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Untitled Highlander AU/Andromeda, by [livejournal.com profile] basingstoke. Het and slash (though there's no romantic focus, so it feels quite gen), Richie/Amanda, Duncan/Methos. (ca. 2,900 words)
These are more glimpses at a universe than a fully realized story, but the setup is just very cool.

Necessary Changes, by [livejournal.com profile] devilc. Slash, Jason Street/Scott Summers, also Logan/Jean and some other pairings, both het and slash are implied. (ca. 24,000 words)
Friday Night Lights/X-Men
Jason discovers he's a mutant on top of everything else and is invited to attend the Xavier Institute. I'm really liking Jason here so far, and also his friendship with Tim, and of course I always have a soft spot for stories with Scott.
(It's still being posted, one part a day it seems, but the author's notes indicated it's finished and the total length, so in two days or so it should be completely posted.)

Days Like This, by [livejournal.com profile] killabeez. Gen, Angel, Dean Winchester. (ca. 9,200 words)
Dean and Angel meet on a hunt, and fight a gross, tentacled monster, but really the best thing in this story is the banter and the many great lines.

Untitled SGA/SPN snippets, by [livejournal.com profile] kitsune_tsuki WIP
So far more an enticing glimpse at a backstory and an opening snippet than a single story, but I thought the premise that Sheppard grew up as a hunter like Sam and Dean, and now encounters creepy supernatural stuff in Pegasus was cool.

To Conquer Fear, by [livejournal.com profile] marag. Gen, Gil Grissom, Batman and their teams. (ca. 2,800 words)
They work together to catch the Scarecrow in Las Vegas. The story is told mostly in emails and more on the fun than on the angst side of things.

Hailing From Parts Unknown, by [livejournal.com profile] sister_wolf. Slash, Logan (Wolverine)/Alec (X5-494). (ca. 3,500 words)
X-Men Movieverse/Dark Angel
Alec and Logan and cage fights. Why wouldn't you read this?

Office Hours (ca. 10,000 words) and the sequel The Wisdom to Know the Difference (ca. 30,000 words), by [livejournal.com profile] tartanshell. Gen, Peter Parker, Hank McCoy, Matt Murdock, and Scott Summers.
Peter meets Hank (at first not yet blue) as one of his biochemistry professors in college. This is just an awesome and very entertaining crossover, that has a great blend of humor and angst.

Floodlights on the Highway, by [livejournal.com profile] thassalia. Gen, Dean, Cam, Vala.
Stargate: SG-1/Supernatural
How could you not enjoy Cam and Vala meeting Dean at a car show?

Riggins & Winchester, by [livejournal.com profile] thisisbone. Slash, Tim Riggins/Dean Winchester, also Billy Riggins, Sam Winchester. (ca. 4,800 words)
Friday Night Lights/Supernatural
The Winchesters are passing through Dillon. This gives a great look at the characters, also of course it's hot.
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some thoughts on Andromeda 4x01, mostly I'm confused and not too happy )

Or maybe I'm just cranky because it's four in the morning and I'm awake, because I fell asleep unintentionally early in the evening, then woke around half past two, couldn't fall asleep again, and now write blog entries in order to avoid having those insomniac, depressing dead of the night thoughts.
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That episode, 3x22 Shadows Cast by a Final Salute, had some really slashy moments.

Spoilers ahead... )
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Spoilers for Andromeda 3x04 Cui Bono ahead:

Read more... )

I think this is a record for me of entries per day, usually I'm not that talkative.
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I'm almost current on Andromeda by now. Or maybe I am current, just not with Canada, but with the US schedule, whatever. Anyway, I've watched all eps up to 3x02 Shards of Rimni so far, so the aired Canadian ones are only two episodes ahead now.

The main entry will have some general thoughts on season 2, so no spoiler precautions for that, however my first impressions of Season 3 are in the cut-away (spoilers for 3x01 and 3x02).

So first, season 2. I can't do any detailed analysis, since I've watched all in a marathon, every episode only one time so far, and I didn't take notes (but I strongly recommend Viridian5's Andromeda essays and episode reviews for a more in-depth perspective).

I'm not sure, but it seems that there are less "team" episodes in season 2 than earlier, and I miss something when half of Andromeda's crew is absent. I understand the meta/production reasons for such episodes, but I like ensemble shows best when they are really ensemble shows. Also I miss Rev Bem.

And I'm not sure whether I like Future Trance better than purple Old Trance. During first season I was sometimes mildly annoyed at "the big mystery that is Trance" and it didn't really get better in season 2. I'm willing to give them the benefit of doubt and assume they know what they are doing (after all Andromeda's TPTB aren't Chris Carter) and that they didn't only want to change Trance from purple to golden and get rid of the tail, but -- before she was used as ad-hoc explanation for plot development or as deus-ex-machina in a mild way, because she could "perceive" the consequences of choices, now every other episode she invokes some dark future that might happen if they don't do as she says. It didn't really make me like the character more, though maybe it's not supposed to, and okay, I miss the tail. Also I liked the cute bubbly scam she had going on, especially those moments where it becomes clear that she plays it, like in "Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way".

Another thing I noticed is that I start to dislike that they never get hit when they are shot at, but they hit others all the time. Okay, they have these High Guard gadgets, but really, at least some of their enemies must be well enough equipped to have similar or better things. Though on the other hand I like that there is at least some explanation for this phenomenon (and I really liked the scene with Gerentex when he got to know the reason for why he was shot at so much and the others weren't).

