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...and I'm not thrilled with the wiki committee. When it comes to fanart it still values legalistic arguments with technical requirements for "fair use" over the near universal convention in fandom that you do not distribute someone's fanworks in public venues against the fan's explicit wishes. And that even though it purports to be a site that values fannish norms over minimal legal standards, and does so for example with identity protection. So nothing improved since my last rant. Hrmpf.
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You may or may not have noticed (depending on whether you followed the [community profile] fanlore comm and previous discussions and posts by other contributors), that I've been somewhat discontent with how the Fanlore wiki is handled, and the recent thing was kind of the last straw. My idea of the wiki as a group project, and the OTW's idea of the wiki are a bit further apart than I thought, and my issues with the official side are now at a point that it's been sabotaging my enjoyment of anything related to that wiki, and that's no frame of mind to contribute somewhere. This post is however only tangentially related to that.

I'm upset about the uploading of my art there without my permission. I never uploaded any there even while I was editing for a reason. )

So yeah.

Disgruntled. >:(

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