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When putting away some Batman back issues I bought, I looked at the ever growing number of comic boxes, and I wondered how many Batman comics I might have bought in the span of a year.

You see, last year around this time I was the owner of only five Batman comics. I owned: The Dark Knight Returns, Year One, Arkham Asylum, The Killing Joke and Gotham by Gaslight.

Right now, not counting the five above, I own 517 single issue comics and 13 trades related to Batman or other Batverse characters. (Yeah, I was channeling The Count briefly, and couldn't resist to actually count them to find out. *g*)

if you're interested what the trades are and how the single issues are distributed over the titles )

I didn't count the other DC titles I bought, but I guess those are about 70 issues or so.
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I was feeling grumpy and depressed, because I'm home alone with my cold (yeah, still *grumble*), and wasn't feeling up to going out, but then I decided that lying in bed, zapping through 24 hours news channels who intercut terror alert news (*) with New Year's celebration pictures wasn't the way to go for New Year's Eve, and I should really start New Year on a more positive note.

So I thought about what I could do to improve my mood, and I decided to take a look back on one of the most fun things for me in 2003, which was getting into Batverse fandom. It's my newest main fandom, and I'm still feeling the squee a lot.

I'm still feeling very much as a newbie too, but I've learned a lot about the universe, the characters, and DCU continuity, though I was (and still am) puzzled and confused a lot. So I present you A Newbie's Journey into Batverse Comic Fandom, and hope it conveys a bit of the fun I had this year with discovering this cool fandom.

A Newbie's Journey into Batverse Comic Fandom )

Now that I'm in a much better mood, I wish a cheerful: Happy New Year! to all of you.

(*) There was some kind of "intelligence" on a supposed car bomb threat against a military hospital here, which led them to close off the whole parts of the hospital's neighborhood, complete with armed security forces, armored vehicles, car searches and other fun stuff (still ongoing), and now local and federal authorities are squabbling whether that is an overreaction or not, i.e. the federal authorities argue that the reaction now lowered the chance to catch the two people they suspect of planning that attack, whereas the locals argue that they had to react as precaution,...and it doesn't help that they're from different parties either.


Nov. 28th, 2003 19:10
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No new comics for me today. When I went to my comic store this afternoon to get my subscription, the new US comics weren't available yet. :( The shipment was still stuck at the airport -- normally they are available in the store late on Thursday, so going there Friday is usually unproblematic.

I mean, my comic dependency isn't quite so bad that I couldn't wait another day or so (though, sad as it may be, getting new comics is indeed a regular bright spot I'm looking forward to), but the comic store is also across town, so it takes a while for me to get there.
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After the Neal Adams & Denny O'Neil run on Green Lantern / Green Arrow caught my interest in that Superheroes Unmasked documentary, like I posted a while ago, y'all knew of course how it would end. Once I covet a comic (and can find and afford it, or at least find it and beg others for money to afford it *g*) it's only a matter of time until it finds its way into my greedy little hands. That I have more than twice as much shelf space filled with comics than with books without even counting the ten or so boxes filled with US comic books is ample proof of that.

Anyway, I got the seven reprint issues from 1983 at a very fair price on ebay, and the package with them arrived yesterday. I have read some of the stories, but not yet all, because I think they're best read in smaller doses. They're not bad or anything, but wow, they are preachy, like, really, really preachy. I don't mind fiction about issues as such, though my preference is for a somewhat subtler approach, and I definitely can appreciate those GL/GA comics in their historical context. Still, there's only so much of being all about the ISSUES that I can stand at one time, even with Neal Adam art to distract me.

Still it is fun to read about GL and GA doing this road trip to discover themselves and the true America or whatever. And please, someone tell me that there is GL/GA slash set during this? I don't mean necessarily a romantic relationship between the two, but I mean they are in the 70s and on a hippie self-discovery road trip, they seem to develop a real friendship despite their different outlooks, and at least GL questions pretty much everything he previously believed to be true without questioning, so it's not a huge step to assume he might question his sexual orientation as well (and hey, it would fit with the ISSUES *g*). So I can definitely see some "experimentation" going on between the two. And there are some scenes that are at least open to a slash interpretation, like for example in the issue that was Green Lantern #78 originally, I think, when GL tells GA he should forget about Black Canary, who was brainwashed by the cult leader, only they don't know that yet, but GA suspects something, yet GL tells him "Chum, it's tough... but you've got to swallow it -- she just doesn't dig you -- " Okay, so GA then hits GL, but hey, surely you can reinterpret the aggressive response...