Hmm. It sounds as if I'm only complaining, but really I'm not, overall I still had a lot of fun watching the second season. After all, I only bother to quibble if I like a show, otherwise it's not really worth bothering. Anyway, what I liked:

I liked a lot of the glimpses we got of the Commonwealth, because despite Dylan's propaganda talk it was obviously not perfect, nor all that well liked by all its citizens, which makes it realistic. First the Kalderans obviously had a very bad experience with being in this Commonwealth, brief impressions we got of the Vedrans in "The Fair Unknown" also make it look like an egalitarian approach with equal rights for all member worlds and citizens was at best theoretical and realized on paper, and that the AIs had really equal rights as citizens looks dubious after we get some of the warships perspectives in "The Knight, Death, and the Devil". Also because of Dylan's previous career the Commonwealth sponsored actions we see in flashbacks are dubious covert operations. I sure hope the series will deal with these conflicts between ideals and realities of the new Commonwealth, now that it is actually in existence again (though I thought the whole Commonwealth founding was a bit too much dealt with in fast-forward mode during season 2).

I also liked that Earth is not important to most of the crew, not even the humans, except for Harper, who was born there. It's a nice change from the usual in science fiction tv. I admit that Dylan's decision was hard, especially with its consequences for Harper (and of course the many dead on Earth), but the almost indifference to loss of life on an immense scale seems to be another constant from the old Commonwealth, especially if it suits some larger cause and can be rationalized as an acceptable loss. And I like that Dylan, despite his aspirations, is not the super-hero who can singlehandedly save all. And when he fails he fails on the same grand scale he sets for his goals.

I liked how Tyr changed getting closer to the rest of the crew, and I can see where Tyr/Harper slashers are coming from, though to me the Dylan/Tyr slash vibes pings somewhat stronger. I have a harder time to see Dylan/Harper, but hey, I expect I'll be flexible in my pairing preferences in Andromeda as long as it's well written. (I have read very little so far, mostly Viridian5's gen stories.)

On the note of pairings, I would really like TPTB to stop this habit they acquired of throwing BOTWs at Dylan. I don't mind him getting some action, but most of the BOTW plots in season 2 just were sort of dumb, like the Stockholm syndrome kidnap victim that he at the end of "Lava and Rockets" takes on a three week cruise?!? Even if the route might coincide with his Commonwealth building duties, my reaction was more or less "gah! he is doing what?!"

Overall I liked the Magog egg arc, while it wasn't handled perfectly (again, I recommend Viridian5's second season reviews for details), and I liked the glimpses into Harper's past in "Bunker Hill" as well as into his and Beka's history in "Be All My Sins Remembered."

I like Andromeda/Rommie a lot, how her warship self with its attitudes to the crew is in conflict sometimes with the Avatar self, how she is on the one hand experimenting with her emotions, but definitely not on some quest to become human, and more distressed that the crew is less durable and more vulnerable than she is.

Overall I hope they don't forget to resolve the dangling plots of the second season in the third, like the whole Nietzschean messiah thing.

Now some brief thoughts on 3x01 and 3x02... )

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Why am I up after 4 a.m. you ask? (Well, probably you don't ask that but anyway--) It's because currently I spend my time (and that includes the times which are supposed to be for sleep as well as those for various other things) watching Andromeda. Once I foolishly decided to give Andromeda another try it developed into a kind of binge-watching. I'm not totally unfamiliar with this (the arrival of a long awaited Buffy or Angel box set has been known to have similar effects in the past) and luckily, unlike other addictive things, tv series have a limited amount of episodes. So it won't be too long until I settle into a more regular watching pattern.

Anyway, as recently as two days and 15 episodes ago I still tried to tell myself that I didn't need another fandom, but there's no way to close my eyes to the truth now. I have another fandom. I even started to check the series background info, timelines and quotes on the All Systems University site. But then, since technically you don't need fandoms anyway, it's probably just as well that I acquired a new one. I'm still not completely sure what hooked me on Andromeda this time when I wasn't interested when I first watched the pilot, though.

I think it is because I stuck with it longer and not just for an episode. I mean, none of the episodes I watched so far had the intense effects that, for example, some Farscape episodes have on me, which can be heart-wrenching, hilarious, or breath-taking, often all at the same time, Andromeda's plots aren't exactly cliché-free either, and some of the aliens look downright silly (even more true for modified humans like those fish-people in "All Great Neptune's Ocean"), however when I compare my reactions to for example to those I have to Enterprise (and actually not just the newest Star Trek incarnation), I find Andromeda a lot more captivating. I watch Enterprise regularly, but I'm mostly indifferent to the whole Star Trek universe, Andromeda's universe OTOH has become alive to me in a much shorter time span.

I think it is because it is because right from the start it gave me the feeling that there is a lot more stuff that I don't know (yet), that there is this whole history, with technology, art, culture, religions, wars, evolution etc. that has happened. And while humans aren't unimportant, they aren't what the universe revolves around either. They didn't found the Commonwealth for example. Also the characters have actual motives and agendas (something that I sort of miss with Enterprise, I mean, I've watched over a season of Enterprise by now, and still even the main characters are all...bland, and all bland in roughly the same way too).

So while Farscape is still rules, and is still by far my favorite science fiction series (and has better aliens too), I like Andromeda. Quite a lot.
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However, I'm growing disturbingly fond of Andromeda as I watch the first season eps. I had watched the pilot way back, and wasn't very impressed, but in an effort to procrastinate productive work at all cost I rewatched the pilot and got the first couple of eps of the first season, and I'm now up to ep five and close to getting really hooked on the series. That's what I get for thinking "hey, [livejournal.com profile] basingstoke likes Andromeda, surely it can't be as uninteresting as I remember, I'm sure watching it will be better than doing the things I ought to do..."

I won't get into another fandom, I'll just watch the eps -- I won't get into another fandom, I'll just watch the eps -- ... Now I just need some hope that auto-suggestive mantras actually work.


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