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I know that Bucky Bear appears in that Marvel A-Babies vs. X-Babies crack (though I haven't read the comic), but is that the first and only "canon" (well some variety of official source anyway) with Bucky Barnes teddybear merchandise and fandom just really ran with it, as fandom does, or does it appear anywhere else?
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I linked my [community profile] yuletart artwork here before, because the exchange wasn't anon, but hadn't reposted while the exchange was still running. It's now over, and I'm putting it here too, to keep it together properly with the other fanart.

Fandom: Avengers (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Characters/Pairings: Maria Hill/Steve Rogers
Media used: indian ink on paper
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: I made this for the [community profile] yuletart 2013 gift exchange for Tielan, originally posted here. For Captain America's AU outfit I referenced bits from Ryan Meinerding's First Avenger concept art and an American WWI uniform, rather than trying to come up with a Steampunk superhero costume for Steve or dressing him into something more Victorian. I couldn't quite see him as a gentleman adventurer or such.

Please do not distribute my art without my permission, i.e. do not upload my art to other sites, services, archives, or wikis. That includes uploading the images themselves to your own Tumblr, even with credit.

Preview: preview of Steampunk Maria Hill/Steve Rogers
the image is behind the cut )
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The [community profile] yuletart artwork I made for [personal profile] tielan has just been posted to the comm here, and since the exchange is non-anon, I can link right away. So take a look. (It's Maria Hill/Steve Rogers in a Steampunk AU, SFW.)
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That was a lot of fun. Really loud in the theater, but I guess that works for giant mecha fighting giant monsters. I appreciated that it wasn't a grimdark world, despite all the massive destruction and apocalyptic setting, and that the heroes weren't cynical. And I liked the aesthetics and design of both the Kaiju and the Jaegers. I hope there'll be lots of Raleigh/Mako soon.

And of course as much of fandom I see the endless crossover possibilities. If I was any good at drawing mecha, I'd definitely design an Iron Man inspired Jaeger with Tony Stark linked to either Pepper or Steve...

(And I need to make some robot-related icon somehow -- the Borg one doesn't really fit here...)
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So apparently there is a trope in Clint/Coulson Avengers fandom to turn them into corgies? At least the notes to [personal profile] bethbethbeth's Third Time's...the Charm? say so -- I think I've only seen one other myself.

Anyway, I read that snippet and somehow ended up doodling the scene with Natasha trying to not see Corgi!Clint and Corgi!Coulson humping each other. IDEK.

probably NSFW though I'd like to stress that there are no dog penises visible )
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I read this post with a chat between [personal profile] petra and [personal profile] liviapenn about Hulk with a lead binkie, which in my mind caused me to imagine a sort of Peanuts fusion with Hulk in a Linus pose, and then this weird thing happened:
Hulk with a lead binkie )
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Okay, figuring out the reading order was a bit of a pain in places, especially between ASM and the main Civil War series since I just couldn't get a real grip how the events sort out into a single timeline for Spider-Man. (A bit more on that below.) Also I haven't bought all the tie-ins, so I'm missing chunks, and I think I've rad the specials (War Crimes and The Return out of order).

Anyway, the Civil War issues I read were:
Road to Civil War: The New Avengers Illuminati
Amazing Spider-Man #529-538
Civil War #1-7
Civil War: Front Line #1-11
Civil War: The Return
Civil War: War Crimes
Civil War: The Confession
Civil War: The Initiative
New Avengers #21-25

Overall I quite enjoyed Civil War. cut for lengthy rambling )

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