I also made a few Green Lantern and Green Arrow icons from these issues, if you want one, just comment, I'll customize them with text on request, too... )
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...but some things really strain that. The X-Files season nine for example, there I compromised by watching just the eps that had Mulder or the Lone Gunmen in them. Really DCU-wide crossovers are another example, if for different reasons. Like the Joker: Last Laugh event with "jokerized" villains overrunning all regular DC titles. There are (not counting the aftermath stories), according to this fan site dedicated to the event, 32 parts in this crossover: the six issue mini-series plus its "Secret Files" special, and the issues Action Comics #784, Adventures of Superman #597, Azrael #83, Batgirl #21, Batman #596, Birds of Prey #36, Detective Comics #763, The Flash #179, Gotham Knights #22, Green Lantern #143, Harley Quinn #13, Impulse #79, JLA #59, JSA #29, Nightwing #62, Orion #19, Robin #95, The Spectre #10, Superboy #93, Supergirl #63, Superman #175, Superman: The Man of Steel #119, The Titans #34, Wonder Woman #175, and Young Justice #38.

I don't know, I mean, I like crossovers because they connect different parts of the universe to each other, but all titles at the same time? Thankfully they don't seem to be that closely connected, so I'll see whether I can follow the events if I just get the mini-series itself and all bleedover into Batman titles. I mean, I'm interested in it because Nightwing nearly kills Joker, when he thinks that Tim was killed. And that incident continues to haunt Dick in the aftermath, so it's important character continuity, but I don't really need to know how the JLA stops the jokerized Polaris from shifting Earth's magnetic field. At least I hope so. I hope I can follow it better than the Zero Hour event, where I recently tried a similar strategy for choosing which issues to get (i.e. just getting the mini-series and a few of the others) and didn't really understand what was going on. But that might be because these time anomaly retcon storylines are headache inducing and hard to follow in any case.
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As I research how to proceed with my plan towards world domination getting an overview of recent Batman canon and continuity (heh, the level of difficulty is about the same), I'm accumulating a lot of notes (both paper and electronic) on which stories are published where, what the main events are etc. And of course I continue to promptly misplace or loose them almost as soon as I gathered the information.

So I have decided to post this in my blog, sort of as a "note to self", well a rather public note, but after all there may be other people for whom such an overview might be interesting and more importantly it won't be some obscure text document lost in the unorganized mess that's my hard drive but neatly indexed and visibly posted in my blog, where I can find it.

I don't own most of these comics (yet), so I'm relying on information provided on web sites. My sources are the The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe, this continuity page, this timeline, this German DC fan page, and information on issues and trade paperbacks provided by various online comic stores.

For now I started with the Cataclysm/No Man's Land time frame.

Corrections are very welcome.

Overview of how the TPB compare to the single issues. )
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I updated my website. I added new comic artist recommendations: Isabel Kreitz on the Wimmin's Comics and Carl Barks and Don Rosa on the Other Comics page. I also updated my comic want list, with the Paradise Too issues I'm looking for.
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Aargh. Okay, so I'm trying to ease into the Batverse, and I get back issues of Nightwing and Gotham Knights and then I come across things like these, in the March 2001 issues of the Batverse there's this story "Officer Down!", and you know how the parts are scattered? Some research showed that:

Batman #587 is Part 1
Batgirl #12 is Part 2
Robin #86 is Part 3
Birds of Prey #27 is Part 4
Catwoman #90 is Part 5 (that is the second Catwoman series not the current one)
Nightwing #53 is Part 6
Detective Comics #754 is Part 7
Gotham Knights #13 is Part 8

And all those issues are more expensive than the non-crossover stories of that time, usually costing about twice as much (when they're available at all) as the issues before and after them, obviously because so many more people had to buy them just to follow a plot in their series. I mean wtf?! It took me half an hour of research just to find out in which issues I might find the other parts, and it doesn't seem like there's a paperback either. Now I'm wondering, is the story worth it, or should I just skip the respective Nightwing and Gotham Knights issues and move on?

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