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I was browsing the Marvel Previews catalog from this month, and on their backcover they advertise in large letters:
The Logan/Sabretooth relationship revealed!

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So I'm still reading this Wizard guide to heroic anatomy I mentioned earlier, and there's this section by Kevin Maguire about facial expressions. and he illustrates the point that even with the rest of the face unchanged the eyes make a huge difference to the expression. Nothing unusual so far. However he illustrates that with an example of a smiling Wolverine, or rather three smiling Wolverines with different eyes, and well...
look for yourself, one scan ca. 41K )
I find the one on the right particularly disturbing.
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Sigh. I think they need to get beyond the typical Wolverine plot and get some variety into the character stuff. I mean the "Am I a man or am I an animal? Angst. Woe." as well as "There's some new revelation of the nefarious Weapon X program, let's bait Logan with the past he doesn't remember." plots are both getting old. And I'm not even reading a lot of Wolverine, not in comics, nor in fanfic. And I'm still fed up with this. Can't he have some other stuff going on sometimes? Anyway, I'm not enthused.

In case you're wondering, I just read the last two chapters of the Coyote Crossing story (Wolverine #10/11 written by Greg Rucka, art by Leandro Fernandez), the standalone story Dream (Wolverine #12 written by Greg Rucka, pencils by Darick Robertson, inks by Darick Robertson and Tom Palmer) and the first part of the new story Return of the Native (Wolverine #13 written by Greg Rucka, art by Darick Robertson).

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