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I am going to miss this series. It's a pity that it got canceled, but at least Fox is showing the rest of the episodes they had produced before the cancellation. The strange thing is, I generally don't even like sitcoms, and as far as its sitcom qualities go GTB isn't that exceptional anyway. But then I don't like GTB for its "sitcom-ness", I like it because it deals with the premise "what if puppets were real" on an adult level and it is so entertaining and funny because of the absurdities this reality engenders (well, absurd in the no living puppets framework of the audience's perception at least). I would have liked if GTB had focused more on these inherent strengths of its universe and had gone a bit further than it did in exploring this world. I like those episodes and moments best when GTB takes its premise the most serious, like the ep "Greg Gets Puppish" for example. So I guess I like the series more for its "SF aspects". Of course Seth Green doesn't hurt either. And okay, often the puppet sex life humor is funny and there is cross-dressing. *grin*

Until recently I didn't know that Greg the Bunny characters predate the Fox version: they started on the low budget show JunkTape on a New York tv channel in 1997 and then continued on the Independent Movie Channel in 1998. The web site http://www.gregthebunny.org/ has video clips from those earlier appearances.

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