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Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: a bowtruckle
Media used: pencil, fine liner pen with waterproof indian ink, black tea, GIMP
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: The drawing is finished, however I hope there'll be better text eventually that would make it seem more like an excerpt from an old book about magical creatures from the HP universe. For now I've just added some text labeling it like a plate in an encyclopedia would be, so you have to imagine the suitable text going with it. Its style is supposed to reminiscent of early encyclopedias, like Diderot's from the 18th century with copperplate engravings of observed plants and animals. My attempt at this isn't very convincing because this is the first time I've done a b/w picture in ink with crosshatching since I think 9th? grade when we learned the technique in school, but considering that it is not so bad. I may do more HP beasts in this style eventually as part of this imaginary book too, but I haven't decided which yet.

Preview: preview of a bowtruckle plate
the image and a high resolution detail are behind the cut )
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Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Kingsley Shacklebolt
Rating/warnings: PG? (sexual kissing, but no nudity)
Media used: only pencil so far
Notes: I've already illustrated the epilogue of this story a while back, but always wanted to draw this Snape/Shacklebolt scene in the alley. Now, with barely two years delay, I got around to it. The relevant bit from Beth's In From the Cold is:
"Severus loosened his grip on Kingsley's shoulders and slid his hands down Kingsley's arms. He stopped when he reached the ends of Kingsley's sleeves, encircled Kingsley's strong-boned wrists with his fingers, then pulled Kingsley's arms up over his head. Severus transferred his hold of Kingsley's right wrist so that both of Kingsley's hands were pinned against the brick wall by one of his own, then Severus slowly lowered his other hand until it came to rest on the top of Kingsley's head.

Severus ghosted his long, sensitive fingers over Kingsley's scalp, surprised by each tiny bump and dip in what seemed perfectly smooth from a distance. He slid his hand down along the side of Kingsley's head, and he could feel Kingsley lean into his palm while Severus traced along the edge of Kingsley's ear with his thumb, clicking his thumbnail softly against the small silver hoop that hung from the lobe. Severus leaned in and took the earring in his mouth, turning the hoop slowly with his tongue."

If anyone from newsletters or otherwise interested in linking should stumble upon this entry, I'd prefer it if only the finished version, which I'll hopefully post soonish, was advertised more widely, not these unfinished pencils.

Preview: preview of the pencils for a Snape/Shacklebolt alley scene

pencils and a larger detail are behind the cut )
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Fandom: DCU (Outsiders)
Characters: Shift, Puppet!Nightwing, Puppet!Arsenal
Rating: G
Media used: pencil drawing (still to be cleaned up and colored)
Warnings: None
Notes/comments: Still a WIP, this are the finished pencils, but I'm going to color it. It's an illustration for [livejournal.com profile] sister_wolf's Nightwing/Arsenal ficlet Show, inspired by this: "[...] Shift forms his hands into little puppet versions of Arsenal and Nightwing and mimes them beating up on each other like Punch and Judy."

The Nightwing and Arsenal Show, largish pencil sketch, about 100K )
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So, I've decided that I'm too lazy to start the drawing I mentioned yesterday all over again, and that I'm not embarrassed enough by its problems to not post the result of a few hours work (yeah, I know, it's kind of pathetic how long it takes me to produce one measly sketch). And anyway, maybe it'll be less noticeable once it's colored...

Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Severus Snape
Rating: G
Media used: pencil drawing (still to be cleaned up and colored)
Warnings: None
Notes/comments: Still a WIP, just pencils for now. It's an illustration for the epilogue of [livejournal.com profile] betbethbeth's Snape/Kingsley story In From the Cold (which you should all read, it's really great and not at all crackfic as you might fear from the fact that my illustration shows Snape in the Caribbean, wearing a shirt with parrots...).

largish pencil sketch, 144K )
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I totally suck at costume design. I've tried like forever to produce a good visual of Tim as Avatar from [livejournal.com profile] thete1's Intimates series, and it's been incredibly frustrating. More than once I wished I could just go with Jason's mocking and draw him as Condom Boy and be done with it (btw back in December when I drew that scribble as a result of being totally frustrated with goggles and what not, I happened to be in the underground and of course the little girl next to me had to choose that moment to stand up on her seat and look at my sketchbook...).

Anyway, I'm still not happy with the costume but I decided to just post the pencils I liked best so far and settle for that. I'll post a colored version soon(ish).

pencil drawing, ca 56K, Tim as Avatar )
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Unfortunately my scanner decided to suck today and not pick up the contrast properly, no matter how I tried to fiddle with it, so the pencil lines are a bit faint, but on the bright side you see less of the usual smudges too (I just hope it's not a sign that it nears the end of its life-cycle). Anyway, it's Nightwing/Arsenal slash, some nudity but not more graphic than the stuff you see between Roy and Grace in the comics, and rather a lot fluffier. (BTW, the pose is mostly based on a photo I got from some wallpaper site.)

For [livejournal.com profile] derryderrydown, because she had a really crappy week.

pencil drawing, ca 32K, happy Roy/Dick fluff )
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I usually don't post birthday wishes, but I happened to work on fanart for the fabulous Hanging Work AU, when I noticed that it's [livejournal.com profile] cereta's Birthday today. So I thought it would be nice to post it today as a present, even though it's not colored yet. (The colored version is going to be posted soonish, I just couldn't finish it in time for Lucy's birthday.)

It's an illustration for the last scene in the series, for the story Aiding and Abetting III: Resolution of Claim, i.e. for this passage:
Five minutes later, he stood in front of the mirror, needlessly adjusting the sleeves for the fourth time, brushing nonexistent lint off his shoulder. Alfred had done an amazing job. The colors were more muted: the green that took up most of the body was almost black; the red that covered his shoulders and moved down his arms in stylized wings was more blood than apple; the yellow was only there in the insignia. But they were still his family's colors, still the colors he'd learned to fly in.

He felt as much as heard Batman's presence behind him, just before a gloved hand grasped his right shoulder, then slid down to the stylized "R" on his chest.

"Should I ask?"

Dick took a deep breath. "Robin," he said. "Call me Robin."

pencil drawing, ca 56K, Bruce/Dick slash, obviously, but nothing explicit )

Oh, btw, I also made a new icon for birthday wishes. So:

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] cereta! I hope you enjoy your present, and it's hopefully going to be finished soon.
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Ever since I read [livejournal.com profile] monkeycrackmary's Batverse/Star Wars fusion story Flamebird, my head is populated with images of the Batboys in Jedi attire, performing Force aided acrobatics, of Bruce and Jason fighting crime in Kryptonian-like attire on the run down lower levels of Coruscant and maybe even in sleazy space cantinas, and a lot of stuff horribly difficult to draw. Obviously the story needs to be illustrated by someone with mad skillz, or, you know, at least someone able to draw humans rather than someone preferring to stick with big-nosed cartoons.

I don't think I'll draw Coruscant cityscapes populated with superheroes anytime soon (but someone definitely should!), but I did try to draw Tim as a Padawan. The Jedi look/outfit is shamelessly drawn based on a screencap showing young Obi-Wan Kenobi, btw (because I suck and can't draw this kind of thing without such references).

Also I'll probably try to color the pencils eventually, to get some practice using my newly acquired tablet, but that might take some time, and meanwhile I thought I could post the pencil drawing as it is now, kind of like a WIP thing.

Padawan!Tim, pencil drawing, ca 45KB )

Comments/crit/whatever are of course welcome.

ETA: LJ wouldn't show the picture when I tried to use the version I uploaded to their picture server, should be fixed now.

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