ratcreature: RatCreature as Harry Dresden. (dresdenfiles)
Fandom: Dresden Files
Characters/Pairings: Harry Dresden
Media used: GIMP
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: I wanted to try digital inking via letting the program draw paths you define, rather than direct inking by tablet, but wow, that is one tedious inking method. Maybe the most tedious inking method. Perhaps I've been doing it wrong. It took hours to ink this measly doodle when by hand it wouldn't have taken thirty minutes. Even direct tablet inking (at which I'm slower than on paper) wouldn't have taken this long. It didn't help that I did the sketch digitally too, at which I'm much slower than on paper. Granted, the lines look very clean, suffering none of the wobbly suck my digital tablet inking has, but still. It would probably look better colored, but my wrist hurts from clicking and dragging too many stupid path nodes. Maybe I'll come back to it.

Please do not distribute my art without my permission, i.e. do not upload my art to other sites, services, archives, or wikis. That includes "reblogging" the images themselves on services such as Tumblr.

Preview: preview of Dresden Files Doodle
the image and a high resolution detail are behind the cut )
ratcreature: navel-gazing RatCreature (navel-gazing)
In my previous post a couple of commenters said that they find commentary on the process for art and fic interesting, and don't mind the creator expressing their "these things suck in my work" lists as part of that as long as that isn't all they talk about.

So in light of that I decided to do a kind of commentary on my recent picture of Dresden Files' Bob, which is also interesting to do for me, because I worked a bit differently here than usual. I did more of the work and also effects digitally than I usually do, resulting in some things that worked and others that didn't.

long navel-gazing, also very image heavy )
ratcreature: Who needs talent? Enthusiasm is fun!  (talent/enthusiasm)
Fandom: Dresden Files bookverse
Characters/Pairings: Bob
Rating: G
Media used: pencil drawing, then inked, colored and various digital effects/textures added with Wacom tablet and GIMP
Warnings: None
Notes: I based it on a description from chapter six of Proven Guilty: "Other books, notebooks, envelopes, paper bags, pencils, and apparently random objects of many kinds crowd each other for space on the shelves--all except for one plain, homemade wooden shelf, which held only candles at either end, four romance novels, a Victoria's Secret catalog, and a bleached human skull." I used an actual Victoria's Secret catalog cover to base my drawing of that catalog on and referenced bits from a couple of other photos via a google image search but only the catalog cover is directly traced as a whole, though the skull is close to this skull image. Oh and the Harlequin romance titles are real too, though I can't actually remember whether I matched the right authors with their titles as I created the book spines.
Preview:preview of Bob fanart
Dresden Files - Bob, ca. 168kb )

ETA: I have written some commentary on how I've drawn this picture.

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