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There are many resource sites for the DCU, for the Batman titles, for the characters, but I have yet to find a site with character details which really rigorously annotates where the information and canon details come from, sort of like this -- unfortunately no longer updated -- Batman timeline site which lists the events and the comics.

I think that would be very useful for any biography and character site, because there exist so many versions of the most important past events: retellings of origin stories, flashbacks, slight variations etc. that it is hard to keep track of what's constant, what's changed, what details have been modernized over time, and what conflicting versions there are.

The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe does a great job with the chronologies and the indexes even for minor characters, and though it's being still added to and has some gaps, it's already a comprehensive resource to find out in which issues some character appears, for example, or for finding publishing dates or creator credits for an issue, yet it is not much help to connect character facts to specific issues. And most character biographies on the web sort of skip over citing the specific issues their biographic details are based upon.

I mean, for TS there were even pages keeping track of the number of times white socks were a visible part of Jim's outfit, surely there have to be similarly detail-obsessed Nightwing pages listing things like all instances Dick refers to his parents, mentions the circus, etc.
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I remember those debates in TS fandom about how the canon was never really clear about Jim's birthday and age, and the issues with differences between prop canon and what is shown in the flashbacks in some episodes, and how sometimes the months between the episodes don't really line up with the shown season of the year in a coherent chronology etc. And I remember how everyone used to bitch that the canon was so inconsistent.

Hah. Trying to just get a basic idea what pieces of canon are still valid and what has been retconned for just a little part of the current DC universe continuity makes me laugh at those complaints in retrospect. Current "definite" canon is more slippery than a wet fish for the DCU.

I mean, so far I've only read post-Crisis DC but not even that makes it really easier. Right now I'm reading through DCU FAQs to understand the impact "Zero Hour" had on post-Crisis continuity. Zero Hour apparently was the second retcon intended to fix the snafus and inconsistencies in the wake of their first retcon...

I get the need for retcons in comic canon to adjust it from time to time, but the way DC did it is certainly, uh, challenging. I guess I'll add the relevant "Zero Hour" issues to the ever growing list of "comics to get eventually" and hope I'll be able to figure it out at some point.

(Or at least get used to it, sort of like with quantum mechanics, you don't really understand it, but get used to it when you just use the formulas often enough...)

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