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My RL is rather stressful at the moment, and since yesterday I have a nasty cold on top of everything else. (Thanks a lot, body. Not.) Anyway last night I woke several times both from shivers as well as from weird suffocation nightmares in which I peeled sticky layers of mucus out of my throat (even though my cough and sore throat aren't all that bad, certainly not bad enough to hinder breathing, but the phlegm is the hard-to-cough-up kind, so my throat feels constantly icky and covered in something, which is what I assume manifested itself in my dreams in even worse ways :P). </gross tmi>

However, as I've spent the morning so far huddling under my blanket drinking fluids and dosing myself with paracetamol in hopes it'll help with the muscle aches and the shivering, I used that time to compile some AU recs:

Leashed, by Riventhorn. Slash, Arthur/Merlin. (ca. 12,800 words)
The premise here is that Uther doesn't kill all sorcerers but enslaved some. Admittedly slavefic AU with mindcontrol elements is sort of like catnip as far as my kinks go, but this is not a kink wallow.


Sacrifices of the Keeper, by Pygmymuse. Gen. (ca. 28,340 words)
In this AU Don and Charlie's parents are killed in a car accident, when Charlie is still a teenager.

Stargate: Atlantis

Strangers When We Meet, by Jendavis. Slash, John Sheppard/Ronon Dex. (ca. 14,000 words)
In this AU the expedition encounters a Sateda that didn't fall. I really like how the society was developed here, and seeing different aspects of Ronon.

Star Trek: Reboot

Take Refuge in What You Know, by Corpus Invictus. Slash, Kirk/Spock. WIP
Kirk and Spock are neighbors, and Spock is agoraphobic. Which sounds like a weird premise, but I'm enjoying how their relationship develops here, and the story makes this work.

Walls Burning, Towers Turning, by Leftarrow. Slash, Kirk/Pike. (ca. 5,000 words)
This is a fantasy AU with really neat worldbuilding.

Fighting Gravity, by Pantswarrior. Slash, Kirk/Spock. (ca. 138,700 words)
In this AU Spock doesn't join the Enterprise for its first mission. He and Kirk run into each other on earth afterwards, and this story slowly develops their relationship and reveals the backstory of what happened to Spock.

The Will of the Force, by Verizonhorizon. Slash, Kirk/Spock. WIP
This is a fusion with Star Wars, with Vulcans as Jedi.


My Life's Come Off Its Tracks, by mimblexwimble. Gen. (ca. 28,700 words)
In this AU Dean gets sick as a child, forcing the Winchesters to adjust. We see events from through Sam's eyes and I find good children's POVs really rare, but this one worked for me.


Dec. 23rd, 2007 08:30
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I just woke up from my throat and tonsils hurting. I don't feel that sick (*crosses finger that this stays so*), so maybe my tonsils will still manage to pull off some self-sacrificing immune system thing, and the cold will remain as a sore throat. Either way right now swallowing hurts. Well, I guess that's one way to keep overindulgence in sweets and food over the holidays in check. :(
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Unfortunately my new icon is rather appropriate...

First, I woke up at an ungodly hour (around seven) sicker than yesterday, with a headache and chills in addition to the cough and sore throat, that also hurt more and my voice was hoarser too, and a number of irritating other stuff like that my nose started bleeding with the slightest provocation (like, say, *blowing it*) and for some reason my tonsils actually *itched* despite being not even all that swollen. Anyway, general ickiness abounded.

Now after I took some paracetamol and drank some tea, and then went back to sleep for a while, all that improved slightly, and I actually thought the day had taken a turn for the better. I stayed mostly in bed, watched the new Criminal Minds, read some fanfic, cuddled with my rats, doodled to make new icons, and it seemed things were looking up.

However it turned out that the mainboard of my desktop computer gave up the ghost completely. My desktop is quite old for a computer (I think with this mainboard it's been working since 2001? and some other parts were older) and it had problems for a while, like sometimes it wouldn't boot or it booted only to show the BIOS screen to explain the hardware problem (something about the processor voltage being below the acceptable range IIRC), or randomly rebooted, so this wasn't entirely unexpected, but it still sucks. Especially since for some reason that I never managed to figure out, my USB scanner won't work with my laptop.

Since the desktop finally died while I was about to scan some doodles I had drawn to turn into new icons, I only managed to scan and transfer the "woe!" one, but not the Rodney!RatCreature I've drawn to complement my SGA set. Anyway, because right now the laptop is my only working computer (*hearts working laptop*) I can't scan stuff anymore. Hence: Woe!

