ratcreature: RatCreature as Arsenal. (arsenal)
Fandom: DCU (Green Arrow)
Characters/Pairings: Roy Harper (back when he was Speedy)
Media used: Wacom tablet in GIMP
Rating/warnings: PG, I guess, for drug use
Notes/comments: This took me a really long time, and I don't just mean that I first had the idea for this in 2006. I have no idea what I am doing wrong that digital coloring takes me so long, isn't it supposed to be efficient? I suppose it's one of the pitfalls of being self-taught. Anyway, it's Roy during the famous heroin addict story line. As always, feedback is very welcome.
Preview: preview of Junkie!Roy
the image and high resolution details are behind the cut )
ratcreature: RatCreature at the drawing board. (drawing)
pencil drawing, colored in GIMP, ca 52K, happy Roy/Dick fluff, some nudity, but no graphic sex )

On a related note, could someone explain to me what kind of pictures are commonly regarded as "not worksafe" when labeling fanart? I realize that pictures where you can see genitals would be considered NWS, but at which point does NWS start? Like, would the picture in this post already be labeled NWS by common convention, just because they're naked and kissing, even though you don't really see much of their bodies and they're not doing more than kiss? I mean, it's not what you'd consider an "adult" picture, certainly not here, but I don't think it would be in the US either, odd as those rating systems are.

BTW, are other people also still having problems with the LJ comment notifications? By now I get notified of some again, but still not of all. *grumble*
ratcreature: RatCreature at the drawing board. (drawing)
Unfortunately my scanner decided to suck today and not pick up the contrast properly, no matter how I tried to fiddle with it, so the pencil lines are a bit faint, but on the bright side you see less of the usual smudges too (I just hope it's not a sign that it nears the end of its life-cycle). Anyway, it's Nightwing/Arsenal slash, some nudity but not more graphic than the stuff you see between Roy and Grace in the comics, and rather a lot fluffier. (BTW, the pose is mostly based on a photo I got from some wallpaper site.)

For [livejournal.com profile] derryderrydown, because she had a really crappy week.

pencil drawing, ca 32K, happy Roy/Dick fluff )

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