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I know it doesn't look like it recently in my blog, but I am actually still interested in some fandoms that are neither comics nor cartoons. Though I'm often either lagging behind watching the episodes or don't feel like blogging about them, or both.

That said, I enjoyed the latest Enterprise episode: spoilers for 3x14 Stratagem... )
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It seems I'm hard to please lately. :-/ I didn't much like the ep, however focusing on the positive instead of bitching for once, there was some stuff I liked about Enterprise 3x04 Rajiin.

spoilers ahead, but nothing major )
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Brief, still it is a bit of a spoiler for 2x05 A Night in Sickbay. )

Also I've installed TrackBack for my blog, so now you can use this cool tool with it, if your blog supports it too. I admit TrackBack isn't all that widespread for cross-linking blogs yet, but maybe it'll catch on.

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