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I finally managed to get my hand on a copy of Duck Dodgers: The Green Loontern and it was great. Lots of squeeing on my part, and I bet it's even funnier for people more familiar with GL. I think my favorite scene was Daffy Duck trying to piece together the oath: "In blackest day or brightest night... watermelon, cantaloupe... yadda, yadda... superstitious, and cowardly lot... with liberty and justice for all." The scene where he talks about being the first of his species to achieve flight with that flock of ducks in the background was great too. In general Green Lantern ring powers work well with the Daffy Duck kind of cartoon figure, and really among the others in the Green Lantern Corps Daffy really doesn't even look out of place.

I also watched the newest Teen Titans episode, 2x03 Terra, because I was curious how they'd adapt the rather adult storyline of the Judas Contract for a kids' cartoon when TPTB said that giving the heroes double identities was already too complicated.

spoilers for 2x03 Terra, also mentioning of titles of future Titans episodes )
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I'm a bit late with my squeeing, but watching JL is a lot of fun, and deserves entries, even if I'm too lazy to write them right away.

So, about Wild Cards:
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I just stopped myself from posting a totally boring, whiny entry. The couple of paragraphs I deleted boiled down to that basically I'm just incredulous that Monday's already passed in utterly unproductive ways, with me feeling wrung out and demotivated for no good reason -- and how did it happen that it's been Monday again so soon anyway?

Whatever. On to brighter topics! Like the latest Justice League episode:

Spoilers for Justice League Secret Society... )
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I haven't managed to get my hands on yesterday's JL episode (yet), but I've watched the last two JL episodes of the first season, Metamorphosis and The Savage Time.

I didn't much care for Metamorphosis, but that's probably more because of Metamorpho than anything else. He's one of the few characters who manage to annoy me no matter what incarnation they come in. At least so far that has been the case. (I have to admit that with mostly encountering him in recent Birds of Prey and Outsiders issues I probably haven't seen him in the best hands, but still.) The King Kong homage was fun though.

In contrast to that I really liked The Savage Time. And that even though time travel stories always make my head hurt. I mean, I wonder if their reality after Vandal Savage tried to manipulate the past really could be the same as the one they left. Okay they stopped the worst, but WWII still went differently than in the original time line. And even if I disregard all the changes in individual lives, a lot of people must have seen transistors, jet engines and all that stuff, even if the laptop itself was destroyed, it's hard to imagine that the events remained without any consequences for technological progress.

Some other stuff I noticed -- apparently I'm too disorganized to write something like coherent reviews, I still want to squee though: ;)

  • Poor Bats, it seems he's doomed to loose his parents in any universe. And I really liked him as resistance leader. Also the scene when Superman tells him he can't promise Batman's parents will be alive in that other universe (glossing over the truth somewhat) was great.

  • As usual Hawkgirl had some great lines, like on the train, when they tumble over each other: "Whose hand is that?" Flash: "Sorry."

  • I assume the couple kissing at Batman's resistance headquarters were Dick and Babs, which was a cool cameo. I wonder whether the boy and girl running through that scene were supposed to be Tim and Cassie, though.

  • I liked that GL got to prove himself without his ring, and how he had to deal with that racist jerk in the unit.

  • I didn't much care for the romance bits between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor.

  • I loved that scene when they come back and Superman hugs Batman, and Batman's dry response to Clark's enthusiasm.

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That scene in Injustice For All when Superman opens Lex's flyer and is all worried, and shouts "Lex! Lex!" instead of "Luthor" made me smile, and I thought it wouldn't get any better between the two, but then came the Lex/Superman scene in the hospital. And the banter between Flash and Hawkgirl, "Yeah - fastest man alive!" "Which might explain why you can't get a date." -- I wouldn't have expected jokes like that in a children's cartoon. There were lots of good Batman bits in this episode, too. And the Joker was fun to watch. Though I found it a bit implausible that the Watchtower key didn't have any extra security besides being hidden in Batman's belt, but I'll just assume that between Luthor and the Ultra-Humanite they figured out an override.

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