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So this morning I browsed a couple of sites about Green Lantern (Hal Jordan not Kyle Rayner), and wow, when DC decides to go for character assassination they don't do it halfway. I mean, I've read Zero Hour so I had been vaguely aware that GL had become Parallax and tried to reset the universe in the aftermath of Coast City being wiped out, and that he's now, after Parallax died saving the sun, become The Spectre to atone or something like that. But I didn't know anything about him, and I didn't realize that he went on an insane rampage, killing and injuring several of his former friends and colleagues, and wiped out the GL Corps as well as the Guardians.

I browsed around these sites and my reaction was pretty much **boggle**. It's not that I'm a Hal Jordan fan, so it wasn't much of a gut reaction to the character assassination, but I kept thinking, what if they'd do that to a character I really like? Like, what if they were to turn Nightwing into an insane serial killer just for kicks because the sales of his book were falling or something?
ratcreature: RatCreature as Spidey (spidey)
After the Neal Adams & Denny O'Neil run on Green Lantern / Green Arrow caught my interest in that Superheroes Unmasked documentary, like I posted a while ago, y'all knew of course how it would end. Once I covet a comic (and can find and afford it, or at least find it and beg others for money to afford it *g*) it's only a matter of time until it finds its way into my greedy little hands. That I have more than twice as much shelf space filled with comics than with books without even counting the ten or so boxes filled with US comic books is ample proof of that.

Anyway, I got the seven reprint issues from 1983 at a very fair price on ebay, and the package with them arrived yesterday. I have read some of the stories, but not yet all, because I think they're best read in smaller doses. They're not bad or anything, but wow, they are preachy, like, really, really preachy. I don't mind fiction about issues as such, though my preference is for a somewhat subtler approach, and I definitely can appreciate those GL/GA comics in their historical context. Still, there's only so much of being all about the ISSUES that I can stand at one time, even with Neal Adam art to distract me.

Still it is fun to read about GL and GA doing this road trip to discover themselves and the true America or whatever. And please, someone tell me that there is GL/GA slash set during this? I don't mean necessarily a romantic relationship between the two, but I mean they are in the 70s and on a hippie self-discovery road trip, they seem to develop a real friendship despite their different outlooks, and at least GL questions pretty much everything he previously believed to be true without questioning, so it's not a huge step to assume he might question his sexual orientation as well (and hey, it would fit with the ISSUES *g*). So I can definitely see some "experimentation" going on between the two. And there are some scenes that are at least open to a slash interpretation, like for example in the issue that was Green Lantern #78 originally, I think, when GL tells GA he should forget about Black Canary, who was brainwashed by the cult leader, only they don't know that yet, but GA suspects something, yet GL tells him "Chum, it's tough... but you've got to swallow it -- she just doesn't dig you -- " Okay, so GA then hits GL, but hey, surely you can reinterpret the aggressive response...

I also made a few Green Lantern and Green Arrow icons from these issues, if you want one, just comment, I'll customize them with text on request, too... )

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