You can look at the pencil drawing behind the cut... )

BTW, does anyone know what happened to [livejournal.com profile] smittywing? I've noticed that the LJ has been deleted?
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So the mildly sore throat I had for the last two days? That was apparently my immune system fighting a loosing battle against something, since as of this morning I have a nasty, somewhat painful cough that doesn't do much to dislodge the gunk in my lungs, my noose is completely clogged and producing disgusting amounts of snot, my throat still hurts, and generally I feel like crap. Frell.
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I have bought a butternut squash for the first time (pumpkins and squashes just aren't that popular here, so you don't usually get them offered in a great variety, but I saw some offered today), and since I have never had butternut squash before, I have no idea how to prepare it to best bring out its flavor so I can decide whether I like it or not. So do any of you regular squash eaters from overseas (or anyone else really) have any suggestions for me?

Also, I just got through my regular eye checkup this morning, and am very happy even though right now my sight is still blurry, because my retinas remain both unchanged from last time, and the checkup interval got even lengthened back to a year from the previous six months. *does the snoopy dance of fewer retina examinations*
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I woke up at an absolutely ungodly hour this Saturday morning (yes, even earlier than now *grumble*), because my frelling nose is completely stuffed, and I have a cough that doesn't do much to dislodge the annoying viscous phlegm (I know that nobody is interested in reading about other people's phlegm, but that comes with the LJ territory now, doesn't it?), but just makes my throat feel even scratchier. Worse, both these things have prevented me from falling asleep again now for well over an hour. And neither the nasal salt water spray nor the soothing tea made much difference. It's not that I'm feeling particularly ill, there's no fever (at least not yet), nor any aches, however that I'm feeling icky rather than miserable doesn't make the lack of sleep any better. Anyway, I see some chamomile inhalations and the like in my near future to help me get rid of the gunk that's attempting to take over my respiratory system.

On the bright side (and so that at least the readers of this LJ may get something out of this entry that's not gross and/or boring) I read a cool short Firefly/various crossover fic just now, Eight Crazy Pilots Serenity Didn't Keep, by [livejournal.com profile] tassosss.
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Dustin got the last dose of his antibiotic yesterday afternoon and the wheezing as well as the soft clicking sounds he made while breathing are mostly gone again. It seems his breathing is now back to like it has been for the last few months, i.e. there are still some odd noises, especially after he runs or scuffles, but you don't hear all sorts of awful noises constantly anymore even while he sits and rests.

His appetite has been stronger as well, that is yesterday he ate a bunch of their regular dry rat food, not just slightly chilled watermelon (which both of them love in this hot weather) and various delicacies I've taken to offering Dustin in despair over him being such a dainty eater for a while there. So I will now hold back a bit with pushing food at him and see how that goes.

On a totally unrelated topic, so far I managed to keep up with my resolution of jogging three times a week, though getting up early enough for the temperatures in this current weather to be still suitable for physical activity sucks. I still can't run a whole twenty minutes without switching to a walk several times, but the running stretches are getting marginally longer at least. It's still kind of pathetic though.
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...and it's incredible how much of the street noise is gone because everybody is watching football. Also this afternoon public transportation was insane, and it's not even as if the opening match was here. I've never seen so many people wearing jerseys, colors, and even ridiculous hats and carrying flags around. And on my way home, when the game had already started they were making goal announcements over the underground speakers.

Totally unrelated to that, the whole exercise thing is proving more complicated than anticipated. Since I didn't have any sports shoes suitable for jogging or walking (and for that reason could use some new trainers anyway), I went to a specialized running store to get competent help and advice on shoes really fitting for me. I can state right away that I didn't use their service to the full extent, since getting some kind of video (?) analysis of my feet/gait while running on a treadmill they provide for that seemed like overkill for me, not to mention that I have never run on a treadmill and would have felt completely self-conscious.

Anyway, I was feeling somewhat out of place even though the assistant was quite helpful. However once he looked at my feet he told me that I'd need some orthopedic insoles because the arch of my feet is too flat or I'd end up hurting my knees if I started jogging without that extra support, though walking isn't as problematic. So apparently I have to find and see an orthopedist.

