ratcreature: RatCreature at the drawing board. (drawing)
I'm not sure whether anyone is interested, seeing how the art itself got very little reaction (only two comments and one kudo so far *sulk*), but since I took the pictures of the in-between stages, I might as well post them.

many images of the work in progress )
ratcreature: RatCreature at the drawing board. (drawing)
Fandom: Highlander/X-Men
Characters/Pairings: Methos, mutant baby
Media used: acrylics on paper, original ca. 35x45cm
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: This is an illustration for [personal profile] basingstoke's awesome Highlander/X-Men crossover WIP Unalienable. Among many other things happening, Methos takes care of a mutant baby, carrying her around in a sling: "Methos makes a sandwich with the baby in a sling on his hip. [...] Baby's skin has flushed up bluer now that she's feeling better. Her eyes are a bright, piercing pink. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are thick and orange but she doesn't seem to have any hair on her head or body, not even the normal fine down of a girl's skin. She looks garish and strange."

Please do not distribute my art without my permission, i.e. do not upload my art to other sites, services, archives, or wikis. That includes uploading the images themselves to your own Tumblr, even with credit. A high resolution version of this art without the URL watermarking is available on request for private, non-commercial uses.

Preview: preview of Methos with mutant baby
the image and two high resolution details are behind the cut )

ETA: I made a process post with photos of the painting as it was in progress.

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