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I just read in an article that TNT canceled Witchblade despite good ratings. And Fox decided not to air the last two Greg the Bunny episodes either. Sigh.
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Not the best basis for an interesting entry, but what the heck. The thing is, I have a couple of interesting (or at least semi-interesting) fandom-related ideas which I'd like to expand upon someday, and all would make good blog posts, but I never seem to get around writing them. And it's not that I'm too busy -- well, I might be too busy if I weren't procrastinating a bunch of non-fandom stuff that I should be doing, but that's beside the point. So lethargy describes my state of mind rather accurately.

In my favor I can say though that I have started to write the essay I promised Lucy in response to her Call for Essaylettes. Okay, I'm not sure it's going to be structured and consistent enough to really deserve the name essay, but at some point in the not too distant future I will inflict my thoughts about "Why isn't there more Jeremiah fiction?" on anyone who's interested.

Otherwise my fandom activities the last days centered around reading other people's theories and discussions about the Farscape ep "Unrealized Reality". It's fascinating and puzzling at the same time, because that ep doesn't only open possibilities for the future, but makes you reevaluate the past episodes, their significance and possible foreshadowing too.

A show where I was less satisfied with the season finale (I know it is not a season finale in Farscape, but merely the last episode before the hiatus, but you have to wait for the next installment for quite a while in both cases), was Witchblade's Ubique. Spoilerish things... )
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I just watched last week's Witchblade, Parabolic, and liked it much better than Veritas. Brief somewhat spoilerish thoughts... )

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