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I apologize for being so quiet last week. I wasn't even extremely busy or anything, nor do I have the excuse of being buried under tons of snow, not a single snowflake in sight around here. I just felt kind of sapped of all energy, and somehow when you miss posting one day it becomes easier just to skip updating the next day. A bit like with website updates.

Anyway, now to the actual content. Comments on Batverse comics from the last couple of weeks:
on Batgirl #46, Batman #621, Batman: Death and the Maidens #4, Batman: Gotham Knights #47, Birds of Prey #61, Detective Comics #789, Gotham Central #13, and Nightwing #87 )
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The pile of comics I read that I've vaguely thought of talking about in blog entries is getting larger by the week, but instead of "working" on the backlog, I'm going to comment on the newest Birds of Prey (which at least I got this week, unlike the Gotham Knights #42, which was supposed to be on sale now too, but wasn't at my comic store *hrmpf*).

Spoilers for Birds of Prey #56 )
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I just found this great Batgirl/Oracle site:
It has lots of information, both historically and on the current continuity, and it lists the comics the information is from and points out contradictory and retconned continuity.

Once you're over the (not really necessary) Flash introduction on this site it has also lots of information on Oracle and Black Canary:
Among many other things it has character biographies and extensive lists on collecting Batgirl, Oracle and Black Canary, and also reviews of many comic books.

Speaking of resource sites, does anyone know what happened to The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe? It was at http://www.comicboards.com/dcguide/ but there seems to be some restructuring going on at the http://www.comicboards.com/ site.
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I'm sure it's not the only version of Oracle's origin story (I don't think anything is ever the only version of some important continuity with DC...), and I have no idea whether this one is the most recent that counts in current continuity either, but I enjoyed reading Oracle -- Year One: Born of Hope (writers John Ostrander and Kim Yale, artists Brian Stelfreeze and Karl Story, colorist Mark Chiarello) in Batman Chronicles #5 (from summer 1996). I liked the other two stories less -- Decoys offers an episode from Gordon's past, Of Mice and Men one from Bruce's childhood before his parents' murder -- still Batman Chronicles #5 is worth getting.

In case you're interested in more details of what happens in Oracle -- Year One: Born of Hope, an entry cataloging that short story is the newest addition to the Batverse Resource. Despite recent lack of progress, I haven't abandoned that project, it just goes slooow (that I'm a slacker doesn't help...)
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Originally I wanted to post a couple of episode comments days ago, but somehow I don't seem to be that good at finishing started blog posts when I intend to, so here are a few brief, late thoughts. Some spoilers for Smallville 2x10 Skinwalker and Birds of Prey 1x08 Lady Shiva ahead...

Read more... )

And totally unrelated to any of that, a short, seasonally induced rant: It would be really great if people were not posting generic holiday greetings for whatever holiday to large lists, especially not to (supposedly) fiction-only lists. On combined fiction and discussion lists I mind holiday mails less, at least as long as they are vaguely related to the list's topic -- popular around the US Thanksgiving date seem to be mails like "thanks to all authors for the great fiction you posted during the last year" or something along similar lines, even though holiday blanket-feedback isn't something I would do -- but really, I don't need to get my inbox filled with some random holiday greetings, quoted poems, etc. It just makes no sense to post these things to huge fandom lists. Chances are a lot of people don't even share that holiday the poster seems to care so much about, that s/he needs to let hundreds of others know about it. For example, Thanksgiving isn't on the same date everywhere (here usually the first Sunday in October is thought of as Thanksgiving), and here it is no big deal, you don't celebrate on its nominal date. The only time I've seen anything Thanksgiving related were altar decorations in churches.
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Another one in my recent series of neither terribly insightful nor witty episode comments.

Spoilers for Birds of Prey 1x02 Slick... )

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