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Wonder Woman has finally opened here this week so now I have watched it. It's actually the first of the recent DC films I bothered to watch.

It was a lot of fun! Though I very much wanted to throat-punch the guys sitting two seats to my right who would not stop talking. WTF. Since they did not sit directly next to me I couldn't even shush them. What kind of obnoxious person does that in a cinema?

Also the slow motion fight scene inserts got on my nerves very quickly. I suppose it does allow to see dramatic fight poses clearly or something, like you would in a comic panel, but the effect did not work for me.
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Fractured was mostly bizarre, yet still amusing. But the first part of Aftershock? Whoa. The series really shines in the Slade eps.
spoilers for Aftershock Pt. 1 )
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So I'm kind of spamming my blog tonight, sorry about that, but why hasn't anyone *looks at [livejournal.com profile] cereta* told me that during the Intergang/Soames storyline in Nightwing there was an Action Comics tie-in, i.e. Action Comics #771 (written by Chuck Dixon, pencils by Pascual Ferry, inks by Alvaro Lopez), with Nightwing coming to Metropolis and working with Superman? Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cereta I really like the two together, and think we don't see them side by side nearly enough, or I just don't know about it, like I didn't know about this one.

Superman catches Nightwing because at first he thinks he's a suicide, but of course Nightwing is just being his usual airborne self, and then carries him in his arms (Nightwing: Now can you put me down before you start calling me "Lois"? -- Superman: Hm.), then they're on a stake-out together with Superman calling Nightwing a nickname, "'Wing", of course they also successfully beat up bad guys together, and at the end they promise each other to keep in touch. (Superman: "If Intergang has taken an interest in Bl├╝dhaven you may need some heavy lifting." Nightwing: "I might take you up on that. Not sure what I could do in return." "Just keep me in the loop. This little episode would have slipped by me. I'm glad you're more trusting than your mentor." "He's got a more suspicious nature, Superman. And he's never taken the time to get to know you.") That made me feel all fuzzy, because really Batman and Superman have been working together for a long time, yet Nightwing claims he's gotten to know him better. *squee*
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I'm in the process of writing this long entry on the origin stories of Batman and Nightwing, what changes there were in continuity from Crisis to present day etc. (at least as far as I'm aware of them). That projected entry turned out to be rather more work than I anticipated when I had the idea for it, so it's not finished yet. Still on the upside while doing the research for it, I'm (re-)reading lots of comics with a focus on, or references to their origins, which is fun.

So I also came across The Secret Origin of Nightwing in Secret Origins v2 #13 from 1987, which -- I think -- isn't fully in continuity anymore, after the changes in Dick and Bruce's breakup story later as well as IIRC some changes in the details of Dick's parents death, but it is still fun to read and slashy for its framework story with Nightwing and Jericho.

I haven't read the New Teen Titans issues during which this takes place, and I'm not terribly familiar with the NTT arcs, but details weren't that important, and Nightwing also recaps the key events. Anyway, they are on some alien planet, Kory just (or not that long ago anyway) had this political marriage to Karras, so Nightwing feels, understandably, down and pours out his heart to Jericho, while they sit bare-chested in a tree. Okay so Jericho is bare-chested, Nightwing wears his first costume, which only partly shows his chest, and at the end Jericho gives Nightwing a "holographic thought painting" (a technology from that planet) of an odd, fluffy, golden creature with wings and fur, that also looks really gay.

I need to start reading those 1980s New Teen Titans issues soon.
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No real coherent comments on Nightwing #57 and Nightwing #58 either -- just:
Everybody who likes Dick Grayson and likes h/c with an emphasis on the hurt part (though comfort's there too), will enjoy these issues. I mean, what's not to like?

Nightwing chained, and hanging bare-chested, headfirst from the ceiling, hurting really beautifully, being mocked and taunted by the villains for a love letter Barbara slipped him into his glove. Or Barbara / Oracle all protective and worried, then kicking villain ass and rescuing him (well of course Nightwing also fights to escape, getting hurt some more in the process, and Dinah plays a part too). A favorite scene of mine is when the minion ninja-wannabees insult Oracle "So you're the one who wrote the letter." "What's he want with a cripple?" "Maybe we'll find out, huh?" and she takes them all out with taser lines integrated in her wheel chair, and then says "'Cripple' my butt." Heh.

And there are several other great scenes too. In Nightwing #56 we got the build-up showing Dick and Barbara as a happy couple, lighthearted (and a scene of Dick Barbara's shower...), while Shrike is hunting Nightwing, making the impact of the next two issues much harder, bringing home how fragile happiness can be. There's some slow development in the Torque-arc too, but that's all more like setting the scene for the next thing.
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I really liked Giz and Mouse in Hunt For Oracle, and now I've just read Nightwing #55, the scene where Blockbuster lets the contract killers and other villains fight against Shrike, to see who's the "fittest" to get Nightwing. Giz and Mouse are on the sidelines as Shrike beats Stallion to pulp, and I just love the third panel on page six: Mouse looks away, Giz covers his eyes with his hand and also turns his head, his distressed squirrel covering his head trying to hide, and Mouse says "Giz..." then Giz "I know Mouse, this is not our scene." the squirrel "chee!" And later they (predictably) pass fighting Shrike. Somehow Giz and Mouse are just, uh, "cute" in a way. Likable, and not totally messed up. I have to find out in what other comics and series Giz and Mouse have appeared so far and track down copies of those issues...

Uh, just sharing my delighted "squee" moment, I guess.

ETA: I scanned the panel I described. You can see it behind the cut-tag )

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