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That was quick. It didn't even last a year (not counting the closed beta period). Not that I'm particularly surprised, because I signed up last summer when you could join, but then ended up almost never using the site.

Also, despite having an account, I did not even get an email from them about this. Though I think I may have disabled even import site update messages when I clicked "unsubscribe" back in April on the mails I got back to back about free plushies and pizza parties or some such crap, even though I had been fairly sure in my account creation that I didn't want promo messages.

But frankly the way site messaging was handled there was one of the problems that made the site unusable for me. Even now when I log in I do not see any closing message prominently in my notice box, just a whole bunch of "recommended for you" stuff. I had to click on the Imzy group to see their announcement from May 24th, and only learned about it now by accident after seeing talk elsewhere.

Apparently the final closing date is June 23rd. But I don't have any content there, so I'm not bothered.
ratcreature: RL? What RL? RatCreature is a net addict.  (what rl?)
Thanks to [personal profile] goss' invite I'm now namesquatting at Imzy, a new platform that is sort of like reddit but with some setup changes that are supposed to discourage trolling. I'm not sure how similar the interface is because I never got a reddit account and rarely even read threads there, but apparently it was created by some ex-reddit guy.

Also on Imzy there is some inbuilt system that makes it possible to pay/tip for posters'/moderators' content, which is intended to eventually finance the thing by Imzy getting some cut of those transactions, instead of having advertising? But I'm not really clear on that.

It doesn't seem very large yet, e.g. when during the sign-up process I searched for communities based on my interests there wasn't even one for pet rats yet and not many fandom ones either, but maybe it'll take off.

Anyway, now in turn I have five invites, so if you want one to check out that site, comment with your email. (Or if you don't want to give your email in public, comment and then PM me the address through DW or such -- I didn't set comments to screened because then you can't see whether five others have commented already.)

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