I still bought some shoes after trying several pairs with and without a kind of insole similar to one I'd be likely to get prescribed. The pair I ended up with is really quite comfortable and it was reduced in price too, so it wasn't too bad. Also I got the new experience of the inside of a sports store. *g*

At least today I definitely got plenty of exercise without even trying to exercise since I took a wrong turn on the way back from that store, got kind of lost and consequently walked around for quite a bit longer than I intended (and had to rush too). Combined with the other stuff I had to do today I've been walking for the better part of three hours with an unfortunate number of stairs thrown in as well.

ETA: Of course now that the game is finished there's an infernal racket outside with honking cars and shouting and chanting fans and such.
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I present you with a Conflicted!RatCreature icon, a RatCreature subjected to warring influences... *g*

You can see a larger version of the picture with a better view of Angel!RatCreature and Devil!RatCreature behind the cut )

Like, for example right now I'm pondering whether I ought to heed my physician's advice to take up some endurance exercise I would "enjoy" or stick with the baser instincts of my inner Sloth!RatCreature.

Cut to spare you the more lengthy version of the boring health stuff (and I truly mean 'boring' there's no interesting illnesses or such... *g*) )

I also made a Geek!RatCreature icon. Well, actually it looks more like a MadScientist!RatCreature icon, which is why I decided to add the text:
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The authors of this year's [livejournal.com profile] comica_obscura have been revealed, and I'm going to use that opportunity to post the fanart I drew here and on my website.

Fandom: DC Comics (Batverse)
Characters/Pairings: Jim Gordon
Rating: G
Media used: Pencil drawing, inked and colored in GIMP
Warnings: None
Notes: This is an illustration for [livejournal.com profile] petronelle's story Squandered my resistance. The recipient was [livejournal.com profile] voleuse. It's kind of for the final scene. That scene didn't describe a setting, but I imagined the introspection happening when Jim Gordon is back in his office after meeting yet another Robin for the first time. You can also look at the initial pencils (ca. 83k).
Preview: thumbnail for Jim Gordon illustration

illustration for Petra's Squandered my resistance, ca. 98k )

As for other fanart related things, I swear I haven't forgotten about doing the requests from my previous post. I am working on those, not least to procrastinate the search for 2-on-2 basketball game references, since that motif won the Kick the Sloth!RatCreature poll on which elaborate fanart I ought to draw next. (OMG, drawing sports! what was I thinking?! *gulp*) It's just that the extent of my laziness isn't fully covered by "procrastination" at the moment (which kind of implies doing something else) and is truly in the sloth territory of spending considerable time with playing Websudoku and such. On that note, perhaps I really ought to make a sloth icon...

I also didn't have the best couple of days, not any major misfortunes or anything like that, but I refrained from posting three separate entries whining about various stuff during the last couple of days. Topics were things like "ways pet rats can cause significant annoyances and destruction", "how security updates broke my computer and I spent hours fixing it", "why getting dizzy and fainting sucks, especially when you bang your knee falling down" (and please don't feed my inner hypochondriac by telling me all the possible awful reasons that could cause fainting like that; I've already decided to be on the safe side and better get checked out next week despite my general aversion to doctor visits just to make sure that there are no serious problems with my circulation, blood pressure or whatever else might cause this kind of thing, not least because I really don't fancy falling on my face again).
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The results of my drawble meme post so far:

Batman + Punk for megolas
Batman + cross-dressing amnesiac hookers for derryderrydown
Aliens + Sherlock Holmes for red_eft
Harry Potter + falsifying statistics for penknife
Arthurian Legend + Hockey for bethbethbeth
Batman + Tarot for sanj
mechanical tentacles + snakes for doroc_sabah
scuba diving + Severus Snape for marinarusalka
cats + cooking for suricattus
archaeology + ferrets for researchgrrrl
Harry Potter + needlework for amandageist
Justice League + Stargate for iamza
Superman + pirates for latxcvi
Batman + windsurfing for shrieking_ell
Bugs Bunny + Star Wars for aelora
Darkwing Duck + soapmaking for devinharris
Harry Potter + twins for ultimatemother
furries + Stargate Atlantis for catmoran
alchemy kink + Harry Potter for cmshaw
evolutionary theory + ruins for jacquez
Jaws + raspberry flavored anything for spookysaint121
Stargate SG-1 + only one interest for hecateshound
Scott Summers + slayers for medie

Or look at the whole collection under the drawble tag in my LJ picture gallery. Doing these is more fun than I expected.

