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I know that Bucky Bear appears in that Marvel A-Babies vs. X-Babies crack (though I haven't read the comic), but is that the first and only "canon" (well some variety of official source anyway) with Bucky Barnes teddybear merchandise and fandom just really ran with it, as fandom does, or does it appear anywhere else?
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Okay, figuring out the reading order was a bit of a pain in places, especially between ASM and the main Civil War series since I just couldn't get a real grip how the events sort out into a single timeline for Spider-Man. (A bit more on that below.) Also I haven't bought all the tie-ins, so I'm missing chunks, and I think I've rad the specials (War Crimes and The Return out of order).

Anyway, the Civil War issues I read were:
Road to Civil War: The New Avengers Illuminati
Amazing Spider-Man #529-538
Civil War #1-7
Civil War: Front Line #1-11
Civil War: The Return
Civil War: War Crimes
Civil War: The Confession
Civil War: The Initiative
New Avengers #21-25

Overall I quite enjoyed Civil War. cut for lengthy rambling )
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As evident from my last couple of posts I seem to be drifting back into a frame of mind for regular comic reading again. For a long time (well in fandom cycles anyway), I didn't keep up with monthly comics. That was only in part because of the various, never-ending "event" messes, but also simply because my interest in things and my fannish mental space tend to be somewhat cyclic-- possibly governed by mysterious and opaque mechanisms, that I'm never quite able to predict myself. (Hence the phrasing "seem to be" above.)

Anyway, anticipating the eventual return of my interest, I continued to get several of my subscriptions and orders, mostly based on a mix of which characters I'm into in principle, which writers I frequently liked before, and at least in the case of DC, which issues seemed kind of central to their universe restructuring (I know it is weird, not to mention the path to bankruptcy to buy a bunch of comics for well over a year, or more like over two I guess, even though you are not even reading them, but I was certain that I eventually feel interested again, and from a collecting standpoint I like single issues just better than getting trades later on, besides the expenses stretch out this way when you buy a bit every week).

So now I have a large pile (well, actually it's some shortboxes) of comic backissues that is somewhat intimidating, and I'm not sure which order would be best to read, whether I should just plod on reading weekly issues consecutively in publishing order or read some arcs first, or something else.

Since I'm more involved with DC I (used to) follow more series there making catching up more complicated. Obviously even from just being on LJ with a partly comic fandom f-list I've gathered that DC canon in particular is somewhat, um...fraught? at the moment, and has been for a while, and I don't want to kill my reemerging interest through aggravation either, though I suspect what exactly is found to be aggravating and horrible is bound to differ from fan to fan to some extent at least, and I think I'm already spoiled for most (un)deaths and several other things that put people off, since I mind spoilers for comics less myself, especially considering my longish reading abscnce which made staying spoiler free and in fandom not feasible. And well, obviously some things you just have to get through to follow other parts, that are hopefully better.

Anyway, my main focus of my DC interests are the extended Batfamily, the "core" Justice League, anything with Dick Grayson (even when not connected to Batman stuff), Barbara Gordon and Roy Harper, the Flash (mainly Wally, but I like the others too), and to some extent Tim Drake. And well, I also really like Animal Man. I stopped reading somewhere during or maybe in the build-up of the War Games crossover in the Batverse books, and in the middle of that Identity Crisis mini series in the JLA. The comics that I continued to get through my "reading hiatus" and thus don't have to track down, are the Batverse books, the Identity Crisis and Infinity Crises mini series (including some of the "countdown to" and "aftermath" books, but not all, like, I got the one with Nightwing, the OMAC Project miniseries and Villains United and I think I bought the Donna Troy special, but not the Rann-Thanagar war thing or the Spectre stuff), the main JLA series and the Justice League of America relaunch of it, Flash, Green Arrow, Teen Titans, Outsiders, Superman/Batman, Checkmate, that new Atom series and 52.

Because I tend to really like Grant Morrison I also have all of the Seven Soldiers series. Well except for one issue missing from one of the series that I somehow didn't notice was absent in my comic pile that week, and couldn't find later on yet, so I'd probably need to find a scan of that one somewhere before reading, but I don't think it is part of the continuity anyway.

