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There haven't been many prompts for the talking meme, so I decided to drag out another meme: Character Roulette, but of course I do this with drawbles not comment ficlets.

You probably know how it works: I have a secret list of fifteen characters, then commenters suggest a scenario with the numbers, and I respond with what I think would happen, but as quick doodle.

But please keep in mind when prompting me that in this instance the response is supposed to be possible in a picture. Last time I did this results were mixed, because some prompts were hard to doodle, but it was also cracktastic fun.
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I've seen this meme around on my network, most recently from [livejournal.com profile] penknife, and because I don't write fanfic I adapted the questions for fanart. Some of the phrasing is a bit awkward, because due to all the different kinds of fanart I didn't just want to replace "write" with "draw".

1 – How did you first get into creating fanart, and what was the first fandom you made art for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?

This depends a bit on how narrow you see what's "fanart". I've been in (non-superhero) comic fandom and drew comics as a kid, but those were more or less original, i.e. I did not use existing characters or copied comics except for style.

Even then I was much better at worldbuilding than plot, so for my first real comic project (that was back in fourth or fifth grade), I wanted to do a comic about these fluffy creatures I imagined (called Wuschels, kind of like tribbles, but with eyes, noses, feet and antenna and not as fertile), but what I ended up with was a sort of background treatise with illustrations detailing how they lived and their society and biology and such. I only managed two pages of an actual comic, then ran out of plot, and strangely enough did another illustrated thing about their version of football. IDEK. I mean, I've never been a sports fan, this just shows how pervasive football is. I did share these with my family and subjected my long suffering best friend to my efforts as well. I was never one much for drawer projects. I still have the drawings and texts from that project in a binder, but I lost the ones I made from yarn. From then on I drew comics all through high school. Some of them are posted on my website.

It took me much longer to try creating fanart in a narrow sense. The first media fandoms I got into online weren't good places for fanart. My first major online fandom was The Sentinel in the late 90s, and there was very little fanart online, and mostly just collage type photomanips that often weren't all that good. Zines were expensive, so I only ever ordered a couple, and even those often did not have any illustrations, and the few that did were all aiming for a very photo-realist style. I know now that even at the time there had been other fanart styles around for tv fandoms, but I didn't know that then. I thought to be accepted as fanart in live action fandoms art had to try for photorealism. So at that time I didn't even realize that anyone might be interested in the kind of fanart I could do.

Eventually there was a Sentinel fanfic for which I couldn't resist drawing an illustration, but the result was really quite bad. I was too embarrassed to attach my internet identity to that, and incidentally was also for a story I did not want to admit to have liked under my regular pseud either. These days I'm much less embarrassed about my kinks, and the author managed to push all my buttons really well, despite that the story was an unfinished WIP, not even spellchecked and OOC. But I still wanted to give the author the drawing her story had inspired (like I said above, I never saw much sense to produce for a drawer rather than public, not even if it's somewhat cringeworthy, I mean it still took time and effort after all), so that led to the only time I ever created a sockpuppet account in fandom. So I actually posted my first piece of fanart as a sockpuppet. I guess it is similar to venturing forth into anon kink memes first these days. Luckily afaik the yahoogroup where I posted the picture in the file section has vanished by now, so I don't think it is even on the internet anymore... Which is really better for everyone. I don't recall even the author responding with anything after getting the art.

The first fanart I posted properly was after I got drawn into DC fandom. I was inspired by [personal profile] cereta's story Secrets, and unlike the live action fandoms I was in, it seemed less daunting to draw comic characters than to have to try for a realist style, and Cereta and some others on my flist were encouraging me to try, so I took the plunge. Also at that point LJ was replacing mailing lists as platform, so not only seemed comic fandom easier to draw for and more receptive and open to art than the live action fandoms I knew previously, posting it was also easier.

The rest of the meme questions, slightly adapted to fit fanart )
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I keep thinking how neat it would be if there was one of these for art, and people would talk about art they enjoy and maybe link to paintings, illustrations, sculptures, or even applied/commercial art like posters or design that they like, if there was some online version. And I looked at the ones for tv and music I've seen, thinking that maybe they could be adapted, but that didn't really translate well, and I couldn't think of other good meme questions. I'm not good at creating meme questions.

Also it then occurred to me that often when I like some art I see I don't actually remember the artist once some time passed. So I'd probably have trouble merely answering a meme about art. Like I once saw a painting in a museum (by now I don't even recall the museum), a fairly modern abstract one, that was just reds with texture and stuff (or at least mostly red? it's been quite a while and I mostly remember that I reacted to it strongly, rather than what it looked like), and looking at made me very happy, and I even sat down in front of it for a while, but I had never heard of the painter before, and now I don't recall the name. I even tried to buy a postcard in the museum shop of that painting to remember it, but they didn't have one, so no reminder for me. Anyway, so now if I got a meme question asking which painting moved me or whatever, I couldn't even answer with that one, because I don't think "it was an abstract red one I stared at in a museum for fifteen minutes once" would be a very useful answer.

Still, maybe other people have better memories for art that impressed them in some way, and could answer. I think it would be cool to see. (As a side note, I often think that my memory must rather suck compared to other people's, because if for example I were to attempt writing some kind of memoir of my life, it wouldn't just be boring, but I'd have trouble stitching together any full narratives of events, and it would have very few vivid details. I actually often wonder whether the autobiography producing people have all been taking notes/kept event diaries throughout their lives to make this kind of thing work.)
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I gacked this from [livejournal.com profile] glockgal, but the original empty template comes from Kamaniki at dA. The time span for chronicling art in this meme fit me well, because I started posting fanart in 2003, so I took it as a sign that I ought to be a memesheep.

a huge image behind the cut, it might be considered NSFW by some strict standards due to kissing and groping going on in some art samples )

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