On a less positive note I'm feeling rather crappy. I fell asleep in the late afternoon and woke up a couple of hours later with chills and a slightly too high temperature. Strangely enough I don't feel sick as such (well, besides the whole shivering issue), that is I've no symptoms like a sore throat, or achy joints, or whatever else I usually feel when I'm starting to get a cold. Anyway, the shivering is somewhat better now, but still--this sucks. (And of course having fallen asleep earlier I'm now far more awake than I should be at this hour, too.) Well maybe my body will manage at least to kill whatever stupid infection is messing with my body temperature before the as of now still absent symptoms materialize. </whine>
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I'm sorry that I've been so quiet lately. Over the last week I started a number of entries in my head, but for some reason my energy level had been that of a wilted vegetable. Then yesterday evening I got a sudden high fever, so now I really feel like crap -- though better than last night, I even saw a doctor this morning because I felt so awful, who was however rather unimpressed and sent me home with the advice to rest and drink a lot. Duh, I didn't need a doctor to tell me that, but apparently I wasn't about to die anytime soon, despite feeling like it. *g* Anyway, I hope that my former mildly crappy state was connected to the infection that now's causing my fever, and I'll feel alright again once I'm over it. So as a kind of stand-in for the "real" entries, I would have written had I felt less crappy, you get this, in no particular order:

  • The last Angel episode was great, Muppet!Angel rocked, however I had that self-esteem song stuck in my head for almost a day.

  • I enjoyed the last two Daredevil issues, i.e. 56 and 57, a lot, and I loved the cover of 57.

  • I've also read the first issue of The Pulse, which was good, but I think it's in the Ultimate Spider-Man continuity, so I'm missing some of the backstory. I've started to catch up with Ultimate Spider-Man (I once again fell victim to [livejournal.com profile] kerithwyn's pimping) but I have only read the first couple of issues so far.

  • I've also read a couple of older Batman comics, for example Year Two. The good news is, that I can now include information from that issue in my series of posts on Batman's origin story, the bad news is that I was quite underwhelmed with the story. I also read the Teen Titan's Spotlight issue #14 with Nightwing, which also left me unimpressed and its art isn't really good (I think it's the faces), but someone knows fannish kinks or we wouldn't get a tied up Batman in a slave auction setting, with some thug selling him for demasking and killing to the highest bidder and Nightwing coming to his rescue. So that kind of made up for some of the comics weaknesses.

  • I also read some older Action Comics Weekly with Nightwing and Speedy (that story, "The Cheshire Contract" ran from #613-618), which had lots of nice relationship stuff, e.g. Nightwing talking to Roy about his breakup with Batman. I've also finally read the more recent Arsenal mini-series, and I'm liking Arsenal more and more.

And not that it is in any way relevant, but I'd really like a laptop so that I could use my computer from bed.
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So far my Christmas has been fun, despite my cold. I felt a lot better today, except that I couldn't really talk during this morning. The closest I could come to speaking was a whispering croak, which made phone calls an exiting adventure in misunderstandings. *snerk*

But it's better now (despite being in a smoky environment most of the day), my voice is hoarse, but I can make intelligible sounds at almost normal volume.

Also I prepared that fabulous Lentil-Chestnut Roulade for which [livejournal.com profile] basingstoke posted the recipe on Thanksgiving, and it worked really well. It was easy to make and tasted great. And it seemed to work as a sidedish for goose as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing that recipe, [livejournal.com profile] basingstoke.

Another great thing: I got a DVD player for Christmas and can now watch DVDs and VCDs not just on my computer anymore. *bounce*

And now I have a ton of yuletide stories to look forward to, and I tonight and tomorrow I have time to read too.

Finally, on a more somber note, I want to remember my mom, who died five years ago early Christmas morning, when she was only 55 years old, and whom I still miss terribly.
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Yeah, that's me. I felt kind of crappy, also my (thus far) mild cold seems to be getting worse -- now I have a cough in addition to the stuffed nose -- however I just indulged myself and got the extended DVD edition of the Two Towers. That improved my mood quite a bit. =) Even though I haven't had time yet to watch any of it.
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...can be pretty pretty much summed up with "comics, yay! toothache, meh!"

I'm really annoyed at my teeth. Not simply because the toothache (as far as toothaches go it's fairly mild, really more irritating than truly painful), but because I went for a dental check-up not even two months ago, got them checked, x-rayed, professionally cleaned and sprayed with some protective fluoride-something coating for prophylaxis etc. etc. There shouldn't be anything wrong with them already.

