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So I was browsing the CNN news site and stumbled upon some minor headline in a sidebar which read "Students find naked images in German textbook", and made me curious as to what exactly was so outrageous, because you don't find that many naked humans outside of biology and art textbooks in my experience, and sometimes art appears as illustration elsewhere, but overall not so much.

Anyway, I wondered whether it was a statue or art or maybe they had photographed a park and overlooked someone sunbathing in the background, but it turns out they were all atwitter over the photo of a newsstand in which you could make out a magazine cover showing some breasts. What a sad state of affairs if that reduces Texan teenagers to giggles... They probably need to be careful to avoid all language exchange programs as well as holidays or they might die from shock.

When I was in eighth grade or so it took educational hand outs on sex positions and diagrams about male/female arousal curves to reduce us to a giggling mess.
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I wonder whether I can blame this one on the fever...

It was a Friday Night Lights Dream, but sort of in a cyberpunk setting. I was together with Jason, Tim and Lyla, and we were on the run. I think because aliens wanted to infect something in us, or extract something, anyway, we would have turned into podpeople like the rest. Also we had some sort of radio connection with someone helping us, well, not really radio but some cyberpunk virtual reality communication. I think the one helping us was Landry.

Anyway I don't remember all of the plot, but at one point we were in some sort of mall, and there was someone speaking from a podium, I think it was an election campaign? Anyway, the speaker was this scary woman, who had strange body modifications done on her, like her bones were odd and her hands deformed, which I think had something to do with her covertly supporting the aliens? And we were sort of hiding in the audience, and I think trying to infiltrate her personal network to find out about her agenda or something.

It was all very dark and weird and full of paranoia.
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After this inspiring post in [livejournal.com profile] scans_daily I just couldn't resist and made a few icons from the "The Rainbow Batman" story, published in Detective Comics #241 from 1957. He's "a rainbow of dazzling action," and who could resist that? Feel free to modify them in any way you want, but please comment if you take one.

some Rainbow Batman icons )
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Since Ash Wednesday is coming closer, you run across carnival coverage more frequently when zapping through the tv programs, though I think this year Lent starts early March so there's yet a short reprieve until it's going to be truly inescapable once you turn on the tv. Around here it's historically a thoroughly protestant area, so there is no tradition of any kind of Karneval, Fastnacht or Fasching where I am, and I have next to zero interest or patience with the carnival as it's done around the Rhine. But of course in some other areas it's quite important to people, so it's on tv. A lot. Still, I find some of the smaller regional carnival traditions utterly fascinating in their weird alienness from anything I know. It similar to watching tv documentaries about some remote tribe and their foreign rituals, but without the -- I'm not sure what to call it "queasiness" maybe, that comes when you see documentaries about places and people who have been traditionally the object of "exotic" projections by Europeans.

So anyway, I came across a documentary of the Fastnacht in Imst (a town in Austria), and like often when I see these things, I'm always vaguely surprised that people still do them. Apparently in that town they have (despite some attempts of governments in previous centuries to stop it) a continuous tradition for centuries with written proof of its current form dating back from the 17th century. Anyway, in the procession there are only a certain number of fixed costumes with wooden masks, always representing the same figures, though there are different interpretations what exactly they represent, and all have to do certain things, some dance with certain steps, make certain sounds as the procession moves through the town. Even though there are both male and female roles and costumes, only boys and men are allowed to wear them. It is not done every year but only every four, though there are two kinds, one done by adult men and one done by boys between 6 and 16, sort of as training, so there is, if I understood it right, one kind every second year. The documentation I've seen was about the "Buabesfasnacht", i.e. the one done by boys, but the costumes and ritual movements are equivalent in both.

The two main characters are called "Scheller" and "Roller" and in the procession are a fixed number of these pairs I think it was 17 Scheller/Roller pairs. They have quite impressive costumes, large head dresses (with flowers, feathers and small reflecting mirrors) and wooden masks (btw, in order for the costumes to fit for the hours the dancing and the procession last they sewed the people into all the different layers, beginning with the underwear which is also sewn together), also they both wear bells. The Scheller usually 6-8 large and heavy (cow)bells, an older male mask with a large mustache and the larger head dress, the Roller a younger more female mask, an smaller head dress, and a belt with many smaller bells, around 40. And each pair of those performs some sort of ritualized dance with each other as the procession moves forward, with turns, jumps and bows, that is the Roller dances around the Scheller, moves his hips (sort of like a courtship dance), bows before the Scheller, and then the Scheller does his jumping. The Roller seemed to have some small kind of broom involved in some kind of prescribed movements as well. It looked really strange. Besides those two characters, there are others, some of them forming a sort of moving circle around the Roller/Scheller pairs holding the bystanders back and "protecting" the central figures, some with water pumps which they fill at the wells, e.g. some figure called "Engelspritzer", some as "Sackner" who hit the bystanders with small sacks (there seemed to be different types of those), it seemed mostly they hit the legs, and there were a number of other figures as well, like bears, bear herders, witches... While the procession moves through the town, they have to move in certain ways in front of wells, inns, chapels, churches, etc., like move in certain circles when they're at a well, or splash water on certain people, this sort of thing.

And of course my clumsy description can't do the costumes and procession justice. I found it utterly fascinating in a really alien way.
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That's a direct quote from a slide (which was in English because originally it was part of a research presentation) from the atom optics lecture I heard this morning. This just shows that you can find interesting quotes almost anywhere. Of course the slide had nothing to do with evolution in a biological sense or with doughnuts in a literal sense, it was about Bose-Einstein condensates and their behavior in a "doughnut" waveguide. If you're interested in that do a google search for "doughnut" "evolution" and "Bose-Einstein" and links to this stuff show up. Anyway, my associations with the slide title "Evolution Inside the Doughnut" were far more amusing than the actual topic...

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