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I've read Marvel Knights Spider-Man #2 (written by Mark Millar, pencils by Terry Dodson, inks by Rachel Dodson) and...
cut for the spoiler phobic, because it's very recent )
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I'm sorry that I've been so quiet lately. Over the last week I started a number of entries in my head, but for some reason my energy level had been that of a wilted vegetable. Then yesterday evening I got a sudden high fever, so now I really feel like crap -- though better than last night, I even saw a doctor this morning because I felt so awful, who was however rather unimpressed and sent me home with the advice to rest and drink a lot. Duh, I didn't need a doctor to tell me that, but apparently I wasn't about to die anytime soon, despite feeling like it. *g* Anyway, I hope that my former mildly crappy state was connected to the infection that now's causing my fever, and I'll feel alright again once I'm over it. So as a kind of stand-in for the "real" entries, I would have written had I felt less crappy, you get this, in no particular order:

  • The last Angel episode was great, Muppet!Angel rocked, however I had that self-esteem song stuck in my head for almost a day.

  • I enjoyed the last two Daredevil issues, i.e. 56 and 57, a lot, and I loved the cover of 57.

  • I've also read the first issue of The Pulse, which was good, but I think it's in the Ultimate Spider-Man continuity, so I'm missing some of the backstory. I've started to catch up with Ultimate Spider-Man (I once again fell victim to [livejournal.com profile] kerithwyn's pimping) but I have only read the first couple of issues so far.

  • I've also read a couple of older Batman comics, for example Year Two. The good news is, that I can now include information from that issue in my series of posts on Batman's origin story, the bad news is that I was quite underwhelmed with the story. I also read the Teen Titan's Spotlight issue #14 with Nightwing, which also left me unimpressed and its art isn't really good (I think it's the faces), but someone knows fannish kinks or we wouldn't get a tied up Batman in a slave auction setting, with some thug selling him for demasking and killing to the highest bidder and Nightwing coming to his rescue. So that kind of made up for some of the comics weaknesses.

  • I also read some older Action Comics Weekly with Nightwing and Speedy (that story, "The Cheshire Contract" ran from #613-618), which had lots of nice relationship stuff, e.g. Nightwing talking to Roy about his breakup with Batman. I've also finally read the more recent Arsenal mini-series, and I'm liking Arsenal more and more.

And not that it is in any way relevant, but I'd really like a laptop so that I could use my computer from bed.
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Before I continue, this is not the scheduled rant about Gotham Knights #44 with which I have similar issues. This is about Daredevil. You see, because of the upcoming David Mack issues (I really like his art) and [livejournal.com profile] kerithwyn's recs of all things Bendis, I've decided to read the issues of Daredevil Volume 2 leading up to this (especially since I found out that David Mack not only has written some, but also done art on some of them, I somehow had missed that, because when I first got into his stuff I haven't been following superhero comics).

Anyway, somewhere between the first arc and the Underboss storyline, they decided to completely change Foggy's mother. In the first arc "Guardian Devil" Rosalind Sharpe is senior partner at the law firm where Matt and Foggy are working. She's very cool and collected and not very emotional. When her son is indicted for murder she cuts him loose to protect the firm. Which eventually leads to Matt and Foggy opening their own. You see the character in Exhibit A from #3:
Exhibit A (ca. 18K) )
Now skip forward two dozen issues to Exhibit B from #27:
Exhibit B (ca. 35K) )
What the frell happened to this character?!? Why do they do this? Did they change her back to an earlier version? Is there any reason at all? Don't they have editors?! And it's not like she last appeared in some obscure out-of-print issue from the 1960s either.

*bangs head against the monitor*

ETA: The only reason I can think of that makes sense if Foggy has more than one set of parents due to being adopted or something. Maybe there's a spark of hope yet. I shall research his background on the net...
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Okay, so I found this scan of a page from a Daredevil/Spider-Man x-over short story (from Daredevil Volume 2 #20). And it's just too slashy not to share, so I uploaded the page to my webspace for you to take a look. In the panel Daredevil and Spider-Man are sitting in a bar, Spider-Man has his arm around Daredevil, talks about tossing him, and another guy at the bar thinks: "That Daredevil -- wotta waste! If I looked like him I'd have a babe on each arm, instead of shmoozing with another superhero!"

a scan of the page, about 160K )

Now I so want to read some Daredevil/Spider-Man buddy slash, where they both happen to be in some relationship woes at the same time and turn to each other for some uncomplicated buddy sex. Any recs? Anyone?

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