As far as Marvel goes, I mostly follow Daredevil and Spider-Man, and also get Astonishing X-Men, and since I'm caught up with DD, that mostly just leaves me with a decision whether to read these Civil War and Civil War: Front Line limited series I've gotten parallel to the Spider-Man and X-Men stuff or separately, but I didn't get all the tie-ins and such. Actually I think I may have bought some of the Avenger issues relating to Civil War (I had tried to get into the Avengers during that "Disassembled" thing, because I liked them in the JLA/Avengers x-over, but the Scarlet Witch plot annoyed me, so I didn't really get into the series). Still it shouldn't be as complicated as sorting out the best reading order for my DC backlog. I also have the Supreme Power and Squadron Supreme stuff and Next Wave series (though iirc I'm missing Next Wave #9 for some incomprehensible reason, that is while I'm fairly sure I had it ordered, by the time I bagged the accumulating pile of comics I found all issues except for #9, which is why I haven't read it yet.)

So, any advice for the paths of least frustration resistance to slowly tackle my considerable comic pile with a sound strategy? Or should I just go stoically by publication date to recreate the initial reading experience?
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I admit it, my aggravation was uninformed *hangs head in shame*, there seems to be indeed a step-mother, so the second character is Anna Nelson. Now I just wonder where she was when Foggy had all this trouble with the murder investigation. Also it would have been much clearer, since this is after all the first time she appears in the current series, if Matt had greeted her with a "Mrs. Nelson" or something like that. One should never underestimate the soap-opera-like complexity of family relations in comic books. (I hope I won't loose my membership card of comic book geekdom...) And I'll definitely do more thorough research before I complain about confusing characters in the future.
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Before I continue, this is not the scheduled rant about Gotham Knights #44 with which I have similar issues. This is about Daredevil. You see, because of the upcoming David Mack issues (I really like his art) and [livejournal.com profile] kerithwyn's recs of all things Bendis, I've decided to read the issues of Daredevil Volume 2 leading up to this (especially since I found out that David Mack not only has written some, but also done art on some of them, I somehow had missed that, because when I first got into his stuff I haven't been following superhero comics).

Anyway, somewhere between the first arc and the Underboss storyline, they decided to completely change Foggy's mother. In the first arc "Guardian Devil" Rosalind Sharpe is senior partner at the law firm where Matt and Foggy are working. She's very cool and collected and not very emotional. When her son is indicted for murder she cuts him loose to protect the firm. Which eventually leads to Matt and Foggy opening their own. You see the character in Exhibit A from #3:
Exhibit A (ca. 18K) )
Now skip forward two dozen issues to Exhibit B from #27:
Exhibit B (ca. 35K) )
What the frell happened to this character?!? Why do they do this? Did they change her back to an earlier version? Is there any reason at all? Don't they have editors?! And it's not like she last appeared in some obscure out-of-print issue from the 1960s either.

*bangs head against the monitor*

ETA: The only reason I can think of that makes sense if Foggy has more than one set of parents due to being adopted or something. Maybe there's a spark of hope yet. I shall research his background on the net...
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I'm not very knowledgeable about Spider-Man comic canon, basically I started reading the current Amazing Spider-Man series because of JMS, and I've also read the earliest Amazing Spider-Man issues #1-43 in TPBs (and intend to buy the other "Essential Spider-Man" collections eventually, unfortunately I just can't buy all comics I want at once *sigh*) because the Spider-Man from back then is just a classic and also lots of fun.

Anyway, I've thought that there are currently two Spider-Man continuities, the regular, and the one from the Ultimate universe. So when I ordered the relaunched "Spectacular Spider-Man" series (written by Paul Jenkins, pencils by Umberto Ramos, inks by Wayne Faucher), I expected it would be in the regular continuity, as it's not advertised as an Ultimate title. But I can't make sense of it at all. It seems to feature a younger Peter, but still Aunt May knows he's Spider-Man, and it refers to past events as if it is the continuation of a rather complex earlier backstory. And -- as usual -- I'm just confused.

I mean, the series is now into the third part of a five part story, and I figure I'll get the next two issues at least, because the story is interesting enough, and the art is decent, though a bit too cartoony for my tastes. My best guess is that somehow this series is connected to the "Peter Parker: Spider-Man" series, a continuation, or at least in that universe, that has to be different from the regular Amazing Spider-Man continuity. But I wish they had said so in their catalog ad, because I never followed that series.

I don't know, I guess I need additional footnotes to make sense of this stuff, or a legend, or something.

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