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So I tried to turn my Santa!Cthulhu image into a basic greeting card, but their site just doesn't work right with any of my browsers. That is in my Firefox some of their links don't aren't clickable, even though I have Flash and Javascript and everything enabled, and in Opera the links work but the OK buttons in their pop-up windows don't. And Konqueror didn't show the pop-up thingies correctly from the beginning. At first I thought, ok, the Firefox on my laptop is very old, so I tried on my desktop, which has the current Firefox, but no luck with that one either.

But I'm not easily deterred so I did manage create an account and to upload the image, finally, but then when I wanted to do the simplest product design, i.e. pick a card, put the image on the card sized so that it fits, without even any text or borders or stuff, it constantly did weird things. Like I wrangled it right, and clicked the save, but then back in the overview it had saved empty. And then when I finally managed to put an image onto a card, and made it public (or so I thought), it didn't show on the shop page, which I thought was because I got a page error in the middle and had to reload. However, it seems that was just a time delay, but they could have said that it takes time to show up.

Also, whenever I clicked the help popup to explain something I only got the general main help page. Like there would be a link "what is such-and-such" to explain a function and then I didn't get somewhere that even had the term on the page.

However, I did manage to create a Santa!Cthulhu card, and I think one can replace the country code in the zazzle URL with the one most convenient, like pick the .com ending for the US store.
ratcreature: X-Mas: RatCreature as Santa. (xmas)
Fandom: Lovecraft, in a way
Characters/Pairings: Cthulhu
Media used: charcoal, chalk and black pencil on gray paper
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: This is a bit late, but I guess technically Christmas season sort of lasts until the 6th, yes? This sketch was inspired by the "Santa Cthuluclaus" LJ v-gift I've seen on other people's profiles, an idea which I found cute, only the clipart looks nothing like Cthulhu, not even the jokey cute renderings, but instead looks like a sad octopus with a santa hat, which for some strange reason is carrying flowers and a pencil. Which is just odd, even if you make a sad octopus stand in for Cthulhu. I've done cute Cthulhus before, but I doodled one with a santa hat this time. You probably shouldn't count on this one delivering any of the presents though...
Preview: preview of Santa!Cthulhu picture
the finished image is behind the cut )

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