On today's yay! side:
Amazing Spider-Man #500, Batgirl #45, Batman #620, Birds of Prey #60, JLA/Avengers #2, Outsiders #5 and Wonder Woman #197. More on those later. I haven't read all of them yet, but I'm happy with the Amazing Spider-Man, though it had a bit of a "clip show" feel, had lots of fun with the JLA/Avengers, despite being a bit lost because of the huge cast, liked the Batgirl better than the last couple of Tarakstan issues, and I liked the art of the new Batman team, though I'm a bit uncertain still about the story.
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You know, I really expected the Zero Hour version of the Two-Face incident in Robin #0 to be consistent with the Robin: Year One version, what with both being (co-)written by the same person, i.e. Chuck Dixon. But they're not. Aargh.

In Robin #0 Two-Face sets up the double gallows with Batman and the new district attorney, Aldrich Meany, who succeeded Harvey Dent (interpreted by psychologists as Dent trying to kill his former identity as crusading prosecutor symbolically), whereas in Robin: Year One #2 Two-Face sets up a pseudo-trial for Judge Lawrence Watkins, accusing him of murdering Harvey Dent, because he allowed an appeal for that mobster who then scarred Dent's face. In Robin #0 Two-Face asks for ransom from the city, in Robin Year One #2 he doesn't. In Robin #0 Robin asks for the coin to be tossed and the scratched side is up, so Two-Face lets the district attorney hang, Robin throws a baterang to cut the rope, but there's water under the gallows so the district attorney drowns; in Robin Year One #2, Two-Face tosses the coin first on the question who hangs first, clean side the judge, scarred side Batman, clean side is up, so the judge is first, Robin dares Two-Face for two out of three, if the clean side is up again the judge won't hang. Robin wins, however he wasn't specific enough, thus Two-Face doesn't hang the judge, but lets him drown. Not to mention that in Robin #0 Batman doesn't have a sack over his head at the start, or that in Robin #0 Nightwing says to Tim that Bruce adopted him then etc.

But really, why couldn't the main points of the Two-Face story stay roughly the same? The two comics are only a bit more that six years apart, and Chuck Dixon wrote both of them (Robin Year One together with Scott Beatty), and Dennis O'Neil is listed as editor in both.

< whine > Also I'm still stuck with the back pain, and though it's getting better it still sucks. Not only haven't I cataloged any more Batman comics, effectively halting my slow but steady progress on that project, I also haven't made any progress on a paper I should be working on, nor have I started the drawing I have an idea for, because all of these (like most things I do for university stuff or fun) require sitting for a longer time. I haven't even managed to read texts I'm supposed to, because while I can read lying down it sucks for taking notes on the texts, and also I'm very likely to fall asleep when I read in bed, no matter whether I was tired before I lay down or not. < /whine >


May. 7th, 2003 02:37
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I really like this dialog in Catwoman #90:
Catwoman to Batgirl: "Oh, Batman! I didn't know you were... in transition."

I also really wish my back wouldn't hurt so frelling much and I could sit at a computer for more than twenty minutes without being in pain. It's okay when I stand or walk or lie down, but not when I sit, which sucks for my sedentary, couch-potato life-style. Not being able to sit comfortably for longer periods seriously cramps a lot of my activities. At least today it's been better than the last two days, so I hope it'll get better on its own, if I watch how I sit, etc. Otherwise I'm going to need to find out how I can get my insurance to pay for massages or physical therapy sessions or something. :(
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Today -- well technically yesterday -- wasn't a very good day. It started when I woke up from a nightmare of me picking splinters of a broken glass out of my bleeding throat and mouth (there was more unpleasantness, but that was what I was dreaming right before I woke up, and all that stuck in my memory), and as soon as I was fully awake I noticed that my throat was hurting for real. Granted, not like "bleeding and cut by glass" hurt, so waking up to a sore throat was maybe still an improvement. Anyway, the whole day I've been feeling like in a limbo between being well and the real onset of a cold, not feeling ill or in serious discomfort, yet not quite right either. I don't have a fever, and still my body temperature feels off to me, my throat doesn't hurt so much that swallowing is painful, but it feels scratchy, my neck and head feel achy etc. So while I hope that this goes away without getting worse, I have a suspicion it will not.

