, either in anticipation of a price increase or to resell it in neighboring countries where sugar prices were already higher, but at least it was still available. And of course now it's been selling at the higher price of 85¢/kg for some time. When it's available, that is, which apparently it is not right now as far as my nearest supermarkets are concerned. I ought to have hoarded some too. (Or I guess I could walk around to other supermarkets further away, looking for a place that has sugar, but I'm lazy.) >:(

It's a good thing I didn't throw out the sugar that got a little wet and clumped in its package when I accidentally spilled water on it some weeks ago, but rather dried it out, so at least I still have some clumpy sugar, even if I almost used up the rest.
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Apparently Goodreads soon can't use the Amazon data anymore, because Amazon put even more restrictions on this or something. Instead they use other sources, and they ask you to enter data for those of your books that don't have other sources. That applied to quite a number of mine (almost a hundred), and I dutifully entered stuff, though thankfully for many not every field had to be entered.

So that was mildly inconvenient, but what really bothers me is that the replacement data they imported from some other sources is oddly formatted sometimes, and I can't fix it, because I don't have librarian rights. For example it messes up the capitalization (and sometimes punctuation and spaces) in titles that were okay before. In German book titles only the nouns are capitalized not verbs or adjectives, but somehow the new source or sources for many of the books capitalize every single word. It looks horrible and wrong. This is driving me crazy when I look at my book list now.
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Is there a way to get Goodreads to stop the stupid Facebook nagging? I already had to click away the dialog to add some book to my "timeline" (whatever that is) twice. Surely they can't mean to ask me every time I add or finish a book when I don't even have a FB account. It's not that I can't see how some people might want this integration, and one popup to ask me whether I wanted to set it up would have been fine, but surely you must be able to turn it off permanently somewhere? I couldn't find anything in the dialog or my settings.
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First, how hard it is to follow a simple discussion with more than two participants. (I know, not what Tumblr is built for, but people still use it for that.) I mean, even if you ignore the unfortunate formatting, that makes it so hard to attribute what is quote and who said what, as soon as a conversation branches, you are never going to see all threads in a single of the reblogs, and if you go to the notes of the original post you can see all the responses and reblogs (i.e. the "A reblogged from B and added" bits) but there they are cut off and shortened, so you have to click and end up with a gazillion tabs to read one post with three comment threads. It's maddening. Unless there is some other reading method I missed to find and display responses? *nurses futile hope*

Second, a more subjective dissonance for me, is how Tumblr is one of the places where publicly celebrating popularity numbers is done by some (on dA it also happens, there with page view milestones mostly). I mean, from what I can tell you can't see the follower numbers like you can on LJ-clone platforms as default with friend-of/subscriber lists, so maybe that's why some people make posts going "yay over 4000 followers!" or the like instead. But of course only the ridiculously popular people do this as far as I can tell, and I can't help feeling kind of crushed in comparison. Though perhaps I wouldn't take notice so much if on Tumblr you weren't seeing "reblog/like" numbers all the time, that draw attention to the audience size constantly, even without extra action.

Which on the one hand I know is silly, because it's not like without these kinds of follower-numbers squee posts I would be unaware that someone else is very popular and has cool content, but still. I mean, with the LJ/DW model that moment of comparison is there whenever you subscribe, but you become aware of a range of numbers, and also then it fades somewhat from awareness for me. However on Tumblr you (or at least I) mostly notice the really popular numbers. For example I'm hardly going to celebrate my next Tumblr milestone which would be if ever the number of followers inched up to a round ten instead of currently eight. And I assume most other people with non-popular Tumblrs feel the same, so the impression gets distorted.

It's of course a completely irrational response to feel bad to have less audience than cool Tumblr X, but at the same time not even do anything to attract more people. If I wanted non-embarrassing follower milestone posts to happen, I would probably need to switch my topics from "mostly crappy doodles" to something with popularity potential, like say "James McAvoy with baby sloths" or something (as a side note, does that already exist? it should, I'd probably follow that), and post consistently and do all the other things that make a Tumblr attractive.
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Verschlimmbesserung, i.e. a portmanteau of Verbesserung (improvement) and Verschlimmerung (deterioration/worsening), to describe intended improvements or upgrades that end up making everything worse. Also used as a verb ("verschlimmbessern"), cousin to the equally useful "kaputtreparieren" (repair/tinker with a thing to the point that it becomes broken). Not entirely unrelated to this language observation, I'm still trying to decide whether I should opt to display everything on LJ in my style (which I find confusing, because I'm used to comms and journals all having their layout), or deal with the new comment pages on comms that have not disabled them, which unfortunately includes a number of fest comms I'd been browsing.
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Like almost everyone else I loathe LJ's new comment pages. I've always disliked the customized comment pages and preferred the site style, but I now had to turn the customization on in self-defense, because those are slightly less awful. For many years now I had used "Smooth Sailing" as layout but the custom comment pages there are worse than the "Minimalist" style ones, so I switched my layout and then spend almost two hours trying to get my basic requirements customized again. It should not be this hard to get the icons to display on the left of an entry. I'm still trying to figure out how to make that serif font go away that goes with that layout in some places.

Anyway, in wake of this mess I decided to turn on these crossposting footers linking to DW, to encourage people who so far follow me on LJ to comment elsewhere. I used to find them vaguely obnoxious, because I figured people who wanted to follow and comment on DW would just read there in the first place, but that was before LJ's continuous attempts to make their site unusable had reached quite this level. I'm still considering whether I should just turn comments there off entirely.
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...that I finished the picture for [livejournal.com profile] secret_mutant and with a few days to spare (deadline is the 22nd), however now I have to think of a title to fill out the submission template. When not forced by templates, I don't title my artworks, precisely because I can never think of anything. Argh.
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It's rather annoying that LJ is under DDOS attack just when I wanted to check out the [livejournal.com profile] xmenbigbang.


Sep. 12th, 2011 15:58
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How is it that you can have a reference photo, then draw a body with a limb exactly in that position, and then in your picture it looks completely contorted or deformed and as if there was no way for it to work like that? I mean, of course I realize that the trick to drawing (whether from life or photography) is to create a believable 2D abstraction, but this limb thing is just unfair.
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Is anyone else having trouble to load LJ correctly? Since yesterday most of the time style sheets and icons don't load for me. I've tried clearing my cache and reloading the pages, but the problem persists. Sometimes the whole page loads, but most of the time some or all style is missing, and icons even more often.
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Purely by chance I noticed that one of my pictures that I had stored on the LJ Scrapbook just vanished, i.e. my title and tags were still there put the picture was just a broken image link.

So I contacted support about this, and they tell me they are sorry but "Unfortunately, after investigation, it appears as though this image has been irretrievably lost from Scrapbook." Okay, that doesn't fill me with confidence in their data storage, but I have a backup of that one (it wasn't one of the unfortunate images that I lost with my previous laptop and which I only copies of in the LJ gallery). So then I ask whether there is a way I could reupload in the same place somehow through the image editing, so my links aren't all broken, but that isn't possible either.

This is really inconvenient. First they randomly vanish my picture into some void, and then I can't even restore it, but have to start over and edit all links manually.

ETA: And as I reuploaded, I noticed they vanished another one, only for that one the preview still works, just not the full size, so I didn't notice right away. WTF, LJ?

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