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I finally read the first Transmetropolitan collection, and I rather liked it. (I always forget what this format is called that is not quite a trade paperback because it collects too few issues, three in this case, but not a stapled regular comic book either, was it prestige format?)

I have wanted to check it out ever since I saw a couple of original Transmetropolitan pages at the comic convention in Erlangen this year, and heard Darick Robertson talk about the series there. Of course it didn't hurt that [livejournal.com profile] basingstoke also recommended it to me. Somehow the series is not that well known here, or maybe it was just me not noticing it.

I like the wacky, disturbing, yet still somehow believable (and not totally unrealistic) version of a future. And I'm definitely curious enough to want to read the rest. Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy a couple of TPBs at once right now, actually my finances still haven't fully recovered from the convention in June, so I guess it'll be a while until I get all parts...

Anyway, I'm starting to like Spider Jerusalem, even (or maybe because) he's an unfriendly, cynic SOB. I really like the scene with the GODTI 101 Maker, "My household appliance is on drugs. Horrible." That made me smile.

As a side note, I found it highly amusing that each time a naked female breast was drawn, there wasn't a nipple but something else instead, either crossed band-aids, bar codes etc., so either DC Comics has a problem with nipples even in their "mature audiences" Vertigo line, or it is a graphical joke on hypocritical censors, anyway, I found this practice delightfully silly.

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