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Despite my recent X-Men reading bias, I have not gone completely mono-fannish, but these few AU and xover recs would have been lost amidst the large number of X-Men recs, so I decided to stick them in an extra post.

Criminal Minds/Harry Potter

In Darkness, by Mhalachai. Gen, Aaron Hotchner. (ca. 3,700 words)
The premise here is that Hotch is squib who left the magical world, but his son has magic. I really enjoyed the squib perspective here.

Eagle of the Ninth

Fighter, by PlaneJane. Slash, Marcus/Esca. (ca. 65,300 words)
This is for the movie I haven't watched, and it is a modern AU on top of it, so it read somewhat like original fic, but the whole setup worked well for my kinks: Namely, Marcus is an undercover police officer who infiltrates a slave-trafficking ring that organizes cage fights. He stops Esca from being killed in a fight and thus gains a slave.


Almost Human, by esteefee. Gen. (ca. 30,200 words)
This a robot!Sheppard AU, with a Rodney who doesn't trust the AIs. I was wary of the fic due to all the author warnings, because breaking of trust between my favorite characters (and mindcontrol not written as kink) risks running into my partner betrayal squick, but I like the cyborg/robot trope so I gave it a try and this worked well for me overall with the way it resolved things.


Strangers, by cj_ludd18. Slash, Sherlock/John. (ca. 34,000 words)
Another robot AU, this one with robot!Watson. I wanted to punch Sherlock a lot for being a jerk in this, but that rather fits with his characterization, so it's not really a complaint.
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Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes & cat (platonic!)
Media used: pencil drawing
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: Late last night I used a period of insomnia to doodle a response to a request for "Holmes with a little kitty (on his lap maybe?)" in [community profile] artondemand, but then when I had posted it there around half past two, I was too tired to crosspost here in my journal, and managed to finally get some sleep.
Preview: Preview of Sherlock Holmes with a cat doodle
Link to the artondemand post
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And it was great fun, though it would have been even better if the two young women to my left had not felt the need to talk (or loudly whisper) throughout the whole movie. I could have also done without the person to my right who at one time used some kind of electronic device with a brightly lit screen, which at least didn't beep or anything, but suddenly appearing light sources in my peripheral vision are still startling during a movie. On the bright side, since the early afternoon screening was quite empty I got one of those two person seats all to myself, so at least I wasn't feeling squeezed in.

ETA: BTW, if you have written or read any fic worth recommending, I'd love to hear about it. I mostly employed selective blindness while following my f-list to avoid spoilers, so I haven't bookmarked anything for later reading.

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