Of course I realize that my onsetting cold is not the most interesting thing, however, I spent a good part of the day in bed reading comics, and because I took a nap earlier, I have a problem to fall asleep right now, so I thought I'd start to share my opinions on them. I read The Batman of Arkham, Batman: Prodigal, Nightwing: A Knight In Blüdhaven, and Superman: Metropolis #1. I have half-composed comments in my head on all of them, however since I do want to sleep (after all it's said to be good against colds) I'll just comment on The Batman of Arkham for now.

The Batman of Arkham is an Elseworlds story, 48 pages, written by Alan Grant, art by Alcatena. It is set in 1900, and I bought it because I really like the idea of a Batman in that era, and I like other Elseworlds stories set then, however unlike The Golden Streets of Gotham (which I reviewed here) and Gotham by Gaslight, this one didn't do much for me.

Part of it is the artwork. It's not bad exactly, but for example it is not very dynamic. It rarely uses perspective for dramatic or composition purposes, though maybe I just noticed that because I read it right after Nightwing: A Knight In Blüdhaven, where Scott McDaniel goes, IMO, totally overboard with the other extreme, using unusual perspectives so much that the art is sometimes hard to follow and the perspective looses its impact (but more about that in my hopefully upcoming review of that comic). Also the bodies in motion and the fight scenes aren't great. And the hatching isn't really done well. I know from experience that hatching well is frelling hard, and I'm not good at it either, but look at the hatching of artists who really know how to do this well, like for example Bryan Talbot when he uses the technique (for Batman fans I can really recommend his two-parter Mask, in Legends of the Dark Knight #39/#40), and then at The Batman of Arkham. And after all there is no rule you have to use a lot of hatching in comic artwork. But I think what works least for me are the broad white ornamental panel borders. I think they are supposed to evoke a turn of the century "feel", and reflect the theme of the page, but they just were somewhat annoying to me, and another very "static" thing.

All that said, there is much worse comic artwork out there, and I guess it wouldn't have mattered this much to me, had the story really worked, but that was somewhat flat too.

The premise is okay, this Batman isn't looking for justice or for revenge as much as for understanding, why his parents were killed. And since in this reality his parents were killed by someone mentally ill, this Batman sums up his mission like this, when talking to Gordon: "My parents were murdered by a lunatic when I was a child. I vowed then to dedicate my life to the prevention of such needless tragedies -- by curing the madmen responsible." So he studied the emerging theories of psychology, bought Arkham Asylum, reformed its methods, and captures mad criminals during the night as Batman, to research and cure the criminally insane as Doctor Wayne during the day.

We meet a number of Batman villains briefly, some getting better (like Killer Croc), some not or not yet (like Two-Face and the Ventriloquist), some still on the loose (like the Joker), also Crane as a psychiatrist with a rather different set of theories from Wayne's ("Fear will accomplish what kindness never could!") and if the reader didn't get that anvil, all the time his shadow is cast in the form of a Scarecrow. Also we see Poison Ivy (with whom I'm not familiar at all) who turned to crime because her feminist suffrage demands were denied, though we never get details, but I thought it was interesting touch that she's incarcerated as insane because she's feminist (and also refuses to comply with the demand to wear "decent" dresses). The main plot finally is about Batman thwarting Joker's plan to turn all of Gotham mad through his laughing gas.

All this could have been interesting if there had been a real B plot besides the Joker-Batman thing. That alone isn't enough for 48 pages, at least for me it isn't. The only thing that might count as B plot is Crane taking over the asylum when Bruce is disabled by Joker's gas, and Killer Croc helping him, but we don't really see enough of the characters for them to have an emotional impact. Instead of developing some of the altered characters, who then get to do something that ties into the main plot, we meet all those others just as briefly, as if just to show them and how they turned out in this Elseworld, but they don't really seem to have a purpose and we don't really learn a lot about their fates either. The one or two page flashbacks and doctor patient talks with each of the bad guys who are not really involved with anything in the action just slow things down, and take up space that could have been used to make me care more about the characters who actually do things, like Crane.

I think my final verdict on this one is that it is thoroughly mediocre, both in its artwork and in its story, and I wouldn't spend $5.95 on it again.

Now this review turned out longer than I thought, it's after four a.m., and I hope I'll be able to sleep now. More on the other comics in some future entry.
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My throat hurts, my nose runs, the cough is getting worse (no fever yet, though), and I still have to go outside to buy food (also more paper tissues, and stuff for inhaling). Still this post is not wholly dedicated to whine about my cold, rather I'd like to point out a a recent post in my blog, where I link to information about some recent great Save Farscape activities. Like info on the upcoming fan-made tv commercials.

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