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Serenity finally opened here today, and I thought the movie was awesome! Also now I don't have to be hyper-vigilant anymore to avoid any spoilers. It paid off though, I managed to remain unspoiled before seeing it.

I was rather surprised how empty the theater was. Admittedly, it's Thursday, not the weekend, I went to an afternoon show and also saw the English original version, not a dubbed one, so I'm not surprised it wasn't crowded, but I think there weren't even ten people in the theater.

Anyway, I was confused about one thing though:
the question is behind a cut for movie spoilers )

On a totally random note, my rats are the wrong pets if you just want to cuddle something warm and furry. It's not that they aren't cuddly or affectionate, they just won't stay put for even a moment. :/ Well they're still young, and as such quite hyper, but surely they could allow to let themselves petted for a short while? Only they won't, instead they prefer to have wild scuffles on my bed (I guess because it's softer than to fight on the floor) so that I'm punched into various soft body parts by a rapidly moving ball of two kicking, boxing and squeaking rats, rolling all over the place.

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